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2003- June Highlights

Fu Man Chu Demo Log

06-26-03 Demo: Draping sheets and sculpting faces. Fu Man Chu
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frogger70301: Happy Late Birthday!
techi_mom56: thanks...
Katie: Happy Birthday
auntyalias: Jael, type at me honey
auntyalias: so I can feel secure
techi_mom56: brother is coming down from seattle to take me to lunch
techi_mom56: 3 hr drive...what a guy!
icare4bunnies: sigh, nj?
auntyalias: Ah there you are
frogger70301: can you see her NJ?
auntyalias: now I feel better
frogger70301: oops-kinda late.
auntyalias: LOL, that's ok Mitch
auntyalias: I got an urge to work on this figure I have raw here
icare4bunnies: hope you have fun
techi_mom56: youngest gave me a new (small) color gameboy...oldest
will be down for the fourth but sent me 4 cards...giggle
auntyalias: I want to do some clay fabric draping if it's ok with
auntyalias: or
frogger70301: DArN!!!!Hubby's home!
auntyalias: if anyone has any requests, other than Mitch's husband to
go to a baseball game
auntyalias: speak out
auntyalias: for we are at a logical or illogical break
techi_mom56: i gotta get in the kitchen...uh oh...hes up....
frogger70301: can't get your cam back.
auntyalias: See ya Mitch
auntyalias: do you get a message of any sort
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to frogger70301 (6/26/03
3:58 PM)
frogger70301: gon stay as long as he doesn't scream for my attention.
auntyalias: just sent you an invite
crzy4dzny left the room
dahs512: you have to close and open her cam
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
frogger70301: doing that.
techi_mom56: not me...hes mean on graveyard...laugh...
auntyalias: Katie, welcome back, close my cam window and open it again
emato: Cam went away for me
Katie: I did that and it booted me out. Will try again.
auntyalias: close out all old cam windows and open me again, if you
icare4bunnies: I did
icare4bunnies: it says there is an image lol
auntyalias: how about this
auntyalias: I close the cam
auntyalias: everybody close their cam
emato: I close and reopened several times -- it starts looking like it
will work in the big screen then it goes into this little black one --
everytime now
auntyalias: and then I'll open it up again and y'all right click on my
name and open it anew
Katie: does that to me too
Katie: ok
emato: ok
auntyalias: ok, my cam is closed, close all the cam windows you got of
wi1dangl joined the room
icare4bunnies: see, I just cause all sorts of problems
shargoose joined the room
auntyalias: Lynn, we're synchronizing cam opening
wi1dangl: ok
auntyalias: Sharon we're going clearing out old cam windows to open
auntyalias: ready, I'll open cam
shargoose: K
dahs512: naw you don't
shargoose: I wondered what happened
auntyalias: you should see Prince of Fire wearing two toned shades
shargoose: Tried to send you another Email and it didn't go through
auntyalias: got two
auntyalias: three
auntyalias: viewers
shargoose: Thought maybe you lost pwer or sumthin"
auntyalias: four
emato: He's back!!!
icare4bunnies: you're back
wi1dangl: got him
auntyalias: five
auntyalias: thankyouverymuchandwelcometoMemphis
auntyalias: y'all
wi1dangl: very nice
auntyalias: seven viewers
shargoose: k then you got all of them
auntyalias: ok, let's do a roll call and see who's who
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
shargoose: Sharon V, NH
dahs512: Denise in Texas
twinmom94002: lib, soon to be san francisco
Katie: Katie, Neww York
wi1dangl: lynn-hot-lanta
emato: Karin (or emato) Miami, Florida
auntyalias: ok, so as I was suggesting
auntyalias: if you have a specific request hollar out
twinmom94002: you mentioned draping fabric...i'd like to see that
auntyalias: Is that cool with folks?
dahs512: that sounds goo to me
emato: Me too --- like to see draping fabric
wi1dangl: i'm here for whatever you're working on nj...will be in and
out as we're busy packing
Katie: i'd like to learn how to make candy corn.
icare4bunnies: so I'm just here for the ride
ljcswartz: bk
wi1dangl: hubby gave me a break
ljcswartz: hi
ljcswartz: my beads you saw are gone already
auntyalias: while I set up, some of you more experienced clayers can
help Katie with her Candy Corn
twinmom94002: wtg jackie!
ljcswartz grabs auntyalias and dances around the room
auntyalias: it's a three color stack, triangle, help her out and I'll
get the body and sheets ready
icare4bunnies: yay jackie!
emato: Also just wanted to say I really love his outfit
ljcswartz: sorry playing with the emotes
auntyalias: can't dance just now Jackie, got to dress a figure
wi1dangl: candy corn is nice done with a skinner blend of yellow,
orange, and pearl
dahs512: I've never done the corn
icare4bunnies: I've done candy corn
icare4bunnies: pretty easy
icare4bunnies: lol
shargoose: Got to go
shargoose: Hubby needs help with something
shargoose: ttyl
Katie: Sounds easy so far.
Katie: bye
shargoose left the room
Katie: What do I do with the triangle?
ljcswartz: i'm going to go out and return
ljcswartz left the room
Katie: Never worked with clay before.
ljcswartz joined the room
frogger70301 left the room
ljcswartz: candy corn?
Katie: yes
auntyalias: what size candy corn, for minis?
Katie: yes
auntyalias: we can do candy corn in a couple of minutes, what size?
auntyalias: someone give me a link for candy corn close up and we can
multi task
dahs512: She wants to make them for the wreath
Katie: I don't know. I want to do it for the wreath we're suppose to
make something for.
twinmom94002: what's the scoop on the wreath anyway? i'm totally
ljcswartz: I will look
auntyalias: hold up for a minute I got an old link
Katie: k
Katie: yes
auntyalias: (Geocities kaboshed the candy tutorial) Check out the New Food Section
dahs512: I'll send the Halloween wreath document though the list
auntyalias: seems pretty cut and dry, white tip, orange middle and a
yellow edge
dahs512: Maybe July can be Halloween month...hhmmm NJ?
dahs512: it might cool us off
Katie: Thank-you for the websites.
dahs512: It's a good way to figure out how to make things
dahs512: get pictures and then imitate
Katie: Yes, & I have the right colors, so will work on them tomorrow.
crzy4dzny left the room
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
patab12000 joined the room
ljcswartz: so if I want to clay along I need pearl orange and yellow
emato: Whoops! got to run -- brother fell ---- (I take care of my
handicap brother) hope to be back in a few
dahs512: ok
emato2 left the room
auntyalias: I'm going to mash an orange cane for my orange in the
candy corn, this that I've been fussing with is too light
twinmom94002: thanks denise
ljcswartz: do you recommend changing the orange out of the package
dahs512: for what?
ljcswartz: candy corn
auntyalias: nope
twinmom94002: offering to send the wreath info
patab12000: can't
dahs512: I will send
auntyalias: I'm using what I have here already blended from the
primary colors
ljcswartz: this looks ok
patab12000: Ok, I'm back from my diversion, and I can view the new cam
dahs512: Demo on demand, and such a nice cam
patab12000: OK, I can see it now
Katie: This is great.
ljcswartz: isn't it :-
icare4bunnies: time to turn the taters
Katie: so easy looking thanks
twinmom94002: terrific!
wi1dangl: and we have candy corn!
dahs512: by Jael
ljcswartz: did you do a quick reduction? or was it just little?
ljcswartz: I blinked
auntyalias: let's turn off the over head light and hey, it still looks
auntyalias: I reduced it to show we can do mini candy corn with the
same cane as larger ones
Katie: cool
dahs512: Katie, then you can put a few of them together in a bowl, or
just a pile of them
ljcswartz: I love my little candy corn
Katie: OK, and with Fimo...I bake ir, right? Doesn't say on pkg.
Katie: If it does. its too small to read
dahs512: yes at 265 i think
twinmom94002: 265 for 20 mins, i think
wi1dangl: yes...265 for 30 mins per 1/4 inch
Katie: ok thanks
twinmom94002: oops...30
ljcswartz: ok=--- I guess I need to find by on-going figure now
auntyalias: if you want to clay along, Jackie, yup
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: dig out your half done figures and sheets already pressed
auntyalias: I'll dig in the sheets stash and see what I can find
Katie: Are these demos found someplace else to look at another time?
Or only in the Chat room?
auntyalias: good old stand by, gold and black
ljcswartz: here is the only place I know of right now
Katie: ok, thanks
ljcswartz: actually someone is doing a Sat. demo
ljcswartz: here?
auntyalias: There's a list of demo chat rooms that are outside of our
list and they can be found at glass attic
auntyalias: all I know of is I do Mondays and Thursdays mostly and the
other Moderators fill in with demos as they can when I'm away from the
list half the week
auntyalias: also for someone new to polymer clay in general that link
is a font of information
auntyalias: text based and from a bunch of different sources
auntyalias: from A to Z, Diane Black has been gathering clay facts for
folks and it's the first place everyone starts, including me
auntyalias: back in the day
dahs512: On the Yahoo MSATClayArt page we also have a calendar that is
semi updated
auntyalias: Ok, Who can tell me what we see here, what made this clay
auntyalias: what technique?
ljcswartz: gold black..stacked
wi1dangl: black and gold leaf cane
wi1dangl: slices pressed on black background sheet
auntyalias: what did we have to do to get from stacked sheets to that
leaf design?
ljcswartz: linedin the vein and outside
auntyalias: the chevron flip
ljcswartz: pretty
ljcswartz: glassattic is wonderful.... and I get lost there as much as
on NJ's site
Katie: Will definitely go look at it later tonight.
auntyalias: here are some chevron flip examples from a demo at the end
of last month
ljcswartz: chevron flip
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers
auntyalias: this is the page for leaves and flowers
auntyalias: on my site
auntyalias: just two colors here gang, just putting two colors through
a basic move
auntyalias: stacked sheets
auntyalias: chevron flip
auntyalias: line with center vein and outer edge
auntyalias: reduce
wi1dangl: a wonderful wealth of clay information
auntyalias: slice and put on a black sheet and press
auntyalias: if we cut a head hole in the center of this sheet, we can
drape it on our figure here and not worry about the body detail all
that much
emato (emato2) joined the room
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: Karin, welcome back
emato: Hi !
auntyalias: Welcome Merrie
auntyalias: I got a sheet here of pressed gold and black leaves
auntyalias: I have a figure with only hands and feet detailed somewhat
and no face, we also got a new cam Merrie, thanks to the list
merrie60us: the picture is great
auntyalias: ain't it though
auntyalias: I'm just chunked
auntyalias: this is without over head light, and at 90 degrees I can
do without that light heating me up
auntyalias: so I'm thinking we should drape this figure here with this
sheet, what do you say, shall we begin?

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twinmom94002 (4:45:30 PM):
emato2 (4:45:32 PM): looks way better than my soy hotdog was
greatauntjudy (4:46:04 PM): Howdy!
dahs512 (4:46:12 PM): Hi Jude
twinmom94002 (4:46:13 PM): hey jude
crzy4dzny (4:46:14 PM): Howdy
merrie60us (4:46:17 PM): Hi Jude
emato2 (4:46:18 PM): Hi Jude
ljcswartz (4:47:14 PM): shall I post the pic of NJ to the list?
greatauntjudy (4:47:24 PM): You got a pic of NJ?
greatauntjudy (4:47:27 PM): Yeah!
twinmom94002 (4:47:35 PM): oh yeah!
emato2 (4:47:48 PM): Oh yeah .. that was a good one. The watermellow smile?
auntyalias (4:47:55 PM): LOL now look who's EVIL
emato2 (4:47:58 PM): make that watermellon
auntyalias (4:48:01 PM): sure go ahead
auntyalias (4:48:09 PM): next time I'll smile with an orange peel in my face
auntyalias (4:48:11 PM): I got no shame
auntyalias (4:48:12 PM): LOL
greatauntjudy (4:48:20 PM): I kinda like watermellow? Sounds like NJ!
crzy4dzny (4:48:21 PM): lol
emato2 (4:48:34 PM):
crzy4dzny (4:48:58 PM): Is that baby powder?
kperci1 joined the room
greatauntjudy (4:49:09 PM): Cornstarch?
twinmom94002 (4:49:13 PM): i forgot to powder something today and ruined what
would have been a lovely bowl
crzy4dzny (4:49:15 PM): oh, ok
emato2 (4:49:44 PM): is one better/worse than the other? baby powder vs
greatauntjudy (4:50:04 PM): You got me. We don't do baby powder here, so it's
gotta be cornstarch.
auntyalias (4:50:05 PM): did ya get that
greatauntjudy (4:50:05 PM):
auntyalias (4:50:07 PM): the flip
crzy4dzny (4:50:21 PM): yes
twinmom94002 (4:50:23 PM): i think they're about the same, but cornstarch is
greatauntjudy (4:50:34 PM): Cheaper is better.
ljcswartz (4:50:38 PM): I posted NJ's pic to the list pictures
emato2 (4:50:39 PM): probably sneeze less too
greatauntjudy (4:50:40 PM): Er...less expensive.
auntyalias (4:50:43 PM): Oh that's a great face to post
greatauntjudy (4:50:54 PM): Oh, neato. Gotta go see.
auntyalias (4:50:56 PM): just upped my credibility as a sane person
emato2 (4:51:02 PM): That figure is baked right?
auntyalias (4:51:14 PM): nope, nothing is heat set
twinmom94002 (4:51:17 PM): oh that's a keeper!
greatauntjudy (4:51:25 PM): LOL! That's some picture!
auntyalias (4:51:46 PM): hey, got to counter that alter ego picture
greatauntjudy (4:51:53 PM): Sane is no fun, NJ, we all know that.
dahs512 (4:52:16 PM): lol, our fearless leader
auntyalias (4:52:29 PM): Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/AlterEgoNJ.htm
ljcswartz (4:52:39 PM): so it made it to the pics... good
kperci1 (4:52:48 PM): woo hooo
dahs512 (4:52:53 PM): lol biker chick
auntyalias (4:52:59 PM): my alter ego
ljcswartz (4:53:02 PM): hi Rie
kperci1 (4:53:07 PM): hi jackie
twinmom94002 (4:53:07 PM): hiya rie
auntyalias (4:53:14 PM): vrrroooommm froooommm
kperci1 (4:53:16 PM): wish my alter ego had boobages like that !!
dahs512 (4:53:20 PM): do you know those guys that make bikes in san diego
auntyalias (4:53:21 PM): uh oh, I can't see rie
wi1dangl left the room
emato2 (4:53:28 PM):  Biker --- cool? gotta tattoo?
kperci1 (4:53:29 PM): hi mom (and dang if i havn'et forgetten your name
greatauntjudy (4:53:29 PM): Wish I still had a waist.
auntyalias (4:53:29 PM): did she type something?
kperci1 (4:53:45 PM): awww how come i'm persona non grata to NJ?
crzy4dzny (4:53:49 PM): Me too Jude
auntyalias (4:53:52 PM): that's a digital picture from Fisherman's wharf
ljcswartz (4:53:53 PM): it hides the ripples though
dahs512 (4:54:02 PM): kperci1 is Rie?
auntyalias (4:54:09 PM): I can't see her
kperci1 (4:54:31 PM): should i leave and come back?
auntyalias (4:54:34 PM): it makes me sigh when this happens. Let me go out and
come back without rebooting and see if that helps.
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
auntyalias (4:54:56 PM): nope
kperci1 left the room
dahs512 (4:55:07 PM): she left
auntyalias (4:55:13 PM): rats
auntyalias (4:55:22 PM): I hope she didn't get hazukashi
dahs512 (4:55:26 PM): she is coming back
ljcswartz (4:55:30 PM): I bet she returns
kperci1 joined the room
auntyalias (4:55:38 PM): I see her on the list now, go figure
twinmom94002 (4:55:46 PM): wb rie
kperci1 (4:55:50 PM): dunno,, computers are numpty sometimes
kperci1 (4:55:54 PM): thanks
auntyalias (4:55:59 PM): Ah there she is
auntyalias (4:56:05 PM): coolness now we can continue
auntyalias (4:56:22 PM): I just took this stray sheet and put the figure on it
and cut out a hole for the head
twinmom94002 (4:56:32 PM): hazukashi = shy?
auntyalias (4:56:37 PM): I didn't sculpt the body all that much because there's
so much draping it's not an issue
jakmiami joined the room
auntyalias (4:56:57 PM): hazukashi is like shy, but also with akwardness or
auntyalias (4:56:59 PM): Howdy JudithK
auntyalias (4:57:03 PM): how hot is it where you are?
twinmom94002 (4:57:04 PM): gotcha, thanks nj
twinmom94002 (4:57:11 PM): me? 100
auntyalias (4:57:16 PM): we've got 90 degrees and are whining like dogs
twinmom94002 (4:57:21 PM): it s*cks
ljcswartz (4:57:30 PM): it is 97 here and it is almost 8pm
twinmom94002 (4:57:34 PM): blech
jakmiami (4:57:36 PM): No we're having nice weather today...the rain finally
auntyalias (4:57:55 PM): so shall we tuck this sheet in and around the figure
and see what happens?
crzy4dzny (4:58:05 PM): yes
auntyalias (4:58:06 PM): I don't know any more than you do at this point
jakmiami (4:58:08 PM): are you using the new camera???
auntyalias (4:58:27 PM): Oh yes, and thank you for kicking my butt
greatauntjudy (4:58:29 PM): GASP! He's nekkid!
dahs512 (4:59:01 PM): yes, thanks Judith
jakmiami (4:59:42 PM): my good deed for the year! what a difference it makes!
twinmom94002 (5:00:27 PM): we all thank you!
kperci1 (5:00:48 PM): well, i just popped in for two seconds, the zoo needs fed!
twinmom94002 (5:01:04 PM): bye rie..c ya later!
kperci1 left the room
rkymtnhy2002 joined the room
emato2 (5:03:05 PM): Yikes! I've got to get rid of the sound effects of folks
leaving -- it makes a knocking sound and sets my dogs off !!!
crzy4dzny (5:03:21 PM): LOL Funny
twinmom94002 left the room
twinmom94002 joined the room
patab12000 (5:04:31 PM): my cat just wiggles his ears, he doesnt get up for much
emato2 (5:04:54 PM): 2 poodle mixs and a mini dashound running up and down the
hall barking and looking for ?????
jakmiami (5:05:22 PM): a miniature dachshund??? how small can they get?
emato2 (5:05:42 PM): Sachi (her name) is 10 1/2 lbs
crzy4dzny (5:05:46 PM): Great job.
emato2 (5:06:09 PM): And to keep it sooo smooth ...
dahs512 (5:06:12 PM): That sheet was a pefect covering
dahs512 (5:06:44 PM): how long had it set until you used it NJ?
auntyalias (5:07:45 PM): this sheet
auntyalias (5:07:55 PM): can't remember but on hot days old sheets are
dahs512 (5:08:22 PM): ah, i see, and clearly i might add
ljcswartz (5:08:51 PM): my guy needs britches since my sheet was too short
greatauntjudy (5:08:57 PM): Great picture, isn't it?
ljcswartz (5:09:03 PM): or he it too big
greatauntjudy (5:09:13 PM): More comfy that way.
ljcswartz (5:09:21 PM): he looks very happy
auntyalias (5:09:35 PM): Jackie do you have your cam on?
ljcswartz (5:09:49 PM): I'm not sure I want to show
auntyalias (5:10:01 PM): I just thought it was another thing I couldn't see
ljcswartz (5:10:02 PM): now it is
dahs512 (5:10:02 PM): come on now
auntyalias (5:10:04 PM): ok
auntyalias (5:10:26 PM): Oh hey
auntyalias (5:10:35 PM): you know what I like
auntyalias (5:10:36 PM): LOL
auntyalias (5:10:39 PM): that's cool, Jackie
greatauntjudy (5:10:39 PM): Oh, lookie that.
greatauntjudy (5:10:49 PM): That is very nice, Jackie.
ljcswartz (5:10:50 PM): shows his legs
twinmom94002 (5:10:51 PM): oh, he's kewl, jackie!
dahs512 (5:10:56 PM): me me
dahs512 (5:11:01 PM): I want to see
jakmiami (5:11:19 PM): Hey jackie can you add me to your friends list so I can
see too...jakmiami
ljcswartz (5:11:25 PM): sure
dahs512 (5:11:36 PM): Jackie, turn me on
crzy4dzny (5:11:39 PM): Question. How do we see Jackie's
emato2 (5:11:41 PM): Cool! Looks good Jackie
ljcswartz (5:11:49 PM): right click on my name
dahs512 (5:11:53 PM): please
ljcswartz (5:11:53 PM): here on the chat
dahs512 (5:12:01 PM): i did
dahs512 (5:12:11 PM): and am waiting for permission
crzy4dzny (5:12:27 PM): OK now I see. Thanks
ljcswartz (5:12:38 PM): too many windows open
dahs512 (5:12:48 PM): lol
dahs512 (5:12:55 PM): about the windows
jakmiami (5:13:01 PM): Jackie...that's looking good!
dahs512 (5:13:04 PM): basket weave
crzy4dzny (5:13:13 PM): How much does a pasta press cost? Would a rolling pin do
the same job?
ljcswartz (5:13:19 PM): I really love that weave... from another NJ session
dahs512 (5:13:24 PM): do some big black pantaloons on him
ljcswartz (5:13:29 PM): lol
ljcswartz (5:13:31 PM): good idea
crzy4dzny (5:13:36 PM): Yes that would look nice
ljcswartz (5:13:42 PM): I go in little steps at this point
dahs512 (5:13:52 PM): pasta machines are around 30
twinmom94002 (5:13:54 PM): pasta machine is about $30
ljcswartz (5:14:01 PM): he could use a turbon... I am out of pattern though
crzy4dzny (5:14:02 PM): Oh, thats not bad.
twinmom94002 (5:14:05 PM): i find mine indispensible
dahs512 (5:14:11 PM): you can do it with an acrylic roller
dahs512 (5:14:18 PM): i use pvc pipe
crzy4dzny (5:14:20 PM): Another question....where do you find a tool that makes
ljcswartz (5:14:21 PM): hehe... advantages of a bad cam
merrie60us left the room
twinmom94002 (5:14:25 PM): denise is right...i'm spoiled
dahs512 (5:14:38 PM): i sand the end of toothpicks
crzy4dzny (5:14:38 PM): ok thanks
crzy4dzny (5:14:58 PM): thanks again
twinmom94002 (5:16:28 PM): gotta run folks...thanks so much for the demo, NJ,
and the charming company!
crzy4dzny (5:16:38 PM): bye
dahs512 (5:16:40 PM): whatcha makin'NJ
emato2 (5:16:41 PM): bye
ljcswartz (5:16:41 PM): bye see you another time
twinmom94002 left the room
emato2 (5:17:45 PM): what is that going to be that NJ is making?
jakmiami (5:18:10 PM): haven't a clue
emato2 (5:18:56 PM): Looks cool though ..
dahs512 (5:20:22 PM): bowl
patab12000 (5:20:28 PM): pinch pot?
dahs512 (5:20:30 PM): hat
emato2 (5:20:34 PM): hat? hut? palm tree/
crzy4dzny (5:20:37 PM): cabbage?
crzy4dzny (5:20:40 PM): 'flower
ljcswartz (5:20:45 PM): a leaf flower
dahs512 (5:20:46 PM): urn
emato2 (5:20:47 PM): star
emato2 (5:21:30 PM): magic box
patab12000 (5:21:48 PM): neet
ljcswartz (5:22:48 PM): Well, I am going to see what DH is up to. and Maybe take
a walk if it has cooled of a bit
greatauntjudy (5:22:55 PM): turban?
ljcswartz (5:22:55 PM): thanks NJ
crzy4dzny (5:23:01 PM): bye
ljcswartz (5:23:05 PM): bye all
emato2 (5:23:10 PM): bye
ljcswartz left the room
jakmiami (5:23:14 PM): bye
auntyalias (5:23:51 PM): I have a bit of torn hem there and I'm going to see if
I can hide it with the magic box
dahs512 (5:24:37 PM): natural pose
auntyalias (5:26:31 PM): so without a plan
auntyalias (5:26:37 PM): and using the first clay sheet I found
auntyalias (5:26:52 PM): a personality starts to come out of the figure
dahs512 (5:27:00 PM): yes it did
crzy4dzny (5:27:01 PM): fantastic
auntyalias (5:27:05 PM): now it's a woman
emato2 (5:27:11 PM): You think?
auntyalias (5:27:13 PM): because the drapes allowed me to fake breasts
auntyalias (5:27:36 PM): If I sculpt a female's face and add hair
jakmiami (5:28:00 PM): oh blast
emato2 (5:28:02 PM): humm I got used to him feeling like him ?//
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
crzy4dzny (5:28:16 PM): lol
auntyalias (5:28:21 PM): close old cam windows and I'll start up the cam again
emato2 (5:28:28 PM): ok
crzy4dzny (5:28:28 PM): k
patab12000 left the room
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jakmiami (5:31:44 PM): it's like a magic act right in front of our eyes!
emato2 (5:32:41 PM): It is!
crzy4dzny (5:33:04 PM): is the face always done last?
jakmiami (5:33:54 PM): well no, not if she knows what it's going to be from the
crzy4dzny (5:34:03 PM): oh.
crzy4dzny (5:34:10 PM): is it baked after shes done?
emato2 (5:34:40 PM): seems like it would be harder to do now -- and not mess up
the cloth (not for NJ I know)
jakmiami (5:34:56 PM): eventually. sometimes it can be quite a while if she
decides she's not really finished with it.
greatauntjudy (5:35:02 PM): She sometimes wraps the figure in waxed paper to
work on the head/face.
crzy4dzny (5:35:12 PM): ok
emato2 (5:36:08 PM): That's right, she did that with the Queen didn't she?
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
dahs512 (5:43:48 PM): Having a webcam to look at what you are working on helps
dahs512 (5:44:08 PM): it gives you a different angle
emato2 (5:44:20 PM): It reminds me of a Sumerian King
crzy4dzny (5:44:23 PM): what is the tool called that she's using?
meows3xx (5:44:31 PM): hi everyone, love the new cam NJ, much brighter and
clearer on this end
jakmiami (5:44:39 PM): i was thinking chinese peasant lady
dahs512 (5:44:44 PM): it is a clay shaper and it comes in real handy
crzy4dzny (5:44:53 PM): thank-you
dahs512 (5:45:18 PM): has them
crzy4dzny (5:46:17 PM): Just went there. Yes, lots of things. thanks
emato2 (5:47:20 PM): I wish clayalley could carry Puppen Fimo
patab12000 (5:47:50 PM): Puppen Fimo?
emato2 (5:47:56 PM): Yes
greatauntjudy (5:48:24 PM): Did you ask Karen? It might be something she can
emato2 (5:48:52 PM): I am trying to loosen up some, but I am so far still more
secure with Puppen Fimo for some things
greatauntjudy (5:48:59 PM): I'
greatauntjudy (5:49:07 PM): 'vejeez...
greatauntjudy (5:49:27 PM): I've never heard of it.
techi_mom56 joined the room
greatauntjudy (5:49:47 PM): Fingers aren't working either.\
dahs512 (5:50:31 PM): what adifference this cam makes
greatauntjudy (5:50:35 PM): The figure reminds me of one my uncle brought back
from Japan. So similar.
emato2 (5:50:42 PM): It comes in larger size blocks -- big ones only in white or
pink. It's got the properties of Fimo - but is a little softer to get started.
Kind of like mixing soft Fimo with Classic only it's very strong
greatauntjudy (5:51:05 PM): Is it made by the Fimo folks?
auntyalias (5:51:24 PM): ok, taking a sculpting break here
dahs512 (5:51:33 PM): i bet
crzy4dzny (5:51:34 PM): Your doing a great job
greatauntjudy (5:51:37 PM): The pose on that is great, NJ.
jakmiami (5:51:43 PM): well, for the figure, not the break LOL
auntyalias (5:51:45 PM): going to go get some juice and sprintz the curtains
with water to cool off the room
emato2 (5:51:54 PM): you are birthing !
greatauntjudy (5:52:00 PM): GASP!
auntyalias (5:52:04 PM): Oddly enough that pose was born from having a torn hem
auntyalias (5:52:06 PM): to hide
greatauntjudy (5:52:12 PM): Looks great.
auntyalias (5:52:21 PM): I don't feel comfortable with armatures that are ridig
and a preset plan
emato2 (5:52:22 PM): I like the pose a lot
auntyalias (5:52:34 PM): I'd rather have the figure tell me what it needs to be
greatauntjudy (5:52:41 PM): Like he's relaxing and having a conversation with
greatauntjudy (5:53:14 PM): Okie, go spritz and get your juice.
greatauntjudy (5:53:17 PM):
auntyalias (5:53:26 PM): LOL
rkymtnhy2002 left the room
emato2 (5:54:35 PM): that's why I like watching NJ so much -- she is so free and
the figures reflect that. I began with a ridged approach and now I would like to
loosen up ...
emato2 left the room
greatauntjudy (5:55:00 PM): You will find a lot of that here.
greatauntjudy (5:55:31 PM): It's very relaxed and whatever happens, just
jakmiami left the room
dahs512 (5:57:46 PM): it's hoppin' and a poppin' in yahoo land
jakmiami joined the room
jakmiami (5:58:54 PM): i was just checking the screen shots i've been
taking...they are soooo much better than with the old cam! absolutely no
jakmiami (5:59:18 PM): i don't have the whole demo, but i'll post some samples
on the pix list tomorrow
meows3xx (5:59:25 PM): does anyone know what kind of cam NJ got?
jakmiami (5:59:39 PM): it's the logitech pro 4000
meows3xx (5:59:49 PM): thank you
techi_mom56 (5:59:57 PM): an awesome camera...i have one also...
emato (emato2) joined the room
meows3xx (6:00:18 PM): I have a logitech, but it's the cheapie, lol
techi_mom56 (6:00:55 PM): my first one was...made me crazy...gave it to my son
after i got this one
jakmiami (6:01:07 PM): well, i am definitely going to replace my old one with
auntyalias (6:01:13 PM): back
meows3xx (6:01:14 PM): ummm, good idea
auntyalias (6:01:19 PM): spritzed everything including James
dahs512 (6:01:31 PM): lol
auntyalias (6:01:40 PM): and it really cools the place, spritzing the curtains
and all the tents with a mist of water
auntyalias (6:01:43 PM): old Egyptian trick
auntyalias (6:01:51 PM): just need slaves to keep it going at the right level
techi_mom56 (6:02:02 PM): watch for them on sale....but worth it even if not on
dahs512 (6:02:09 PM): they didn't have spritzers i bet
meows3xx (6:02:13 PM): I will
jakmiami (6:02:15 PM): NJ, i took some test screen shots and will send a few
thru the pix list so everyone can see how great they are
auntyalias (6:02:46 PM): they had adomizers, also a bent and broken reed, blow
over the upstanding one while the end is in water and it'll sprize, that's how
you set chalk drawings
auntyalias (6:02:58 PM): Ok, Judith, that'll be great
auntyalias (6:03:05 PM): I'm just drinking my lemonade
auntyalias (6:03:08 PM): and spritzing myself
jakmiami (6:03:25 PM): brb
dahs512 (6:04:39 PM): oh
auntyalias (6:04:42 PM): yes
auntyalias (6:04:54 PM): or what that supposed to be "ok"?
dahs512 (6:05:08 PM): I have some glasses for testing...wanna see
auntyalias (6:05:16 PM): sure, let's see
dahs512 (6:05:17 PM): oh is for the spritzer
auntyalias (6:06:00 PM): I'll show you the tool I have, later on and it's just
two tubes at right angles to each other, blow on the top one over the one stuck
in the fluid and it'll atomize liquid
auntyalias (6:06:17 PM): Oh Hey oh Hey
auntyalias (6:06:29 PM): and you bent them on his face for fitting?
auntyalias (6:06:34 PM): you got a bunch of them
dahs512 (6:06:59 PM): wire and liquid black clay
auntyalias (6:07:02 PM): They look great, are you going to cure them now?
auntyalias (6:07:11 PM): look hella better than mine
auntyalias (6:07:12 PM): LOL
dahs512 (6:07:12 PM): in a minute
auntyalias (6:07:14 PM): good
dahs512 (6:07:36 PM): but experimenting
dahs512 (6:07:48 PM): i don't know if they will hold together
dahs512 (6:08:21 PM): these are like you made only laying in the black tls
auntyalias (6:08:21 PM): something about the glasses just sets a personality
with a face
auntyalias (6:08:29 PM): ok
dahs512 (6:08:52 PM): these are pieces of wire balanced in black tls
auntyalias (6:09:29 PM): Prince as Elvis looks totally goofy in the background
auntyalias (6:09:35 PM): it cracks me up
auntyalias (6:09:42 PM): oh wow, on glass
dahs512 (6:09:56 PM): yes
auntyalias (6:09:58 PM): you going to use the heat gun or put them in the oven
crzy4dzny (6:10:05 PM): yes, wow on glasses
greatauntjudy (6:10:17 PM): Those glasses are great.
patab12000 (6:10:22 PM): soneet
auntyalias (6:10:27 PM): aren't they though
lommomy joined the room
auntyalias (6:10:44 PM): I think we stumbled over something here with these
glasses and TLS
patab12000 (6:10:49 PM): yours look cool to NJ
auntyalias (6:10:50 PM): Yo Lisa
dahs512 (6:10:52 PM): we will see if they are strong enough
lommomy (6:11:11 PM): Hello
auntyalias (6:11:15 PM): Thanks Pat, they just tickled Ruth to bits
dahs512 (6:11:20 PM): I just saw her with the glasses
auntyalias (6:11:23 PM): she is amazed
dahs512 (6:11:24 PM): lol lol lo l
lommomy (6:11:25 PM): ran into a snag earlyer
auntyalias (6:11:26 PM): LOL
auntyalias (6:11:35 PM): hope you're unsnagged now Lisa
lommomy (6:11:44 PM): seems to be
emato2 (6:11:49 PM): Cool --- the black wire, what gauge is it?
lommomy (6:11:59 PM): what have you all been working on?
auntyalias (6:12:26 PM): Draping fabric on a figure in the foreground and two
toned sunglasses for Prince as Elvis in the background
lommomy (6:12:29 PM): camra takes a good image
lommomy (6:12:56 PM): your figure looks great
lommomy (6:13:11 PM): I see Elvis
auntyalias (6:13:17 PM): took a rectangle sheet and cut a hole out for the head
and then draped it on the figure
jakmiami left the room
auntyalias (6:13:21 PM): it's sort of making itself
auntyalias (6:13:30 PM): and the new cam is wonderful
lommomy (6:13:45 PM): cool
auntyalias (6:13:54 PM): I'm sort of taking a sculpting break here, drinking
lemonade to cool off
techi_mom56 (6:14:02 PM): very interesting critters there denise
lommomy (6:14:05 PM): best picture I have seen
auntyalias (6:14:08 PM): speaking of which I'm going to get some more juice
auntyalias (6:14:09 PM): brb
emato2 (6:14:21 PM): When you said befor about putting the glasses in the
freezer after they cooked -- why? what does that do?
auntyalias (6:14:46 PM): so the translucent will cool quickly and be as clear as
I can get it
auntyalias (6:14:55 PM): also it's faster for folks in demo, translucent or no
auntyalias (6:15:07 PM): waiting for things to cool down on a hot day takes
everyone's time
auntyalias (6:15:08 PM): brb
emato2 (6:16:17 PM): Oh. ok. but it helps it be more translucent too?
auntyalias (6:16:26 PM): back
crzy4dzny (6:16:32 PM): If NJ talked, would we be able to hear her?
auntyalias (6:16:35 PM): for the glasses, yes
emato2 (6:16:53 PM): they sure did come out good
auntyalias (6:16:54 PM): I don't have the speakers set up on this machine and
there's too much ambient noise here to have mics work
crzy4dzny (6:17:20 PM): oh, ok
emato2 (6:17:36 PM): he is still looking Sumerian to me -- a Sumerian King
auntyalias (6:17:44 PM): LOL
auntyalias (6:17:47 PM): just goofing around
dahs512 (6:17:55 PM): lol
lommomy (6:17:56 PM): I went to Michael's today and found some new goodies.
Different shape cutters in sets of 3 for 1.29 3 kinds of texture sets 3 each
2.99 made of plastic, plastic push molds 3.99, a plastic clay gun 4.99 looks
like it spits out chunkyer ribbions of clay. and a few other odds and ends. Some
were designed for kids and all were found in the kids section and not where the
blocks of clay were. I had fun
emato2 (6:18:02 PM): now he is a computer geek king!
techi_mom56 (6:18:27 PM): yup too long at the key board...
techi_mom56 (6:18:40 PM): getting tired eyes...
crzy4dzny (6:18:54 PM): Will have to take a trip to Micheals.
patab12000 (6:19:29 PM): cute cattapiller
techi_mom56 (6:19:58 PM): and they look fast too..!
emato2 (6:20:07 PM): s/he feels like an 'old soul'
crzy4dzny (6:20:32 PM): one more question. Daughter just moved to Tenn. If we
both got one of these, we would be able to hear each other talk then, if hooked
up right. right?
meows3xx (6:20:46 PM): think I missed something, those caterpillars aren't real?
crzy4dzny (6:20:58 PM): they sure look real
techi_mom56 (6:21:09 PM): watch them...they move fast
emato2 (6:21:21 PM): Katie you mean this Yahoo thing? If so, yes -- can talk
with mic
patab12000 (6:21:46 PM): will they turn in to butterflys
crzy4dzny (6:21:48 PM): Ok, thanks
dahs512 (6:22:13 PM): yes butterflies
meows3xx (6:22:15 PM): darn, dryers buzzing, brb
meows3xx left the room
emato2 (6:23:17 PM): looks like eyes are shut in meditation
dahs512 (6:26:56 PM): I can't do that without a picture
dahs512 (6:27:15 PM): I don't do it enough to do it without one yet
jakmiami joined the room
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dahs512 (6:27:48 PM): I still measure everything
emato (emato2) joined the room
dahs512 (6:28:03 PM): because if i don't it gets wonky
dahs512 (6:28:19 PM): just takes practise, i guess
lommomy (6:28:22 PM): I just wanted to check in, I am haveing a yard sale
tomarrow...More money, more clay, good night
dahs512 (6:28:35 PM): good luck on the sale
techi_mom56 (6:28:38 PM): i just finished a "just for me" project...
dahs512 (6:29:01 PM): I wanna see
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
techi_mom56 (6:29:12 PM): not perfect but i love it it...a 4th of july tin...
lommomy (6:29:15 PM): I'll take a look before I go too
auntyalias (6:29:16 PM): I give up on saving logs
dahs512 (6:29:37 PM): i might have a good bit
dahs512 (6:29:42 PM): of the log
dahs512 (6:29:53 PM): i only got bounced once i think
jakmiami (6:30:16 PM): 'fraid i can't help out, i had to reboot
emato2 (6:30:32 PM): I've been bounced three times and one reboot
auntyalias (6:30:44 PM): send me what you have Denise
auntyalias (6:30:55 PM): who else has been on a long time without getting
jakmiami (6:31:01 PM): i did send some pix to the list though
crzy4dzny (6:31:07 PM): booted 3 times
auntyalias (6:31:31 PM): Oh Sharon sent me some
auntyalias (6:31:45 PM): Ok, let see if it's come in ...what you sent I mean
auntyalias (6:32:56 PM): looks good. For those who are new, when I get booted
you have to close old cam windows and open my cam again
auntyalias (6:33:09 PM): I think I want to add TLS hair at this point
greatauntjudy (6:33:11 PM): I've been her a while. Not sure how long.
greatauntjudy (6:33:21 PM): Let me do a time stamp to see.
lommomy (6:33:34 PM): good night all, bye bye
auntyalias (6:33:40 PM): See ya Lisa
jude (6:33:50 PM): NJ, I have almost 2 hours worth.
lommomy left the room
patab12000 (6:34:04 PM): I have to go too, my daughter has been trying to call
me, and my phone has been busy
patab12000 left the room
dahs512 (6:34:14 PM): this is bad won't let me cut and paste or save the
file...give me a minute