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Demo Stuff Jan-Dec 2005

01-28-05, Log 1, I don't know why my cam is blurry

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

merrie60us joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: Hi Donna
norajean_sf: Friday Night COC Demo, Log 1, Let me send
an invite to the others
dragonladyw2001: Okey dokey.
Donna_in_NV: Hi NJ and Merrie
Marlea in PA: i'll check that link out more later on-
Missy~VA: hiya kat, nj merrie
Donna_in_NV: -- snowed and rained here today
Missy~VA: wow everyone is pourin in now....LOL
Marlea in PA: hello to everyone who came in
merrie60us: Hi all
Kat Indpls IN: Hellow everyone
Marlea in PA: bernie your head is looking really great
jill_z_q joined the room
bernie: thanks honey
Missy~VA: hiya suzy
Donna_in_NV: Hi Jill
jill_z_q: Howdy all
bernie: haven't had much time to work on it til
Marlea in PA: it is lookin' gooood
Tammy (tily072096) joined the room
Alix: I'm a bit under the weather this evening, ADHD
and all  -- use TNT if you need my attention
Marlea in PA: that gold is gonna be great on a doll
Donna_in_NV: Have barely touched clay for 2 weeks -
sick grandsons and me
Missy~VA: hiya tammy
jill_z_q: What is that Bernie?
Donna_in_NV: Hi Tammy
bernie: i love the gold
Tammy: Hi everyone
merrie60us left the room
Marlea in PA: oh sorry about that Donna, it's going
around everywhere...
merrie60us joined the room
countrylady100ca: Bernie I am here
Missy~VA: man my chest is hurtin
Missy~VA: have had pains for the last wk
Donna_in_NV: Bernie, I'm already here - thanks anyway
for invite
norajean_sf: Roll call please, first name and
location, and if your NEW to demo, please
Missy~VA: <~~~~me
hlynn1975: missy, any problems breathing?
countrylady100ca: Sonya , Alberta, Canada
Donna_in_NV: <<cold rain and snow today
merrie60us: Merrie, Boston
hlynn1975: Heather, WI
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Missy~VA: sometimes heather
bernie: bernie in pa
Alix: anybody know a "babasbunja"?
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
countrylady100ca: Missy is it your heart
Marlea in PA: <--(((
jill_z_q: Suzy So Calif
Donna_in_NV: Hi Judy
rickiebeth2005: Rickie Beth in wet Walnut Creek,
hlynn1975: go to a doctor Missy
Alix: Alix NC
Tammy: <~~~~~~me in Idaho
Donna_in_NV: that's Bernie
Kat Indpls IN: <<<<<<<<<<-------
Missy~VA: its in the mid of my chest
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa
serena8805 joined the room
Donna_in_NV: Hi Serena
jill_z_q: heart burn
jill_z_q: ?
serena8805: hello
countrylady100ca: Oh Hope it is heart burn
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me
norajean_sf: Serena
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
norajean_sf: Folks Serena is New
Missy~VA: no this is makin my bone there even sore
chelyha55: sorry, I just had a bunch of auctions close
Katie: Thanks NJ
jude: <---Tehachapi, California
Missy~VA: welcome serena!!!
serena8805: First time I've ever been in a chat room
hlynn1975: hi serena
Marlea in PA: howdy Serena!
Kat Indpls IN: welcome Serena
Katie: Welcome Serena
countrylady100ca: Welcoe Serena
hlynn1975: missy, go to a doctor, could be a
respiratory infection
norajean_sf: Ok, Serena, do you see the TV Icon by my
name? Right click on that and choose, "view webcam"
dragonladyw2001: Hi, Serena. It gets a little rowdy
here, but everyone's nice.
Tammy: hello Serena
Donna_in_NV: you just have to read fast and touch type
while watching cams Serena
Missy~VA: i think im goin to have to heather!
Kat Indpls IN: Dang is it cold brrrrrrrrr
jill_z_q: Hey Donna was it you that was a teacher?
chelyha55: good gravy what is that NJ?
Donna_in_NV: I
Katie: Here too Kat
norajean_sf: That's a bead box with mini food and mini
helen050959 joined the room
chelyha55: ah, I love that box
Donna_in_NV: I'm just one of them who was a teacher -
for me, it's been about 32 or 33 years
Donna_in_NV: Hi Helen
Katie: Hi Helen
jill_z_q: Bernie is a teacher too
roses_r_free (jammin4420) joined the room
Missy~VA: hiya helen!
Kat Indpls IN: Both doggies curled up around feet,
wrapped in blanket with space heater on me
Donna_in_NV: Nice box NJ - love those pieces
helen050959: hi
chelyha55: hmm, salad!
Kat Indpls IN: and still cold
krafteame (krafteame) joined the room
Marlea in PA: oh look at the teeny eggs!
chelyha55: it's supposed to snow here tonight
Missy~VA: brb goin to take something
Tammy: salad with eggs?
Marlea in PA: fruit...yum
Donna_in_NV: chef salad has eggs
Kat Indpls IN: yeah they did say something about snow
here also YUCK
Kat Indpls IN: i hate driving in the snow
hlynn1975: cobb salads also have egg
chelyha55: now see I like her breads best
Marlea in PA: bread goodness?
Kat Indpls IN: hot crossed bun
Marlea in PA: awesome
jill_z_q: bah I rather drive in the snow then the rain
chelyha55: little bagels and donuts
chelyha55: little loaves of bread
chelyha55: too cute!
helen050959: is tonight mini foods?
norajean_sf: I want to show you the mini food that is
going to be featured in Judy Belcher's polymer clay
book, it's due out this fall?
krafteame left the room
norajean_sf: I think
Donna_in_NV: I'm getting hungry
jill_z_q: peope in california drive like nutcases when
it rains
Kat Indpls IN: believe mini food was requested
Katie: Great NJ
helen050959: ok
chelyha55: Judy Belcher's book? What book?
serena8805: holy cow, you
serena8805: holy cow, you guys go fast
norajean_sf: Judy Belcher is writing a book on polymer
clay and she asked me for mini stuff
norajean_sf: since most of the other polymer clay
miniaturists were dead
Kat Indpls IN: lol Serena it takes time to get used to
countrylady100ca: You what serna
bernie: Suz, it's a new head sculpt
Katie: wow, that's great
Marlea in PA: oh terrible NJ
norajean_sf: I got picked by the virtue that I'm not
Marlea in PA: geez, lol
chelyha55: oh awesome. I just emailed her and asked
her about a class she taught but I'm not sure I got
the right email addy
norajean_sf: LOL
chelyha55: can you give me the one you have NJ?
Katie: oh dear
jill_z_q: Neat Bernie, sort of reminded me of a
shrunken head lol
Tammy: serna if you put the web cam pic using always
on top you can type and still see the picture
norajean_sf: email me and I'll reply in email
norajean_sf: can't do it right now CherylH
Donna_in_NV: that's as good a reason as any to get
picked NJ, but your work is also very good
chelyha55: great thanks
jill_z_q: Judy Belcher she was a riot when she teaches
countrylady100ca: Nj how are you doing or feeling??
serena8805: thanks, i did that, helps
Tammy: are any speical tools needed for this?
Donna_in_NV: Serena, the speed here is one reason NJ
saves the logs for us
chelyha55: Jude have you heard of the new beadstore in
norajean_sf: Ok, before I get started.... who does not
have my webcam open?
jill_z_q: Bernie Your mask looks really great!
countrylady100ca: Nj How are you doing ??
norajean_sf: Sonya I'm doing fine honey,
jill_z_q: did you send yours in?
countrylady100ca: OKay Have you ate
norajean_sf: I woke up and I was not in the
obituaries, so it was a GOOD DAY
norajean_sf: Just ate, thank you Mommy Sonya
Katie: LOL Nj
jill_z_q: LOL NJ that is bad
Marlea in PA: lol
norajean_sf: LOL
Kat Indpls IN: jeeez
norajean_sf: Who is New to Demo along with Serena?
norajean_sf: anyone else new?
bernie: Thanks so much
Missy~VA: im new nj
Missy~VA: hehehehe
Marlea in PA: not i
helen050959 left the room
Katie: Cute, Marlea
countrylady100ca: No I am just checking on Mommy of
this group is you
norajean_sf: Serena is not on the cam list of viewers.
Do you need help honey?
rickiebeth2005: Missy - you are too funny..
norajean_sf: LOL, Sonya look at the cam
Marlea in PA: thanks Katie
serena8805: I didn't think so I see pictures
Katie: yw
Marlea in PA: mugging!
You have invited serena8805 to view your webcam.

countrylady100ca: She signed thank you
norajean_sf: I sent you an invite to the cam Serena
chelyha55: rather blurry and distorted NJ
norajean_sf: LOL
chelyha55: usually it's so clear
jill_z_q: was going to say a bit pixelated th ere
serena8805: I have a picture of this nice lady holding
up her hands and moving around is that what I'm
supposed to see?
norajean_sf: the pixelation is a problem as of late.
It is clear from my end
chelyha55: yep that's NJ mugging you
norajean_sf: That's me Serena
Donna_in_NV: even my phone is staticcy tonite - think
it's the weather
Katie: LOL Serena
Marlea in PA: arrrgggghhh, lol
jill_z_q: NJ is a silly goose
chelyha55: it's really fuzzy here
serena8805: Oh you are too funny, now I know I'm where
I'm supposed to be
merrie60us: very unclear here
chelyha55: but it's not so important that I see it
norajean_sf: I was signing to Sonya that "I am full of
jill_z_q: LOL
Katie: LOL
countrylady100ca: Nice to see you laugh that I love
about you
Donna_in_NV: see, Serena, you knew there was a good
reason you joined us!!
jill_z_q: hands NJ a laxative
Marlea in PA: do that again- i want to learn NJ, lol
Missy~VA: i need to learn sign language
Katie: OK little potty hands
norajean_sf: potty hands
serena8805: sure is a great way to end a long hard
Missy~VA: please do it again nj
norajean_sf: Ya I have to sign inside of my jacket
Marlea in PA: potty hands- that's great
norajean_sf: so other deaf people don't read over my
norajean_sf: this means "boring"
jill_z_q: she better go wash her hands with soap!
Alix: Donna ... good suggestion -- NJ you need to have
your line checked for noise and freqwuency modulation
Missy~VA: nj....
Missy~VA: i have a 60%hearin loss in both ears
norajean_sf: I have DLS
Donna_in_NV: maybe it's our lines!!
Kat Indpls IN: dsl
norajean_sf: it has a filter, not on dialup
norajean_sf: That too Kat, DSL
Missy~VA: well its over 60 now....more like 72%
Kat Indpls IN: LMAO
Missy~VA: i have hearin aids
Marlea in PA: dls, don't they have some kind of
medicine to cure that
Donna_in_NV: my 16 yr old grandson was learning
signing at 2 but never had chance to keep it up
Alix: Then call your DSL provider and make THEM check
norajean_sf: Ok, ready to see the mini food that's
going into Judy Belcher's new book? After tonight they
go to the Newbie Box
jill_z_q: I learned the alphabet but that is about it
Katie: yes
serena8805: ready
Marlea in PA: yeppers
norajean_sf: Alix, the problem is not on my end, when
some folks see me clear and other folks don't
Donna_in_NV: yes pls!!!
Alix: Yeppers
jill_z_q: and I don't even remember who taught it to
me either
norajean_sf: if it were consistently everyone seeing
me blurry then it would be on my end
dragonladyw2001: I'm not getting a clear picture and I
have cable.
countrylady100ca: Jill Now you learn from NJ
Missy~VA: same here beth
chelyha55: maybe we need a roll call to see who is
getting a blurry cam pic
Donna_in_NV: hot dog and fries?
bernie: it's good to see you here serena
norajean_sf: Ok, Roll Call and Camera focus on your
serena8805: thanks bernie, good to be here
norajean_sf: Me, clear
chelyha55: blurry here
countrylady100ca: me Burry
serena8805: blurry
jill_z_q: blurry
Katie: little blurry
bernie: blurry here in pa
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa -- rainy and blurry
Donna_in_NV: <<blurry
jude: Blurry
Donna_in_NV: bad weather here tho
roses_r_free: Kim, IN, blurry
rickiebeth2005: Rickie Beth in wet Walnut Creek,
Missy~VA: <~~~ blurry here
Alix: Alix - Neptune - blurry
Marlea in PA: <---((( me
Missy~VA: <~~~ blurry here
Tammy: <~~~~~~Idaho
Marlea in PA: blurry
norajean_sf: ok, now open other cams and let's check
the focus on other cams
Missy~VA: dang im repeatin myself
Marlea in PA: lol
countrylady100ca: Kathy Clearing
norajean_sf: who else has cams?
jill_z_q: Bernie is very yellow but that is about it
chelyha55: Kat's is clear
Donna_in_NV: Bernies is coming in really clear but
very yellow
Missy~VA: kat????
jill_z_q: LOL Donna
Marlea in PA: bernie's is clear for me- NJ I can see
yours, just a little fuzzy
norajean_sf: Cheryl your cam
Donna_in_NV: Bernie and Kat have cams - they're both
Missy~VA: i am sooooooooooo lookin forward to
Missy~VA: lol
jill_z_q: Wow Kat is clear as a bell damn that desk is
jill_z_q: mess it up girl
Katie: Kat's is very clear here
countrylady100ca: About time Kathy lol
norajean_sf: Bernie's yellow because that's tungstun
Donna_in_NV: she must have just cleaned it!!
Missy~VA: thank goodness no one can see my desk!!!
norajean_sf: kat is clear
chelyha55: bernie's is a bit fuzzy
jude: The other two are clear here.
Missy~VA: looks like a bomb went off
chelyha55: Kat's is crystal clear
norajean_sf: Bernie's pixelated
Marlea in PA: yep- kat is clear for me
norajean_sf: Kat what is your connection?
norajean_sf: DSL?
Donna_in_NV: Thank you, I was wondering about the
yellow - makes the mask and head look gold
jill_z_q: she is clearer then NJ's
jill_z_q: Bernie that is
Kat Indpls IN: dial up
norajean_sf: no kidding?
countrylady100ca: No kidding Sorry NJ
jammin4420 left the room
roses_r_free (jammin4420) joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: dsl not available here phone wires not
up to it yet
countrylady100ca: Your webcam was clearing last Friday
but not last Sat and today
chelyha55: this is the first time I've seen NJ's cam
blurry in ages
Katie: me too
norajean_sf: Well, I'm sorry it's blurry for all
y'all. It is the best that I can do
debsdv: Blurry here too
countrylady100ca: Try to wipe webcam
norajean_sf: Changed a setting, how's that?
Donna_in_NV: Is that the start for a new mask, Bernie
countrylady100ca: BRB Put my daughter in our bed and
she wants me to lay down with her to sleep RBR
Katie: Good face there Bernie
countrylady100ca: BRB
Donna_in_NV: Do you fire it like that and then cover
it with more clay and goodies?
norajean_sf: I went from faster speed to Better
Quality, does that help?
bernie: Yes, want to paint on it
chelyha55: nope
Marlea in PA: still a bit fuzzy NJ
merrie60us: no worse
dragonladyw2001: Nope, it's still very blurry here.
jude: No change.
bernie: something far out
hlynn1975: nope
Tammy: Dang it I cant see it
Missy~VA: blurry here too so will just have to enjoy
jill_z_q: those things seem to also blend into the
Marlea in PA: holy frijole NJ
chelyha55: Jude how are you doing these days?
Marlea in PA: extreme close up
hlynn1975 left the room
Alix: LOL ... Closeup looked like bad plastic surgery
rossija9 left the room
Rossija = Mary in Ohio (rossija9) joined the room
krafteame (krafteame) joined the room
Missy~VA: wb mary
jude: Doing okie, Cheryl. How's by you?
Donna_in_NV: I think NJ has something on a plate - a
glass of something with a twisted orange slice, and
maybe a loaf of french bread but hard to tell
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Thanks! Puter locked up!
Marlea in PA: I can see bread and a rink with
fruit...not sure of the other---just like needing to
wear glasses
chelyha55: Purty good. I'm teaching at the new bead
jude: That's great.
Marlea in PA: or a drink even
Donna_in_NV: Just like needing new glasses and old
ones filthy
Marlea in PA: that was clearer
Marlea in PA: for a sec,lol
jill_z_q: That is cool Cheryl.
jude: It's been too cold to go out lately.
chelyha55: yeah it's a great place
krafteame: Hi everyone, Thsnk you NJ
jill_z_q: I'm going to school I think
Katie: Hello
chelyha55: we had over 100 people there for grand
julia_dodge joined the room
jill_z_q: to be a school teacher
jude: Wow, that's neat.
Donna_in_NV: hi Julia
Katie: Hi Julia
julia_dodge: hi
Donna_in_NV: you'll love teaching - what ages you
going for?
jill_z_q: I think I'm going to start off as teachers
jill_z_q: I'm not sure yet
rickiebeth2005: good idea..
jill_z_q: I want to be an Art Teacher
jill_z_q: so single subject I need middle school and
norajean_sf: got to do a save log, brb


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