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Mother's Day Week End Demo

Saturday, May 8, 2004 Noon to 5pm: Folding sheets, face molds and Bonny's Fish Clocks.

Teddy: Julia/Florida
countrylady100ca: How are you NJ ??
nora_gatine: I'm celebrating my Rent being paid
nora_gatine: LOL
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry England plus Dominic cos he refuses
to stay asleep
Teddy: Hi Dominic
countrylady100ca: Yahoooo Great.. I wish I help you. But glad things
works out for you
nora_gatine: Okie Dokie little mommy, we understand
nora_gatine: if you type
nora_gatine: bhgiao949tabhorae
nora_gatine: we'll know it is from Dominic
esther_reeves:  might well happen
nora_gatine: A word with folding clay and mica
nora_gatine: with gold and silver
nora_gatine: with pearl and the pearl colors
nora_gatine: mica makes the fold, when pressed stand out
nora_gatine: be darker
esther_reeves: He has worked out when thing move on the screen you
should hit keys
nora_gatine: or lighter
nora_gatine: it's weird
nora_gatine: so let's fold this silver here and see what patterns we
can get just manipulating the mica
nora_gatine: then we'll add a color, the blue and fold that and see
how the pressed folds make different colors, it's just too trippy and
great for a back ground
countrylady100ca: NJ I just wondering if you know how to make lava My
seven years old son is crazy about dinosauer since he was toddler.
countrylady100ca: Kewl.
nora_gatine: there's different types of lava
nora_gatine: but I'd have a glowing bright red, use glow in the dark
in the mix
nora_gatine: and cover it with crumbly black
nora_gatine: crack it open in places so the red shows through
nora_gatine: and mash all that on little cars, houses and landscape
nora_gatine: that'll do it
nora_gatine: LOL
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: Hey everyone
nora_gatine: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/FoldClay/Group-
nora_gatine: hey honey
kmrhodes: Hey NJ
esther_reeves: hi
kmrhodes: Hey Esther
kmrhodes: Hey Sonya
yalcenac2004 joined the room
lvmypolymerclay joined the room
esther_reeves: NJ sent you a picture
kmrhodes: Feel like heck, got a summer cold
lvmypolymerclay: Howdy
kmrhodes: hey
pennyi joined the room
pennyi: hidy ho
kmrhodes: hidy ho back at ya
yalcenac2004: Hi All...I'm new!
kmrhodes: Hi new gal
Bonny (polymerfairy) joined the room
kmrhodes: whats your name
pennyi: just got back from a two day garage sale at my Moms
pennyi: Penny
lvmypolymerclay: Hi New
nora_gatine: roll call, first name and location please
pennyi: NEW?????
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
yalcenac2004: Gale Florida
kmrhodes: Clay Alley Karen, Gettysburg, PA
lvmypolymerclay: Lynn Virginia
Bonny: Bonny West palm beach fl
Bonny: hi everyone
pennyi: Penny I Lansing MIchigan
pennyi: what do yo mean new
pennyi: I see my name
kmrhodes: yalcenac2004 is new Penny
lvmypolymerclay: that was for the other person that said Hi...I'm
new....joke...bad one : (
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England with sleeping Dominic
yalcenac2004: Never did this to is my
first day
pennyi: two Pennies??
nora_gatine: do you have cam up yet Gale?
esther_reeves: NJ picture sent
nora_gatine: thanks Esther
yalcenac2004: Yes, NJ, it is great!!!!!!
kmrhodes: yalcenac2004 is your name Gale
yalcenac2004: Yes, Gale
nora_gatine: I'm going to toss some chop on th
kmrhodes: Hi Gale
nora_gatine: this silver sheet
nora_gatine: press and then fold
nora_gatine: let's see what happens
kmrhodes: Hey Bonny
lvmypolymerclay: what are we making
Bonny: Hi Karen...didn't think anyone saw me
kmrhodes: yep, I sees you!
pennyi:  bonnie
Bonny: Hi Penny
kmrhodes: I got a heck of a cold
kmrhodes: feel like a mack truck ran over me
Bonny: well don't blame it on me!!
JennyP (pcajenny) joined the room
kmrhodes: I think it was when we went swimming Bonny
kmrhodes: thats when I got it
Bonny: must have been lol
kmrhodes: LOL
pennyi: my allergies are really kicking me. the tress are pollenating
and IM miserable
kmrhodes: I feel for you Penny
JennyP: Hi everyone!
kmrhodes: I just want someone to put out of my misery
kmrhodes: Hey Jenny
Bonny: Hi Jenny
pennyi: im alergic to all tress except white pines and ash
lvmypolymerclay: Hi Jenny
Bonny: BANG!
kmrhodes: LOL Bonny
pennyi: and kentucky blue grass as well
pennyi: and my neighbor just reseeded his lawn iwth Kentucky blue
kmrhodes: Wow, Hon. You got it bad
Bonny: oh got the clay today and I'm gonna have fun with those
texture sheets
pennyi: yep >
kmrhodes: Cool Bonny. Isn't that maze interesting?
Bonny: yes very!
kmrhodes: I see lots of possibilities
JennyP: I have my cam on, and am gonna make some molds of some leaves
I gathered up
Bonny: David said to try local contractors on outside house dememtions
kmrhodes: Cool Jen
nora_gatine: I can't watch other people's cams while I'm doing
something, sorry Jenny
nora_gatine: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/FoldClay/Group
JennyP: ah, thats ok
kmrhodes: Bonny, what were we talking about
kmrhodes: that david said about
Bonny: LOL you wanted to know how tall a 1 story house was etc
kmrhodes: ah
kmrhodes: must be the nyquil
Bonny: must be a senior moment LOL (ducking)
pennyi: nope nyquil will do that
kmrhodes: I think my senior moment has lasted several years
jlam0401 joined the room
Bonny: I know but she'd think I was mad at her if I didn't pick on her
kmrhodes: you got that righ
kmrhodes: right
pennyi: lol
jlam0401: Hey everyone.
kmrhodes: Hey Janice
yalcenac2004: Hi jlam
nora_gatine: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/FoldClay/Group
jlam0401: Hi Karen.
kmrhodes: How you doing Hon
Bonny: ok back to the fishies...I'll watch over my shoulder
jlam0401: Fine. May have to step out since I am watching the boys.
But I will try to stay here as long as I can.
kmrhodes: Having trouble getting to your cam Jenny
kmrhodes: there it is
JennyP: there
JennyP: sorry I didn't see the note to allow you to veiw@!
kmrhodes: ah
Bonny: the craft show is next weekend..if we dont do good this time
(last 2 was awful!!) I'll have to go back to work
kmrhodes: Bonny, you will do great
jlam0401: The power of positive thinking.
kmrhodes: Yup
Bonny: thanks karen...sure hope so
kmrhodes: Yup
Bonny: thanks karen...sure hope so
kmrhodes: Those fishes are awesome
kmrhodes: they will go like hotcakes
Bonny: thanks...wish I'd thought of them sooner lol
Bonny: then I'd have plenty of stock
kmrhodes: Tell people to put down a deposit for custom orders
jlam0401: What fishes, Bonny?
Bonny: working on an orange slice one how
kmrhodes: her fish clocks
Bonny: I make clocks from CD's that look like fish
Bonny: funny fish
kmrhodes: I think they will go like crazy especially in Fla
Bonny: well I thought the same about the snowmen lol
jlam0401: Cool. Do you have any pix we can view?
lvmypolymerclay: I'd love to see them
kmrhodes: turn on the cam Bonny
marcysm3 left the room
Bonny: I'll turn my cam on in a sec...have some varnished but they're
kmrhodes: k
pennyi: bonnies fish are really funky and cute
kmrhodes: some alligator probably ate them
kmrhodes: LOL
chelyha55 joined the room
kmrhodes: Hey Cheryl
chelyha55: Hi
pennyi: hi hi cheryl
esther_reeves: hi cheryl
chelyha55: hello again
esther_reeves: great face NJ
chelyha55: I was checking in to see how many people there were now
that NJ is here
nora_gatine: O,
nora_gatine: OK
jlam0401: Hi NJ
nora_gatine: I got to sit down
kmrhodes: sit and eat
esther_reeves: thanks for the demo earlier cheryl really useful
chelyha55: most of them left earlier when they found out you weren't
here NJ
nora_gatine: Howdy everyone, I ate before I came on Mommy Karen
nora_gatine: Ouch, Cheryl
kmrhodes: well, its a good thing
pennyi: (sigh) missed it again
chelyha55: esther was here though!
esther_reeves: thier lose was good
nora_gatine: You can do the leaf cane now if you want.
nora_gatine: I'm just farting about
kmrhodes: Hows work NJ
chelyha55: I dont' have your cam up what are you working on
pennyi: i cant stay for to long hubby is cooking dinner LOL. He has
to work tomorrow on mothers day
lvmypolymerclay: I love those color blends...wish I had caught this
from the beginning
pennyi: big resturant day it is
nora_gatine: just reviewed folding clay and doing a face mold
nora_gatine: here is what was used
chelyha55: I just went and had guilty pleasure McDonalds food
yalcenac2004: Cheryl did a great demo...Somehow she would clay, then
type, clay, then type to explain...easy to follow
nora_gatine: chop on silver
kmrhodes: way to go Cheryl
kmrhodes: we proud of you
kmrhodes: sorry I missed it
chelyha55: cool, thanks
pennyi: yah cheryl
yalcenac2004: NJ, how did that face get in or on there?
Bonny: back
kmrhodes: your cam on bonny
yalcenac2004: Ah, I see.
nora_gatine: face mold
Bonny: yes
kmrhodes: see bonnys fishes
nora_gatine: oops mold fell down
nora_gatine: shall we do a face mold?
nora_gatine: or shall we sculpt a face?
nora_gatine: or .....
nora_gatine: give this guy some eyes?
kmrhodes: anything NJ
nora_gatine: your call I'm just goofing around
pennyi: the eyes have it
kmrhodes: Wow Bonny. Thats cool
nora_gatine: LOL
lvmypolymerclay: awesome fish
nora_gatine: Penny
kmrhodes: Oh lookie, a fishee with a blue shirt
yalcenac2004: Are there other people doing web cam things right now
esther_reeves: great fish
kmrhodes: yes Gale
Bonny: thanks
kmrhodes: polymerfairy has a cam on
yalcenac2004: How do I find them?
kmrhodes: put polymerfairy in your friends
pennyi: lemon fish
kmrhodes: then click to view her webcam
yalcenac2004: OK, thanks
lvmypolymerclay: so thatsa CD?
kmrhodes: same for pcajenny
lvmypolymerclay: waste nothing right lol
Bonny: yes..done on a cd
kmrhodes: Theres Bonny
esther_reeves: grin I love the lemon fish
Bonny: lol
kmrhodes: drum roll please
Bonny: I;ve sold 2 lemon ones already
kmrhodes: you seeing these Gale
yalcenac2004: I'm seeing pcajenny...looks like you are making a salad
pennyi: 1 fish 2fish red fish blue fish
JennyP: lol
kmrhodes: green fish
JennyP: I am making molds of the leaves
kmrhodes: purple fish
Bonny: red hat society lol
pennyi: prettty fish
kmrhodes: Gale you see the fish?
Bonny: thanks everyone
yalcenac2004: I'm "running" to catch up...hope to be at "fish" soon.
Thanks for helping me, Karen!
kmrhodes: nice plates
kmrhodes: no problemo
Bonny: doing those as fillers lol
Bonny: they're quick
lvmypolymerclay: very pretty
kmrhodes: Thats aMazing
kmrhodes: LOL
Bonny: LOL
Bonny: thanks
lvmypolymerclay: man I'm feeling so NEWish right now LOL
Bonny: orange slices..still needs a face
lvmypolymerclay: Novice Deluxe
kmrhodes: we're all newbies hon
Bonny: I've been making jellyroll and bullseye canes and getting 2
looks from them
pennyi: some of us more than most
lvmypolymerclay: I still use cookie cutters to do a few things and
I'm just happy if I can get them out of the cutter
kmrhodes: use a little baby powder to coat the cutters first
jlam0401: Bonny, how do you get the clay to stick to the CD
kmrhodes: they will pop out real easy then
Bonny: these 2 are made with the same faces or fins yet
Bonny: I cover it with sobo glue first
lvmypolymerclay: thanks
lvmypolymerclay: what made you think of using CDs
Bonny: you're very welcome
yalcenac2004: I saw the fish! This is so-o-o-o-o cool. I have got to
learn how to broadcast via web cam.
kmrhodes: they're free
kmrhodes: LOL
jlam0401: How are they mounted? Do you put some sort of tab on them
or are they to be sitting on the table?
kmrhodes: lots of free cds all over the place
Bonny: I saw something in one issure of Expression mag
lvmypolymerclay: is good
nora_gatine: eyes don't always cooperate
Bonny: it was done with embossing powder
nora_gatine: I'll give it another effort
kmrhodes: nice one Jenny
Bonny: I have stands for some or they can hang
JennyP: ty
jlam0401: I hope you don't mind if I use your idea. I have been
making stuff for a Christmas sale and these would be great.
kmrhodes: oh, huge santa clocks
kmrhodes: or snowmen
kmrhodes: or roosters
kmrhodes: LOL
Bonny: or big xmas balls lol
kmrhodes: cockadoodle doo
pennyi: sun clocks
kmrhodes: yah
pennyi: moon clocks
kmrhodes: yeah
countrylady100ca left the room
Bonny: I'm working on a teapot one too
pennyi: yeah teapot
pennyi: tea cup
kmrhodes: tea bag
Bonny: yep
pennyi: coffee cup too
Bonny: anything round
pennyi: apenny clock then LOL
kmrhodes: hey how about a cd?
lvmypolymerclay: make one that looks like an old 45
kmrhodes: LOL
Bonny: ROFL
pennyi: yeah old lp
kmrhodes: Elvis
kmrhodes: The Beatles
kmrhodes: Sonny and Cher
Bonny: yep..LOL geez Karen..took the word right out of my keyboard
lvmypolymerclay: 45..that makes me feel old
pennyi: i have done an elvis face transfer pendant
lvmypolymerclay: the Monkees
kmrhodes: Love the Monkees
Bonny: Herman's hermits
pennyi: loved micky
lvmypolymerclay: met Davie Jones
kmrhodes: cool
kmrhodes: love their accents
lvmypolymerclay: Bobby Sherman
jlam0401: Monkees yeah. One of the first albums I ever owned.
kmrhodes: Oh my gosh, Bobby Sherman
pennyi: now that brings back memories.
kmrhodes: yeah
Bonny: my first one was purple people eater LOL
lvmypolymerclay: still lookes good to...I used to do stage security
at an outdoor pavilion near me
kmrhodes: what was that tv show he was on
jlam0401: For sure. I remember all of them.
pennyi: that brother show in the northern wilderness
lvmypolymerclay: Here come the brides
pennyi: YEP
kmrhodes: Yeah
lvmypolymerclay: I'm old
kmrhodes: that was it
pennyi: keith from the partridge family
jlam0401: I remember that one. Didn't David Soul play in that.
kmrhodes: Hey, I remember it
lvmypolymerclay: yes he did
pennyi: yup he did
lvmypolymerclay: bobby sherman had great hair
kmrhodes: maybe its all gone now
kmrhodes: LOL
lvmypolymerclay: nope still has it....he is an EMT in Cali
kmrhodes: cool
pennyi: really an emt
lvmypolymerclay: yep
pennyi: wekk
pennyi: well
lvmypolymerclay: image needing medical attention and he comes to save
you LOL
kmrhodes: Now, Penny, don't go out and hurt yourself so you need to
call them
lvmypolymerclay: LOL
pennyi: "thinking"
Bonny: LOL
kmrhodes: Uh Huh
kmrhodes: no sprained ankles
pennyi: hmmm does he do long distance LOL
kmrhodes left the room
lvmypolymerclay: to cute...thanks Bonny
pennyi: ohhh the staring eyes
Bonny: yw lol
esther_reeves: they look like they will follow you round the room
pennyi: nj is hyponotizing him
chelyha55: that is scary
chelyha55: but she does eyes so well. I can't do them worth a s*%t
pennyi: me neither
chelyha55: I can draw eyes with no problem
pennyi: i cant do faces worth a darn
yalcenac2004: Those eyelids really make a difference.
nora_gatine: me neither
chelyha55: I just finished a great portrait of Johnny Depp
nora_gatine: I still struggle
nora_gatine: but if we don't practice
chelyha55: I did a black woman too that turned out nice
nora_gatine: we'll never get eyeballs done right
chelyha55: going to use them for bead portraits
pennyi: put hey I can make beads LOL
chelyha55: I don't do african or african americans much so it was a
good excersise
Bonny: love the thingy hubby made for my clay gun...soooooooo easy now
esther_reeves: I'm not good at drawing faces.. especally after
upsetting a friend becouse I drew him with a crocked nose
pennyi: <---------------cant draw worth a hoot
jlam0401: This is absolutely the coolest thing. Sitting here watching
3 cameras going at one time. I love it. Thanks
chelyha55: I started doing portraits when I was 14
chelyha55: so that is going on 35 years now
esther_reeves: that's a fair bit of practice
jlam0401: Bonny, what are you doing now?
chelyha55: you saw the result first hand Esther!
Bonny: I jsut did the eye now the lips...
pennyi: i have seen the ones on just beads cheryl they are aweseome
that yoiu drew
esther_reeves: and very good it is too.. I recogmend Cheryls portrait
beads everyone !!
esther_reeves: she has just done one of my little sister.. amazing
esther_reeves: bead to my mum.. original portrait on my wall.. that's
the plan
chelyha55: you know I never took a scan or photo of the finished
product so I definitely want you to send me one
pennyi: good plan i should think
esther_reeves: can do when the batteries for the camera recharge.
chelyha55: boy ain't that the truth. I'd heard that digital cameras
used up batteries quick but sheesh!
esther_reeves: looking for beads to go with on ebay as we speak
Bonny: I didn't do the cheek till after the lips were on
chelyha55: But I love my camera
esther_reeves: that's why I have rechargables
Bonny: need 1 more fin under the opening
chelyha55: did you check out the one I have a link for on my site?
chelyha55: she has lots of nice beads
pennyi: i have recharable batteries as well
esther_reeves: nope I'll have a look
chelyha55: she has nice beads and good prices
pennyi: be back in a few
Bonny: brb
Teddy: NJ, Sorry I disapeared, had to cook supper. made oriental
chicken with nushroom sauce
Teddy: that is kewl
Teddy: is that a Monei sheet?
nora_gatine: Just took chop
nora_gatine: and tossed it on a silver sheet
nora_gatine: pressed
nora_gatine: stacked
nora_gatine: folded and pressed twice
nora_gatine: just seeing what it would do
Teddy: very lovely
nora_gatine: Who here has not seen a Natasha bead made with chop, or
seen a mirror image made with chopped up clay?
chelyha55: I like that face a lot
nora_gatine: I got a BIG BAG HERE
chelyha55: it's always fun to watch even if you have seen it before
nora_gatine: there are some new folks here
Teddy: yes, I love the chop stuff, got a bag of it myself
nora_gatine: so I want to review stuff some of us might have seen
chelyha55: Hey I'm going international now. Sent beads to Canada,
Great Britain and Australia
nora_gatine: YOW Cheryl, \(*o*)/
nora_gatine: way to go
Teddy: great Vherl
esther_reeves: talking of faces have you got the busts there ?
Teddy: sorry spell opps
Teddy: Cherl
lvmypolymerclay: I haven't seen a natasha bead made before and I like
Teddy: you are in for a treat
yalcenac2004: I'm one of the new people, but I am familiar with
Natasha, mirror-image...actually, figured it out myself, then read
about it.
chelyha55: yeah it's exciting to know that my work is being worn in
other countries
Bonny: back..had to chase hubby out of bed or he would't sleep
tonight lol
Teddy: lol Bonny
lvmypolymerclay: I made one bead but I just twisted things, I never
heard of chop till here
chelyha55: has anyone gotten the newest issue of Bead&Button?
jlam0401: Bonny, can you give me a shot of the fish you just
finished, please?
esther_reeves: what month si the newest one?
chelyha55: June 2004
Bonny: sure
esther_reeves: not over here yet
jlam0401: Too cute. I wish I knew how to do screen shots.
chelyha55: my friend's how to on her fish beads is in that issue
esther_reeves: will look out for it.. so are you going to send them
an article?
chelyha55: I'm going to start with the reader's work pages
chelyha55: in that one, Belle Armoire and Polymer Cafe
esther_reeves: all good.. expensive to get here though.
chelyha55: I've been dragging my feet long enough
esther_reeves: you will wow them
pennyi: ohhhhhhhhhh pretty colors nj
lvmypolymerclay: thats cool
Bonny: WOWOWZERS NJ...neat!
chelyha55: looks like a gypsy skirt
lvmypolymerclay: Hubby is going to cook me dinner ; ).
pennyi: mine is working on it as we speak
pennyi: LOL
pennyi: hubby cooking that is
lvmypolymerclay: I may need to go help though...he can't find the
frozen veggies LOL
pennyi: lol
pennyi: gotta go eat be back if you are all still here
lvmypolymerclay: by penny
lvmypolymerclay: bye that is
nora_gatine: rats
nora_gatine: it didn't go all the way in the mold
chelyha55: I want to try making a paste out of tls, translucent clay
and metal leaf and/or glitter
esther_reeves: what are you planning to use the paste for?
chelyha55: I want to see if I can sculpt it around a bead portrait
esther_reeves: d
esther_reeves: like that one with the zebra stripes on the eyes
nora_gatine: gonna save log, brb
nora_gatine: I had this thought that if I put the zebra chop in the
nora_gatine: I might get something that would look interesting in a
face mold
nora_gatine: if we get the middle lined up
jlam0401 left the room
chelyha55: the one on the right is scary
chelyha55: very cool
nora_gatine: the first one the middle is lopsided
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
Katie: Hi, is this party for everyone?
nora_gatine: sure is
nora_gatine: I'm just goofing around with chop mirror images in face
Katie: cool
nora_gatine: but I got to get something to eat and drink.
nora_gatine: So I'm going to take ten minutes to do biologicals
esther_reeves: I'm goginnow as it's getting very late here
Katie: ok
nora_gatine: Okie Dokie Esther
esther_reeves: see you all another time
nora_gatine: Thanks for the picture you sent
JennyP: ttfn
Katie: bye esther
nora_gatine: I'm going to work on MerBruce with that
chelyha55: bye Esther
esther_reeves: Grin.. can send you others if you want.
nora_gatine: please Esther
esther_reeves: OK will do tomorrow
nora_gatine: mug shots, right, left, straight on, smiling and what
esther_reeves: nite all
Katie: nite
nora_gatine: sweet dreams
esther_reeves left the room
nora_gatine: Let's do roll call while I go get something to eat and
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco, brb
Katie: Katie, NY
JennyP: Jenny Pat NW Minnesota
JennyP: brb
Bonny: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
julia_dodge left the room
chelyha55: Cheryl,Tehachapi, CA
lvmypolymerclay: Lynn Virginia getting ready to go eat dinner
Katie: Bonny, is your fish a mirror? It's amazing!!
lvmypolymerclay: Heard the dinger...time for chow....catch you all
later. Thanks for the peak at the fish Bonny
Bonny: thanks will be a clock
Katie: beautiful work
Bonny: you're welcome
lvmypolymerclay left the room
chelyha55: well this is turning into a paste but I am getting it all
over me!
Katie: that's so cute Ha.
yalcenac2004 left the room
Bonny: it's built on an old CD
Bonny: thanks Katie
Bonny: oh no Cheryl! messy
Katie: Your welcome. Oh it looklike you could do it on a hand mirror
Katie: nice
Bonny: that's an
chelyha55: now I just poured some glitter into it so now we'll see
what happens
pennyi: im bacccccckkkkkkkkk
Katie: Why welcome back dear.
pennyi: thank you dinner was excellent. Im glad I married a guy who
loves to cook
Katie: I have a son-in-law who loves to cook and he's my favorite. Ha.
pennyi: especially if they are GOOD cooks LOL
Katie: Definitely. I told him he should open up a restaurant
Katie: Pretty colors NJ
pennyi: hubby has worked in resturant business for 30 + years
Katie: Pretty NJ
pennyi: love it NJ absolutely
Katie: Wow, lucky you Penny. Mine says he's going to take over when
he retires. Fine with me.
chelyha55: Nora Jean...
nora_gatine: Mam?
pennyi: mine is semi retired now. only works part time
chelyha55: I just took tls, translucent clay and glitter, and some
copper leaf and made a paste
pennyi: and when hes home he cooks LOL
Katie: that's nice Penny.
jlam0401 joined the room
jlam0401: got bumped off. So I went and ate supper. Now I am back. Hi
Katie: Hi
pennyi: wb janice
jlam0401: Hey Jenny. Can I come in and see you, please. LOL
Katie: Penny, are you the one that made all those earrings for a
craft show? How did you do?
chelyha55: sort of like your cake frosting but translucent with
glittery stuff
pennyi: nope wasnt me
pennyi: wished i had though LOL
Katie: sorry. I wonder who that was
jlam0401: Thank you, maam.
JennyP: maybe that was me, I made lots and lots of earrings, and pins
JennyP: for some quilt shows
JennyP: and did very well
Katie: Penny, Jenny...
pennyi: yup thats who it was LOL
Katie: I'm glad. I kept wanting to ask but was waiting till we were
in a room together
JennyP: lol
JennyP: you can email me anytime!
JennyP: I have been resting up, and am just now getting back to my
clay table
Katie: cool
pennyi: to make matters worse we are both from the north and from
states that both start with M LOL
chelyha55: ok I just frosted the outside of a transfer with the paste
I made.
Katie: cute
JennyP: lol
Katie: that's so cute. I love the lips
chelyha55: I'm going to fire up the oven and bake it and see what
Katie: beautiful work Bonny
pennyi left the room
Bonny: thanks
jlam0401: Bonny, it doesn't warp when you bake it in the oven?
Bonny: no but you have to let it cool completely in the oven
jlam0401: OK. Thanks for the tip.
Bonny: you're welcome
Katie: Hi Denise
Bonny: I bake 6 at a time so need to finish 1 more then I can bake
tonight....AFTER I move the bird
Bonny: Hi Denise
dahs512 joined the room
nora_gatine: Yo Denise
Katie: Hi Denise
dahs512: Hi Katie, NJ
Bonny: now that was weird lol Hi Denise..
Katie: yes ti was
Katie: it
dahs512: What was wierd, Hi Bonny
Bonny: well it looks like you came in after I said Hi to you LOL
nora_gatine: Bonny was being psychic, she said HI to you and THEN you
showed up
Katie: you came in and out fast
Bonny: LOL
Bonny: wwwoooooeeeeeeeoooooooo
dahs512: I bumped a key on my keyboard
nora_gatine: Twilight Zone music even
dahs512: the tw zone key
Bonny: I do that...hate it when I type a long post and hit the back
button by mistake
Bonny: brb..need to forage for food...before I tackle the last fish
for tonight hmmmm tackle?
dahs512: I'm still getting used to my new desk, and the set-up and all
pennyi joined the room
dahs512: hi penny
nora_gatine: How did you change your set up Denise?
Katie: Hi Penny
pennyi: hi
dahs512: new desk
pennyi: boy i dont like this new beta messanger
dahs512: all new arrangement
nora_gatine: Why so Penny?
nora_gatine: is it giving you the Booties?
pennyi: i cant get to the room here unless someone invites me
nora_gatine: did you save this as a favorite room?
nora_gatine: File/favorite room/add?
pennyi: i have tried cant find the way to do it with this beta one
nora_gatine: you looked on all the menu options on this chat window?
pennyi: nope no file option on the chat window
chelyha55: sheesh! next time I have to remember to mix up my frosting
on a disposable surface

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