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Demo - Log 5 - Variations - Ruffled edge flower

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little38chevy: cool
norajean_sf: Saturday Demo - Log 5 - Variations on the
Inverted Blend Flower Petal. Roll Call Please
norajean_sf: <<<< Me
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
Missy~VA: <~~~~~~~~ME
msraven54: Sandy in Missouri
Lisa in Maine: <--- me in ME
Vicki in NH: still me
little38chevy: jackie in ontario
Mary in OH: <<moi
Suzy: in Chatsworth
krafteame: Lisa T, salisbry NC
Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, Calif.....
Sherry: Florida
Staci: <~~~~Missouri
Deedee: <<<<<<<<<<,kansas
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
Staci: Deedee where at in Ks?
bernie: pa
Deedee: sw garden city
krafty_karen_mc: karen...Alberta
krafteame: Im going to stay in but I have to vacum
before hubby gets home. BRB
little38chevy: hb
Staci: Isn't that out by Wichita?
Staci: Or is that by Topeka?
Suzy: NJ is the picture list moderated?
Deedee: 4 hour drive west of witchita
norajean_sf: ok, I got space on my cam for 10 people
norajean_sf: Yes Suzy
Missy~VA: what time is kats demo eastern time?
Lisa in Maine: 4
norajean_sf: to protect from viruses
rjchase222: brb have to chk something out for the dh
norajean_sf: Now are there any questions at this point
about these petal tricks?
Missy~VA: goodie! i might just get to make it then!
Suzy: Oh okay that is why my email is not through
thought maybe it was lost in outer space
msraven54: nope
norajean_sf: let me check to see
Staci: I have been losing emails too
Sherry: did you do these all with Premo?
Suzy: Ooh thanks
Vicki in NH: none i can think of
norajean_sf: Suzy just approved your nifty flower
Suzy: thanks those the flowers I was talking about
norajean_sf: yes these are with Premo, left over clay
that's years old actually
norajean_sf: I'm recycling all my old clay
merrie60us left the room
merrie60us joined the room
Sherry: very cool NJ
Deedee: is premo all u use?
Lisa in Maine: Mother Vicki ... did you ever pick up
any Fimo?
Vicki in NH: yep
Lisa in Maine: which one?
Lisa in Maine: classic or soft?
Vicki in NH: that's aal I bought last week
Vicki in NH: all
merrie60us: I got bumped can I see the one with the
snakes please
norajean_sf: Now are there any questions about these
flower petal variations, if not are there any
observations on how to do variations?
merrie60us: nice
Vicki in NH: both
Staci: I still think that last one looks like a
norajean_sf: variations
Lisa in Maine: my stargazer lily "dots" ended up kinda
square like those in the last one on the right, NJ ...
is that how it's SUPPOSED to look?
Staci: just an observation
Staci: LOL
Lisa in Maine: I thought they came out a lot rounder
in the demo you'd done
merrie60us: ugh Now kids came home got to go thanks
see you next week is there a demo tomorrow??
norajean_sf: Nope the smashed snakes were because I
was rushing it because of Demo
norajean_sf: Kat's doing the Sunday Demos I believe
merrie60us: do you know the time?
Lisa in Maine: so how do I keep them from being
squarish looking like that?
norajean_sf: add "V" shapes around the round bits
norajean_sf: to prop up the round bits
Lisa in Maine: gotcha ... thanks!
Vicki in NH: 4pm
merrie60us: good idea
helenpankowsky joined the room
merrie60us: 4 our time?
Vicki in NH: yes
Lisa in Maine: will have to try the stargazer lily
again then
norajean_sf: now if one needs a line in a design use a
sheet of clay, if you need a dot you use a snake of
clay, if you need gradation of color you need a blend,
we good on these basics?
Staci: Hmmm
Staci: that was weird
msraven54: Yes
Lisa in Maine: yep
little38chevy: yes ty nj
Vicki in NH: i think so
Sherry: yep
Lisa in Maine: mother vicki ... which one do you
prefer? the classic or the soft?
norajean_sf: I got room for folks on my cam, fyi
merrie60us left the room
norajean_sf: Staci how many people on your cam, honey?
Vicki in NH: so far I've only used the soft
Lisa in Maine: ok ... is it harder than the Sculpey?
helenpankowsky: hi, just dropping in briefly. looks
msraven54: hi helen
Vicki in NH: yes but not a lot you notice the dif
Lisa in Maine: ok thx
little38chevy: hello helen
Sherry: I've gotten some classic that is very hard
Staci: LOL Nj, are you getting an invite to view my
norajean_sf: Yes I've been getting invites to you cam.
How many people on your cam right now? I got room for
about 10 viewers on mine.
Staci: LOL I didn't mean to send an invite Yahoo is
messing up
Staci: I was in IM with a friend he wanted to know
what we were doing
norajean_sf: I was wondering what was going on. LOL
Staci: I only have one person viewing my cam...and he
isn't on the clay list
Staci: he is a friend here in town that helps out when
i have big orders that need filled
norajean_sf: ok, what other flower petal designs do
you all want to review?
msraven54: Oh, Nj--I have named my purple rose after
you, since all roses are named after someone..thank
you for inspiration
norajean_sf: Thanks honey
msraven54: You are so welcome
norajean_sf: Shall we give a tulip an effort?
Lisa in Maine: carnations, NJ?
msraven54: oh ok yes
little38chevy: sure
msraven54: carns too?
rjchase222: yes
norajean_sf: LOL I put one petal upside down
Suzy: you have a purple rose?
msraven54: Yes made one last nite and one this morning
Suzy: I thought you meant a real one
msraven54: oh no
helenpankowsky: I was just goin to ask if u had put in
upside down on purpose. Artistic interpretation and
all that
Staci: Ok, I am going to step away for a few minutes
need to go stick a casserole in the oven....ifin
anyone comes in my cam is still open and they don't
need approval to view it....just tell them to click on
meplus5kids joined the room
msraven54: Hi Meplus
little38chevy: hello jean
meplus5kids: Hi All
norajean_sf: Yo Jean
helenpankowsky: hi meplus
norajean_sf: so there's a sort of Tulip
Suzy: hi Jean
meplus5kids: Just got back from girlscout stuff
Sherry: beautiful
Lisa in Maine: now that would look pretty as a pinch
norajean_sf: using the same cane as we've been using
Suzy: Mmmm girlscout cookies
msraven54: Sorry Jean couldn't remember name--CRS
disease lol
little38chevy: pretty nj
meplus5kids: No problem, I answer to most anything
Sherry: That would look awesome with those colors and
then yellow ones
Suzy: Helen are you the one that made the cigar purse?
rjchase222: interesting interpretation of a carnation
me thinks
mehreenx left the room
msraven54: tulip
Suzy: looks like a tulip
Lisa in Maine: this was the tulip, Raz
rjchase222: I know just giving NJ some static
msraven54: lol raz
helenpankowsky: I made purses but not out of
cigars!lol. They are the ones with cranes and
Suzy: I meant cigar boxes
msraven54: Anyone(ie NJ) ever tried Spider mum?
norajean_sf: pix?
Suzy: that would be tedious LOL
msraven54: of spider mum?
Missy~VA: spider mum?
rjchase222: yes I think she needs/wants a pix of
spider mum
Suzy: looks like a spider legs
Staci: LOL got a kid cutting up onions
Staci: I don't have to smell like them
msraven54: Yes-usually white--could be made of long
snakes, maybe?
msraven54: ok will try to get
Suzy: let me find a pic
Suzy: just do a google search
Suzy: and if you select images should bring a bunch of
bernie: brb
Staci: Spider Mum
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
Staci: that one is Zinnas and Spider Mums
rjchase222: those wld b awesome to make!!
bonsaikathy: love the ruffled look on those NJ
Suzy: check these out
minimadness423: ruffled look has the potential for
becoming an azealia
bernie: very pretty nj
msraven54: i love spider mums,
bonsaikathy: Kathy I'm glad you joined us today, been
wondering what happened to you
bernie: so vibrant
msraven54: Wow Suzy those dyed ones are GORGEOUS
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
msraven54: Very Pretty NJ, love that
little38chevy: pretty nj
riverstyxrd joined the room
Lisa in Maine: beautiful, NJ!
rjchase222: well done NJ
Vicki in NH: beautiful nj
Suzy: isn't that neato
norajean_sf: By taking the same cane and ruffling the
edges you get a totally different flower
Sherry: very pretty
bonsaikathy: it's beautiful
riverstyxrd: Hello all....Elayne in Medina Ohio
Staci: I think those would be very tedious to make
helenpankowsky: Sorry, Jill. I was trying to get the
link for my purses. Not too good at it yet.
Staci: .....The Spider Mums that is
little38chevy: hello Elayne
rjchase222: Hi Elayne
Staci: Nj, your flower is gorgous as usual
helenpankowsky: Anyway I have a photo album in Epson
meplus5kids left the room
bernie: hi elayne from medino oh
riverstyxrd: I just got in from shooting some baskets
with my son in the frigid cold!
helenpankowsky: That flower is lovely
msraven54: probably Staci, but intersting to try maybe
riverstyxrd: wish I came sooner.
Staci: Howdy Elaine
Staci: Errr....Elayne
msraven54: Hi Elaine
Staci: Yeah they would be cool
norajean_sf: I review flowers pretty regularly Elayne,
no worries
riverstyxrd: that is one beautiful flower.....may I
see the cane?
Staci: It looks like some skinner blends of different
norajean_sf: but I'll show you the cane as it went
through it's different stages
riverstyxrd: thanks
riverstyxrd: this is staggered stacking,?? and then
minimadness423: can we say busiest time of tax season
for the office manager of a tax office?
norajean_sf: There's the link for the trick of
inserting sheets into a jelly roll blend, that's the
slice on the left on cam
riverstyxrd: ah...
norajean_sf: taking the blend that made the jelly roll
and turning it upside down and inserting it made this
minimadness423: I did 10 days straight, had a sunday
off and then did 8 more.
Sherry: good I can get the links..just have to hold
ctrl key to see them.
norajean_sf: when you double it with another inverted
blended sheet in the middle you get the next slice
little38chevy: thank you for demo nj, hagn all tc bye,
gotta go
little38chevy left the room
norajean_sf: taking that doubled cane and covering it
with sheets of clay you get the next cane
norajean_sf: or taking snakes and sheets and covering
the doubled cane you get the next variation
Lisa in Maine: alrighty ... I have to go feed the
masses ... many thanks for the demo, NJ!!!!
Lisa in Maine: have a great night everyone!!!
rjchase222: nite Lisa!
riverstyxrd: Have a good meal, Lisa!
bernie: see ya lisa
meplus5kids joined the room
riverstyxrd: thanks for the review, NJ
kittekattz left the room
Vicki in NH: nite lisa
norajean_sf: Now you can take one cane and make many
flowers from it like with that last link
Mary in OH: bye Lisa
Rickie Beth: pretty flowers!!!
msraven54: Those are all nice-soo pretty NJ
Vicki in NH: so pretty
msraven54: bye Lisa
Rickie Beth: by Losa....
riverstyxrd: What is great is that the variations all
blend so well because they came from the original
norajean_sf: by taking one cane and adding sheets,
snakes, and forming the flowers differently you get a
lot of bang for your flower cane buck
rjchase222: I'm wondering how many jesters I will end
up making after trying this!
norajean_sf: ok, I got to save log, brb

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