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Skulls, faces and races - Small Pictures with captions.

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By order of amount used the skin mix is pearl, translucent, gold and copper. This is how it looks mixed.
This is a skull form that is made from wadding up aluminum foil. I shaped the lower face by rolling it on the table. I suggest pressing the back of the skull on the edge of the work table to get that tuck.
The skull got two coats of White Premo. One coat for the basic shape. Cure and then another coat to fine tune the shape and have it smooth. This face is not finished but this is what was done in 24 hours. The cheeks need to be filled out some, and the Brother Man needs an expression.
In aiming for an African/Egyptian look I'm using a lot more clay on the nose and mouth area. I will need to fill in the eye lid to make him less bug eyed. More pix to come.
Taking the mix of Pharoe Jones and mixing it with an equal portion of white we lighten the skin mix.  Here is Kleo Wong, homie to Pharoe here and come to chill with him on the work table.
Same skull mold, different color skin mix, different amount used, different races easily made.  I love this picture, when doing face sculpting in any scale look at your faces from this angle. Is the nose centered with the chin? Are the eyes at the same level? Are the pupils looking at the same thing? Another trick is to have your sculpted face reflected off of a mirror. It'll show you if you got the face cockeyed, like  Kleo is, as you can see.
Here is an effort for a Caucasian face and I still have the eyes too big, looks like he's startled. This is Mikey, inspired by Micheal Flatly, The Lord of the Dance.

Let's give these three faces an eye job, trim the eyes and do the faces again.