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Juice And Ice

Lemonade Review 11-29-03: putting new ice to use.

Crush New Ice to make SugarCitrus

When making ice cubes with just translucent it's ok if the juice is light in color. I found with this iced tea/cola effort that the translucent ice gets lost in the dark clay. 

The pitcher to the right has new ice, look at the center of the ice against the side, see the streak? That fractured snowflake of ice?

What makes us see an ice cube in a glass of water? Most noticeable is the fracture in the center of the ice cube, that's catching the light. So with mini ice cubes we have to catch the light as well.

Layers of translucent, pearl and glow in the dark were stacked and reduced again and again.

The glow in the dark clay captures the light, reflecting it back out slower than the mica in the pearl.