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Jan to June 2004 Demo Stuff

04-30-2004 Demo Log and Sample Picture: Sculpting the face

Second save and the Moth Picture 

Female face  Screen shots


A new ClayMate in Demo wanted an Asian Female Face. After three efforts we got close. That DemoLog is presented with one picture for sample sake. There's two more logs to add, but this will do for the prep for today's Demo at Noon, PST.

Fearless Leader: last demo we took a male figure and made him into a
MerMan by putting his legs in a clay sheet
Beauty4ashes: oh I missed the hubby mug!!
Fearless Leader: Oh he's usually reclusive but I caught him off guard
Fearless Leader: So shall we review sculpting a figure?
dona5611 joined the room
Fearless Leader: or do a face from scratch?
Fearless Leader: what's your pleasure
Bonny: Hi donna
bonsaikathy: face
Beauty4ashes: my hubby's reclusing on the couch! Making sawing noises
with his nose!! lol
Fearless Leader: I do take Short Order Claying requests
bonsaikathy: I love watching you do faces
dona5611: hi everyone
babasbunja: I'm up for sculpting a figure.
Katie: Hi
Beauty4ashes: Face!!!
Bonny: Suzie..did that tute help?
dona5611: hope the fish are going well Bonny
shargoose joined the room
Bonny: oh they are donna lol
Susan: whichever you want NJ, both are facinating to watch you do
Bonny: Hi sharon
Fearless Leader: Ok, shall we sculpt a male or female face?
Katie: Hi Sharon
Fearless Leader: Howdy Sharon
shargoose: Hello everone
Beauty4ashes: yep! sure did. NJ Bonny intro'd me to your lemonade
Fearless Leader: Shall it be male or female say the cells
Susan: how about an asian face?
Beauty4ashes: Female please
Fearless Leader: name that poem
Fearless Leader: because I forgot
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: asian female
Beauty4ashes: yup that'd be nice...
Susan: oh boy
Fearless Leader: Okie dokie, all my faces look like an Asian Female
whether I want them to or not
Fearless Leader: ok, now I'm going to get a few links for our new
folks here to review later
Bonny: oh NJ...hubby did get dinner the other night..chinese
Fearless Leader: and to save log you tap your cursor on the chat and
right click to select all, copy and paste into an email to your self
or something like that and you can check the links later
Beauty4ashes: really? Most all doll artists faces look like eachother
a wee bit.... I just call them related like in families!
Fearless Leader: Oh Cool Bonny
Fearless Leader: That's what we're going to stop doing
Beauty4ashes: all of my daughters faeries look like brothers and
Fearless Leader: faces that look the same
Bonny: hand my beef with mushrooms and snowpeas
Fearless Leader: let me get the links
Beauty4ashes: I love mushrooms and young english peas.
Fearless Leader:

JennyP (pcajenny) joined the room
Katie: Hi Jenn
Katie: Jenny
Fearless Leader: This is an overview of sculpting bodies, faces and
such all
Beauty4ashes: Had that yesterday with some italian breaded porkchops
shargoose: Glad to hear about your new job being kinda a cool place,
Fearless Leader:
JennyP: Hi
Fearless Leader: Oh they are just so neglected they appreciate any
Fearless Leader: Howdy Jenny
shargoose: That's great!!
Fearless Leader: Ok this Man and Beast index holds the sculpting
efforts I've done
shargoose: I was so hoping it would be a good happy place to be
Fearless Leader: and there's Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, Arnold
Beauty4ashes: cool
Fearless Leader: so our faces aren't going to all look the same
because we'll make effort to make them look like real people
bonsaikathy: NJ I'm so happy for you
Fearless Leader: or more realistic people than we usually get
Beauty4ashes: how 'bout vin diesel?
bonsaikathy: Oh Yahhhhhh
Fearless Leader: Thank you Kathy, rent still isn't paid, but by the
time they try to kick us out, we'll have money
bonsaikathy: great
shargoose: I thought we were going to do a female!!
Fearless Leader: Oh another baldie, I love it
Fearless Leader: I love bald men, those smooth heads
shargoose: Bald female, yeah that's a good one!!
Fearless Leader: we are, but we're just reviewing sculpting and
getting links for the new folks
Beauty4ashes: yep, he's (vin) is coming out in June in 'Chronicles of
Riddick' a takeoff from 'pitch black'
shargoose: I know but just have to yank your chain
Fearless Leader: Any actor you like is the best to use to practice
sculpting realistic faces
Beauty4ashes: Please can you do a Yule Brenner as Pharaoh?
Fearless Leader: make a collage of the persons pictures and use that
for study
shargoose: Cool idea, Love Yul
Fearless Leader: for instance... I like the series Lexx, I love Kai,
played by Michael McManus
Beauty4ashes: oh, I mean Yul, thanks shargoose
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/KaiClay
Fearless Leader: here is his clay page
Beauty4ashes: I never get to watch that series,
Fearless Leader: we can use these people for inspiration, Doffy my
girlfriend wanted a Kai to be a Cowboy
babasbunja: NJ, how about your face?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/CowboyKai-grp
Fearless Leader: my face is fine, (feeling my nose and cheeks)
Fearless Leader: LOL
shargoose: I'd love to sculpt a likeness of your Afican neighbor,
foget her name
Bonny: lol
Fearless Leader: I'll get to it, I just wanted to share these links
with the new folks
Fearless Leader: Jolie
Fearless Leader: my neighbor, I love her so much,
shargoose: She has such a strong and beautiful face, NJ
babasbunja: I'm trying my first self portrait in oil (lol)
Fearless Leader: so I'll get some clay and what I'm going to show you
is how to map out a face with a grid
babasbunja: It's a real challenge to do oneself in any medium, I think
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/NagaMan/Sculpt-Face-Man-Grp
Fearless Leader: let me draw the grid for you on paper to show you
what I'm fixing to do
Beauty4ashes: oh my!
shargoose: You are right.
Bonny: think I need to add a clown fish to this series..but with a
red nose and orange hair lol
shargoose: I'd never try a self potrait
babasbunja: You have a beautiful face. Have you ever considered doing
Beauty4ashes: I think I'd stick with the 'art doll' self portrait...
Beauty4ashes: lol I hope that's not a self portrait Bonny!
Bonny: hmmmmmmmm lol
Beauty4ashes: lol where's the tail?
Bonny: think it got stuck in the door
Beauty4ashes: Look! NJs face 101!!!
Fearless Leader: I want to show you the picture of how to measure a
face using EYE WIDTH as a measuring unit
Beauty4ashes: should I run get a lump o' clay?
pcajenny left the room
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Index-2003
Fearless Leader: check the second picture please
shargoose: yes
dona5611: is someone doing screen shots?
shargoose: me
Fearless Leader: anyone saving logs?
shargoose: kinda
Beauty4ashes: ok what's the holdup...
Beauty4ashes: whats a screen shot?
dona5611: ok good
Fearless Leader: I'm warming some clay
shargoose: Going to try to clay and get a few shots as we go
Beauty4ashes: oh, brb, gonna get mine!
dona5611: thats taking pictures so they can be posted later
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for how to take screen shots it's
a good thing for new clayers to do to keep a visual diary of what's
going on
shargoose: I really want to clay along this time
shargoose: My faces need serious help!!
Fearless Leader:
Bonny: I should too but "yawn" going to bed soon..been a looong day
shargoose: You worked hard today Bonny
Bonny: I'fe been claying since 7am and it's almost midnight lol
Susan: good grief Bonny - that's a lot of claying!
babasbunja: I make mainly "Father Christmas Doll Faces" You can hide
the flaws with beard! (LOL)
Bonny: thanks Sharon...I better be careful what new ones I
might change your mind again LOL
Lady Lavendar: Well she did have to walk the dog inbetween
Bonny: I have a show in 2 weeks and just started the fish clocks so
want to build up stock
Bonny: LOL and had lunch too Mary
Lady Lavendar: Your going to need to because they are going to sell
Bonny: oh and order pizza for dinner
shargoose: Better not sell Lemon Sole
Bonny: thanks Mary
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to barrel on through this, those who
have seen it before can be Virtual Scribes and explain what is going
on, ok?
Bonny: I made a 2nd one Sharon
Bonny: brb
Beauty4ashes: oh oh gotta go get my tool
Fearless Leader: ok, questions?
Fearless Leader: if any at this point
Fearless Leader: if not I'll explain the trick of the "V"s
babasbunja: not using foil base?
shargoose: You are going too fast!!
Beauty4ashes: oh fuey, I grabbed a lump of unmixed cernit, and its
melting in my hot hands!
Beauty4ashes: Now my head looks like Munch's The Cry
Fearless Leader: I said I was going to barrel through, don't worry
about screen shots, we got tons of face sculpting
shargoose: k
Fearless Leader: we're just mapping out broad stroke areas
Fearless Leader: we need a forehead, nose and indentations for the
bonsaikathy: I'm using a piece of granitex because it was the closest
Fearless Leader: let me show you where the V's are
Fearless Leader: beside the nose coming down from between the brows
Fearless Leader: ending at the sides of the mouth
bonsaikathy: I'm doing an old man face with wrinkles and character,
Beauty4ashes: I usually have big problems with my mouths
Fearless Leader: then if we do a big V shape going from the sides of
the head aiming at the nose we get cheek bones
minimoon47 left the room
Beauty4ashes: what kind of clay are you using NJ, looks like prosculpt
Fearless Leader: it's rat's ass left over clay
Fearless Leader: Lord only knows what's in it
Beauty4ashes: lol
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok, sides of the mouth, the laugh lines, it's a V
Fearless Leader: from the sides of the mouth aiming for the chin,
this maps out the mouth
Beauty4ashes: my hubby just transfered to the bedroom, he doesn't
have a clue what I'm doing, he said.
Fearless Leader: this gives us the general areas where the features
are going to be located
Fearless Leader: we go from the general to the specific
Fearless Leader: ok?
chelyha55 joined the room
Beauty4ashes: ok
Fearless Leader: now I roll the cone shape clay shaper over the clay
to get the rounded curves I need on a human face
Beauty4ashes: I'm definitely into this mouth!
Fearless Leader: and we will start to see the face emerge from the
Fearless Leader: tap the chat with your cusor
bonsaikathy: yes, right click on the text and then select all
Bonny: back
Fearless Leader: right click
Fearless Leader: select all and copy
Fearless Leader: then save it to an email to yourself, that's what I
Fearless Leader: now we mapped out the broad areas, did our V's
Fearless Leader: and smoothed it by rolling the clayshaper over it
Beauty4ashes: uh huh, got it
Fearless Leader: we have the beginning of a face already
Fearless Leader: no?
shargoose: I have the perfect Neandrathal!!
Beauty4ashes: i gotta get me a clay shaper, I have everything else
shargoose: Maybe you have but I don't!!
Fearless Leader: hey we all have to start somewhere
Fearless Leader: ok, now that we got the general outline of a face,
let's get some detail
Fearless Leader: let's work on the mouth, who had trouble with the
MaMa Duke (pdduke2003) joined the room
Beauty4ashes: yep, okay I see a little bit of lip
Beauty4ashes: Me!!!
shargoose: Me
bonsaikathy: I got the old man face, the kind with no teeth, lol
Fearless Leader: Ok, first we have to move some clay over to where
the lips will be
bonsaikathy: lot's of wrinkle's too
Beauty4ashes: My mouths always seem to turn out as no lip wonders
Fearless Leader: and we're going to ring the opening of the mouth
with a sort of pentagon of flesh
Fearless Leader: this will solve it
Fearless Leader: see how I moved clay to the lips first
bonsaikathy: I guess I'm going to have to finish things up tomorrow
bonsaikathy: hugs to all and again NJ Congrats on the job
bonsaikathy: I've got to hit the sack
Beauty4ashes: yep, You smoothed more clay towards the mouth
babasbunja left the room
Katie: Nite Kathy
Fearless Leader: Hugs Kathy
Fearless Leader: see you tomorrow
bonsaikathy: will let you know if we're going to move
Fearless Leader: yes, you roll the shaper so you move clay to the
shargoose: Nite Kathy
Fearless Leader: don't add clay to make lips
Beauty4ashes: nite nite kathy
Fearless Leader: it makes seams
bonsaikathy: nite everyone
bonsaikathy left the room
babasbunja joined the room
Beauty4ashes: right! and that's what happened to my lips, I tried
smoothing out the seams too much and ended with more jaw and less
lip!! lol
Fearless Leader: Now press in that indentation under the nose first
chelyha55: I always have the hardest time getting the eyes right
Fearless Leader: or I do anyway
Fearless Leader: now separate out the lips, we'll do eyes on this for
you Cheryl, no worries
Beauty4ashes: cool!!! real time!!!
chelyha55: she's showed me how to do eyes several times but I can
never get it right
Fearless Leader: now for the lower lip
Beauty4ashes: practice, practice, practice
chelyha55: I've been drawing portraits for 34 years, but sculpting is
a whole other thing
Beauty4ashes: I'm better at 3d than 2d chely
Beauty4ashes: I could never get the shading right in 2d
babasbunja: neat NJ, so different from how I add clay to make the
nose and lips, etc. I'm watching in amazement
Beauty4ashes: wow that was magic NJ!
Fearless Leader: now let's move up her nose
chelyha55: I used to paint; now I work in colored pencil
Katie: Gotta go to bed. Nite everyone!!
crzy4dzny left the room
shargoose: nite Katie
Fearless Leader: Asian faces are flat
Fearless Leader: the forehead and the eyes are almost at the same
Beauty4ashes: yep, I'm half filipino and half irish
Beauty4ashes: I have not much cartilage in my nose
Fearless Leader: when I put on eyeshadow with my lids lowered and
then open my eyes, the make up disappears in my mongolian fold
Beauty4ashes: and no bridge at all on my face!
chelyha55: most of the faces I sculpt end up looking faintly african
Fearless Leader: Oh I'm half Japanese and White Southern Cracker,
We're both Rice Crackers
Fearless Leader: LOL
Beauty4ashes: yep!
Beauty4ashes: my mom is florida cracker irish/scottish, I grew up in
the philippines from the age of 8 through highschool
Lady Lavendar: Don't forget the nuts, you definately have a nutty
Beauty4ashes: I thought I saw a hint from your mug shots NJ
chelyha55: wow, so you speak tagalog?
Beauty4ashes: lol@lady
Beauty4ashes: yep chely
Beauty4ashes: but English is my first language, because of Mom
chelyha55: my best friend is full blooded filipino, but she was
raised in the states all her life
Fearless Leader: Same process as the lips, move clay to the eyes,
then open them
Beauty4ashes: do you speak Japanese NJ?
Beauty4ashes: I guess I need to make sure I have a fat face to move
the clay around huh?
Beauty4ashes: really chely?
babasbunja: not enough clay on NJ's face to pull for my nose
chelyha55: she was adopted at birth
Beauty4ashes: Yep, It took me 4 years to learn tagalog, and at the
age of 8, I had to bring a whole lotta cookies from my granddads
local bakery to make friends over there.
Beauty4ashes: How interesting Chely
Beauty4ashes: hey! that face is lookin an awful lot like mine!
Beauty4ashes: except mine is fuller (lol)
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do this all over again
Beauty4ashes: oh no
Bonny: well got my fish done...gonna call it a night see everyone
Beauty4ashes: !lol
Fearless Leader: and so shall you
shargoose: NOOOOOO
Fearless Leader: Ok, Bonny thanks for helping out this afternoon
Beauty4ashes: I do that an awful lot NJ
Bonny: you're welcome was fun
Fearless Leader: do it and do it again, that's the only way we'll
learn, so let's do that again
shargoose: Nite Bonny
Lady Lavendar: Almost looks like a prize fighter
babasbunja: nite nite Bonny
polymerfairy left the room
Beauty4ashes: just when I was recognizing her... oh well! lol
Beauty4ashes: nite bonnny
Beauty4ashes: thanks again!
Beauty4ashes: lllook instant replay!
Fearless Leader: now this time we take more effort to get the jaw
line and side of the face done first
Fearless Leader: move in from the outside going in toward the center
Beauty4ashes: ok Fearless Leader... lead on!
Beauty4ashes: Chely, I have an adopted brother
chelyha55: from the Phillipines?
Beauty4ashes: Yep that's where
babasbunja: NJ, how do you keep the clay from warming too much? I
have to sculpt my faces on a stand. Body heat warms clay too much.
chelyha55: maybe her hands aren't as hot as ours
Beauty4ashes: when I was ten yrs old, my mom and I were at the local
market, and this lady came up to her with a 10 month old baby in her
arms. Said she had 6 others to feed and begged my mother to take him.
chelyha55: I often have to put canes in the freezer after I reduce
babasbunja: I'm post menapausal--always warm
Beauty4ashes: My mom wanted a boy but could have no more than 4
ceasarians per the doctor
chelyha55: That's exactly how Laurel got adopted
chelyha55: I think her dad was in the military over there.
Beauty4ashes: I'm post hysterectomy, and hot all the time.
chelyha55: Not sure though
babasbunja: My sculpted heads lose shape from warmth
chelyha55: I'm on Zoloft and peri-menopausal and I'm hot all the time
chelyha55: I call myself the hot flash queen
Beauty4ashes: My filipino dad met my mom in Philadelphia Penn, where
I was born, then when he retired, he took us all over to the
Philippines to live in luxury on his retirement checks.
Beauty4ashes: lol
chelyha55: that's cool; you got to learn another culture
babasbunja: Seriously, if I were holding the head that long in my
hands it would be mush by now
Beauty4ashes: I take a vitamin supplement called Soy Isoflavones from
Sams club and so my hotflashes are gone
Beauty4ashes: but I do stay warmer than most probably cause I'm
chelyha55: I keep saying I'm going to take black cohosh but I never do
chelyha55: Oh I'm somewhat overweight too
Beauty4ashes: yep, except the other culture was a little prejudiced
against my mom, being that my dads first wife lived in the same town.
babasbunja: After 13 years on hormones, my doctor took me off
abruptly. Doing ok though.
chelyha55: hm, I suppose that could be awkwardl
Beauty4ashes: black cohosh gave me real dry throat, was coughing all
the time so I stopped
dona5611: I have been taking black cohosh and projest cream (had a
hysterectomy). It is finally working after about 4 months
chelyha55: hm, I never took it long enough to see if it works
Beauty4ashes: yep, I was on cenestine for a while after my
hysterectomy, but then I started getting dark patches everywhere,
even my nipples!
chelyha55: is that a common side-effect?
Beauty4ashes: They went away after I stopped taking it.
Beauty4ashes: yes, some hormone treatments (and there are many) have
an effect on skin pigmentation.
Beauty4ashes: I think especially for ethnic asian skin
chelyha55: hm.
chelyha55: My doctor told me not to take anything with estrogen in
it, even soy
Beauty4ashes: but I'm okay now with just the soy isoflavones, and
they'r a whole lot cheaper.
chelyha55: that's good, those menopause drugs are bad
Beauty4ashes: why did he say that?
chelyha55: she said not to mess with the balance at this point
chelyha55: I complained to her that I have night sweats, and she said
they are partly from taking zoloft
Beauty4ashes: Yes, when I read about their side effects, I wanted to
stop after a year
shargoose: This is so different from the way I make a face, NJ
chelyha55: not only that but most of them are made from pregnant
horse's urine
Beauty4ashes: oh, I took zoloft for a couple of months to keep my
Beauty4ashes: eeuueewwww
chelyha55: I've been on it for years
shargoose: All is OK til the eyes. Don't know how you get the lids
and stuff shaped the way you do
chelyha55: I can't do the eyes worth a darn either
Beauty4ashes: did NJ just start over again?
babasbunja: me thinks so
chelyha55: probably
Beauty4ashes: wow what patience, what stamina,
Beauty4ashes: persistence
chelyha55: well like she said, practice!
Beauty4ashes: yep
babasbunja: that's what I enjoy about NJ, her patience and
Beauty4ashes: endeavor to persevere!!
dona5611: it must be cool in San Francisco tonight
Beauty4ashes: who's in SF?
dona5611: NJ
Beauty4ashes: Ah of course!
chelyha55: NJ is in SF
babasbunja: it's almost 12:30 AM here in PA. I hope to stay awake.
Beauty4ashes: That's 4 hrs difference than us isn't it?
chelyha55: we should do roll call, there are alot of us here
dona5611: 3 hrs
Fearless Leader: I think I'll work with a skull under the clay
Beauty4ashes: sheeesh, no wonder she has so much stamina!
Lady Lavendar: NJ do you do the neck along with the head or
Beauty4ashes: Nope I gave up melting the cernit in my hands, just
watching right now
Beauty4ashes: and typing too
dona5611: and with the stress of a new job started this week -- I'm
surprised she has any energy!
Beauty4ashes: You know, I made a bunch of clay skulls to work with
babasbunja: I'm just watching now. Haven't clayed for some time now.
Always love it though.
Beauty4ashes: And baked them
chelyha55: that's why she's our Fearless Leader
chelyha55: She rocks
Beauty4ashes: But I made the skulls too round! and I couldn't get the
sculpt correct after that.
Beauty4ashes: And I didn't make the skulls eyesockets big enough and
that posed a problem getting the prebaked eyeballs in them.
babasbunja: I have to use foil. Only way I maintain shape of head.
Beauty4ashes: I'm still going to get the prebaked skulls right and
with a wire hanger too, so that my sculpts don't end up like my first
mermaid, that looked like Cher (skinny face) lol
chelyha55: I don't do much face sculpting. I draw them and then
transfer it onto clay
Beauty4ashes: okay, NJ, that looks like your drawing!
babasbunja: explain, transfer that is
MaMa Duke turns away from pdduke2003 and blushes
MaMa Duke turns away from pdduke2003 and blushes
Beauty4ashes: what?
Beauty4ashes: oh was that not meant for us then?lol
babasbunja: asking because I recently printed face and draped over
chelyha55: here's al link to my website:
Beauty4ashes: kewl thanks chely
chelyha55: you can see some of my portrait beads
Beauty4ashes: Wow you're a terrific artist!
Beauty4ashes: you have cats?
chelyha55: thank you
chelyha55: yes, two of them
Beauty4ashes: Are those portraits pins?
chelyha55: they are beads
chelyha55: pendants
dona5611: they are wonderful
Beauty4ashes: focal beads for pendants?
chelyha55: they could be made as pins
chelyha55: yes, as a focal point
Beauty4ashes: beautiful! and unique.... I'd say better than I've ever
seen in clay portrait transfers too!
babasbunja: Wow, your work is super-delicious!
chelyha55: thank you very much
chelyha55: I sell my beads on Just Beads
chelyha55: I do special order portrait beads too
Susan (minimoon47) joined the room
Beauty4ashes: Wow, the girls look like my sister and me when we were
chelyha55: that's my best friend's daughter
MaMa Duke (pdduke2003) joined the room
chelyha55: she's full blooded too
chelyha55: the one in pink is my niece
Beauty4ashes: I'll have to see about commissioning you to do a couple
of portrait beads for me, I have two grandchildren ages 2 1/2 and 1.
chelyha55: sure!
Beauty4ashes: Beautiful work, very real! and yet not photographic but
chelyha55: children are fun to do
Beauty4ashes: artistic that is
chelyha55: I like to do photorealistic portraits
Beauty4ashes: I still cant get over your perfect cat eyes!
Beauty4ashes: you said you've been painting for 24 years?
chelyha55: 34
Beauty4ashes: hm, that's quite a long time... did you go to school?
chelyha55: no, no formal training
Beauty4ashes: self taught too! Amazing, what a gift.
babasbunja: What you have done so far NJ would have taken me 3 days
to accomplish. You work extraordinarily fast and effectively
shargoose: I'm getting it, NJ
Beauty4ashes: See this is a god given talent, that not many possess.
I'm glad to see you have not buried it.
shargoose: Got the best mouth and chin so far I've ever made!!
babasbunja left the room
chelyha55: can't, God won't let me
Beauty4ashes: NJ's done 3 or 4 heads in just one sitting!
shargoose: The nose is a bit wonky but woring on it
minimoon47 left the room
chelyha55: that looks like a little oriental man
Beauty4ashes: now that's beggining to look even more asian for sure NJ
babasbunja joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok, we're getting closer to an asian face
Fearless Leader: and why?
Fearless Leader: let's examine it for a bit
Fearless Leader: the nose bridge is low
sunemoonsong: the eyes?
Fearless Leader: the cheek bones are high
Susan (minimoon47) joined the room
Fearless Leader: eyes even with the forehead almost
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
chelyha55: I'm watching "Chocolat". Has anyone seen it?
sunemoonsong: what are you using right now?
chelyha55: it's a great movie
sunemoonsong: it looks like a brush?
chelyha55: that's a clayshaper
Beauty4ashes: yes, with Johnny depp?
chelyha55: they are great tools
Lady Lavendar: yes, a tatsy movie
Beauty4ashes: l love that movie
chelyha55: yes, with Johnny Depp
Susan: clay shaper with a rubber tip?
chelyha55: he's very sexy in this movie
Beauty4ashes: yes, susan welcome
chelyha55: yes, Susan
sunemoonsong: it looks very effective
sunemoonsong: ah, good to know
chelyha55: they come in various shapes and sizes
Susan: yes I've been wathchin NJ shape with it
Susan: I thought it was bending a bit
chelyha55: I think you can get them from Karen at Clay Alley
Susan: thkx
Beauty4ashes: NJs very good with that single tool!
Beauty4ashes: I'd have to be changing to 3 or 4 tools.
cindycreator joined the room
Beauty4ashes: hi cindy
chelyha55: I have 5 tools that I use all the time
Fearless Leader: I have three tools
Beauty4ashes: I'm new here, my first time in was with Bonny this
morning who helped me so that I could watch the webcam
chelyha55: but mine aren't all clay shapers
Beauty4ashes: ah yes, the shapers
Beauty4ashes: thanks NJ
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to save this log
Fearless Leader: and I'll take questions after, brb


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