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Start page for Rumble in the Jungle.  See real Orchids and Bromelaids 



This is the polymer clay Orchid cured and Future finished.

This is the real orchid that inspired this tin. My birthday orchid from Paulo in Brazil. Always my Muse. Multo Obrigado, Paulo. 


Rumble in the Jungle: How the Tin is Covered. The Orchid UnCured . 38 large pictures with captions on How-To. 

Elements for the Tin: 

Saint George's Sword Cane Experiment

Pond Grass: A quick Trick. 

Hawaii Tin with Plumeria Petals

The leaf cane made above was used in the Hawaii Tin, keeping in tune with the rumble in the jungle mood here. 

Plumeria Cane enlarged pictures with captions discussing How-To. 

Real Saint George's Sword Plant: Also known as Mother In Law's Tongue Book on Brazilian Bromelaids 

Collection of real orchid pictures