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TLSastries: Pasteries made with the help of using Translucent Liquid Scupley. Whip that Cream, Whip it good. Oh the Chocolate Sundae... whipped cream and chocolate syrup with a cherry on top. The only thing I was unprepared for is the chopped walnuts. That's not going to be left out of the next ones I make. That smeared up donut, with the coconut flakes on it, it'll get it's own page.

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A touch of realism in a mini cake? Uneven cake sections that come from slippage. Bits of the cake showing through where the frosting isn't thick enough. Globs and drips and smears between one area and the other. That's a home made mini cake by golly by gum.

I LOVE the way the TLS mixed frosting holds the strokes. As soon as this mini cake came out of the oven it got sliced, then it got an ice water dunk. I figured slicing while the frosting was uncured wasn't prudent.