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Demo Stuff

2005 - January to December

reverse order

12-31-05 Demo Log Index Ringing in the New Year with the ClayMates.

12-24-05: Coleus Cane Made on Christmas Eve during the Second Annual Three Day Holiday Marathon Demo.

12-24-05 Demo Log Index

12-25-05- Second day of Holiday Demo

12-25-05 Demo Log Index

12-26-05: Third day of the Holiday Demo

12-26-05 Demo Log Index


The history of Lady in Kimono: Screen shots, Demo Logs, links to when she was done in Demo. This will be an exercise in resurrecting half done sculpting. All ClayMates have to do this at one time or another too.

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index: Pinch Pots are the topic of the Newbie Box Swap for CITY-o-Clay. So to help those who are new to this technique we had a 5 hour demo. Bonsai Kathy caught screen shots for three of the pots shown today. So a big THANK YOU to Bonsai Kathy. 8 Demo Logs.

Citrus on black pinch pot

Fan Fold Pinch Pot

Tongues of Fire Pinch Pot

09-10-05: Sculpting Demo

DemoLog 1

DemoLog 2

DemoLog 3

From March 2005 until July 2005 there had been no webcam demos. I was on Medical Leave due to a pinched nerve on my neck.

Shannon, former CITY-Leader for City-o-Clay created this Wing Tutorial. TLS on Tile with Beads. It's simple as it is elegant and beautiful.

Shannon's Wing Tutorial Epson Album

~Have questions?~ 
~Shannon's website!~ 
~Shannon's Ebay Page~ 

Kat's Demo Index

01-16-05: Brain Cane Demo

Kat conducted a webcam demo showing how to do the "Brain Cane"

01-29-05, Log 1, Review of Mini Food with a Clear Cam, Wood Grain Review and Faces.

01-29-05, Log 2, Being Silly During Break, Mugging for the ClayMates.

01-29-05, Log 3, Mini Ice, Spring Onions, Links to Kiwi and Oranges

01-29-05, Log 4, Lemon Meringue Pie and Sushi Jewelry

01-29-05, Log 5, Food Left Overs, S'Mores, Skabanana Sandwich, Shaved Wave and Texture Sheets

01-29-05, Log 6, Color Cards, Mixing Citrus, and Volunteering for the CITY Lists.

01-29-05 Mini Food Review  A dozen AVI files caught by Ulrike in Germany. Reviewing mini food, some samples of canes and a few How-To examples of the food below.

June 25, 26, 27, 2004 Demo

This week end we focused on mini food that one eats during the summer. Burgers and hot dogs, salad and iced drinks, all made with polymer clay.

01-28-05, Log 1, I don't know why my cam is blurry

01-28-05, Log 2, Showing Mini Food Due for Judy Belcher's Book

01-28-05, Log 3, Making Effort To Reel Folks Into Chat

01-28-05, Log 4, Mini Food Tricks, Using Translucent For Water in Mini Food

01-28-05, Log 5, Extended Friday Demo, Mini Bread

01-28-05, Log 6, Plans on Tomorrow's Demo on Mini Food

Kat's Demo Index

Screen Shots thanks to Shargoose/Sharon

01-30-05 Dichronic Demo Log. Thanks to Vicki in NH and Donna Moyer who helped Kat save log.

Flower Review 02-27-05
02-27-05-Red to Yellow Blend Stagger Stack

Blend two colors and stack inverting every other layer and stair step the layers. That's how you get a Stagger Stack Blend.


02-19-05 Demo Flowers Index

The Demo logs are more or less along side of the picture of what was made at the time.

Inverted Blend Insert Petals Index

The Demo logs are more or less along side of the picture of what was made at the time.

Kat's Demo Index 

for the first album of 24 pix:

and for the remaining 13 pix:

Thank you Donna Moyer for capturing these screen shots.

Thank you Shannon for these screen shots



Cane Demo class 2

We will make a tri color skinner blend, easy breezy checkerboard
cane, and lets try and do something with that skinner plug we made at the end of class one.

02-20-05- Log 1

02-20-05- Log  2

02-20-05- Log  3

02-20-05- Log  4

02-20-05- Log  5

02-20-05- Log  6

02-20-05- Log  7



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