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05-01-03 Demo Log #4: Got the One Flower reduced, plans to do the cone shape and mixing sizes, making the A shape cane and forming the lamp shade. 

Tiffany Lamp: Demo 05-01-03
wi1dangl: yep...
wi1dangl: looks good
auntyalias: got to remember to take pictures, best save log here since
yahoo is mean today
auntyalias: ok, see how I'm squeezing it around the sides and pressing
the top and bottom alternatively
auntyalias: that's to compress it and keep the ends from getting goofy
wi1dangl: yes...i do that
wi1dangl: so far so good
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: the gapped tooth flower
auntyalias: so I'm going to reduce this some more
wi1dangl: very nice
auntyalias: cut sections and stack and reduce again
auntyalias: but now until I get something to eat
auntyalias: I'm starving
auntyalias: so 15 minute break while I get a bite to eat
wi1dangl: good time for a break?
auntyalias: and then I'll get back to this
auntyalias: ya, good time for a break, I'm fading
wi1dangl: great...thanks nj.
techi_mom56: okay ..i am still working on the computer upgrades (last
2 days)
auntyalias: it's not easy to upgrade
wi1dangl: yuck....know what you mean
auntyalias: I know, so it's good to just have you here keeping us
auntyalias: brb
techi_mom56: yup but going from a celeron 330 to a pIII 550...all is
okay but one aggrevating thing...cdrom will read but not
techi_mom56: brb...i hear a sandwich call to me...
icare4bunnies joined the room
icare4bunnies: hey everyone
wi1dangl: hi there...welcome
wi1dangl: we're on a little break right now
techi_mom56: goes it?
icare4bunnies: okay, hanging in there
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: Hey Jael
icare4bunnies: neat cane ng
icare4bunnies: nj
icare4bunnies: can't type
auntyalias: I'm making tiffany lamp shades, oh the cane sucks
auntyalias: petals came out all gap toothed
auntyalias: LOL
icare4bunnies: I like it
icare4bunnies: I like the silver
auntyalias: but we're going to reduce it to mini so we don't care,
icare4bunnies: exactly!!!
icare4bunnies: so many mistakes just disappear with reduction
icare4bunnies: like with my body
icare4bunnies: if only I could reduce it
icare4bunnies: LOL
auntyalias: lol
auntyalias: ok, I'm thinking that if I reduce this into a cone shape
auntyalias: I'll have small flowers and big flowers
auntyalias: then slice it
auntyalias: stack what I have and then reduce again
auntyalias: for variation in size
ljcswartz left the room
icare4bunnies: do you have any lamp shade you have made before for
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: let me get you the link
icare4bunnies: tx
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Translucents/Tiffany-thm.htm
auntyalias: my one and only and not the same cane design
icare4bunnies: that's ok
icare4bunnies: how did you light the lamp on your site?
auntyalias: let me get you the hardware
icare4bunnies: doll house lights?
icare4bunnies: oh no you are lost in wires
auntyalias: my fuse is blown on my extension cord
icare4bunnies: lol
auntyalias: now I remember
auntyalias: but here is what I used
icare4bunnies: is it a doll hous light then?
icare4bunnies: house
auntyalias: it's a miniature hurricane lamp
auntyalias: I have a picture of it
icare4bunnies: I see
icare4bunnies: it's very cute
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/MiniScenes/11-07-02/013.htm
auntyalias: it's with the 1/4th and smaller scale stuff there
icare4bunnies: that's so neat
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/MiniScenes/11-07-02/012.htm
auntyalias: let me get that gardening hutch so you can see what that
size is
icare4bunnies: quite a difference
icare4bunnies: mini stuff is so cool
auntyalias: now this glass top on the hurricane lamp holds up our
polymer clay tiffany lamp shade
auntyalias: the hurricane lamp is really BRIGHT
auntyalias: too bright
auntyalias: so the tiffany lamp shade softens the light and casts
colors at the same time
auntyalias: better for the scene
icare4bunnies: I mean, with the wires and a little bulb
auntyalias: now I remember I had to find those mini fuses for this
extension cord
icare4bunnies: I know christmas lights are too hot
auntyalias: go with mini lights, you need an adaptor because they take
less electricity
icare4bunnies: I'm going to have to look into it
icare4bunnies: I have a doll house I made from a kit, and I used
polymer clay kitchen tiles for it
auntyalias: now this is the tiffany lamp that is usually sold for
auntyalias: and it's BORING
auntyalias: and not good looking
auntyalias: even our sucky flowers are going to be better than this
icare4bunnies: of course
icare4bunnies: and it will be unique
auntyalias: there (finishing up making the lamp shade)
ljcswartz: very nice
wi1dangl: now that's pretty
auntyalias: I gotta go now
auntyalias: I'll be back in a couple of hours
auntyalias: something came up
auntyalias: xoxoxo
icare4bunnies: k