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Day of the Dead Guardian Angel and Woman Tin 05-08-03 Demo Log #2

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chelyha55: oh Klew's retreat?
Kathy: she appears to be here in my view . . .LOL, but what do I know
. . .
claychik: yeah
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: the chat froze up on me
chelyha55: yeah, I guess I'll meet you then,
Roni: wb
shargoose: You work so quick
chelyha55: since I will be working there
claychik: yayy!
auntyalias: the separation sheet is too wide
claychik: how did you like the cheesecake?
chelyha55: it was delicious!
auntyalias: I'm going to goof around with this a bit and see what I
can do with it
shargoose: Could we do a feather on in multi color puleeze?
chelyha55: did you use Somersweet?
claychik: no, just splenda
chelyha55: splenda rocks
claychik: i still have to order somersweet
chelyha55: I've been think ing about trying somersweet
Kathy: I can't seem to get the webcam view . . . nothing but a white
screen . . . the gods must be telling me something. . . I'll have to
try another time. Bye and thanks!
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claychik: apparently it doesn't have the aftertaste that splenda does
chelyha55: I just bought an ice cream maker
claychik: has a great vanilla ice cream recipe, just
modify it
shargoose: BRB
chelyha55: yeah, and I have the Atkins recipe too
chelyha55: I think if I can make ice cream, I'll make it thru the
summer without blowing the diet
claychik: i hear ya
chelyha55: But my whole family is on it so that helps
claychik: my bf is crazy about ice cream, i figured i'd better make
some before he goes nuts
chelyha55: LOL
claychik: he's on it too
chelyha55: I've been experimenting with some of the sugar free candy
claychik: he lost 26 pounds, and the bugger didn't even need to!
chelyha55: gotta be careful tho
claychik: oh yes
claychik: they sure do
claychik: omg
claychik: 'specially if you eat too much!
claychik: ack
chelyha55: yes
claychik: i went there
chelyha55: LOLOLOL!!!
claychik: and i was sorry
chelyha55: me too
claychik: lol!
claychik: i also found out why my weight wasn't moving on the scale
after 2 months on the plan
chelyha55: why?
claychik: too much carbs
claychik: i was eating low-carb stuff
claychik: a lot of it
chelyha55: yeah and too much dairy will mess it up too
Roni: that is so kewl
chelyha55: ooo pretty NJ
ljcswartz: nice wood sheet
shargoose: So pretty NJ
shargoose: Got to try this
auntyalias: What I wanted to do didn't come out so I just kept goofing
with it
auntyalias: now I like it well enough to use it as a base on a tin
auntyalias: then put things over it
chelyha55: I was just gonna say!
auntyalias: gonna say what, Cheryl?
shargoose: Looks like it would fit in African theme
chelyha55: that you could put it on a tin
ljcswartz: brb--dinner time
auntyalias: great minds think alike
chelyha55: yes, african
auntyalias: Ok, Jackie
auntyalias: definately some leaves and flowers
Roni: thank you so much NJ, now I know 5 different canes WOW
shargoose: Or vines with snakes and birds
chelyha55: NJ have you tried baking embossing powder onto clay?
shargoose: Jungle type stuff
auntyalias: I'm going to be doing some experiments with mica chips of
different colors, embossing powder and such all with bleached and
unbleached translucent
auntyalias: unga bunga bunga bunga I don't want to leave the jungle,
oh Nooo- oo- oo - oo
auntyalias: anyone know that song?
shargoose: Yes LOL
Roni: I can see the panthers running across that NJ
chelyha55: if you sprinkle it onto clay and bake it turns out like
frogger70301: That would be a shoet cut to sanding and buffing,
wouldn't it?
auntyalias: embossing powder and TLS
chelyha55: that's what I was thinking
shargoose: Done that it's cool
shargoose: TLS gets shimmery
auntyalias: an elf hawked a loogie
auntyalias: on my wood grain
shargoose: Yuk
auntyalias: one could do fake throw up with TLS
auntyalias: mini gag fake vomit
auntyalias: now that's an angle
auntyalias: LOL
chelyha55: LOL!!!
shargoose: Barf
auntyalias: fake spilled coffee cup
auntyalias: and fake doggie do
auntyalias: in mini
auntyalias: what a riot
auntyalias: going to take a 5 minute break
Roni: you deserve it
auntyalias: at this point and how about we take this sheet and put it
on a tin when I get back
auntyalias: show you how to use one sheet for one tin
auntyalias: the Easy Breezy Way
Roni: like Easy Breezy lol
auntyalias: totally, you see how easy it all is
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: Ok, how about a roll call. Name and Location
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
shargoose: Sharon , NH
Roni: Roni, Bloomfield Hills MI
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
chelyha55: cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
chelyha55: you know Jude someday we will meet in person
jude: Yes!
chelyha55: Did you know we are having a sale this weekend at the shop?
jude: You are? Hmmm...drat.
chelyha55: 25 to 50% off everything
auntyalias: well some folks might be away from their keyboard so I'll
get started on this tin
jude: This cold/wet weather is the pits.
chelyha55: just got new Premo in too
auntyalias: roll the tin on the back side of the sheet and make
jude: Oh, and windy, but that's a given up here.
auntyalias: cut along the two far outside indentations and wrap the
sheet around the tin
chelyha55: yeah
chelyha55: my dad is waiting for it to stop raining
chelyha55: so they can get their house built
auntyalias: I cut out where the hinges make the indentations
jude: Good luck.
chelyha55: well it will eventually stop and then it wont' rain again
for 6 months
chelyha55: he just picked the wrong time of the year to get started
jude: OL. Right.
jude: er...LOL
chelyha55: he moved here from SanDiego
jude: It's nice down there. Why on earth did he move from the warm to
chelyha55: Doesn't know from a place where there is an actuall winter
chelyha55: because his two kids came here first
chelyha55: first my brother and then me
jude: Ah, yes...he is finding out, huh?
chelyha55: my brother's wife was raised here
chelyha55: and he's never liked the city
chelyha55: I love it I wish it would stay cold all year round
jude: I dont' either.
chelyha55: I hate the heat
chelyha55: between that and the Zoloft I am one big power surge
jude: LOL
chelyha55: very nice
chelyha55: now I would have fingerprint city if I did that
chelyha55: candle holders are easier
Roni: sure was quick, I did 12 tins for my son and it took me a month,
wish I had seen this technique sooner
chelyha55: candle holders with translucent clay are great
shargoose: NJ is good at making things easy
chelyha55: that is for sure!
Roni: those little hinges were a real bugger too!
shargoose: NJ are you cutting the top shhet of clay above the little
auntyalias: The sheet wasn't wide enough to do the sides as well so I
patched two bits on the ends
auntyalias: but what I wanted to make mention of was to get the
pattern to cut
auntyalias: roll the tin over the back side of the sheet
auntyalias: get the indentations and then cut along those
auntyalias: screw measuring
auntyalias: with a ruler and such all
chelyha55: ah, that would make it easier
auntyalias: just roll the tin's edges around on the clay
Roni: I like your way of thinking NJ
chelyha55: I hate mearsuring too
chelyha55: that's why I don't make those precision canes
shargoose: Do you vut above the rolled lip of the tin?
shargoose: I mean cut
chelyha55: good question, it's hard to tell
shargoose: Some views it looks like the lip is covered and others not
chelyha55: looks like it
auntyalias: cut inside of the indentation of the rolled lip
shargoose: Thanks!!
chelyha55: that would make for a nice clean line
auntyalias: I'll be clearing around the rolled lip as I do fine
tuning, sometimes it's covered, some times not
shargoose: Cause the clay over the lip could break off? Right?
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auntyalias: where it's tin and the clay can catch on something it's
likely to crack
chelyha55: probably not if it's burnished down well
chelyha55: it should hold
beany3u: hello everyone
auntyalias: where it is THIN I meant to write, Laura?
chelyha55: hi
beany3u: hmm?
Roni: hi
chelyha55: LOL
auntyalias: it is Laura isn't it? I'm still learning the names of our
new members
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auntyalias: I'm going to cut off two slices of this feather cane here
shargoose: I'm Sharon
auntyalias: and put it on the tin, what I'm wondering is should I put
filler clay under the cane slice and then press in to get texture or
auntyalias: Beany is Laura, or I'm confused
Roni: that sounds nice
chelyha55: that sounds cool
shargoose: Filler clay would give nice shape to the leaf
Roni: no, your NJ LOL
shargoose: Sharon V in NH
beany3u: Laura in So Cali
Roni: Roni in MI
auntyalias: who am I, where am I, what was I doing...oh cutting
feathers, ok
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
ljcswartz: Jackie, MD
beany3u: yes I'm Laura
auntyalias: Ok, cool, still learning folk's names here.
auntyalias: when you have a cane that's narrow but big like this one
auntyalias: back it up with something, another cane in this cane
auntyalias: case
auntyalias: or a block of clay that's big
auntyalias: it'll give it stability for you to cut
auntyalias: and you can get those very last slices without it bending
all over the place
auntyalias: ok?
chelyha55: ok
shargoose: k
Roni: ok
chelyha55: oh that is a great idea!
ljcswartz: super idea
chelyha55: See I always learn something from you NJ
shargoose: Saves fingers, too!!
chelyha55: those look like fly's eyes
shargoose: Are you a sci-fi fan?
chelyha55: yeah
shargoose: Figured that
chelyha55: been a trekker since I was 8
chelyha55: 40 years! ACK!
shargoose: Been a trecker longer than that
chelyha55: when I was little I made my mom cut my hair like Spock's
shargoose: OH< NO
chelyha55: I know...
shargoose: She must have loved you
chelyha55: yes, I suppose so
shargoose: Hey, every one, it's feeding time at the zoo here
shargoose: So got to go.
chelyha55: ok well you take care
Roni: bye Sharon
chelyha55: fellow trekker!
shargoose: Bye
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Roni: how cute
chelyha55: is that a face?
chelyha55: Can't tell from here
Roni: looks like an angel
chelyha55: looks like a skull
chelyha55: it is!
Roni: yep, scarry
chelyha55: the grim reaper
frogger70301: an angel?
ljcswartz: day of the dead?
jude: I have got to go.
jude: Great demo, NJ! Thanks!
chelyha55: ok Jude
Roni: bye Jude
jude: Bye, all!
chelyha55: bye!
ljcswartz: bye
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All Sizes
auntyalias: now this blue devotional figure might not be what ends up
between the wings
auntyalias: but it's the right size
auntyalias: maybe an angle
auntyalias: or maybe another Day of the Dead skeleton
frogger70301: brb-going check on widget.
auntyalias: but she's a good stand in
chelyha55: I like it
auntyalias: better than this one
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: is it hollow under the wings?
auntyalias: filler clay
chelyha55: hm that is interesting too
Roni: I like this one better
chelyha55: ooh I like these
auntyalias: now it looks like she's guided by her Gauardian Angel
auntyalias: it's his wings not hers's
chelyha55: I must try sculpting a face again
Roni: their colors go nice too
frogger70301: colors are perfect!
auntyalias: the little skeleton people are good to practice dressing
the figure with clay sheets
chelyha55: a group of creeple peeple
chelyha55: they are great
auntyalias: oh dig the doll maker
chelyha55: wow!!!
Roni: brb
auntyalias: she was fun to make, all rectangles go into the kimono and
gathered skirt
auntyalias: ok, Roni
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/AllSizes-004.htm
chelyha55: ooh I just had an idea
auntyalias: what's that?
chelyha55: make a vessel in the shape of a figure
chelyha55: with the stopper as the head
chelyha55: why not?
auntyalias: like Canopic jars?
auntyalias: but more body to the jar?
chelyha55: you could make the arms so that you string cord thru them
chelyha55: what's a canopic jar?
Roni: back, had to take dinner out of the freezer
Roni: oh, the green guy is cute, I like him
chelyha55: I suppose some people would find it morbid
auntyalias: when a body is mummified
auntyalias: the stomach, lungs, intestine and liver... I think
auntyalias: are put in these jars
chelyha55: to have avessel where the stopper is the head of the person
auntyalias: and these heads are the stoppers
chelyha55: oh ok
auntyalias: the heart is left inside of the body
auntyalias: the brain disposed of
chelyha55: yeah, you know the vessels we see made of clay or glass?
auntyalias: ya, but I always got Egypt on my mind
frogger70301: I saw something like that a while back.
frogger70301: kinda like that anyways.
chelyha55: I guess I'll have to try it except I'm not that great at
sculpting heads or faces
chelyha55: NJ you try it
Roni: I'd better run, have to get to the store and then make dinner.
Thank you so much NJ, this has been a real treat.
auntyalias: Okie Dokie Roni
auntyalias: see you Monday
auntyalias: if you're free
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Roni: sound good to me, I will try, bye all
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auntyalias: there's all the steps
frogger70301: one tile tute?
auntyalias: yup
auntyalias: let me take a picture while I'm at it
chelyha55: as much as I am enjoying this, I have to go
auntyalias: just saved log
auntyalias: It's a logical break
chelyha55: get back to my beads
chelyha55: this has been great as always
ljcswartz: bye then
auntyalias: you can keep us on like TV in the background
chelyha55: Thank you
auntyalias: See ya Cheryl
chelyha55: that's true. I'll try to check in on Monday
auntyalias: okie dokie
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ljcswartz: very nice eyes
auntyalias: two sets cured and three to go
auntyalias: I'm doing the other eye and nose
ljcswartz: where are they going next?
auntyalias: on the shelf, just for examples
auntyalias: maybe do some post production sanding and filing
auntyalias: add TLS eyebrows and make up
auntyalias: dunno
auntyalias: make a mobile of them when they are done
auntyalias: sew them onto pillows
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: that's the best idea
auntyalias: make uncomfortable you can't lean on them pillows
ljcswartz: you do have ideas
auntyalias: with them in the middle
ljcswartz: I had an idea to use the lace cane to make a butterly -
hopefully on a windchime i started a year ago...... the first one got
ljcswartz: I do like to clay along
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auntyalias: these tins you can't stack and that's for sure
auntyalias: I'm going to download these pictures and put them on
pages, get what logs I got up on pages
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: I'll still be here, but I don't want to do this at the end
of the day all the time, I make so many more mistakes cuz I'm sleepy
auntyalias: brb

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.