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Memorial Day Marathon Demo

Log # 4, 6:51pm

CherylH's Party, African Chop,  and Anything can be a mini scene. Jen's in Da House

chelyha55: I'm going to make ice cream later
chelyha55: cookies and cream
shargoose: Yum
bonsaikathy: I'm on my way Cheryl, MMmmmm
auntyalias: so we got Zebra, Tiger and Leopard
faye_shelton: y'all killin me
shargoose: Good with my fudge sauce
chelyha55: I got some mini oreos to put in it
shargoose: Aren't thos banned now
chelyha55: banned?
shargoose: Never mind
chelyha55: LOL
lommomy: suit was dropped
shargoose: Big thing on TV about Oreo's and not healthy
auntyalias: I'll show the African Chop Mix
chelyha55: I'm not supposed to eat them
auntyalias: Starting with the basics, Leopard, Tiger and Zebra
auntyalias: I'll add flower cane
chelyha55: but it;'s my birthday
auntyalias: leaf cane
shargoose: Nobody makes mw give up my Oreo's
auntyalias: and anything else that catches my eye
bonsaikathy: happy birthday honey
chelyha55: so I'm having whatever I watn
chelyha55: want
auntyalias: chop it up and give it a toss for CherylH's birthday
faye_shelton: Oh, Happy birthday!
wi1dangl: double-stuffed....with milk
shargoose: Happy Birthday and eat all the Oreo's ya want!!
chelyha55: 48 today
nor4man93553: Happy Birthday Cheryl H
auntyalias: 48 was good for me
shargoose: I've got a few years on ya there
wi1dangl: just for you Cheryl...Happy BD
chelyha55: thanks to you all
chelyha55: It's been a great bday
Jen: I'll be back... going to get the toaster oven
lommomy: Happy Happy Birthday
auntyalias: how about some feather cane to go in the chop?
chelyha55: yes!
faye_shelton: oooh!
chelyha55: I want to see how you make yours
shargoose: Wow, this is going to be something else, NJ
auntyalias: and butter fly wing
chelyha55: I have my own little way of making it'
patab12000: I don't eat oreos becaus Nabisco is owned by a tobaco co.
auntyalias: some leaves
chelyha55: I get some of my best petal canes that way
auntyalias: we need flower cane now
chelyha55: oo, I didn't know that patab
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chelyha55: next time I'll put Atkins candy bars in ti
chelyha55: I did that last time
chelyha55: it was not bad
patab12000: I know it doesn't make any big differance, but I do not
want to contribute to paying off judjments
bonsaikathy: and she does great petal canes too
chelyha55: it does make a difference
auntyalias: Ok, those are the elements that are going to be chopped
and tossed together
shargoose: What a mix
nor4man93553: k
auntyalias: The Memorial Mix
chelyha55: omg this cheesecake I am eating has a brownie crust!
chelyha55: sinful!
bonsaikathy: Oh come on you're killing us, cheesecake is my favorite
faye_shelton: Cheryl H, do you have an online photo album of your
beadwork anywhere? I'd love to look again
chelyha55: Oh man this stuff is toooo good!
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
chelyha55: I'll put one on our Pics List
faye_shelton: thanks, Hun
faye_shelton: Hi Jude
chelyha55: Hi Jude
jude: Kathy did an efelent!
bonsaikathy: yup
faye_shelton: ain't it dandy? I luv it
chelyha55: yeah good one too!
jude: Darling!
bonsaikathy: I've been wanting to try one ever since I saw Doug's baby
bonsaikathy: it was too cute
jude: What is NJ doing?
shargoose: Chop n Toss
chelyha55: chop &toss
jude: Okie.
lommomy: great elephant Kathy
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Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
bonsaikathy: thanks honey
Jen: weird, got kicked off
jude: That's Yahoo for you!
bonsaikathy: internet is probably totally bogged down tonight with so
many people home from work playing on it
jude: True.
shargoose: Epson was out for quite awhile, too
nor4man93553: Is that the piglet scene in the back Kathy
bonsaikathy: it's Sharon's
lommomy: how cute, the piglet scene
shargoose: Tha's the piglet she's making for my Grandson
nor4man93553: OMG it is soooo cute I love it
bonsaikathy: hey look Sharon, even did soem dead wood in there
shargoose: I think Grandma may have to keep it
bonsaikathy: lol
shargoose: Very real looking
bonsaikathy: it will be a couple days before I mail it so I make sure
everything is dry
shargoose: Take your time Kathy
biodredd joined the room
biodredd: Holy cow! This place is filled!
shargoose: We are doing Chop n Toss
bonsaikathy: Hi Dave
biodredd: Howdy!
shargoose: Did you bring your snacks?
nor4man93553: Hi Dave
biodredd: Yes. Taco Doritos and Diet Vanilla Coke.
shargoose: Great
faye_shelton: nice image, NJ. pretty mix
auntyalias: That's slicing the loaf down the middle and seeing what
comes up
auntyalias: now I'll slice this image off and then cut the loaf
auntyalias: into different sized natasha beads, pendants and such all
auntyalias: Hey Dave
biodredd: Hey NJ!
auntyalias: it's a full house for Memorial Day Marathon Demo
auntyalias: I just chopped up a dozen canes to do this mix
auntyalias: the Memorial Day Mix. so I'm off to do fiddle faddle with
biodredd: Cool.
Jen: wes just walked in with ice cream
Jen: Forgot how long it took to do stained glass
shargoose: We must have started an Ice Cream thing!!
faye_shelton: yep. i had to run downstairs for ice cream, too
auntyalias: just roll over the edge to run a cord through
faye_shelton: no hardware required. i like it
auntyalias: now we could have backed this with some sort of something
or other
auntyalias: the mirror images don't match on the back
auntyalias: but what you can do in that cup sort of space
auntyalias: is fill it with surprise leaves and flowers
auntyalias: a hidden garden behind the pendant
auntyalias: put a wee person peeking out
auntyalias: and it'll be your secret
faye_shelton: could be reversible, then
shargoose: NJ you never cease to amaze me
bonsaikathy: I love it NJ
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: anything can become a mini scene
auntyalias: you can also hang it on the wall
auntyalias: screw room boxes
auntyalias: what a bother
patab12000: wow I love it NJ
auntyalias: we can make environments out of clay
nor4man93553: hey where my other o go??
auntyalias: size reference
auntyalias: he he he
auntyalias: I'm totally amused
shargoose: Well, got to go for awhile.
shargoose: Saved a log, too
auntyalias: okie dokie honey
auntyalias: coolness, thanks
shargoose: See ya all later.

auntyalias: okie dokie honey
auntyalias: coolness, thanks
shargoose: See ya all later.
faye_shelton: Laters
nor4man93553: bye Sharon
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biodredd: So NJ, did you experience the shakes this morning?
auntyalias: ya, got a log of when it happened
chelyha55: was there a quake?
auntyalias: gave links to the USGS here and you can see it a big red X
auntyalias: ya, off the coast, 3.7 or so, I said it was a 3-4 and not
that close by and I was spot on
biodredd: No damage? Right?
auntyalias: just jiggled my chair
chelyha55: better than tornadoes
biodredd: I saw it listed on CNN this morning. Japan got one
yesterday. Pretty big one too, but so far no real damge.
auntyalias: oh now it is blue, if it were in the last hour it would be
auntyalias: the one down in San Jose, it's where there's a lot of
auntyalias: they probably felt that more than I did this one this
biodredd: Looks like you've seen a few shakes this week, but this one
was the largest one recently.
bonsaikathy: mainland Japan??
biodredd: Just off the coast. But did a lot of shakin inland.
auntyalias: it was felt in Tokyo, but it was north 250 miles
biodredd: Hold on, I'll get the link...
auntyalias: I saw it already
bonsaikathy: I'll have to ask my son about it, he's in Okinawa
biodredd: MSNBC -
biodredd: CNN - Strong quake hits Japan -
bonsaikathy: Ok I'm going to cure this little baby
bonsaikathy: brb
biodredd: CNN - Quick jolt for "San Francisco" -
Jen: outline is done... gonna bake then work on the colors
biodredd: That is all the news I am reporting today.
auntyalias: LOL, and now for the Sports Report
auntyalias: who does not know this is the Natasha cut?
auntyalias: Roni, Lisa?
auntyalias: Pat?
nor4man93553: Me
biodredd: YEs, we can talk about all the Russina guys hitting on me
online later, after the commercial break.
patab12000: yea, I do natasha crosses
auntyalias: CherylD, you don't know the Natasha cut?
auntyalias: to get four mirror images off of a block of chop?
auntyalias: I could have bet money you saw one of those Demos
auntyalias: but I might be wrong
nor4man93553: No I can never get all sides right
meows3xx: nope,
nor4man93553: no I missed it
auntyalias: ok, trick is to open them like a book and when you match
the edges, think of a zipper on a jacket
Jen: Ok... I'll brb, then start filling in a figure
Jen: Still not sure what side show character to do first
auntyalias: fix the ends first and then connect the seam going up like
closing a zipper
auntyalias: ok, dig the opening like a book
heartlandimages joined the room
bonsaikathy: welcome back
heartlandimages: howdy all
auntyalias: Now we cut those in half and open them like a book and
match the seam like we close a jacket zipper from one end going up to
the top
auntyalias: now I didn't even have to match that seam there
auntyalias: it opened up and stayed put
nor4man93553: nod
meows3xx: looks great, mirror image
lommomy: sorry steped I do not know how to do the n...
auntyalias: now we'll match the side seams, and we close it like a
jacket zipper, from the bottom up
bonsaikathy: Hey Rob wanna see the finished scene I did for Sharon
biodredd left the room
heartlandimages: sure, on your webcam?
bonsaikathy: yup
heartlandimages: very nice Kathy
meows3xx: NJ it looks like a person
lommomy: I saw it too
meows3xx: Asian
meows3xx: yes
bonsaikathy: Thanks Rob
bonsaikathy: By the way, how is Melissa doing
heartlandimages: she's doing fine--easy pregnancy so far *knock on
bonsaikathy: that's great, I'm glad to hear it
chelyha55: Rob I got the stamps they are great
chelyha55: You should get your canes soon
heartlandimages: thank you
chelyha55: I think I mailed them friday
chelyha55: It's hard to keep track
heartlandimages: k, should get them early this week then, depending on
mail service between CA and KS
chelyha55: NJ have you seen the spikes I make with chop?
meows3xx: that last one looked like a Budha
auntyalias: spikes? Oh Yes now I remember
auntyalias: yes I did see those
auntyalias: what I wanted to show you here, gang, is if you want
smaller beads
auntyalias: slice smaller loaves for the natasha cut
heartlandimages: a question for those who've used this chat more than
I--if the "The page cannot be displayed" error message appears, and
takes up most of the screen, how does one reset it without logging
faye_shelton: lots of us have been having that problem today
auntyalias: I just leave out of chat and come back in
auntyalias: that usually does it
lommomy: sorry, can I see the pinch pot you were working on--had to
make dinner when you were doing it.
heartlandimages: gotta relog to clear it then?
faye_shelton: Kathy's suggestion
auntyalias: not usually
faye_shelton: I relogged and it came right back
auntyalias: just going out of chat and coming back clears it up for me
Jen: Ok, I need a vote. Should I do the bearded lady, tattood man,
block head (guy who hammers nails in his nose) or does anyone have
another idea?
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jude: Is a lifeguard a choice?
heartlandimages joined the room
auntyalias: a bearded tattoo'd lady who hammers nails in her beard
auntyalias: who is a One Woman Band
Jen: LOL
meows3xx: that wears a
auntyalias: drum, harmonica, cylbles between her knees
meows3xx: Speedo
auntyalias: LOL
jude: LOL
auntyalias: just a wild woman
auntyalias: with long dreds
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: oh, before I get totally side tracked
Jen: But if I do all the ideas in one character I can't do a full
sideshow scene...
auntyalias: take these long skinny natasha logs and make tube beads
jude: Sideshow? You doing a circus?
meows3xx: just lost all my cams
Jen: Just the sideshow
jude: Ah....Okie.
Jen: Camera is back up... switched sides
jude: There are all kinds of characters in a sideshow.
faye_shelton: very pretty, NJ
Jen: well, the armiture is showing... trying to figure out a good pose
Jen: Ahhh, bearded tattood sword swallower
lommomy: sword swaller sounds good to me lol
jude: Contortionist?
lommomy: belly dancer
jude: Fire breather?
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jude: Way, way, way back when, they used to have some really weird
things in the sideshows.
Jen: yeah, the web sites I've found have some weird stuff
lommomy: monkey boy??
Jen: Dogface boy and lobster boy also
Jen: Ooh, stained glass outline is cool
jude: Yes, I've heard of the lobster boy people. It's actually a
medical condition.
Jen: Yeah I was trying to avoid anything that was a medical
condition... except for the bearded lady
Jen: I'm going to squish some clay into my stained glass before I
start on the bearded lady
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patab12000: that is neat NJ
meows3xx: very nice
jude: That a daisy, NJ?
jude: That's one of the flowers you made the other day. Okie.
auntyalias: it's a faux lily
auntyalias: of some sort
auntyalias: Jen that stained glass is looking really good
auntyalias: would love to see light behind it
jude: Maybe a demented mum?
Jen: thanks
auntyalias: Hey, Jude, I resemble that remark
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I am going to go get something to drink, my cups are all
empty here
auntyalias: brb
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lommomy: NJ, I missed the pinch pot you did earler can I see it??
auntyalias: which one, the one where I took the natasha cut and did a
tube bead and then this vase in the middle?
lommomy: the lepord one
auntyalias: the leopard
auntyalias: ah here it is
lommomy: Yes I can't spell for beans
bonsaikathy: oh how pretty NJ
jude: That's a good one, NJ!
bonsaikathy: I love the shape
auntyalias: still got some shaping and stuff to do, but that's the
basic shape
lommomy: Thank you, I like it.
auntyalias: gourd shape sort of
lommomy: that one is great too
auntyalias: this tiger one still need work and I got to get more
lemonade, brb
auntyalias: back but I got to do something about a glare I got on my
nor4man93553 joined the room
nor4man93553: I got kicked off again
bonsaikathy: Jen that's coming along beautifully and if you answered
me earlier and I missed it ignore this but do you ever use tinted TLS
to do the stained glass??
Jen: Oh.. sorry
Jen: No I use transparent clay
Jen: I just mix it til its soft and squish it in
auntyalias: was checking the earthquake map, we had another one, 1.2,
at the same location just ten minutes ago. Interesting.
jude: Aftershock?
auntyalias: same location, only a 1
auntyalias: so ya, I'd say so
auntyalias: I didn't feel it I was just clicking in the wrong place
with all these windows open
bonsaikathy: I have about 10 minutes left to watch. We watch who's
line is it anyways together on Monday nights, one of the few things I
ever watch on tv anymore
auntyalias: That is a funny program
bonsaikathy: it's hard to wind down and sleep after watching it, lol
we laugh so hard
auntyalias: well happy Memorial Day to you Kathy
auntyalias: and you give our best to Gary
bonsaikathy: This has been so much fun today
auntyalias: it has been fun
bonsaikathy: same to you honey
bonsaikathy: I always enjoy these days when we all get together at
bonsaikathy: everyone have a great evening
auntyalias: Tooda Loodles
lommomy: bye
jude: Night Kathy.
bonsaikathy: Jen be sure and send through a pic of the finished
bonsaikathy: nite everyone
auntyalias: ciao bella
nor4man93553: Nite Kathy
faye_shelton: nite, Kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
patab12000: cyl