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Mother's Day Week End Demo

Friday: 05-07-04: 8pm to 9:50

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Fearless Leader: Howdy
Fearless Leader: just setting up
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metalartiste2001: hey there!
Fearless Leader: Hey Hey, just setting up
frogger70301: NJ, could you give Lene a smaile?
frogger70301: smile, sorry...
Katie: Hi everyone. How come some of you have head phones on? Can you
hear talking>
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Katie: just curious
rickiebeth1: Hello Everyone!!!!!!!
frogger70301: naw, the voice thign doesn't work in here...
Fearless Leader: Oh Mitch I didn't see you ask that I was setting
things up I'll smile for Lene
frogger70301: Hiya, Rickie Beth!
Teddy (julia_dodge) joined the room
rickiebeth1: Silly Fearless Leader
frogger70301: she's giggling...
Katie: Nice NJ
Katie: Giggle
Katie: Hi Mitch. Thaks
Katie: Thanks
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Teddy: Hi everyone
frogger70301: She's ben asking to see you all day...
Katie: Hi Teddy
Fearless Leader: I have no idea why Thegame9999 was even on my
friend's list
Fearless Leader: Oh really, how funny, Mitch
Fearless Leader: let's do a quick roll call here, first name and
location please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Katie: Katie..NY
Teddy: Julia/ Florida
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
babasbunja: Bernie, PA
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth, from Walnut Creek, California
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metalartiste2001: janice - boston
MaMa Duke: Pauline MaMa Duke Marlow NH
dona5611: Donna, Sacramento
Fearless Leader: Ok, who's new? Suez1030, what's your name honey?
Katie: not me. I'm older than dirt
Fearless Leader: and you are not on my cam list, so do you need help
Teddy: lol
Fearless Leader: I always say that, older than dirt
Fearless Leader: or easier than dirt, but dirt isn't really easy when
you break it down
Fearless Leader: Now shall we review somethings that will help prep
with Cheryl's Demo tomorrow
Fearless Leader: what were her instructions?
Katie: sorry, I don't think I read it
Fearless Leader: I recommend doing some prep work before the demo
tomorrow. To make the cane you will need: one blended sheet in the
main color you want for your leaf/feather. I used a green-to-white
blend. Then you need a blend that you can reduce into a snake to make
the spots. I used a red-to-yellow blend. I used gold to wrap the
cane. You don't have to use these colors. Just make up a blend for
the main part of the cane and a contrasting color for the spots, and
something complimentary to wrap. You can make up as many blends as
you want and we can make more than one cane.
Fearless Leader: so shall we do blends or what's your pleasure?
Katie: quiet room tonight
frogger70301: Sorry to have to do this so soon, but I'm gonna head
out... really long day today
frogger70301: Catch yall tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: See you tomorrow maybe?
Katie: Nite Mitch
Fearless Leader: sweet dreams
rickiebeth1: Bye
frogger70301: nite, all, and thanks for shutting Lene up for me!
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm looking for direction here what do y'all
want to see?
Fearless Leader: My pleasure Mitch
rickiebeth1: Sweet Dreams
Fearless Leader: LOL
frogger70301 left the room
Katie: I got one little pleasure
Fearless Leader: What's that honey?
Katie: to see a donut with a hole in it
Fearless Leader: LOL
Katie: be made that is
Fearless Leader: chocolate covered?
Katie: sure
Fearless Leader: why not
Katie: goodie good
Fearless Leader: I'm looking for the bread dough
Katie: ok
rickiebeth1: Sounds Wonderful!!!!!!
Teddy: I ate my last chocolate Dunkin Doughnut
Katie: Yummy!!
Teddy: I still have a box of Teddy Grams
Fearless Leader: Rickie Beth I go to Walnut Creek every day now
Fearless Leader: can you imagine?
Fearless Leader: I'm right by John Muir Medical Center
Fearless Leader: the 107 goes near there
Fearless Leader: let me get the link for bread
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/food/Diner-MeatNbread
Old tutes
rickiebeth1: Come to visit me!!!!
Teddy: I got my pencam hooked up and I can view it but no one online
can see it
Fearless Leader:
rickiebeth1: Can we meet one day ????
Fearless Leader: I'll have to when things settle down, Rickie Beth
Fearless Leader: ok let's talk bread for a bit
Teddy: Bread, international language
rickiebeth1: (I fell asleep for a minute - that is why I did not
respond to you NJ )
Fearless Leader: glazed donuts use the same trick mix as the bread I
Fearless Leader: ok, Rickie Beth, no problem
rickiebeth1: LOL
Fearless Leader: The mix I use on top of bread to get the toasty top
is Melted Cheddar Cheese
Fearless Leader:
Biz-Archive/food/Cheeseburger Group
Fearless Leader: the mix is on this page
Fearless Leader: it's translucent with yellow and a touch of brown
Fearless Leader: it's good for a glaze on baked birds too
Fearless Leader: I take this mix and press it to white
Fearless Leader: like this ribbon here
Fearless Leader: that is pressed really thin
Fearless Leader: like 4 notches from the widest, maybe more if you
can get away with it
Fearless Leader: take that and surround white
Fearless Leader: that's our glazed donut snake
Fearless Leader: we're going to curl this to see where we can get a
tight hole and not break the snake
Fearless Leader: cut
Fearless Leader: join
Fearless Leader: and then cover with chocolate
Fearless Leader: the trick to a chocolate covered donut is to press
burnt umber as thin as you can, it's perfect dark chocolate
Fearless Leader: ready?
Katie: yes
Teddy: yes
MaMa Duke: OK
rickiebeth1: yes
Fearless Leader: I'll clean up the seam on this donut snake
Fearless Leader: then I'll curl it and cut
Fearless Leader: the crappy side
Fearless Leader: where the seam isn't perfectly merged, we cover with
Fearless Leader: no one will ever know
Fearless Leader: for as Julia Child said
Teddy: lol
MaMa Duke: looks good enough to eat!
Fearless Leader: "It's only YOU and the food in the kitchen."
Fearless Leader: does anyone know what this tool is for?
Fearless Leader: or from?
Katie: no
Fearless Leader: anyone ever put a cloth cover on a button?
Teddy: uh, no
Katie: no
MaMa Duke: no
rickiebeth1: looks like a medical part
dona5611: years ago
MaMa Duke: yikes!
metalartiste2001: I have an early morning wake up so I'm going to
have to sign off - good night all.
metalartiste2001 left the room
rickiebeth1: Sweet Dreams to You
Katie: wow, didn't even have time to touch my keys to say good nite
MaMa Duke: I was thinking the same thing
Katie: oh NJ, that looked so simple. Thanks so much. If you wanted
sprinkles, what do you use?
MaMa Duke: cute
Katie: very cute
Fearless Leader: hmmm, sprinkles
Fearless Leader: let me see
dona5611: yes, very cute -- but why the white center? In case you
want to take a bite?
MaMa Duke: oh oh now I am hungry!
rickiebeth1: Cut small pieces of pearl and translucent for sparkles???
Fearless Leader: deconstrucing sushi
dona5611: roll tiny (really tiny) bits for Jimmies?
Teddy: that might look like shreded coconut
dona5611: eeeeuu sushi on a donut
Teddy: lol
MaMa Duke: he he, good idea NJ
Katie: lookin' good
lvmypolymerclay joined the room
Fearless Leader: if we did some colors
Fearless Leader: smeared it on a tile
Fearless Leader: cured it
Fearless Leader: then chopped it up
Fearless Leader: we'd get good sprinkles on the donuts
Katie: great
Teddy: or chupped nuts
dona5611: why the white inside NJ?
lvmypolymerclay: howdy
Katie: hi
Teddy: hi
MaMa Duke: NJ - can we look into the signature cane tonite?
rickiebeth1: Hello
Fearless Leader: because the translucent clay clears up and shows the
white a bit
Fearless Leader: let me show you some bread here
Fearless Leader: Sure MaMa we can do that
dona5611: oh -- thanks
MaMa Duke: great
dona5611: good idea, I'd like to see the signature cane too
rickiebeth1: Challah
Fearless Leader: using that translucent mix like melted cheddar cheese
Fearless Leader: will give you toasty top
Fearless Leader: like this
Fearless Leader: just smear the melted cheddar cheese mix on bread
Fearless Leader: white or egg yellow bread dough
Fearless Leader: so you all ready for letter cane?
Teddy: yup
rickiebeth1: READY!!!
Katie: ready
dona5611: yes!
lvmypolymerclay: I can watch for a few before I have to get to
bed....have to go to work in the morning to make cakes and
bread : )...bread won't be as pretty though
Katie: what a fun job
Fearless Leader: I worked at a bakery and lost weight
Katie: lol
Fearless Leader: because after looking at it and smelling it all day
you can't eat it anymore
Katie: I worked at an ice cream place and lost weight
lvmypolymerclay: I decorate cakes for Food Lion but they want to
train me to bake too
Katie: sounds like something I'd love to do
rickiebeth1: It is wonderful to be here tonight - thank you all for
the great company. My husband works at a deli - and he never gets
tired of sandwiches.....
lvmypolymerclay: it's fun....carpal kills the fun sometimes
shargoose joined the room
Teddy: hi
Katie: Hi Sharon
rickiebeth1: Howdy Sharon
shargoose: Hi Everyone
lvmypolymerclay: I have to make an Elmo cake in the morning
lvmypolymerclay: Hi
MaMa Duke: hi
Katie: Ha, my grandson would love that
rickiebeth1: Elmo!!! what a fun cake to eat!! Lots of frosting!!!
lvmypolymerclay: it's a beach elmo....get to use the airbrush ; )
rickiebeth1: You must be very talented to do this type of work
lvmypolymerclay: LOL
lvmypolymerclay: Not really
dona5611: I made a Holly Hobbie cake in miniature years ago -- wish I
kept a picture of it
lvmypolymerclay: thanks a 16 hour quick course at work
Katie: I'll bet that was cute Donna
dona5611: It was for a friend who decorated cakes -- a little table
setting with the cake
lvmypolymerclay: hubby and I work together part time doing cakes
Katie: that's really nice. would like to get my husband into some
craft with me
suez1030 left the room
dona5611: I'd be afraid I'd eat too much -- when my Dad was a
teenager they fired him from a soda shop because he kept eating the
Katie: Ha
rickiebeth1: Oh dear!!!
lvmypolymerclay: well he does the speed work, I do the detail. To
much bag squeezing has ended me up seeing a chiro every week cause of
a bad neck, back and carpal, but I need to work some
Katie: ouch, you poor thing
shargoose: What's NJ going to make?
Katie: oh oh, I forgot
dona5611: Signature cane
rickiebeth1: Letter cane
MaMa Duke: signature cane
lvmypolymerclay: yeah...deli work has abused my boday. I can do
anything else, but deli work, but that's the only job I can get right
now close to home and decent pay
shargoose: Oh, good
rickiebeth1: My husband works at Safeway - a grocery store deli
lvmypolymerclay: I'm at Food Lion
rickiebeth1: he works VERY hard - the deli is VERY hard work
lvmypolymerclay: amen
rickiebeth1: Where do you live??
lvmypolymerclay: northern VA
dona5611: where abouts in northern VA?
lvmypolymerclay: Haymarket VA....35 miles west of DC
lvmypolymerclay: just outside of Manassas where I was born
dona5611: I used to live in Annandale
dona5611: worked for the feds in DC
lvmypolymerclay: where you live now?
rickiebeth1: I think it is very beautiful there??
dona5611: Sacramento CA
lvmypolymerclay: Is this Donna?
dona5611: I do miss the green rolling hills
rickiebeth1: I live only a little more than 1 hour from Sacramento
dona5611: Yes this is Donna -- hi!
lvmypolymerclay: I live on one of those hills...actual Bull Run
lvmypolymerclay: Hey it's Lynn...I wrote you off line about going to
dona5611: Yes, thought it might be you
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lvmypolymerclay: it's me...just got back Sunday from FLA.....want to
go back right now
lvmypolymerclay: looked at homes down there
dona5611: anything look promising?
lvmypolymerclay: few things, but it's way different there. No land around the homes and areas sell out before there is even one house built
lvmypolymerclay: not going to be easy to do house hunting 900 miles away
dona5611: When my folks moved down there years ago they found the area they liked, then rented an apartment for 6 months
Katie: what area are you looking for a house in Fla Lynn?
rickiebeth1: Housing here is in great demand and very expensive
dona5611: Then extended for a while longer because they decided to build
lvmypolymerclay: well we were looking in Orlando area cause we don't know the area that well.
Fearless Leader: saving log, brb
dona5611: Housing in Sacramento is a lot higher than it was in
Northern VA
lvmypolymerclay: we are thinking we will have to sell first and then go down to find
Katie: We want to move to Mount Dora if we move to Fla.
Fearless Leader: back
dona5611: where are you rickiebeth?
lvmypolymerclay: I can imagine Donna
rickiebeth1: Walnut Creek
rickiebeth1: Maybe one day you could come here and we could meet with
dona5611: I am going to Pleasanton on Sunday -- see my aunt
dona5611: yes that would be fun
rickiebeth1: I hope you have a good visit
Fearless Leader: I got this theory, y'all ready?
Katie: yup
dona5611: we could do a play day in person
lvmypolymerclay: ready
rickiebeth1: If you ever want to stop by - just let me know
Fearless Leader: the letter K as in Katie
Fearless Leader: has three triangles
Fearless Leader: see
Katie: yes
Fearless Leader: There is one triangle that is bigger than the
others, the triangle in the front
Fearless Leader: so that has to be wider at the bottom, we're going
to make triangles and build the letter going from the open spaces
Fearless Leader: the inside of the P has a half circle
Fearless Leader: so I'll do the letters in blue and the surround in
Fearless Leader: but I'm going to do the half circle and triangles
first and build the letters something like that
Fearless Leader: it's an experiment, so entertain yourself while I
see if I can manifest what's only in my head at this time
Fearless Leader: LOL
lvmypolymerclay: she got that clay ready fast....I would still be
unwrapping the stuff
kgedrich joined the room
dona5611: same goes for you rickiebeth -- do you ever get to
Katie: Hi Kat
rickiebeth1: Not very often
shargoose: Hello Kat
dona5611: Are there any polymer clay 'conventions'?
rickiebeth1: Hello Kat
kgedrich: Hi everyone
kgedrich: sorry trying to type on laptop, doing updates on it lol
been long time since i used it
rickiebeth1: Not that I know of - I do brlong to a local guild that
meets one Sunday a month in Walnut Creek
Katie: Kat...NJ is doing a letter cane, or signature cane
dona5611: there is one that meets here in Sac. I have thought of
looking into it, but haven't yet
kgedrich: cool, should do one before Shrinemont but everything packed
lvmypolymerclay: there is a thingie going on out this way real
soon...the Shrine Mont PC thing.....supposed to be really good
rickiebeth1: so go to San ose once a month to the guild there
lvmypolymerclay: typed to slow LOL
kgedrich: lol
lvmypolymerclay: you going to shirne mont?
kgedrich: you should see my living room luggage all over the place
kgedrich: YEP
lvmypolymerclay: you live in VA?
rickiebeth1: How exciting!!!
kgedrich: nope
kgedrich: Indianapolis
MaMa Duke: lucky lady
lvmypolymerclay: WOW...this place is like 45 min from me and I"m not
going : (
kgedrich: bro lives in virginia going to visit him right after
lvmypolymerclay: where in VA>
lvmypolymerclay: ?
kgedrich: Mechanicsville
lvmypolymerclay: ahhh yes
kgedrich: 3 hours away from Shrinemont
kgedrich: will stop at Breezewood in PA on Monday and then continue
on to Shrinemont on Tues
lvmypolymerclay: I wanted to go but cost to much right after 12 day
vacation....I wish I could just drive there everyday, but I didn't
see that option
dona5611: how is it set up? sales and classes?
kgedrich: compared to EOPC Shrinemont is cheap
lvmypolymerclay: I think it's just classes
kgedrich: no classes just impromtu demos
kgedrich: just a big clay fest
lvmypolymerclay: no way I could afford EOPC
dona5611: sounds like fun
lvmypolymerclay: it's like a mountain retreat
rickiebeth1: sounds lke a lot of fun
kgedrich: first time for me was tickled they excepted my application
lvmypolymerclay: well have a safe trip and a great time
dona5611: annual? maybe I should try to go next year and then visit
my brother in VA! (Virginia Beach)
kgedrich: i believe it is
lvmypolymerclay: it is
kgedrich: 14th year i think
lvmypolymerclay: It's not to far from Harrisonburg
lvmypolymerclay: on Rt 81 if that helps Donna
kgedrich: Donna Kato is going this year im looking forward to meeting
shargoose: Looking good NJ
lvmypolymerclay: I went to Disney the wrong year
dona5611: thanks, I know Harrisonburg
kgedrich: ive been packing and unpacking
kgedrich: lol
rickiebeth1: She is going to be at San Jose guild later this month
for 2 days Donna Kato.
kgedrich: ok
shargoose: I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to do and "S"
kgedrich: busy lady
kgedrich: big old thick flat sheet in a s pattern and fill in with
kgedrich: i want the one she's doing now looks like a K
shargoose: Thanks Kat
shargoose: It is a K
kgedrich: cool beans
lvmypolymerclay: my name should be easy to curves
Katie: question...what do you use canes for?
dona5611: would you do your whole name, just initials or one of the
above with a year?
shargoose: Whatever you want
Katie: cool NJ
kgedrich: put your signature on your work and its permanent
Katie: OK, thanks
Fearless Leader: so the S is giving you the grief Sharon
lvmypolymerclay: I would do my whole names since it's short
rickiebeth1: Reducing it is what I find difficult
Fearless Leader: let's break down the S
shargoose: A few clay artists make an initial cane reduce it and add
to their pieces
shargoose: Thanks, NJ
kgedrich: i want a kitty cat one but believe someone already uses one
countrylady100ca joined the room
Katie: Hi Sonya
countrylady100ca: Hi Ladies
dona5611: HI
lvmypolymerclay: Hi
shargoose: I drew it out but the top of my S has less round space
than the bottom
countrylady100ca: I will stay very short time.. I have eye infection
dona5611: make a different kind of cat
kgedrich: yuck Sonya sorry to hear
rickiebeth1: I hope not too serious
MaMa Duke: NJ - I think I know how to do the D, but can you help me
figure out the M?
lvmypolymerclay: taper?
countrylady100ca: Excuse Ladie Can you explain to me what NJ is doing
Fearless Leader: break the letters into sections, there's the inside
of the letter
Fearless Leader: and the letter
Fearless Leader: and the surround
Katie: Midnite here & I'm beat. Thanks so much NJ...your a sweety.
Nite everyone.
dona5611: signature cane
Fearless Leader: Taper the cane for the S for the top of the S is
smaller than the top
Fearless Leader: Nighty Nighty Katie
dona5611: good night
kgedrich: nite Katie tc and sweet dreams
Katie: Thanks and have a safe trip and fun time
countrylady100ca: My First time is S Kwel.. How long would it take
rickiebeth1: Sweet Dreams Katie
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dona5611: she just did a K, now doing an S
countrylady100ca: Gee My first Name is S Kwel (error Time = Name
shargoose: Oh neat idea
shargoose: Split it in half
dona5611: that saves some time!
shargoose: You are so clever
MaMa Duke: saves clay too
Fearless Leader: there's the S
Fearless Leader: now the M has a triangle at the top
shargoose: Thanks, looks so easy when you do it!!
Fearless Leader: build the triangle first, that V shape, the empty
Fearless Leader: then build the letter around it
Fearless Leader: it's a matter of breaking down the letters to
smaller segments
Fearless Leader: the inside empty space
Fearless Leader: now there's curves and lines
Fearless Leader: that's all we got to work with
MaMa Duke: I see it now! Thanks
Fearless Leader: that and triangles, like with the K
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca: Ouch yahoo booted my poor sore butt
kgedrich: wb
shargoose: Poor baby
rickiebeth1: need a pillow to sit on????
Fearless Leader: velcro?
MaMa Duke: he he
Fearless Leader: if we break the letters up into curves and lines
Fearless Leader: letter canes are easy
shargoose: You always say that!!
kgedrich: how long has the demo been going i need to finish an update
but would like to come back if your still on
Fearless Leader: but is IS, Sharon
shargoose: Easy for you
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Kat, we're just hanging out, go do what you got to do
shargoose: So now I will try one
shargoose: I got some screen shots
MaMa Duke: thank you so much, it beats how I have been signing off my
pieces so far
kgedrich: okie dokie slow connection on laptop and i need these
updates done before trip brb
kgedrich left the room
countrylady100ca: Yeah more like superglue on my computer chair so I
will stuck with you NJ and ladies all night. My time here is 10:23 PM
MaMa Duke: I tried getting some screen shots myself, I was curious
rickiebeth1: We could be in Hawaii
countrylady100ca: Right be Back I am boot myself and come back sooner
lvmypolymerclay: Time for bed......have a great evening
ladies....thanks NJ
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
rickiebeth1: Sweet Dreams to you......
dona5611: night
countrylady100ca: That s better
MaMa Duke: now that looks interesting! What is she making now?
dona5611: see you later
lvmypolymerclay: sweet dreams to all
MaMa Duke: goonite
lvmypolymerclay left the room
MaMa Duke: ha ha good night
countrylady100ca: Good night
chelyha55 joined the room
chelyha55: Hello Ladies
rickiebeth1: Hello Cheryl
Fearless Leader: Howdy Cheryl
dona5611: hi
Fearless Leader: Just showing folding sheets
Fearless Leader: I love this when we have mica in the mix
Fearless Leader: cobalt blue and silver
Fearless Leader: layered and pressed
chelyha55: I just got done doing all my blends for tomorrow
Fearless Leader: then folded and pressed
Fearless Leader: and then folded again and pressed again
Fearless Leader: coolness that it is prepped
Fearless Leader: when do you think you'll be starting? Noon PST?
chelyha55: yeah I figured I'd better do it tonight
MaMa Duke: Are you the one that lives in Tehachapi (?spelling)
chelyha55: yes, noon pdt
chelyha55: yes i'm in tehachapi
chelyha55: you spelled it right!
rickiebeth1: I will be at my volunteer job tomorrow
Fearless Leader: let me save log and I'll brb

chelyha55: we're doing one sunday too
rickiebeth1: What are you going to make??
chelyha55: a variation on the feather cane
rickiebeth1: I volunteer both days!!!
Fearless Leader: back
chelyha55: Well we can do another one soon
rickiebeth1: I want to learn from you all!!!
chelyha55: We'll do another one
rickiebeth1: Maybe I can be here for a short while tomorrow
MaMa Duke: I was reading on the internet that a young soldier was
killed in Iraq that was listed living in that city. I thought I
recognized the name from here
chelyha55: yeah there was one. Sprayberry was his name I think
MaMa Duke: too many are dying out there!! IMHO
dona5611: just what I was thinking
chelyha55: far too many
dona5611: what is NJ doing now?
MaMa Duke: not sure
chelyha55: don't know
chelyha55: I forgot she was doing a demo tonight
dona5611: oh a face mold
chelyha55: oh she's doing a face from a mold
chelyha55: has anyone seen the new molds they have at Michael's?
rickiebeth1: no
chelyha55: they are by Maureen Carlson
Fearless Leader: just goofing around with scraps
rickiebeth1: what are they like?
chelyha55: there's Sun, Moon and Tribal
rickiebeth1: sound good
dona5611: I got the tribal -- neat (haven't used it yet tho)
chelyha55: they also have a bead roller that rolls little beads in
round, oval and bicone
chelyha55: It's only $6
MaMa Duke: at Michael's?
chelyha55: yes
rickiebeth1: I am going to order a bead roller next month
chelyha55: this one makes little beads, like 9mm
MaMa Duke: Like the ones that Poly-Tools are selling?
rickiebeth1: from poly tools
chelyha55: Haven't seen those
beauty4ashes57 joined the room
rickiebeth1: yes - do you have them?
chelyha55: it's by Aamoco
beauty4ashes57: Hello!
chelyha55: hi there!
MaMa Duke: I will have to take a trip...50 miles each way!
chelyha55: to Michaels?
rickiebeth1: Hello
rickiebeth1: I have used the poly tools roller and it is FUN!!!
MaMa Duke: yes! I live in the boonies. the population of my town is
752 people!
beauty4ashes57: brb im going to come in through messenger.
chelyha55: I have to drive "off the hill" to either Bakersfield or
chelyha55: Wow I thought my town was small. We have about 7000
rickiebeth1: Might as well just keep on driving up to this area!!!
Would like to visit with you!!
beauty4ashes57 left the room
Beauty4ashes (beauty4ashes57) joined the room
MaMa Duke: I live in the South Western section of New Hampshire in
the mountains
chelyha55: Where are you Rickie?
rickiebeth1: Walnut Creek, Calif.
Beauty4ashes: Ah! Thats better!
chelyha55: I'm in the mountains too, the Sierra Nevada
Beauty4ashes: Hello, this is Suzie here in Florida
chelyha55: wb Suzie
Fearless Leader: shall we do roll call?
rickiebeth1: Hello Suzie
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Beauty4ashes: hi Fearless Leader, NJ,
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
Beauty4ashes: its been a while since I chatted
dona5611: Donna Sacramento CA
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, California
babasbunja: Bernie, PA
MaMa Duke: Pauline in Marlow NH
chelyha55: Rickie is Walnut Creek near SF?
Beauty4ashes: I'm almost finished with a doll, and I'm in the process
of finishing a miniscene for him in a cigar box.
rickiebeth1: YES!!!
Fearless Leader: he he he
chelyha55: oh, ok
Fearless Leader: and I work in Walnut Creek now
chelyha55: one of these days I am going to drive up there
rickiebeth1: less than 1 hour away
MaMa Duke: very nice!
Fearless Leader: by car
rickiebeth1: Please do so
Fearless Leader: a couple of hours and more by public transit
rickiebeth1: you are very welcome here
chelyha55: what Walnut Creek is an hour's drive from SF
Beauty4ashes: well, a couple of you are in my timezone anyways! I'm
really sitting here, and I feel like Ive turned into a pumpkin... its
12:44 am
rickiebeth1: Maybe even less than 1 hour auto drive
kgedrich joined the room
chelyha55: Several hours from where I am though
MaMa Duke: I take a nap knowing that NJ's demo runs late here
rickiebeth1: Yes - but the drive can be pretty
Beauty4ashes: wow cool face NJ, is it for a pin?
Fearless Leader: just goofing with scraps
Fearless Leader: it'll probably be a pendant
Fearless Leader: brb, door
chelyha55: Wow on Dateline they are doing a thing on the ending of
chelyha55: I think I watched Friends twice in the whole ten years it was on
Fearless Leader: folks, I got to go, Hilda needs me
rickiebeth1: Oh oh...
chelyha55: ok NJ.
kgedrich: okay nj take care of those great folks
dona5611: thanks nj
Fearless Leader: Ya, we got a mess to clean up, I'll see you tomorrow
MaMa Duke: I have been watching that show on and off for 10 years
kgedrich: tell her we all said hello
Beauty4ashes: me too chely, maybe not even twice!
rickiebeth1: Thank you NJ
Fearless Leader: sorry I got to go so quickly, xoxo
MaMa Duke: thanks NJ
rickiebeth1: It is good to care for them
Fearless Leader: you all can stay and hang out
Beauty4ashes: And I just finished watching most of the reruns of Home
improvement! lol
Fearless Leader: xoxoxo
chelyha55: yeah I just never got into it
kgedrich: xoxo nj your needed there more


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