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Sheet Group: Rainbow Leaf Sheet: One Tile Tute

Rainbow Leaf Sheet: a one tile tute. Premo Pearl Mix Clay - Pearl-green, Pearl-blue, Pearl-red. Done as blends with each other and done as blends with gold. Run as a ribbon, fan folded to make the cane on the left. A big slice was taken off of the end and pressed. Then that was pressed on a sheet of black. Ribbons were cut off to make the stacked sheet that you see leaning over. That stacked sheet was made into a chevron cane and a vein put in and shaped like a leaf. I got 14 slices off of the small experimental cane. 4 slices were put on the black background sheet at a time and pressed at two settings. That was done three times. Something for your covered tin at the next Grateful Dead concert.

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