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05-01-03 Demo Log #3: Watermelon Cane center and filling the gaps with blue, surround with blue. Surrounding it all with silver.

Tiffany Lamp: Demo 05-01-03
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auntyalias: Yahoo is being really mean to us
Pat: Seems I got bumped off. I just wanted to say a quick hello as I
have to run my litle one to the dr. He's not eeling to well. I will
have to get back to you all later. My e-mail program is all screwed
up, so I'm trying to fix it. I sure do miss all the goings on of the
auntyalias: Sorry to hear that Pat
auntyalias: hope things get fixed up and the little one is feeling
better soon
wi1dangl: take care of the little one...see you soon
auntyalias: ok, so Lynn
auntyalias: when you have flower petals like this
auntyalias: and you want to keep the tops of them round and not get
Flat Tops
auntyalias: you need to fill in the curved spaces and top the petals
with some sort of clay before reducing the cane
auntyalias: that's what I'm going to use the blue clay for
auntyalias: I'm going to make a snake, and pinch it along the edge
wi1dangl: ok
auntyalias: and get the wedge I need to go in between the flower
petals, part way
auntyalias: not all the way
auntyalias: also I got to find something to put in the center of the
flower petal for it does not meet in the middle
auntyalias: and if you don't put something in the middle the petals
will goosh into that open space and look wonky
auntyalias: I have a bit of watermelon here
auntyalias: that when reduced would look ok in the middle of this
auntyalias: but I'll have to put a silver surround sheet on it, for
this is supposed to look like stained glass
wi1dangl: gotcha
auntyalias: now the center of the watermelon has a lot of translucent
auntyalias: so the light will show through that
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auntyalias: brb, door
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: Jackie, I took some watermelon cane and am surrounding it
with silver
auntyalias: so I can have a center to the petals
auntyalias: then I'll fill in the gaps between the petals with blue
auntyalias: and surround the whole flower with blue
ljcswartz: I would love to be doing this with you............. still
lurking though
auntyalias: filling in the gaps keeps the petals around when the cane
is reduced
auntyalias: no worries, just letting you know what we're doing at this
auntyalias: thanks tons for the log

auntyalias: good thing I just saved log
auntyalias: close cam windows and open them again
auntyalias: sorry, but Yahoo is acting very bad today
auntyalias: Ok, since we could have used another petal in this cane
auntyalias: there's going to be more blue in between the petals
auntyalias: sort of a gapped toothed flower
auntyalias: but that's ok, it'll be reduced, sliced and repeated
Pat: I have to run. I'll catch you all later
Pat: Hope you're all haveing a fabulous day!
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auntyalias: now I'll fill in more blue to keep the tops of the petals
wi1dangl: beautiful so far nj
auntyalias: I'm just sorry Yahoo has been so difficult today
wi1dangl: no prob...used to
auntyalias: Lynn, my sister is in PeachTree City
auntyalias: outside of Atlanta
auntyalias: where are you?
auntyalias: are you part of the Atlanta clay guild?
wi1dangl: wow...i'm in stone mountain
auntyalias: I've been to Stone Mountain
wi1dangl: no, but we're moving to ohio next month
auntyalias: bought a car there, or my husband did anyway when we were
touring the south
wi1dangl: hope to find a guild up that way
auntyalias: oh dang
auntyalias: thought I'd get a visit with you next time I go see my
sister, she works for Delta so flying is cheap for me
wi1dangl: wow..maybe you can go by the ga guild's meeting sometime
wi1dangl: they'd love that, i'm sure
auntyalias: I plan to tour again when this job is done
auntyalias: never know when this job will end since my Ruth is 86
years old now
auntyalias: could be today, could be two years
wi1dangl: and I think there's a guild in Columbus OHio
wi1dangl: which is about 90 miles from where we're moving to
auntyalias: post to the list and see if there's claymates where you're
moving to
wi1dangl: i will
wi1dangl: this is a BIG move for our family...we're dropping
everything here in Atlanta, jobs, house, etc., to move there
wi1dangl: my health has been bad the past year...I wanted to be nearer
to my sister up there
auntyalias: why you moving if you got jobs in Atlanta, sort of a scary
time economically
wi1dangl: and get away from city life
auntyalias: ah, I see, ok
auntyalias: going to the country are ya?
wi1dangl: yeah, it is scary
auntyalias: I'll try to not break the 10th commandment and envy you
auntyalias: LOL
wi1dangl: but....gotta have faith, i guess
wi1dangl: good market for crafters up maybe I can start
selling some things for extra bucks
auntyalias: God Willing, you'll do fine, but keep the Faith
auntyalias: that's where your luck is
auntyalias: in my opinion
auntyalias: now did you see how I fan folded that silver to make it as
wide as the cane?
auntyalias: that's a trick
wi1dangl: yep...
wi1dangl: looks good
auntyalias: got to remember to take pictures, best save log here since
yahoo is mean today