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Citrus group: Everything I did for the 1999 mini orange is chronicled on this one picture. This is what I call a one tile tute. For text How To, scroll down.

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This orange is made differently than Angie Scarr's mini orange, although it was Angie who inspired me to experiment this way. Since an orange is mostly water, I used no color translucent for the center of the orange segment wedge.

Covering the no color translucent wedge with orange will give the mini orange the color it needs enough once reduced. I took that wedge and reduced it and stacked it and reduced again until I got my segment. You'll get that layering of color and no color in each segment this way.

Mix some of that orange with white and you get the pith. Remember in the KeyLime pie when I got that double pith problem?  When you're stacking wedges with a surround, leave one side bare, stack bare side to covered side of the next section to avoid double thickness on the pith.

Reduce the arch you made of a hand full of orange segments with pith.

Cover the arch with the orange clay.

Take two arches and put them face to face to get a log of orange.

Then treat it like Angie does. Slice off a section of that log, pinch the ends to close it up. Cut and peel the orange to your needs. See the next orange picture to see how NOT to peel it.