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TLS for Pastries The How-To

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TLS is different from diluent. It's clay and it will hold chunks of
clay in suspension.
Like the orange peel in the orange marmalade on bread...

To get the TLS to whip like whipped cream you must mash it until all
the chunks are gone.

I suggest a small ball, like half a spring pea, worth of clay and a
drop of TLS to start. Take the side of a pallet knife or the side of
your exacto knife razor and mash the pea of clay into that drop of
TLS. I use a ceramic tile to do the mashing so I can scrape it up,
fold it over and mash some more.

TLS will not dissolve a pea of clay. You must mash it.

When you've mixed the TLS with the pea of clay, see if that's the
consistency you want, if you want it looser, add another drop of TLS.
If you want it firmer add a sliver of clay, mash some more.

Just like mashed potatoes you have to work out the lumps yourself.

If like with the grape jelly or orange marmalade, you wish to have
lumps swimming in a clearer sauce or jelly, leave the lumps in. But
there's no avoiding the mashing business. Stick to it though, once you
get that mashing trick mastered you'll find there are a lot of uses
for polymer clay in a paste form.

Another thought, I forget who mentioned it... TLS doesn't not dry out.
It's not water based. I've had TLS on a pallet for weeks and months
and it doesn't dry out, doesn't deflate, it's clay, it just has a lot
of plasticizers in it, making it fluid, but it will not dry out and it
will not dissolve other clay bits unless you mash it all into a
homogenized paste.

A touch of clay color to TLS makes nice gravy, sauces, and the
slightest hint of powdered make up blush in a drop of TLS makes a nice
sun kiss to a sculpted face, just brush over the highest points of the
face: forehead, nose bridge, cheeks and chin. Do that to all doll
faces and they look healthy. That over all one color beige on doll
faces doesn't have a spark of life without a little blush here and

That's all I can think of at present, got to run to the store and get
groceries for supper, I feel a hausfrau transformation coming on...