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Obachan Group -10: Even though the body is covered I feel more comfortable knowing the body looks as it should nude. Some folks use wadded up tape and just make polymer clay heads, hands and feet. My feeling is the body still looks like wadded up tape and not an old grandmother, or young babe. Hearts of gold cane is reiterated for the pattern on this clay "fabric", but that's another webthread.

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Gold Heart Cane. See how easy it is to make.

That kimono pattern is just extruded gold hearts with black surround, one of the few times you can use clay straight from the package and not look cheesy.

If you don't have a heart stencil then a square and a circle cut in half makes a heart and that's what I had to do. The extruder stencils didn't have the edge of the square line up with the circle cut in half... who wasn't thinking
that day? So I had to fiddle faddle with it to make the oversized round bits fit.

Taking the sheet and slicing it and offsetting the slices and then pressing it again gets this woven effect on the mat. The scarf and the ottoman/pillow thing are just something to do with my scraps.

So I had this heart log, then I filled in the "V" of the heart, put a surround of black clay over all that and cut it into four sections. Stack those four hearts with the points going in to the

From there make lace cane.

Take slices of this lace cane made of hearts and make a sheet. I made sheets by stacking the canes and jiggling them so they stick and
sliced it like lunch meat.

Kimonos are just rectangles and squares, easy as dirt. The doll was made with Aluminum foil and was bendable so dressing her was easy too.
Put the kimono on her and put her back in the kneeling position, adjust the folds, call it a day.

When you have the smallest scrap left over make something very small. Can't waste fun cane.