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Man and Beast


Sculpt Index 2003

Lil'Man: Sculpting in 1/76 scale. For Railroad Model Scenes. 

This is a rebuilt section from 2001. Starting the reconstruction 04-11-03 with the Microcam. 

MicroCam and how can we do Demo in this scale?

2003 New and Improved Micro Body Technique: 001-thms: A new twist on the micro mini body. What was seen in Demo 4/14/03.

2003 New and Improved Micro Body Technique: 002-thms: The Micro Mini Bodies get squatter's rights on the other side of the Easter Emu Egg. 

Second Pass on four faces: Body pose and expression make a story.

This picture is for size reference and isn't linked to anything.

Dolls, Figures and Faces for the How To Do It.

Fantasy Figures

Lil'Man is a disreputable character, a scallywag and a scoundrel. So why do I love him so much? Mainly because he was my first micro mini effort. Back in 2001, the Pendon Museum asked if I could sculpt this small and I said truthfully... I don't know yet. Then Came Lil'Man. He has a story to tell.
Lil'Man Rebuilt -1


Lil'Man Rebuilt -2