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Memorial Day Marathon Demo

Log # 5, 10:09pm

Starting the Figure, Natasha logs for instant vases, chatting about health and EQ, Putting the elements together and  figuring the list can tell the story. 

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auntyalias: good thing I just saved log
techi_mom56 joined the room
Jen: my mom is on the phone
Jen: brb
lommomy: another nice, NJ
lommomy: Time for bed for me. Thank you NJ. Good night, Lisa
auntyalias: See ya Lisa
auntyalias: thanks for coming
lommomy: bye
lommomy left the room
Roni: thank you NJ, Jen, Kathy, time to sign off
auntyalias: Okie dokie Roni
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auntyalias: I'm going to find something to eat
auntyalias: I'm peckish, brb
bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: It wasn't on tonight, they have some faith hill special
faye_shelton: bummer
bonsaikathy: so decided to come back in here for a few more minutes
faye_shelton: no reflection on f
bonsaikathy: I'd rather watch who's line is it anyways, lol
faye_shelton: me 2
auntyalias: ah, welcome back Kathy, I'm catching a bite to eat
faye_shelton: it's a riot
bonsaikathy: it sure is
bonsaikathy: I'm not surprised NJ, You must be starving by now
auntyalias: Ya, I was feeling a little hollow there
auntyalias: before I move these Kathy
auntyalias: just Natasha cut logs made into vases for the flowers from
the demo we did recently
bonsaikathy: very pretty
bonsaikathy: love the color of that flower
auntyalias: when we do flower demos and have stray flowers around like
bonsaikathy: I'll have to give that a try when I get time
auntyalias: Natasha beads are great for instant vases
auntyalias: that look fancy painted
auntyalias: then you can stand a single flower upright
faye_shelton: those are really pretty displayed like that
bonsaikathy: I can't wait to see the finished product on the stain
glass that Jen is doing
bonsaikathy: it's really very pretty
bonsaikathy: and I love the shape of that vase NJ
faye_shelton: yes, it is
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faye_shelton: i missed that one, NJ.
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faye_shelton: must have been gone on the run to get diapers
auntyalias: let me show you can cane
faye_shelton: pretty
faye_shelton: so you did the pot with wedges from that?
auntyalias: ya, 5 or 6 wedges
auntyalias: and then form the pot
wi1dangl joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Lynn
Jen: Ok, its done... now need to bake and the transparency will come
faye_shelton: Pretty, Jen
wi1dangl: Hey NJ...finally got everyone off the phon
wi1dangl: dang teenagers
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: Said came home early with two co-workers
auntyalias: they got off early for Memorial Day, he is working 6 days
a week and long hours
auntyalias: so it was surprising to see him so early it's not yet 8pm
auntyalias: now I'm back
auntyalias: Said got a promotion and he's in a good mood
wi1dangl: congratulations Said
faye_shelton: oh, cool. congrats to him
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auntyalias: gave him a high five
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Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
bonsaikathy: fantastic NJ
bonsaikathy: tell him all his honorary Aunts said congrats
auntyalias: I just told him and he says thank you all
auntyalias: and took a bow
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: Oh I just found out that my son is going to go to
college, I'm really happy about that, I always figured Alicia would
find a way to do so, she was my academic but STeven hated school, he's
my artist, so I'm thrilled
wi1dangl: That's great Kathy...I'm sure he'll do well.
auntyalias: is he going to study art and follow his bliss?
wi1dangl: I'm hoping my hs graduate decides to go too, but so far he's
only interested in getting a job
bonsaikathy: no he's going for computers
bonsaikathy: Steven is going to be 30 this summer
bonsaikathy: she has a 99 average so far in everything
bonsaikathy: she's mad that it's not 100 lol and she's always been
that way
bonsaikathy: she takes after her Dad, a perfectionist all the way
wi1dangl: I have one of those too...she gets upset with a "B"
bonsaikathy: yup sounds like Alicia
auntyalias: I didn't go to college until I was 30
auntyalias: diddled about, got married at 16, HS diploma at 21,
started JC at 25
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bonsaikathy: problem with that is he was as smart as ALicia but
refused to apply himself
auntyalias: by the time I had enough units to transfer to University I
was 30
bonsaikathy: at least you did it Honey
auntyalias: sometimes it takes until after 30 to settle on what one
wants to do
wi1dangl: never too late, huh?
bonsaikathy: I never did go
auntyalias: never too late and never too slow
Davester: I hate my satellite connection sometimes.
Davester: Never too slow? Are we talking about my second favorite
subject again?
bonsaikathy: the satalite connection at work is supppppperrrr slow
auntyalias: I was 35 before I was done and 40 before I got accepted
into Grad School
Jen: I hate that I'm 28 and not in a university yet... but I'm
auntyalias: but the big quake happened that year and I ate my tuition
Davester: I have a good connection, but if the wind is blowing in the
wrong direction or there is a light shower within 30 miles, I lose the
uplink temporarily.
auntyalias: so I went out into the work force
auntyalias: Ya, that's the dish for you, Dave
auntyalias: and it's windy up there all the time, when you moving to
Grand Rapids?
Davester: ITs better than the phone service out here.
wi1dangl: Well everyone, I'm glad to report that my disability was
approved yesterday
Davester: June or July.
Davester: Yea!
wi1dangl: so, i'm officially retired
auntyalias: Congratulations
auntyalias: that's great
Davester: I'm filling out my paperwork now for diaability.
bonsaikathy: congrats honey
Davester: Part of my problem is spelling.
wi1dangl: it's a long process, but worth it in the end
Davester: The rest is diabetes and a clogged heart.
bonsaikathy: yes it's a very long process
wi1dangl: I'm so relieved it's over
bonsaikathy: I know you are
Davester: I've been warned to expect up to two years of waiting and
submitting of doctor's reports and so on.
wi1dangl: well, they were really good with me...only took 6 mos
auntyalias: wow
Davester: That's amazing.
bonsaikathy: that is amazing
wi1dangl: so hopefully your's will go smoothly too
Davester: Oh and my 10 lb weight restriction.
bonsaikathy: that's the acception to the rule
Davester: I can't life a bag of groceries for cryin out loud.
Davester: If I could type in a language we all understood I'd be a
step ahead of the game....
Davester: I meant to say... I can't even lift a bag of groceries, a
ream of paper to load the printer, a cat. Its absolutely criminal.
auntyalias: I didn't know that, Dave
auntyalias: so where's the pain when you do?
Davester: The doctor still hasn't explained the restriction.
Davester: I don't have any pain.
Davester: They put this restriction on after the suregry to put the
stents in.
auntyalias: now I understand
Davester: I could see initially after the surgery for everything to
heal up.
bonsaikathy: Ok folks this time I'm really out of here
wi1dangl: night Kathy...have a good one
Davester: But no one can tell me why its still on there.
Davester: Nite kathy.
faye_shelton: Nite Kathy
bonsaikathy: Nite everyone
wi1dangl: probably just being cautious
bonsaikathy: thanks NJ this was fun
bonsaikathy left the room
wi1dangl: you know how doctors are
Davester: And the folks at Family Services (welfare) tell me to file
for disability.
Davester: Actually I don't know how they are.
Davester: The surgery last September was the first visit (emergency or
otherwise) in over 15 years.
wi1dangl: that's pretty good.
wi1dangl: I was in for blood clots in November
Davester: I got the stents installed, and then at the same time they
said, "Hey! You are disbatic."
Jen: Watcha doin'over there, NJ?
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auntyalias: making an armature going to make a body
auntyalias: and cover it with all the stuff I made today, cover it or
surround it
Jen: cool, I'm still covering mine
Davester: disbatic = diabetic.
wi1dangl: good deal...haven't tried that yet
Davester: So what did you have done, or suffer from that they granted
the disability award?
wi1dangl: a few things
wi1dangl: pulmonary embolisms
Davester: If I'm being too nosey tell me.
wi1dangl: depression/anxiety
wi1dangl: no problem
wi1dangl: acute asthma
wi1dangl: obesity
wi1dangl: blown knees/ankles
wi1dangl: other than that, i'm in great
auntyalias: Yowie
Davester: ROFL!
Davester: Sounds like you got it all!
auntyalias: makes me want to say, I ain't got no problems
auntyalias: I can lift Ruth
auntyalias: run around and lift my travel bag onto buses
wi1dangl: I guess...but claying really helps me get through it all
Davester: I'll bet you bench press me too, NJ!
auntyalias: sleep within minutes of hitting the pillow
wi1dangl: at least my heart's still good
auntyalias: I probably could. I can tote James like a sack of rice
Davester: I could tote James like a sack of rice.
auntyalias: but that ain't saying much, that ethiopian range rooster
auntyalias: LOL
Jen: stained glass is baked and cool
wi1dangl: haha
wi1dangl: oooh...that's pretty jen
Davester: ROFL!
jude: That is beautiful, Jen.
auntyalias: very pretty, and perfect to hang in the window of a doll
Davester: A 40 mph wind can tote James like a sack of rice.
auntyalias: LOL, that's the truth
Jen: thanks
Davester: So how is he doing anyway?
Davester: I never see him online anymore.
Davester: You'd think you did him in, and hid the eveidence somewhere.
auntyalias: I'll tell him to ping you
auntyalias: He just hollared out "I'm a ghost"
auntyalias: I just thougth he was a pale white guy
auntyalias: who didn't eat much
Jen: LOL
auntyalias: who'd a thunk
auntyalias: Go onto EQ and you'll see him
auntyalias: that's where he lives
auntyalias: why else could I do these demos if he weren't out of my
auntyalias: sheesh, I'm not complaining, for an addiction it's cheap
Davester: EQ? No thanks, that collection of online reprobates is not
my cup of tea. The majority of them would shoot you in the back before
dealing honestly with you during a game.
Jen: Hey now, not everyone on EQ is like that
jude: EQ?
Jen: though when I played I have to admit I was a pain in teh rear
auntyalias: Everquest, a multi user virtual reality
auntyalias: where killing monsters gets loot
auntyalias: or gear
jude: Okie. Thanks.
auntyalias: one advances
auntyalias: there's raids that James leads the monsters into 60 people
who are waiting around the world
auntyalias: assuming he's going to only bring one at a time
Davester: See I figure after paying between $39.99 and $49.95 for a
game, I should have to keep paying for it every month I want to play
auntyalias: and not train a mob on them
auntyalias: naw, there's social bonding
Davester: should = shouldn't
auntyalias: getting hooked up with a guild
auntyalias: one has to work with a team of people in a dozen time
zones and a handful of continents
Davester: Yes, I remember the bonding of a year ago.
auntyalias: just like this but on a larger scale.
Davester: I remember hearing all about the hook up.
Davester: I'm sorry.
auntyalias: LOL
Davester: Past events leave a bad taste in my mouth from these online
game fests.
auntyalias: I resisted his involvement and then I figured that I have
my online family right here
auntyalias: and I shouldn't spite him his
auntyalias: he and I find a compromise in the amount of online
involvement we have in our separate virtual lives
auntyalias: that took a year or so to iron out
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auntyalias: but I got to cover this armature
auntyalias: be good Dave
Davester: As long as you are happy with the arrangement, is all that
matters to me.
Davester: Go cover.
Davester: I have to get in a last minute bid on eBay. I also have to
see if Tan is online.
Davester: Nj, when you get a free moment, later this week....
Davester: I have to tell you about after conquering the Asian
countries, that I have now expanded my conquest to Russia.
auntyalias: Later this week then
Davester: More on that later.
auntyalias: get on with your bad self
auntyalias: xoxo
Davester: Have a good nite.
Davester: xoxoxo
Davester: Good nite, gang!
wi1dangl: nite...have a good one
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wi1dangl: Hey NJ, they're having earthquakes in Tokyo too
auntyalias: Ya, Dave gave us a link earlier
auntyalias: let me check that
auntyalias: ya that's what I thought, it was 250 miles from Tokyo
although they felt it, it was in the north east and not many injuries,
like 6
auntyalias: were serious. The little jolts we've had today are stress
auntyalias: a little bit at a time is easier to deal with
wi1dangl: thanks for the info
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auntyalias: Rhonda? Did I get that right?
auntyalias: craftingclay is Rhonda?
auntyalias: or am I totally off base?
craftingclay: Yes you did I bet you are beat
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auntyalias: Naw, just fiddle faddling, taking some of the canes I made
today and putting them into a scene, got a figure with a Totem mask,
holding a tiger or sorts
techi_mom56: imagine how her wrists feel about now....
auntyalias: with a flower in a Natasha chop vase
auntyalias: my butt
auntyalias: my butt falls asleep
auntyalias: everything else is fine
wi1dangl: looks great nj
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auntyalias: Walter Cronkite was called Iron Butt, because he could sit
and read the news for hours and hours
auntyalias: Welcome back Jen
Jen: silly yahoo
techi_mom56: laugh....
auntyalias: That's putting it mildly
auntyalias: so lady like
techi_mom56: thats a good one...

Got booted off of Yahoo

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auntyalias: The figure got leopard pants while I was rebooting the
second time
techi_mom56: it sure did...
techi_mom56: the leopard pants....sorry...not the thighs...laugh
jakmiami joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Judith
craftingclay left the room
jude: Yum.
techi_mom56: umm dumb question..what is queso?
jude: cheese
techi_mom56: ahh...thanks...
techi_mom56: i make them with ground turkey or turkey/beef blend...and
lots of tillamook cheddar cheese
techi_mom56: laugh..i am getting nagged...
techi_mom56: getting barked at...
techi_mom56: dinner and his medicine...
techi_mom56: hes at least 10 yrs old...getting stiff hips so i give
him some stuff makes the hips feel better
jude: I need to get going. Great demos gals!
jude: Night all!
jakmiami: bye
wi1dangl: nite
techi_mom56: nite...
auntyalias: nighty night
wi1dangl: I'm going too...getting sleepy
auntyalias: sorry my cam just decided to stop working
auntyalias: nighty night to you too boo boo
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wi1dangl: thanks nj/ was a great clay day
wi1dangl left the room
jakmiami left the room
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auntyalias: Jen's having problems getting into chat
Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
techi_mom56: well yahoo isnt kicking me out but the bottom part keeps
doing action cancelled and messing up the rest of it
Jen (boozrkitty) joined the room
Jen: is my web cam still visible?
auntyalias: Roll Cal
techi_mom56: nancy
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
Jen: jen, austin, tx
auntyalias: that's all I got viewing cam
auntyalias: Denise you lost my cam?
auntyalias: Neo Shoes?
shargoose joined the room
shargoose: What is with Yahoo tonight??
techi_mom56: i am going to go...will catch you all tomorrow...thanks
to nj and everyone for the cams and demos...i didnt have much energy
to do a cam myself ....
shargoose: Really strange things are happening
shargoose: Is it a full moon?
Jen: hee hee, yes I think NJ needs to come through Austin
techi_mom56: project for tomorrow is to finish my cleanup the desk
project...(or go to the beach if its hot)..night all
shargoose: Oh how I wish
shargoose: It's so cold and rainy here
shargoose: I just made a holder for my blades
shargoose: It's in the oven
shargoose: I did a chop n Toss
techi_mom56 left the room
shargoose: Wow, NJ
Jen: I'm sad. My name doesn't have the cool little tv guy next to it
and my web cam is on
shargoose: Oh, Jen don't know how to help you there
auntyalias: Then folks can click on your cam through their Friend's
auntyalias: to open it up
auntyalias: or you can send us invites
auntyalias: see if that works
Jen: did you get an invite, nj>
auntyalias: nope let me see if I can get your cam from the Friend's
auntyalias: your invite came through
auntyalias: before I could click on your link through the Friend's
list so I got a naked lady laying on your table
shargoose: I got you Jen
shargoose: Very neat figure you are working on , Jen
Jen: thanks
shargoose: Looks like the lady in Goldfinger
shargoose: The James Bond movie
Jen: I like the shoes
shargoose: I'd love to see Neo
Jen: no flesh colored clay... but I always paint over the clay so it
doesn't really matter
shargoose: He looks very masculine
auntyalias: Nice back and butt
auntyalias: The waxed paper helps a lot
shargoose: Good idea
shargoose: That's what I do too
auntyalias: I went out and got another roll because I was recycling
old waxed paper from like two years ago
auntyalias: oops there go Denise
shargoose: I got a web cam but it's too far from my puter
shargoose: I'm going to have to figure out how to remedy that
auntyalias: there she is
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: well we work it to death
auntyalias: we got to admit
auntyalias: oh there she goes again
dahs512 joined the room
dahs512: I'm back
auntyalias: there ya are
shargoose: Well, you all are busy and I'm itching to get back to my
shargoose: Thanks NJ for the all day Demo
shargoose: It was a great sucess
dahs512: Nitey nite Sharon
auntyalias: Thanks Sharon
auntyalias: nighty night
dahs512: or should i say happy claying
auntyalias: have fun with your Mermaid
shargoose: See ya on Thurs.
auntyalias: yuppers
shargoose: Happy Claying
shargoose: I'll be up til 3AM for sure!!
shargoose: Nite
shargoose left the room
dahs512: for all the kicking Neo does, he sure has heavy looking boots
auntyalias: There
auntyalias: I like this
auntyalias: let me turn it around and show y'all
Jen: very cool
dahs512: can you get closer?
dahs512: I know there is a story
dahs512: love the wild yet mother earth feeling
dahs512: Jaguar princess?
dahs512: keeper of the jungle
Jen: wow i feel slow seeing how much you can do
auntyalias: the flowers were done ahead of time
auntyalias: Since there's no story that I know of being told here
auntyalias: just using the animal print and African Chop and Toss,
flowers from the water lily demo, all of it sort of matches
dahs512: We definately need to make one up then
Jen: i agree
dahs512: she is the keeper of the wild things
auntyalias: I'll put the pix up and people can write in what they
think the story is about
auntyalias: a sort of spring time thing and it was inspired by our
Taurus from Finland earlier today
dahs512: she sounded like she enjoyed it
auntyalias: She did
auntyalias: it's trippy to have folks coming in from other countries
auntyalias: working in a language that is not their first
auntyalias: it just boggles my mind
dahs512: they do a lot better than i could in another
auntyalias: me too, that's why I make effort not to use slang when
showing them stuff
auntyalias: keep the English clear and repeat a lot

Got booted off the last time, when I came back the chat room was empty.

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.