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Face Sculpting Index - Sunday Demo - Log 3: Making the female aluminum foil armature, review of Micro Mini Figures

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: Ok, top of the hour, chat amongst yourselves as you like, I'm saving log and getting coffee for my husband. Brb
mona_77082: AFK for a bit here
raven_hill_wench: smoke break! lol
mona_77082: yep
spksgntly2: I should go get dressed almost 5 and everyone will be home from work soon..should at least LOOK like I did something today
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

chenoa_2b has joined the conference.

chenoa_2b: Thanks KH
bonsaikathy: welcome
vlady6us: hi chenoa
chenoa_2b: hi all
bonsaikathy: chenoa is Carolyn
vlady6us: ty kathy
vlady6us: carolyn, im sandie
posey4u: brb coffeeeeee
mommaclara2001: Hi Carolyn
posey4u: Im Marsha
chenoa_2b: Hi all!
bonsaikathy: for those of you with ID's instead of your name, to make it easier you can change how you're displayed so that it's your name
vlady6us: how?
vlady6us: how or where can we change our names
bonsaikathy: there is a way hang on trying to remember how to do it
vlady6us: ty
bonsaikathy: and for those that have a small font, NJ has requested that you make it a bit larger and hit B for bold please
mommaclara2001: We need Shan today, don't we Kathy?
icare4bunnies: I doubt that I can do it. Yahoo is not very good to mac folks
bonsaikathy: yes
mona_77082: BAK
icare4bunnies: as for michael's classes, those who don't have teachers should learn and apply LOL
vlady6us: yahoo isnt good to anyone sometimes. lol
norajean_sf: Carolyn is coming
chenoa_2b has left the conference.

chenoa_2b has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Carolyn is in Da House
raven_hill_wench: I will when my techniques get a bit better lol
You have invited chenoa_2b to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Howdy Carolyn, LTNS
mommaclara2001: Welcome back
chenoa_2b: hello again. Glad to be back
bonsaikathy: contacts and contact details
norajean_sf: Bold your font Carolyn if you could
norajean_sf: it's easier for me to read
chenoa_2b: ok how is this?
bonsaikathy: brb
norajean_sf: Great
chenoa_2b: :-)
norajean_sf: Good to see you, ClayMates, Carolyn is a long time list member, been gone for a bit
norajean_sf: so we're very happy to see her again in demo
norajean_sf: big hugs
chenoa_2b: Moving and everything is storage.
norajean_sf: Let's do Roll Call so everyone can come to know everyone else. Ok?
chenoa_2b: Big hugs back at cha!
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
vlady6us: sandie florida
spksgntly2: Debbie NY
esther_reeves: off to do some washing up. I'll stay logged on and be bakc in a bit.
mona_77082: Mona - Houston
raven_hill_wench: Shawna, Detroit
chenoa_2b: Carolyn in Oregon
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
esther_reeves: <- Coventry, UK
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield Pa
chenoa_2b: Anyone near Fort Drum NY?
icare4bunnies: Jael, Champaign, IL
nndewbre: Norma, Georgia
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
spksgntly2: My son is at Ft Drum
chenoa_2b: Daughter is moving there.
norajean_sf:  This is the page that has links to this sculpting demo, for those who just arrived.
spksgntly2: army?
chenoa_2b: yes her soon to be husband in a medic
spksgntly2: ohhh
chenoa_2b: is, sorry
norajean_sf: Armature-Grp
spksgntly2: yeah my son is stationed there
posey4u: what part of NY
spksgntly2: he comes home on week end..hes here now till tomorrow
icare4bunnies: I have a friend I'd like to see this demo, but she can't get her messenger to let her sign in...
norajean_sf: This is what I'm fixing to do right now, if there are any questions about aluminum foil armatures ask them now when I'm looking at the monitor. If we can hold OT chat to breaks at the half hour and top of the hour questions can be asked and answered. Thanks
posey4u: NJ what is the name of the figure in the web cam
mona_77082: I have a question
mona_77082: Do you roll the armatures smooth, or simply twist the aluminum foil?
norajean_sf: That's the aba-fold lady,
posey4u: I really like her too
norajean_sf: Mona, I compress the foil, twisting only for the torso, the rest is just compressed tightly.
posey4u: thx for the link
mona_77082: ok Thanks!
icare4bunnies: do you have problems with air bubbles?
icare4bunnies: air expanding in the foil?
norajean_sf: After the aluminum foil is compressed, I cover it with clay and compress as I cover, I've not had problems with air bubbles.
norajean_sf: and I've done dozens of figures with this technique.
norajean_sf: so far, so good
mommaclara2001: They look so great to NJ.
icare4bunnies: as I said before, I've been fighting cracks from time to time, even with conditioned clay and I so I had to ask
norajean_sf: if there's no other questions on this technique I'll make an armature. If you have questions as I go along, save them to when I begin typing or I'll miss them. Ok?
mona_77082: OK!
icare4bunnies: k
spksgntly2: ok
norajean_sf: Cracks can come from not conditioning, and also from not curing at a high enough temperature or for long enough
norajean_sf: Ok, new folks
icare4bunnies: I've certainly conditioned
norajean_sf: Yahoo will boot you out of this conference now and again.
norajean_sf: we've lost a couple of people just now.
norajean_sf: when that happens log back in and send one of us a IM for an invite to conference. Add someone to your Friend's list who is here because I might not see your IM during demo.
norajean_sf: ok?
spksgntly2: ok
vlady6us: nj...
vlady6us: im gonna shut this. will u do an invite right quick again. please
vlady6us has left the conference.

chenoa_2b has joined the conference.

You have invited chenoa_2b to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Shawna you here?
norajean_sf: I see you going off and online.
raven_hill_wench has joined the conference.

raven_hill_wench: lol Im here now
You have invited raven_hill_wench to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: There you are
raven_hill_wench: rotten computer
norajean_sf: Ok, I'll start the aluminum foil armature now, if everyone is ready.
chenoa_2b: ok
mona_77082: ready
spksgntly2: ready
norajean_sf: coolness
bonsaikathy: yup
nndewbre: yup
nndewbre: ut oh, company, bbl
nndewbre has left the conference.

norajean_sf: this next sheet will be for arms and hands, trim the ends to there's not too much foil where you're going to have hands, ok?
spksgntly2: ok
raven_hill_wench: hey! I got my name to change! lol
norajean_sf: now for the head, compress one half sheet to form a skull shape, keep it in proportion to the body, roll it hard on the work surface to shape, then cover with the other half sheet and attach to the body.
raven_hill_wench: are you being detailed in the head shape or just making it a head with no face for now?
norajean_sf: that didn't work, I'll do another one. LOL
icare4bunnies: how do you attach?
mommaclara2001: She will show you Jael. Watch:)
icare4bunnies: yup
spksgntly2: just like an egg sgape?
norajean_sf: that's a little better, now using one half sheet I'll cover this skull
norajean_sf: skull shape more like
raven_hill_wench: kind of a squared egg
norajean_sf: remember the spine/neck bones are towards the back of the skull, the front of the skull should have a chin shape.
spksgntly2: ok
icare4bunnies: Ah, wrapping with a sheet of foil, I see
norajean_sf: now to take that fanned out part and use that to attach to the body
chenoa_2b: looks like a space alien. lol
norajean_sf: questions?
spksgntly2: how tall will it be?
norajean_sf: let's measure
mommaclara2001: Yes, will you put your hand down beside him, so that we can tell whayt size he is?
raven_hill_wench: I guess 5 inches
posey4u: how do you know the size of sheets of foil you should use
norajean_sf: she's a bit tall for a girl, 6 foot in one inch scale, we can shorten her at this point if we wish
mommaclara2001: Just about the size of you hand. Which I am sure is small.
spksgntly2: ok so smaller then a barbie doll
mona_77082: looks more like about 7 inches
norajean_sf: bend the feet and she's 6 inches, if you want smaller bodies, cut off some of the sheet
raven_hill_wench: I know 6 foot tall girls
norajean_sf: let me show you something, this aluminum foil armature works in micro mini scale
raven_hill_wench: micro mini?
spksgntly2: do you just chop her legs or do you have to do the torso to?
mona_77082: So this figure is just right for a guy and go shorter for a girl then!
norajean_sf: Sculpt/LiL-Man/Thms
norajean_sf: Sculpt/LiL-Man/NewBody/001-thms  same technique, aluminum armature, micro mini scale
mona_77082: wow! Those are tiny little people!
raven_hill_wench: a pile of people
raven_hill_wench: how cute
norajean_sf: same basic technique
icare4bunnies: oh, dear
norajean_sf: so adjust the size of the foil to fit the scale of body you want
norajean_sf: Sculpt/LiL-Man/NewBody/002-thms
icare4bunnies: I have to go, I'll try this one soon. When will the logs be up, nj?
norajean_sf: After Demo Jael
mommaclara2001: Bye Jael.
icare4bunnies: k, thanks. ttfn
norajean_sf: logs are up now for Friday and Saturday
icare4bunnies has left the conference.

mona_77082: Being new to all of this I have to ask, what about the clay veneer that goes on this chasie?
norajean_sf: I'll be covering the armature I just made after the top of the hour
chenoa_2b: Does it work like the 1/12 scale?
norajean_sf: I'll take questions now, and then save log, take a break so folks can chat, do biologicals, etc.
norajean_sf: Cut the sheets of aluminum foil to half the size
norajean_sf: same technique, just less foil, less clay
norajean_sf: I got it down to 1/76th scale for Lil Man
raven_hill_wench: wow
chenoa_2b: Ah but NJ can do anything!
norajean_sf: Sculpt/LiL-Man/001
norajean_sf: Check out Lil Man
norajean_sf: A hair over 6 foot tall in 1/76th scale and made in the same way as the larger figures.
norajean_sf: this is for Model Rail Road figures
norajean_sf: Sculpt/LiL-Man/008
norajean_sf: that picture cracks me up
norajean_sf: Everyone can do this. Everyone can learn a technique. All it takes is practice is all.
spksgntly2: I have to finish cooking...can I stay here with the webcam and just keep coming back to watch?
norajean_sf: sure honey, no problem
spksgntly2: my family thanks
clayalley has joined the conference.

chenoa_2b: hello Karen!
clayalley: Ya hoo! I am here
norajean_sf: Karen Rhodes of Clay Alley is in Da House
mommaclara2001: Hi Karen
You have invited clayalley to view your webcam.

clayalley: Hey Everyone
spksgntly2: Hi Karen.. I just orfered from there!
mazutwo has joined the conference.

leasbeadheaven has joined the conference.

clayalley: You sure did!
You have invited mazutwo to view your webcam.

clayalley: and its going out on Tues
You have invited leasbeadheaven to view your webcam.

spksgntly2: nice to meet you
clayalley: Nice to meet you too Hon
spksgntly2: ok thanks..
mazutwo: morning everyone
spksgntly2: hi
norajean_sf: Ok, it's time for break, I'm saving log. If you got orders with Karen you can chat with her now if you like. brb
mommaclara2001: HelloMaz
chenoa_2b: how long is the break?
norajean_sf: We'll cover this female figure with clay at the top of the hour.
norajean_sf: 10 minutes
clayalley: I am getting in FIMO this week
norajean_sf: time for social chat, while I save log and stuff.
chenoa_2b: ok
norajean_sf: brb
clayalley: for those of you who talked me into it
clayalley: lol
clayalley: and am working on Prosculpt as we speak as well
leasbeadheaven: was it something I said? I came in & everyone's taking a break? LOL
mazutwo: Hi I slept in have only arisen from my bed
clayalley: That always happens to me too

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