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Demo Stuff Jan to Dec 2005

01-29-05 AVI Mini Food Review

01-29-05, Log 5, Food Left Overs, S'Mores, Skabanana Sandwich, Shaved Wave and Texture Sheets

norajean_sf: Saturday Demo, Log 5, Roll Call and Short Orders for The Mini
Food Diner....
Katie: LOL
Missy~VA: <~~~~me
norajean_sf: <<<< The CHEF
vickir1: <-me in Concord NH
jill_z_q: suzy so calif
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
msraven54: Sandy in St. Louis
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me; California rolls, please
MountainMaMaDuke: the consumer! Pauline NH
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: realtor said the last group wants to make
an offer, but might want to get our house appraised first
Katie: rolls would be good
Missy~VA: i want graham crackers, marshmellows and chocolate
Katie: Katie...nY
Missy~VA: please nj
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I guess they think we are asking to high....they are
comparing to a house that sold last year that is across the street
msraven54: S"mores!!!
MountainMaMaDuke: SOME MORES
Katie: mmmm s'mores
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: s'mores, would that include the campfire, too,
Missy~VA: thats what they do here lynn compare
Alix: Alix in Lynn's system LOL
Missy~VA: yep mary
jfp76801: G creackers w/ peanut butter
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I know they do compare things, but
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: LOL
Missy~VA: love that too jim
MountainMaMaDuke: I like that idea Jim
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: just give me my money so I can move south out of this
cold weather
msraven54: peanut butter and 'nanner samiches lol
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: that sounds good, Jim
Missy~VA: they tried to compare ours to the house across the street....
Missy~VA: ours has more footage AND a finished basement
Missy~VA: theirs has NO basement
msraven54: Yeah NJ yummm
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: ALix is getting personal with my computer LOL
Missy~VA: think that should account for something
norajean_sf: I'm looking for the screen shots of the S'mores demo
MountainMaMaDuke: Is that a peanut butter and banana sandwich?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: there's the PB & banana
krafteame: Lisa T Saisbury, North Carolina
norajean_sf: yup
MountainMaMaDuke: I love the banana!
msraven54: <===loves p. butter and bananas
MountainMaMaDuke: how do you make that - BANANA?
norajean_sf: I think it was Angie Scarr who showed this banana cane in a
msraven54: love it
norajean_sf: but I'm on the S'mores screenshots search
norajean_sf: I know we did it
jfp76801: me to on pb a b
msraven54: that banana looks soooo real
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: ours has a finished basement too Missy and the others
didn't. Plus those people dropped their asking price to move fast cause of a
job so
msraven54: that just hurts other sellers unfortunately
This is the section with digital pictures of the food you saw today, got
some good shots here
Missy~VA: man im hungry now
Missy~VA: lol
norajean_sf: food on
steamer trays
krafteame: that banana looks good enough to eat. one of my older sons(22 and
24 ) would come in and see that laying on the table and try to eat it. It
would teach them a good lesson=))
Missy~VA: lol lisa
lvmypolymerclay left the room
Katie: lol
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the room
msraven54: Wow NJ love the steamers
Missy~VA: i had a friend that tried to eat some if my work
Missy~VA: lol
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/Demos-MiniFoods.htm
First Demo, first mini foods on cam, screen shots, logs and digital pix
norajean_sf: Pizza Screen Shots
Missy~VA: brb
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/DemoPix-001.htm
mini sandwich with the canes
msraven54: wow, pizza looks really good
MountainMaMaDuke: all this good food has made me hungry!
mommaclara2001: Is it quite in here or is it just me?
Katie: its quiet
MountainMaMaDuke: quiet right now
msraven54: I was just looking at all the foods--wow
rossija9 left the room
Rossija = Mary in Ohio (rossija9) joined the room
norajean_sf: Sandwich Earrings
msraven54: cute
Missy~VA: wb mary
Missy~VA: im cookin lol
norajean_sf: Well I can't find the S'mores I know I did it and there's
screen shots
norajean_sf: rats
mommaclara2001: I am making a pie.
Missy~VA: of course nj....LOL
krafteame: What do would one do with all the mini`s if you got into making
them? collect them, sell them?????
Missy~VA: what is the graham cracker made out of?
Tammy: well I am finally back had to put the baby down and start dinner
Tammy: yes how do you make the graham??
norajean_sf: Ok, the graham cracker, mix white with burnt umber and judge by
your eyes
norajean_sf: then
norajean_sf: I took texture sheets, two of them, sandwiched the graham
cracker clay sheet between them and pressed all three together
norajean_sf: so there's different texture on the two sides of the graham
Missy~VA: k
Tammy: ok thank you
norajean_sf: the chocolate is burnt umber, Premo, straight out of the pack,
it's the perfect dark chocolate for mini food
norajean_sf: but I wanted to find those danged screen shots
norajean_sf: they might have been deleted, some folks were storing screen
shots and when they unsubbed they deleted the album
norajean_sf: then I deleted the link
debsdv left the room
norajean_sf: that's happened more often than you'd imagine, I never get an
email saying, download the pix
norajean_sf: so I don't expect to get any warning
norajean_sf: so I don't get disappointed anymore, but I'm always looking for
screen shots that have gone missing, cuz I forget when it happens
krafteame: The grahm crkr looks almost like it has crumbs or powdery, or is
it the pic
msraven54: that's not very nice of folks
vlady6us joined the room
norajean_sf: the powder is baby powder dusted on texture sheets
vlady6us: hello everyone
norajean_sf: who has not seen texture sheets
Katie: hi
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: hi Sandie
mommaclara2001: Hi
Tammy: ME!!!
norajean_sf: Yo Sandie how's it going in Florida?
MountainMaMaDuke: Hi Sandie
krafteame: makes them look even more real
Tammy: I havent seen them
msraven54: hi Sandie==>Sandy too
vlady6us: pretty warm here today NJ..hows SF????
MountainMaMaDuke: How did it go today?
norajean_sf: let me show you
vlady6us: hi sandy and pauline and everyone
krafteame: where are you in fla,I used to live there
vlady6us: was not good pauline
vlady6us: lakeland
MountainMaMaDuke: Oh NO!
msraven54: I used to live in Sanford, and Winter Park
Missy~VA: hiya sandie....was away from puter when u came in!
krafteame: ah, Iived near Vero Beach for 28yrs
vlady6us: ppl had an attitude today....i can buy it cheaper at walmart
norajean_sf: lol
MountainMaMaDuke: I know how hard you worked
vlady6us: hi missy
vlady6us: and thats what they told everyone too....
Esther_UK (esther_reeves) joined the room
vlady6us: one guy told them..u can not buy this at walmart....
msraven54: Hi Esther
krafteame: Sanford is above Titesville rigt?
vlady6us: hi esther
MountainMaMaDuke: Walmart, talk about salt in the wounds for you!
Missy~VA: hiya esther
msraven54: West yes
vlady6us: got that right pauline
msraven54: on St Johns
Esther_UK: Hi just popped in to see how things were
norajean_sf: good evening Esther
krafteame: I have a texture sheet just like that!
norajean_sf: showing texture sheets
vlady6us: next show i do im gonna make a sign.......
Esther_UK: cool
vlady6us: i am not _____mart and i do not sell at _____prices
MountainMaMaDuke: and it is going to say what?
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL
Missy~VA: wow that is aweful sandie! hope next show is better...if they
didnt want things why did they go to a show?
msraven54: Yeah for Sandie
Esther_UK: what make of sheets are they?
vlady6us: i have no clue missy
vlady6us: ty sandy
Tammy: oh those are cool
norajean_sf: Given to me by DebJean in Florida on the 2001 tour
MountainMaMaDuke: Walmart is not the answer for everything!
Esther_UK: ok, look great fun
msraven54: Happened to Me and friend of mine same way here in November
vlady6us: those are neat NJ
norajean_sf: Says Scratch ART
vlady6us: no they sure arent least my things werent made in
china or iran
krafteame: I bought mine with some stuff off ebay, hey I have that one two
and the other one, there was 4 or 5 I got
vlady6us: or all those other places that put americans out of jobs
MountainMaMaDuke: You Bet!
msraven54: Those are cool NJ, I have 2 of those but not the rest
poonkie2 joined the room
msraven54: So sorry Sandie
Katie: Hi Poonkie
poonkie2: Hello everybody!
msraven54: Hi Poonkie
vlady6us: hubby, the trucker has hauled "make in america" labels.
they come from china
mommaclara2001: Hi poonkie
MountainMaMaDuke: I just heard on the news last night, that even our own
army helicopters are not going to be made in the USA anymore
vlady6us: hi poonkie
krafteame: I havet hem but dont use them, I dont know what to do with them,
Ive played around with them a little
norajean_sf: Showing Texture sheets Poonkie
msraven54: Me too Sandie--am(well was) trucker
vlady6us: that was supposed to be...btw....not bty
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: that looks like basketball texture
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: the one before...
vlady6us: u were was i
MountainMaMaDuke: why am I not seeing the texture sheets? Are you on the
Esther_UK: very thin.. I assume they can go through the pasta machine?
poonkie2: I like those texture sheets. i have some and use them for my
vlady6us: i see them pauline
msraven54: Got hurt in June--can't drive anymore
poonkie2: Very nice!
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: might be too wide Esther
krafteame: I need to learn how to sketch with color pencils on clay and then
learn to seel them smoothly with depth
vlady6us: i got hurt about 3 yrs ago and cant drive truck anymore ..sandy
MountainMaMaDuke: I still see the lemon meringue pie
norajean_sf: Yes let me give you a link, Shaved Wave, take layers of colors,
press with a texture sheet in the pasta machine and shave off the top
msraven54: You miss it?
norajean_sf: Pauline, close the cam window and open it again,
vlady6us: x the cam out pauline and do it again
MountainMaMaDuke: OK
vlady6us: yeah i do sandy.
vlady6us: do you?
msraven54: me too.....hubby still drivesw
msraven54: drives
vlady6us: NJ made lemon
vlady6us: mine too sandy
Esther_UK: Cheryl does great coloured pencil pictures on clay
krafteame: I was checking that tut out (shave wave)
MountainMaMaDuke: here we go! OK
vlady6us: sis and her hubby, son in law, and hubbys 2 brothers
msraven54: we(our co) goes to Lakeland all the time
vlady6us: cool pauline
vlady6us: oh wow. can u ride with him sandy????
msraven54: on occasion
vlady6us: what company???
krafteame: I used take cars to a car auction in lakeland for a man I worked
for at a carlot
msraven54: Climate Express
msraven54: reefer co
vlady6us: oh ok. jim palmer trucking for us
vlady6us: reefer too
norajean_sf: ok, dig, here is the texture sheet for shaved wave
msraven54: Oh cool
norajean_sf: ok?
vlady6us: oh neat krafteame
MountainMaMaDuke: reefer?
norajean_sf: Now here's the finished item, multiple sheets pressed with this
texture sheet
msraven54: we go to Rich SeaPak there
vlady6us: refrigerated trailer ..pauline. hauls food
krafteame: When you do the shave wave do you press from both sides with tex.
sheet, I didnt get the tut clearly(didnt understans it to well)
vlady6us: ahhhhhhhhhhhh sandy
vlady6us: wo wNJ. thats cool
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL, I was worried for a minute, thought we were talking
about drugs!
vlady6us: LOL
Missy~VA: bbl goin to eat diner
Missy~VA: dinner
Tammy: ohhh thats cool
vlady6us: nawwwwwwwwwww i dont do drugs...any more
msraven54: haul in breading flour, haul out produce
jill_z_q: we talked about drugs last night
norajean_sf: close up of the technique, open the thumbnails for really big
pictures, Lisa
mommaclara2001: Bye Missy
MountainMaMaDuke: never a dull moment here!
norajean_sf: are we ready for more finished examples?
vlady6us: hubby hauls all refrigerated or frozen..very seldom gets a dry
vlady6us: lol pauline
vickir1: yes
Tammy: sure NJ
msraven54: we do both, Kerry ingredients is Huge customer
MountainMaMaDuke: What is the temp down there right now Sandie?
vlady6us: neat sandy
norajean_sf: That's flat, but it looks textures because of the mica shift
vlady6us: 68 here pauline
msraven54: we haul to all Rich Products plants
vlady6us: i have sunburned lips
MountainMaMaDuke: grrrr
msraven54: Love that NJ
vlady6us: neat sandy
krafteame: I just didnt follow the directions clearly . I read it and looked
at it for awhile, It just didnt sink in.
vlady6us: pauline. i liked that pic u sent me earlier
MountainMaMaDuke: We had a heat wave here today, actually got up to 30
norajean_sf: and this is the last one coming up
MountainMaMaDuke: thanks
vlady6us: we were set up next to a man who made jewelry...and made his own
glass beads...
msraven54: we go to Brunswick GA, Jacksonville, etc..hubby mostly running
Reno, or La metro area and Yuma back
MountainMaMaDuke: COOL
vlady6us: good runs sandy
vlady6us: his work was gorgeous
poonkie2: What do you do with these finished sheets NJ?
msraven54: yes--especially since I am not working
norajean_sf: I let my house guests take them home as gifts
vlady6us: oh yeah..does anyone know how to make a miniature palm tree. about
1" high??????????
Katie: wish I could help you, but I don't
msraven54: Those are awesome NJ, I love that technique
krafteame: I bet it wouldnt be really hard, you could even make little
coconuts if you made a coc. palm
vlady6us: i just talked to a lady who makes those bead things for wine
glasses and shes looking for mini palm trees
vlady6us: im gonna try soon..we have company for the weekend too
MountainMaMaDuke: I am sure that it can be done
vlady6us: i shouldnt even be on here
vlady6us: oh me too pauline
anniek556 left the room
krafteame: Could you run thru the directions, just highlight them for the
wshave wave
vlady6us: im sure gonna try
anniek556 joined the room
norajean_sf: This was made with the scraps
msraven54: neat..
norajean_sf: just take the scrap strips and made a pot
vlady6us: wb annie
vlady6us: thats cool NJ
anniek556: ty, yahoo spit me out ;-(
MountainMaMaDuke: brb - dog is wailing to go out!
vlady6us: ok hb
vlady6us: so sandy, if u know your hubby is coming down here u need to come
with him
crzy4dzny left the room
msraven54: really like that Nj
krafteame: wow thats alot of cly, I couldnt afford to have that much scrap
clay, I bet I dont have that much clay thats "good " clay
norajean_sf: Now as to the trick of this
msraven54: hey that would be cool
norajean_sf: take many colors of clay, press them together as one sheet
vlady6us: yeah it would be sandy
norajean_sf: take two and press
norajean_sf: add a third and press
norajean_sf: cut all that in half and stack them and press
msraven54: we could make all kinds of good stuff
norajean_sf: at the widest setting, then take a texture sheet and press it
with the layered sheet
norajean_sf: then
vlady6us: for sure sandy
vlady6us: he would need to have at least a whole day down here
vlady6us: or a couple
norajean_sf: slice off the tips of the textured layered sheet to reveal the
colors underneath
msraven54: yes that would be fun
vlady6us: it sure would be
norajean_sf: This was supposed to stand up but I didn't prop it up in the
oven and it fell over
norajean_sf: so it's called
norajean_sf: Broken on the Waves
poonkie2: =))
Esther_UK: back in a mo
esther_reeves left the room
norajean_sf: LOL
Tammy: =))
norajean_sf: So it ART
vlady6us: LOL NJ
norajean_sf: doesn't have to have a utility or make sense
norajean_sf: he he he
msraven54: Art is art
vickir1: brb
Esther_UK (esther_reeves) joined the room
vlady6us: wb esther
msraven54: and each piece decides what it wants to be and this one wanted to
lay down and be lazy
vlady6us: whoops. we lost nj's webcam
Esther_UK: not just me then
vlady6us: and we lost NJ
msraven54: not just me then--whew
vlady6us: lol
jill_z_q: no that is just art Sandie lol
poonkie2 left the room
vlady6us: LOL suzie
msraven54: lol
norajean_sf left the room
norajean_sf joined the room
vlady6us: no,,art is this guy i used to know...
vlady6us: wb NJ
norajean_sf: Who can send log to the list?
norajean_sf: who's been here since the last log save?
vlady6us: not me
norajean_sf: I got booted before I could save
norajean_sf: Pauline?
msraven54: I would if I knew how
vlady6us: shes out with her dog NJ
jill_z_q: I do
krafteame: I have how do I save it?
norajean_sf: Susy can you do that for me honey?
jill_z_q: I have stuff from Demo log 5?
norajean_sf: all you have to do is right click on the log, select all, copy,
open an email and paste
norajean_sf: Yes Susy
jill_z_q: I have stuff before that too is that okay?
norajean_sf: It distresses me when I get booted before being able to save
norajean_sf: that's ok
norajean_sf: it just has information that hasn't gone through the list in
norajean_sf: gosh my hair stood up on end
msraven54: doesn't that figure??
vlady6us: that must have been cute NJ
norajean_sf: close out all cam windows and I'll open the cam again
anniek556: can somebody thats been in here save it for you?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: is your webcam back, NJ?
norajean_sf: Oh James jumped when I yelped
norajean_sf: YIKES
vlady6us: lol
msraven54: lol
jill_z_q: let me see what I saved lol
krafteame: ok I did now what do I do with it, who do I send itto
norajean_sf: Lisa, Suzy is sending her copy to the list, but you can too,
paste it into an email and send it to the clay list
norajean_sf: that's what I do while I'm doing demo each half hour
krafteame: ok will do
norajean_sf: it's good practice for ClayMates, cuz Kat will be doing demos
and she might need back up for saving logs
norajean_sf: and sharing them with the list.

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