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Day of the Dead Guardian Angel and Woman Tin 05-08-03 Demo Log #1

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ljcswartz joined the room
Roni: wb NJ
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
ljcswartz: hi
auntyalias: I just got kicked out
sylsnovelties: Hi Jackie
Roni: hi Jackie
auntyalias: Roni, are you in the chat room through the web page?
ljcswartz: if I hadn't heard you get kicked I might have not
remembered to join in
auntyalias: or are you in the chat room coming from Yahoo Messenger's
Friend's List
auntyalias: open your Yahoo Friend's list, any of us who are in bold
auntyalias: you can right click and say "join user in chat"
auntyalias: once here click on my name for the cam
auntyalias: that's how it's done with PC
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
shargoose: Just got kicked off
auntyalias: I'm mixing crimson that's old and crumbly
auntyalias: with gold that gets soft
auntyalias: and pearl which gets softer
sylsnovelties: Bouncing Roni! heeheehee
auntyalias: those will soften up my crimson
sylsnovelties: Sounds luscious NJ.
meows3xx left the room
auntyalias: so this will get chopped and mixed in the food processor
auntyalias: when it forms a ball
auntyalias: I'll do a taffy pull
auntyalias: for quick color mixing
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
auntyalias: and then roll out a couple of sheets
Roni: I can see your webcam now
auntyalias: going to add TLS to soften it up
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Roni: I'm backkkkkkkk
jude: Yay!
auntyalias: welcome back Roni
auntyalias: LOL
Roni: ty, hope I can stay for awhile now
auntyalias: I pressed pearl and this crimson, gold and pearl came out
looking like copper
auntyalias: Now, Klewie is pinging me
auntyalias: I'm trying to get her to come into the room
Roni: need to get the webcam back tho lol
jude: She is? Howdy Klewie!
auntyalias: Howdy Cheryl
jude: Howdy Cheryl!
Roni: hi Cheryl
auntyalias: Karen Lewis's husband was in hospital and she's catching
up with herself but promises to come to a demo one of these days soon
chelyha55 joined the room
auntyalias: Roni you don't have cam yet
auntyalias: see the TV Icon on my name up there?
auntyalias: right click on that and click view webcam
Roni: yes
auntyalias: there ya go
auntyalias: whew
Roni: got it
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to show you how to do a basic bulls eye
auntyalias: or do you know that already?
auntyalias: It'll go to lace cane and a feather for you advanced
ljcswartz: feathers sound interesting
chelyha55: I'm here, just having a quick yap with someone onthe
auntyalias: when you roll a sheet over a snake
auntyalias: and press the cut edge on the sheet, it will leave an
auntyalias: cut INSIDE of that indentation to get a seam that does not
chelyha55: what are we doing?
auntyalias: I don't know yet
auntyalias: flowers
auntyalias: doing basic things like bulls eye to lace cane
ljcswartz: I missed the color in the center?
auntyalias: just pearl
auntyalias: the other color is: Crimson, Gold and Pearl
auntyalias: in descending order
auntyalias: the crimson was old and crumbly
auntyalias: and pearl and gold gets mushy
auntyalias: then I added TLS to the food processor to get some more
auntyalias: got to use that old clay
auntyalias: ok, Roni
auntyalias: This is a bulls eye
Roni: okay, got it so far
auntyalias: now if I stretch it and cut it into sections and stack
those sections we get a bunch of bullseyes
auntyalias: or dots
Roni: I think I'll be able to do that, lol
auntyalias: a dot in a cane is a snake
auntyalias: a line is a sheet
auntyalias: the rest is fiddle faddle
Roni: LOL
sylsnovelties: Hope to catch more later.
auntyalias: Syl good seeing you
auntyalias: you know all this already, but we missed you
jude: Okie, see you later, Syl.
Roni: bye Syl
frogger70301 joined the room
sylsnovelties left the room
ljcswartz: hi Mitch
auntyalias: Hey Mitch, doing some basic moves for Meow/Roni
frogger70301: hey.
auntyalias: did a bulls eye and now am doing the lace cane
frogger70301: I finally made a half way decent leopard cane.
chelyha55: Pictures?
frogger70301: but I got to redo it, cause I reduced it too much.
frogger70301: didn't take any yet.
chelyha55: One of these days I need to get up the nerve to make a face
auntyalias: Roni
chelyha55: you reduced it toomuch, I have done that many times
auntyalias: see how 6 sections of bullseye makes a flower, a simple
chelyha55: that is just pearl and copper etc?
auntyalias: but a flower none the less
chelyha55: looks like red and yellow
auntyalias: Pearl and the other mix looks copper, but it's crimson,
gold and pearl
Roni: yes, It looks great
chelyha55: ah, ok
auntyalias: ok, now watch and I'll reduce this, making it longer and
thinner and we'll cut and stack again
chelyha55: I've been making flower canes lately
auntyalias: see why it is called lace cane?
auntyalias: and that was easy to do
auntyalias: change the color, how many times you reduce and repeat the
auntyalias: you have the center of flowers
chelyha55: I have one I want to try, NJ
chelyha55: one that could be really cool
auntyalias: If we bend this cane, into a feather shape
auntyalias: what will happen to those bullseyes?
Roni: did you cut the cane again after you had the 3 pieces together
chelyha55: maybe you've already done it
auntyalias: what will happen to that lace cane
auntyalias: yes Roni
Roni: okay, got it
auntyalias: now I'm going to distort the cells and let's see if we get
a feather
auntyalias: when you reduce lace cane
auntyalias: into a cone shape
auntyalias: you have large and small design elements
auntyalias: cut the cone into sections and put them together mixing
the small and large designs
shargoose: Love this
auntyalias: just from one lace cane
auntyalias: now if we used a blend
auntyalias: it will give it a different effect
auntyalias: so I'm going to show you the Easy Breezy Blend
auntyalias: and we're going to make a jelly roll cane with it
Roni: this is much better than Carol Duvall!! you can ask questions
auntyalias: having the pearl in the center and the copper-ish mix on
the outside
auntyalias: Ya, live, interactive, immediate and free
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: that's us
auntyalias: So Roni are you good on this lace cane thing?
auntyalias: oh
auntyalias: I just had a flash
auntyalias: another use for the bulls eye
Roni: and appreciated immensely
auntyalias: ok, pearl center, copper and pearl layers going around a
couple of times
auntyalias: then bury that in sheets of copper and pearl
auntyalias: for quick wood grain with a knot in the grain
auntyalias: that's quick
auntyalias: easy
auntyalias: everyone should know how to do wood grain
auntyalias: and no one said you can't use pearl or gold or silver
auntyalias: when you do it
auntyalias: so who's up for a quick knot in the wood diversion?
auntyalias: no one? well I'll go do dishes then
auntyalias: Shall we go off to blends and this feather trick
chelyha55: yes, wood grain is good
auntyalias: or do a quick wood grain
auntyalias: ok, knot in the wood grain trick
chelyha55: I like to use woodgrain as the base for my beads
frogger70301: Cheryl, how do you like you new work area?
chelyha55: I love it! My dad did a great job
frogger70301: I'm glad hon.
chelyha55: He also said when they get their house built I can have a
lampwork studio in his garage!
frogger70301: Oh, wow! That sounds like it's gonna be great.
chelyha55: I've already started buying glass
shargoose: Can I move in
Kathy (w8koqs3rd) joined the room
chelyha55: LOL
frogger70301: brb
frogger70301 left the room
frogger70301 joined the room
frogger70301: stupid ad messed up on me.
frogger70301: Hi, Kathy.
frogger70301: She must be making the knot, huh?
Kathy: hi, I'm trying to bumble in here, somehow . . .LOL
chelyha55: the knot, yes
chelyha55: has anyone ever baked embossing powder onto clay?
frogger70301: not me. Is that what you're doing now?
chelyha55: I tried it. It works
frogger70301: oh, how cool.
claychik joined the room
chelyha55: if you do it on a bead it will drip off,
chelyha55: so it's better to do it on a flat surface
chelyha55: but it looks like glass
claychik: hay ever'one
chelyha55: hey!
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