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04-30-2004 Demo Log and Sample Picture: Sculpting the face:

Second save and the Moth Picture

cindycreator: Hello, sorry I can't stay. I logged in by mistake. I
hope to come back another time though. Sorry.
Beauty4ashes: me too, and its almost 1am so I have to go, hubbys
Beauty4ashes: bye everyone
cindycreator: Ok see ya later
chelyha55: nitey nite
babasbunja: bye girlfriend
cindycreator left the room
Fearless Leader: Ok, back
Beauty4ashes: thank you NJ and it was so very nice chatting with
Fearless Leader: See you tomorrow?
Beauty4ashes: its so late here 1 am NJ, monday, Saturday and Sunday
is with hubby. bye
Lady Lavendar: Do you insert the eyes while sculpting or now?
Fearless Leader: Ciao Bella
Fearless Leader: we can do some eyes on another face
Fearless Leader: hold up I'll get a face that needs eyes and let's
goof around with that
Lady Lavendar: Also is it typical to have ears?
Fearless Leader: ok?
Lady Lavendar: sure
Fearless Leader: ok, ears, let's do a quick review of ears
Susan: ears
Susan: good
beauty4ashes57 left the room
rickiebeth1 joined the room
babasbunja: Fascinating NJ, you never added clay to make any of the
features, including the ears?
rickiebeth1: Hello Everyone!!!!
chelyha55: Hi Rickie!
sunemoonsong: that is very cool
chelyha55: you can add clay if you need to
Lady Lavendar: like that, not a lot of detail but there
Fearless Leader: Trick to ears is they start where the jaw ends
Fearless Leader: the lobe is level with the end of the jaw
Fearless Leader: the top of the ear little higher than the eye
Fearless Leader: the grid is this
Fearless Leader: map it like that
Fearless Leader: jaw, eye, and there ya go
Fearless Leader: that's rough but you get the idea
Fearless Leader: feel your jaw
Lady Lavendar: yes, thank you
Fearless Leader: at the top of the end of your jaw, go back and find
your ear lobe
Fearless Leader: or your finger goes inside your ear actually
MaMa Duke (pdduke2003) joined the room
Fearless Leader: so the lobe is a little lower than the top of the
back of the jaw
Fearless Leader: that's why it's so noisy to eat potato chips
Fearless Leader: crunch crunch
Fearless Leader: we hear it from the inside
Fearless Leader: LOL
rickiebeth1: I think my computer is acting up - meaning, I must turn
it off before it explodes or something like this - I hate to say bye
so soon.... but ...BYE ..and soon I hope to have another working
sunemoonsong: wow
rickiebeth1: Adois everyone
babasbunja: good night
rickiebeth1: Bye All
rickiebeth1 left the room
babasbunja: Eyes are difficult but so wonderful when they turn out
chelyha55: the only way I can make them look right is if I make them
sunemoonsong: i use prebaked eyes of different sizes
sunemoonsong: i find that they are easier.
babasbunja: I use baked eyes too, or plastic, bought pre made or
beads that I paint
sunemoonsong: aaaah! it looks kind of scary at the moment
sunemoonsong: *lol*
babasbunja: mine look like aliens mostly, til finished
babasbunja: et phone home til i get eyelids just right
sunemoonsong: what is that small thing that looks like an eyedropper
chelyha55: ooh, Roux just showed up in town on "Chocolat"
babasbunja: razor, I think
sunemoonsong: theoh
sunemoonsong: oh
sunemoonsong: does anyone use that waterless hand cleanser as a
kgedrich joined the room
sunemoonsong: cool beads nancy
babasbunja: how do you mean?
chelyha55: I haven't heard of that before
sunemoonsong: well the waterless hand sanatizer, i read a book
called, friends and family in polymer clay
kgedrich: good evening/day everyone
chelyha55: hello
sunemoonsong: and she used waterless hand sanatizer, and a brush to
get all the fingerprints and stuff out of her clay before baking
babasbunja: do you clean the clay off with it before baking?
chelyha55: ooh Nancy lots of swirlies!
sunemoonsong: i think it also put a nice glossy finish on her clay
just wondering if anyone else did it?
nancy: thanks..i saw that message about the tut or desiree's site...i
went a little crazy
kgedrich: pretty nancy you have been busy
sunemoonsong: i am not sure if it cleans it, but i think it makes it
easier to take the fingerprints and stuff out, and makes it shinier
chelyha55: If I sand a bead then I buff it
chelyha55: but if you don't have a buffer you can coat them with
chelyha55: Nancy did you use a bead roller?
nancy: no the lentil bead tutorial on desiree's site
nancy: it is soooo easy...
nancy: i will get you the link
chelyha55: How do you get the swirl?
chelyha55: oh ok
babasbunja: Well my new pre and post menopausal friends, I have to
hit the sack. It was great watching NJ's majic again and fun chatting
with you all. Good night. Bernie P.S. Give NJ a thumbs up from me.
chelyha55: nitey nite
nancy: this one looks like an eyes iris...except yellow
chelyha55: ok, you use the same technique I do
dona5611: night all -- I have to get up early -- taking my mom to a
rubber stamp show in San Jose
pdduke2003 left the room
nancy: i just learned it a couple of days ago...giggle
dona5611: thanks NJ!
Fearless Leader: ok,
Fearless Leader: good time for a break
sunemoonsong: well that looks very nice
dona5611 left the room
chelyha55: that face looks faintly african
Fearless Leader: smoke em if you got em
nancy: the 2 beads (red and silver/blue and silver)
Lady Lavendar: Thanks for the peak over your shoulder, I will get
brave and try one . . . son
Fearless Leader: it's the lips
chelyha55: or like Egyptian
Fearless Leader: As you saw tonight
Fearless Leader: faces don't always come out right the first time
Fearless Leader: I did three efforts for the asian face
sunemoonsong: they seem kind of fussy
shargoose: Mine isn't so Asian but I am pleased so far, NJ
Fearless Leader: So practice sculpting faces, ball it up and do it
Fearless Leader: that's really the only way we can learn, is by doing
Lady Lavendar: just don't throw it across the room
shargoose: See what you think, I got cam on
Fearless Leader: if you want a face to come out perfect first time,
you'll be setting yourself up for diappointment
sunemoonsong: *nods* i have baked a few and keep adding to them
Susan: I've reaally enjoyed the NJ face show tonight - learned a lot
nancy: were made with silver shaved off a sheet of sliver pressed
with a dots sheet..
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me see, Oh my gosh there's a ton of cams open
Susan: but gotta go to bed
Susan: see you next time nightowls
Fearless Leader: see you tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: we do another demo at Noon, PST
Susan: what time??
shargoose: Nite Susan
Fearless Leader: what time zone are you at Susan?
Lady Lavendar: Well it's avter 1 here so I'm off to bed, Thanks again
Susan: great - yup I'll try and get in, if the yahoo gods allow
Fearless Leader: Eastern?
sunemoonsong: awwwwwwww what a cute doggie and kitty
Susan: I'm in Eastern
sunemoonsong: kgedrich
Fearless Leader: 3pm Eastern
sunemoonsong: DEY are so CUTe
Susan: so see ya 3 pm my time
ldylvndr left the room
Susan: thanks NJ!
sunemoonsong: cuties
sunemoonsong: hehehe
Fearless Leader: You're welcome Susan
Susan: see ya gals
Fearless Leader: The face came out good Sharon
sunemoonsong: bye
sunemoonsong: night
minimoon47 left the room
shargoose: Thanks, NJ
shargoose: You good teacher!!
Fearless Leader: Thank you for being a good student
nancy: brb
Fearless Leader: for without you, I'm just talking to myself
Fearless Leader: and making the natives worried
shargoose: Grasshopper learning from Master
shargoose: I do have to use prebaked trans eyes
Fearless Leader: Is that a face on a vase?
shargoose: It's just my thing
MaMa Duke (pdduke2003) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Do your Thang, do what you wanna doooooo
Fearless Leader: I worked up a sweat
shargoose: Helps me shape the lids better
Fearless Leader: whew
shargoose: Is it still hot there, NJ?
Fearless Leader: it was all day
Fearless Leader: and the apartment was like an oven
Fearless Leader: when I got home
shargoose: I turned the AC on this afternoon, too muggy
Fearless Leader: Fog is my AC and I'm still waiting
Fearless Leader: Oh that's a great face
Fearless Leader: wow
shargoose: I'll see if we can russel some up for you
chelyha55: it is good isn't it!
nancy: awsome face
chelyha55: I have a portable swamp cooler
Fearless Leader: and you got a boatload of beads there
chelyha55: it works great
Fearless Leader: I couldn't fit another cam window if we had one
Fearless Leader: I'd run out of monitor space
shargoose: Thanks if you ment me
Fearless Leader: Kat and you Sharon
Fearless Leader: you are both Awesome!!
shargoose: Sorry, didn't see Kats face
shargoose: Show me Kat
Fearless Leader: For a clay along Sharon, you's is amazing
shargoose: Wow
Fearless Leader: turn the vase Kat
kgedrich: aw shucks fearless leader you making me blush
Fearless Leader: see
Fearless Leader: wowsers
Fearless Leader: expression, I love it
shargoose: Love it Kat
chelyha55: that's great!
Fearless Leader: he is singing
shargoose: Your work is so amazing
Fearless Leader: ooooddddlllleeeeooooo
kgedrich: thanks taking it to Shrinemont for silent auction hope i
get it done LOL
Fearless Leader: I hope they are floored by it
shargoose: Oh, you get to go to Shrinemont
shargoose: Jealous, I am
Fearless Leader: she will be representing the list for us
kgedrich: yep countdown has begun i am getting so excited
Fearless Leader: won't you Kat
nancy: do you recognize this bead pattern NJ
Fearless Leader: me see, Nancy
Fearless Leader: closer
kgedrich: i sure will
Fearless Leader: its a swirl, rainbow swirl?
shargoose: cool Nancy
Fearless Leader: Oh I got something to show to you about this swirl
kgedrich: they are asking for a volunteer photographer but im not
sure i want to do that then i wont get to clay and watch as much
nancy: your fire cane design
Fearless Leader: oh, I didn't get those colors from my view
sunemoonsong left the room
kgedrich: hey you guys can help me what should i name this vase
kgedrich: im terrible at naming things
Fearless Leader: I had a brain fart with this swirl pattern
shargoose: What else you putting on the vase, Kat?
Fearless Leader: Kat ... ask the list
Fearless Leader: put up a pix and ask the list for a name, what do
you think?
Fearless Leader: Nancy
Fearless Leader: you there?
nancy: yup
Fearless Leader: dig
kgedrich: okay but im having technical difficulties with the group
mail because of msn screw up im just now getting Weds. mail
nancy: okay
babasbunja left the room
shargoose: How about "Ancient Chant"?
nancy: your orchid cane
kgedrich: spent 2 hours with tech support for them to tell me due to
technical difficulties on their end my mail was late DOH
Fearless Leader: Or modified Tiger Lily
kgedrich: oh i like that
Fearless Leader: spotted petal
Fearless Leader: ok, this is one move,
Fearless Leader: here's the second
shargoose: It looks kinda Aztecy to me, Kat
chelyha55: Well I'm going to get off the internet, so goodnight ladies
kgedrich: i really like that Shar Thanks
shargoose: Nite
Fearless Leader: Ok, this is the twirl of these two canes
chelyha55: nite NJ
shargoose: Or Dreamers song?
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Cheryl, but I'm almost done here
nancy: okay
chelyha55: ok well I'll stay then
kgedrich: oh i like that too ohoh
kgedrich: oh i got to send a pic of this great big beautiful moth i
caught at the gas station it is to gorgeous
kgedrich: Daniel and i let it go off the balcony here at home
shargoose: Forest Dreamers song
nancy: ohh..i love moths and butterflys
shargoose: That's a Luna Moth!!
shargoose: They are huge and gorgeous
kgedrich: ratz not coming out to good will send to the picture list
nancy: luna has long "tails dont they
shargoose: Only come out a certain times, you are lucky to get one
shargoose: Yes, they do
nancy: i cant wait to see it posted...
chelyha55 left the room
chelyha55 joined the room
nancy: cool NJ
shargoose: Looked like one because of the big eye on the wing
chelyha55: I got booted
kgedrich: ill send it right quick give me a sec
nancy: that is one awesome moth...
Fearless Leader: it's sloppy
nancy: we get big ones like that here and some huge stripped wood
Fearless Leader: but that's the thought of it
nancy: no its great NJ...good idea
Fearless Leader: that moth was awesome
Fearless Leader: I hold the middle of the cane slice and turn the
kgedrich: okay i just sent it
chelyha55: I missed the moth because I got booted
Fearless Leader: if they were formed carefully you wouldn't have to
do that
nancy: ahhh..that would do it...good idea...
Fearless Leader: is a picture being sent to the pix list of the moth?
kgedrich: i just sent it to the picture list not to worry
Fearless Leader: coolness
chelyha55: ok thanks
Fearless Leader: Sharon's shutting down cam?
Fearless Leader: or got booted?
shargoose: Yup

shargoose: No still here
Fearless Leader: I'm going to save log, brb
kgedrich: let me know when you get it since my mail is on a 2 day
delay LOL for me to receive that is
shargoose: Did it NJ
shargoose: Just sent it to you
Fearless Leader: I'm stunned that I've not been booted tonight
shargoose: Quiet, NJ
Fearless Leader: lol
nancy: the silver and red bead was an accident...
shargoose: What a beautiful accident!!
Fearless Leader: wow
Fearless Leader: really
nancy: i was testing a silver kato and silver premo blend and pressed
it with a dots sheet and then shaved the dots
nancy: the "mesh" it created was cool..
nancy: so i played with it
chelyha55: let's see that again Nancy?
shargoose: Kat, I still don't see the moth
chelyha55: oh, that is pretty
kgedrich: let me check my outbox
chelyha55: I made some really nice mokume gane today.
shargoose: It's in MSAT photos??
chelyha55: NJ style; no translucent
chelyha55: just all metallic colors
nancy: cool...i love mokume gane...i need to make another batch
kgedrich: it went out
kgedrich: yep
shargoose: in your folder?
kgedrich: no i sent an email of it as an attachment
shargoose: k
kgedrich: hang ten i'll put into my folder
chelyha55: this mokume is brown, green, gold
chelyha55: I took some gold and mixed it with purple and got a really
pretty color
chelyha55: now I have to sand them, whoopee!
chelyha55: I hate sanding
nancy: laugh dont we all....
chelyha55: yeah I suppose we do
nancy: now i have to figure out if i want to put holes in raw or
baked first...
nancy: neat NJ...i saw that
kgedrich: okay the moth has landed in my folder
chelyha55: I made three "donuts" with the mokume
shargoose: Thanks
kgedrich: yw
nancy: now i just wish i figured out this bead technique before i had
to drop out of the faux swap...i sucked at making beads...
shargoose: That's a "Cecropia" (sp) Moth
chelyha55: oh and if you mix burnt umber with gold you get this great
antique gold color
kgedrich: wow thanks i just thought it was so gorgeous and it just
sat on my hand
shargoose: They are beautiful
nancy: awesome...i will look it up
chelyha55: so it's in what folder?
chelyha55: the moth?
kgedrich: Kat's creations
chelyha55: ok cool
chelyha55: I'll check it out before I go offline
kgedrich: and the eye part was see through
shargoose: The fake eyes on their wings scare predators away
shargoose: I got to hold a real live Barred owl on my hand yesterday!!
shargoose: A friend of ours rehabs injured birds
chelyha55: whoa I bet that was awesome!
chelyha55: that is great
shargoose: She was gorgeous and so soft
shargoose: She let me pet her head
nancy: oh thats so neat..
nancy: i love birds..
shargoose: Eyes on her are so luminous
jill_z_q joined the room
shargoose: I needed a pick me up
shargoose: Colitis is really bad this week
jill_z_q: howdy
shargoose: Hi
nancy: NJ did you see my yellow "iris"
shargoose: Kat, is your vessel all clay or clay on a glass vase?
kgedrich: clay on a glass vase to chicken to try clay alone LOL
shargoose: I cover vases, too
kgedrich: its trans with pearl ex
shargoose: It's so much fun and you can really get creative
shargoose: Love it
kgedrich: i found this one at the salvation army and really liked the
shape of it
shargoose: Can't wait to see it all done
kgedrich: got it for a dime
chelyha55: you can make some beautiful candle holders with
translucent clay
shargoose: LOL
jill_z_q left the room
shargoose: That's the best way to get them
nancy: trans is the most fun...and then the pearl colors
chelyha55: tint the trans clay
nancy: i am always looking for glass things to cover...
shargoose: Ya, I have used TLS and pearl interference powder and
painted it on some small vases
chelyha55: thrift store
shargoose: Pretty
shargoose: My friends save jars and vases for me
shargoose: Well, dears, got to get to bed
shargoose: It's been great here tonight.
chelyha55: nitey nite!
kgedrich: i got this huge pickle jar that my hubby just emptied thats
shargoose: Thanks NJ for the face tute
kgedrich: night Shar
shargoose: I will practice!!
shargoose: Nite all, happy claying
nancy: night shar
shargoose left the room
Fearless Leader: oh I missed saying nighty night
nancy: british sterling aftershave bottle...pearl and silver leaf
mokume gane
Fearless Leader: Nancy you were mentioning a spotted iris?
kgedrich: too cool love it
Fearless Leader: it's blurry to me
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: can you send a picture through the list
Fearless Leader: I'm sure I'm missing a lot of detail
nancy: yes i will...
nancy: i had a chunk of clay that was a "cane of disappointment...a
yellow and while chysanthamum cane...
nancy: and when i did it lentil style it looks just like the iris of
an eye
nancy: without the black of course..
nancy: the fire cane it did in demo one time came makes really cool
lentils too
chelyha55: ok now I really am going to go offline
chelyha55: goodnight all!
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night
Fearless Leader: I'm going to head out myself
nancy: night night..
Fearless Leader: since I'm done with my spotted tea pot
chelyha55 left the room
MaMa Duke: Thank you NJ
Fearless Leader: My pleasure
nancy: its neat NJ... i found some old earings that look like teapots
kgedrich: okay nite all
Fearless Leader: Let's do Tea Pot earrings
Fearless Leader: they are so cool
Fearless Leader: Kat it's just so nifty
nancy: wow...coyote chorus out in the field
kgedrich: thanks
Fearless Leader: and you're going to put more leaves on it, right?
kgedrich: don't want to go to far
kgedrich: yep just not sure where
Fearless Leader: sleep on it
nancy: yes teapot earings...that will be fun..
Fearless Leader: see it with new eyes
kgedrich: sounds like a plan
Fearless Leader: ok my darlings
nancy: yup..noonish?..
Fearless Leader: I'm off and I'll see you tomorrow
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: my time, noon
kgedrich: niters
nancy: okay see you tomorrow
Fearless Leader: xoxox
nancy: huggs


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