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Sushi Group Page Ok, I know sometimes these one tile tutes are a bit overwhelming, but start from 9 o'clock and work around the picture clockwise and you'll see it's not all that complicated. Sushi is a jelly roll. Easy as dirt. A sheet of the Nori, sprinkle a thin layer of the rice, put the filling at one end of the sheet, roll it up and there ya are.


Salmon is at 9 o'clock. There's a whole section for making fish.

Meat strip, there's a whole section on making meat.

Rice, chunked up in a food processor. White and translucent.

Wasabi, the hot mustard is green and translucent.

Yellow pickle, Takwan is that cadmium yellow straight out of the wrapper.

Pickled Ginger, crimson and translucent (not transparent, old typo)...

Last the sea weed. To get the ocean shimmer of seaweed use a touch of silver and dark purple to the black.