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When I sculpt figures that are inspired by real people know that it is done with positive feelings. In this case it is affection, admiration and gratitude on my part towards Lex Gigeroff for being kind to me at the Lexx Uncon 2001

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Lex Gigeroff Index: A clay study of a really funny guy.

Lex Gigeroff Picture Study  Page

In order to sculpt a real person it is necessary to find as many pictures of the person as you can. 


Lex Gigeroff inspired this doll. It is in the oven for the first curing. So this is thumbnails-1 for the Gigeroff Doll.

06-19-03: Lex-Doll-Thms-2

After getting the face in rough draft it is time to do some filing to refine the features.

06-20-03: Lex-Doll-Thms-3

After filing, three curings, adding TLS hair, a baseball cap and a few other tweaks we got this far.

06-24-03: More filing, sanding and making eyeglasses with TLS and beading wire.
07-05-03: GigeroffDoll Thumbnail Page 5. Second Sanding