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Face Sculpting Index - Saturday Demo - Log 2: Aluminum foil head form and armature

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: now I'll get a link to a forensic site that show's tissue depth. I will also be saving log and it's a good time for a break. Chat, go potty, get coffee, and I'll be back in 10 minutes.
clayladyinred: ok, me too
leasbeadheaven: 2
beadyeyedbrat: me3
nndewbre: brb
norajean_sf:  see pictures of tissue depth.
norajean_sf:  run your cursor over the skull for it to turn around for you.
countrylady100ca: I am reading zits comic book but remind me of my boys.. I show my second son that comic stripe was him and he says yup without thinking then gave me the looks. I laughed
norajean_sf:  Best Page So Far, tissue depth.
clayladyinred: I'm back whenever you're ready NJ
norajean_sf: Ok, Shannon, just getting links to pictures of tissue depth.
clayladyinred: k
nndewbre: ib
norajean_sf:  Another Great Picture of Tissue Depth.
norajean_sf:  From the side, same site.
beadyeyedbrat: I has a doll show to go to, so I'm outta here for now.
beadyeyedbrat: As usual, thank you NJ.
norajean_sf: ok, Kim, see you later.
beadyeyedbrat has left the conference.

ljcswartz: Off to do some shopping.... ttfn
ljcswartz has left the conference.

mazutwo has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Ok, let's do Roll Call before starting the second hour. First name and location, please.
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
nndewbre: Norma, Georgia
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY
miss_meme_30: <~~~Missy VA
mazutwo: sorry NJ lost connection here now
raven_hill_wench: Shawna, Detroit
mazutwo: Maz Australia
clayladyinred: Shannon, WV
You have invited mazutwo to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Looks like there's still folks off on break?
mazutwo: ok Marilyn but friends call me maz
stariedawn: dawn Van Buren Arkansas
norajean_sf: Then we too shall call you Maz.
clayladyinred: IF we can remember.... LOL some of us have memory lapses ;-)
mazutwo: good
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
mazutwo: tell me about it couldn't remember foil before
clayladyinred: LOL
clayladyinred: glad I'm not the only one Maz!
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada. Still reading Zits Comic Book from son
miss_meme_30: have to run...byeeeeeeeeeee
mazutwo: my computer has glitches but my brain is no better
miss_meme_30: thanks nj
clayladyinred: well hey Missy.... hi and bye
miss_meme_30 has left the conference.

clayladyinred: LOL I hear ya Maz
norajean_sf: Now why should we study skulls and tissue depth for sculpting?
clayladyinred: so our faces don't look wonky??
norajean_sf: LOL
mazutwo: those pics are gruesome could have nightmares just looking
norajean_sf: it's just science, we all have skulls inside our own heads and if we felt about our face with our finger tips, we'd be better sculptors.
norajean_sf: I've seen a lot of polymer clay sculpted faces that lack standard bone structure.
mazutwo: our faces are usually a semitrical people who are classically beautiful have semitrical faces
norajean_sf: and we don't have to start with skulls, we can start with something that is a skull that's been filled in.
norajean_sf: like that
norajean_sf: and any size smaller than that
norajean_sf: if we're aiming for something slightly realistic. Heads aren't round like soccor balls, like Charlie Brown.
norajean_sf: faces aren't flat with featured stuck on it like Mr. Potato head
mazutwo: what is it made of
norajean_sf: just a little study of skulls and tissue depth and then you can make something like this. This is made with aluminum foil and plain old white Sculpey. It's the first one I made when I was starting out.
norajean_sf: Full Face-001
clayladyinred: it would be neat if you could have little pre-made skulls like that around to start from
norajean_sf: Here's the page where this form was made.
norajean_sf: As you can see on these early web pages, my sculpting skill set was still rough.
norajean_sf: I keep these pages up to let folks know that everyone has to start somewhere.
norajean_sf: I figured that if I started out with a skull form and then built a face, I'd be closer to sculpting a face than if I attacked a ball of clay with my fists.
clayladyinred: you weren't afraid to play
norajean_sf: or experiment
mazutwo: I am going to get some foil brb
norajean_sf: LOL
clayladyinred: you've inspired!!
norajean_sf: good, inspiration is good.
clayladyinred: yeppers!
mazutwo: back
norajean_sf: shall we take some time here and build another foil skull form with the tissue depth filled in a bit?
norajean_sf: we can do that
clayladyinred: sounds good
leasbeadheaven: YES!
stariedawn: yes
mazutwo: yes please
norajean_sf: ok, let me get some aluminum foil out and let's start crinkling.
norajean_sf: let me show you how to make one that's for a small figure like these MerFolk
norajean_sf: shall we?
clayladyinred: we shall!
norajean_sf: then we can move to a larger size.
mommaclara2001: sure
mazutwo: ok
norajean_sf: I pull out about 4 inches, 12cm of foil and then cut that in half
mazutwo: the merfolk are lovely love the color in the tails
norajean_sf: ya, fish scale cane
mazutwo: cool
norajean_sf: as you compress the aluminum foil remember you're aiming for a sort of skull shape, ease the foil into shape and as it gets more and more compact then start to shape it by rolling it on the work surface.
clayladyinred: you're going for sort of an egg shape, correct?
norajean_sf: yup
mazutwo: got it
clayladyinred: you want to be sure to get it compressed really tight, so you won't have air pockets, which could ruin your sculpt
norajean_sf: I'm going to make a quick body to go with this head form
norajean_sf: Armature-Grp
norajean_sf: no need for screen shots on this Shannon, we got loads of pictures for the aluminum foil armature.
clayladyinred: okey dokey
norajean_sf: but I'm so happy you and your Momma are here today.
norajean_sf: it's like a family visit. he he he
clayladyinred: LOL thanks!
norajean_sf: ok, who has not seen me make an aluminum foil armature?
norajean_sf: who has not made one themselves?
mazutwo: me
mommaclara2001: Thank you Nj, I am glad to be here too
nndewbre: I haven't seen you do a body
mazutwo: i have made one
stariedawn: hey nj gotta go we are starvin are you going to be on later?
norajean_sf: Dawn go eat
mommaclara2001: Bye Dawn
norajean_sf: I'm going to be doing this tomorrow too
norajean_sf: pop in when you have a chance.
norajean_sf: Armature-Grp
Dawn has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I'm going to save log, review this web section on making an aluminum foil armature and just break off three length of foil about four inches/12 cms wide. Don't get crazy like this web section. I was making a whole town of armatures for the tutorial.
norajean_sf: saving log, brb

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