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LeafManTin - Demo Index

Sunday Demo - Log 6 - Putting in the eyes

norajean_sf: I also have to save log it's the top of
the hour again
norajean_sf: brb
vlady6us: wow time sure flies
everclay: it does - it's 2 in the AM
everclay: here
vlady6us: 8 pm here eva
huntmommy: 8 pm here too
beadyeyedbrat: 5 pm here
okeedokey55: Sandie, gotta go, my doll is calling me
to finish her
canastananny: 7 pm here
vlady6us: ok jeanne. see ya tuesday
okeedokey55: ok, I'll chat at cha tomorrow
okeedokey55 has left the conference.

spksgntly2: im back
vlady6us: wb
artnut909: a true artist, eva is up at 2am... i love
spksgntly2: ty
everclay: I'm usually up till 4 0r 5
artnut909: me too lol
pcajenny: me too
huntmommy: does it count that my son is havign a LATE
nap and i will be up with him till 3
artnut909: it's an artist thing
beadyeyedbrat: I've been online for 6 hours. Guess I
should let someone call if they wanna.
everclay: aren't we the arty bunch???
beadyeyedbrat: Don't have too much fun without me.
vlady6us: later kim
beadyeyedbrat: later
beadyeyedbrat has left the conference.

artnut909: bye kim
canastananny: Take care, bye
norajean_sf: back
vlady6us: wb nj
norajean_sf: shall we do roll call for top of the
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
vlady6us: sandie florida
huntmommy: kris, canada
everclay: eva - Denmark
wingsbe2: Mary in INdy
spksgntly2: debbie ny
greatauntjudy: <--jude, Tehachapi, CA
raven_hill_wench: Shawna, Detroit
canastananny: Tamara, Houston, Texas
artnut909: michele - los angeles ca
vlady6us: forgot how to spell my had to
think about it
morganalilith387: lissa, pennsylvania
pcajenny: Jenny Pat
pcajenny: nw Minnesota
norajean_sf: I got to get some eyes in this guy.
norajean_sf: for those who are new I'll get the link
for eyeball iris cane
huntmommy: brb just putting my mortars and pestles in
the oven
everclay: yes - let us see him see
stargazer_sbpcg: jean - South SF, CA
vlady6us: way cool

spksgntly2: well I have to get my grandaughter ready
for bed...I want to thank you all for letting me join
in and watch...cant wait for the next one
spksgntly2: good night
artnut909: night
vlady6us: night
everclay: bye
canastananny: Bye
spksgntly2 has left the conference.

miss_meme_30 has joined the conference.

everclay: Hi Missy
vlady6us: hi missy
miss_meme_30: hiya everyone!
raven_hill_wench: hi miss
miss_meme_30: NJ i need invite
artnut909: that's 1
miss_meme_30: purdy please
raven_hill_wench: that is so beautiful
You have invited miss_meme_30 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: One eye is wonky
miss_meme_30: great nj!

bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: very pretty NJ
miss_meme_30: OMG I LOVE IT
morganalilith387: wow.  they eyes make SUCH an amazing
norajean_sf: I got to do one of the eyes again, but
this is ok for Demo
artnut909: nj i love watching you work, it's always
such a treat TY!
norajean_sf: the eyes give it life
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: Thanks honey
bonsaikathy: the eyes are perfet on this
bonsaikathy: perfect even
bonsaikathy: wow
bonsaikathy: great job NJ
norajean_sf: left to my own devices I'd probably put
in eyes 3-4 times to get them right
bonsaikathy: and of course I had to miss that part
raven_hill_wench: its looking at me!
bonsaikathy: had to go get dinner started
norajean_sf: I'll get a link for digital shots of
putting in eyes like these
everclay: I gotta get a couple thing finished before
everclay: so I'll be outa here
canastananny: Bye & Take care
vlady6us: night eva
everclay: thanks - for letting me
norajean_sf: Thanks for coming Eva, I know it's late
for you
miss_meme_30: night eva
everclay: it's not late
norajean_sf: it's my pleasure
morganalilith387: bye eve who i can see now :P
morganalilith387: i mean eva who i can see now
everclay: lol
everclay: in a while you won't see me anymore
stargazer_sbpcg: nite Eva!   Huggs!!
norajean_sf: sweet dreams
everclay: nite everyone
artnut909: i gotta go too, thank you nj,
miss_meme_30: not see ya?
artnut909: night eva
everclay: I'm off
norajean_sf: she's heading out, she's in Denmark
everclay has left the conference.

vlady6us: nite artnut
artnut909: night all... have fun!
canastananny: Goodnight
wingsbe2: Nite nite to those leaving
morganalilith387: g'night
artnut909 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: So are there any questions? I can't read
when I'm putting in eyeballs.
huntmommy: i need to go get my dd, thank you all for
lettign me sit in
huntmommy: i cant' wait till the next one
miss_meme_30: good job NJ
norajean_sf: Next Week End Kris
norajean_sf: doing face sculpting marathon
miss_meme_30: i have a ? nj
huntmommy: <:-P
norajean_sf: everyone needs practice, I'll show you
how to make a face mold
huntmommy: i'll be here
miss_meme_30: wanna come help with my laundry?
miss_meme_30: lol
norajean_sf: Question?
norajean_sf: LOL
huntmommy has left the conference.

raven_hill_wench: I cleared away all scheduling for
next weekend I dont want to miss a bit of those demos
miss_meme_30: lol
norajean_sf: I got mine done yesterday
bonsaikathy: did I miss the whole sculpt, :*(
norajean_sf: No sculpting today Bonsai Kathy
norajean_sf: the leaf cane, cover a tin, face mold,
eye balls
norajean_sf: that's what we did today
bonsaikathy: ahh face mold
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: well it came out great
norajean_sf: Next week end we'll sculpt faces and cure
some to make face molds
morganalilith387: cool.  i hope i can make it
norajean_sf: I'll back this up so we can see the whole
tin top
pcajenny: all those are done now
bonsaikathy: totally wonderful NJ
wingsbe2: Wow NJ   lovely!!!
vlady6us: way cool jenny
norajean_sf: I'll be adding more leaves and maybe some
vlady6us: awesome nj
stargazer_sbpcg: I love it NJ!
miss_meme_30: did u use any canes on it?
norajean_sf: Thanks everyone, I'm going to take a
break because I need one
raven_hill_wench: I wasnt here, is there a mold under
the face right now?
norajean_sf: That's the face mold I used. I'll get a
link that's relevant
stargazer_sbpcg: making one now, Missy
miss_meme_30: hehe i see
miss_meme_30: hehehe
norajean_sf: You can make molds of face sculpting a
bit at a time
norajean_sf: if you get the chin right, cure it and
make a mold
norajean_sf: then make an impression of that and
sculpt some more
norajean_sf: as you get more of the face right cure it
and  make another mold
norajean_sf: in increments
raven_hill_wench: cool
norajean_sf: That's how this face mold was made, a bit
at a time with a bunch of incremental molds along the
norajean_sf: it's a Canadian Actor, Michael McManus
canastananny: Company just arrived...  Thanks to
everyone! ! !
canastananny: Good night all...
norajean_sf: See ya honey, thanks for coming
canastananny has left the conference.

norajean_sf: when one is sculpting a known face the
incremental sculpting mold making helps a lot
nefret111: nora, have you ever heard from mr. mcmanus?
nefret111: i wonder if he has seen your work?
norajean_sf: He avoids LEXX fans
nefret111: wonder why
norajean_sf: oh he's seen my stuff I'm sure, but he is
a "Theater" actor
nefret111: too bad
nefret111: for him
norajean_sf: and the LEXX fans are nutcases
norajean_sf: creeps him out when they show up at his
nefret111: oh
norajean_sf: LOL
nefret111: i've never heard of LEXX
norajean_sf: The other actors of LEXX and the creators
love the fans though
nefret111: is it a movie or an anime?
nefret111: or a game?
nefret111: thanks
norajean_sf: There's the TV series
nefret111: good - will look at that page later
norajean_sf: The movie, one of four that is the first
series, there were three series of TV shows afterward
norajean_sf: Why do I use LEXX for sculpting, one
might ask.
norajean_sf: I say when you're practicing sculpting
sculpt what you love.
nefret111: good idea
norajean_sf: Learning how to sculpt is work. You got
to love who you're looking at.
nefret111: yes  yes
norajean_sf: So I asked the creator of the series if
it was ok for me to use the LEXX Characters as I learn
how to sculpt and share them with the list members.
norajean_sf: He said cool
norajean_sf: it was ok with Lex Giggeroff, so I did
one of him
nefret111: great  you got permission/1
norajean_sf: Sorry I was distracted
norajean_sf: I went to the last Lexx convention in
Nova Scotia, Canada to ask for permission
nefret111: that is ok   we all are
nefret111: ah
norajean_sf: brb
vlady6us: gotta get going . night all and thanks nj,
vlady6us has left the conference.

norajean_sf: This is one of the three creators of the
LEXX series
stargazer_sbpcg: nite sandie
norajean_sf: Lex Gigeroff
norajean_sf: and I made a sculpture of him
nefret111: great likeness!  bet he loved it!
norajean_sf: I lost his glasses though
nefret111: he's wearing your logo 0 how sweet
nefret111: sorry - was trying to find the hyphen
norajean_sf: The lighting is weird, sorry
greatauntjudy: The glasses, didn't you make them using
TLS? I think I remember that, way back when.
norajean_sf: yes, beading wire and TLS
miss_meme_30: toooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!
miss_meme_30: ty ty ty jean!
nefret111: gotta go feed a kitty
stargazer_sbpcg: :)
rjchase222 has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: NJ you better go take your break, are you
coming back for more later
You have invited rjchase222 to view your webcam.

miss_meme_30: hiya rj!
rjchase222: Hi all
norajean_sf: I'm taking my break now actually. Working
on cam I'm in an odd position and typing is restful.
norajean_sf: Howdy Razma
norajean_sf: I should save log though, brb
rjchase222: Howdy NJ!!!
bonsaikathy: hi Razma
rjchase222: Hi Bk!!!
rjchase222: I have  been playing the mad artist
today!! LOL
bonsaikathy: haha


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