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Jan-June 2004 Demo Stuff

Demo Log of StarGazer Lily

Quick How To on making the StarGazer Lily Cane

Sharon's screen shots were lost when Epson closed down.  Stargazer Lily Cane: Screenshots of part of May 15th's nine hour demo.

Sharon/Shargoose caught these 74 screen shots, along with chat dialogue and put them up on her Epson site. Thank you Sharon!

Spot Flower (40 Screen Shots)

Fearless Leader: so are we still up for flowers or are there any
Short Order Requests?
pdduke2003 left the room
Katie: You should do what makes ya happy today
tedi382001: flowers sound good
poonkie2: yes, Katie's right !
Fearless Leader: Just being here with you makes me happy honey
Fearless Leader: but I still got to get some socks on so search in
your heart of hearts
Fearless Leader: what do YOU want
Fearless Leader: I am here to serve
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: I'm going to review a flower bead that I used in the
Wisteria necklace, let me get that link
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: is anyone here?
Katie: Yes dear.
tedi382001: yep
poonkie2: yes
JennyP: yep
Katie: that's pretty writing. How do you do that
Fearless Leader: Poonkie?
Katie: yes
poonkie2: yes ?
Fearless Leader: what font are you using Poonkie
Katie: how do you write like that Poonkie?
poonkie2: Comic sans MS
Katie: oh
poonkie2: You like it ?
Katie: yes
Katie: you still here NJ?
tedi382001: brb
Fearless Leader: sorry
Fearless Leader: I was sending the Whisteria blossom to the list
telling folks that we're here
Fearless Leader: that flower bead is really easy to make, four petals
up, fold two down and mash the edges together, pull the two left over
and connect their sides
Fearless Leader: they are stringable
Fearless Leader: very light weight
Katie: I love that flower. Have it on our trellis outside. Only thing
bad about it is the thick vine that seems to take over. Still love it
poonkie2: I am listening the the Titanic theme song in Italian. Does
anyone speak Italian in the group ? Wish I could learn this language.
It sound so beautiful !
tedi382001: gotta go answer the phone,be back as soon as i can
Katie: I don't. I'm listening to Pink Panther of my
husband's favorite movies.
Katie: ok
tedi382001 left the room
Katie: I'd love to learn different languages and sign language too.
poonkie2: Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day !
Katie: right!!
Fearless Leader: Easy Breezy
JennyP: really! I need at least 30
JennyP: I am listening to stories from the Lakota, Dakotah, and
Ojibway, read by Gourd Woman, and Eagle Heart
Fearless Leader: I got SciFi channel going on
Fearless Leader: some outerspace thing
poonkie2: I'm listening to my favorite French singer now.
tedi382001 joined the room
tedi382001: back
Fearless Leader: Welcome back, had a good call?
Katie: Hi
tedi382001: yep, my son with an invite for breakfast for tomorrow
Fearless Leader: Said has been on my case to remember to eat
Fearless Leader: when I go through changes I forget
Katie: that's not good NJ
Fearless Leader: and then my blood sugar gets all whacked
Fearless Leader: so he's been putting food in my face since I got
home yesterday
Fearless Leader: LOL
Katie: Good son
Fearless Leader: He's been such a Rah Rah man, giving me pep talks I
gave him when he was a boy
Fearless Leader: let me share something
tedi382001: good for him, we dont want you passing out now do we?
Fearless Leader: "Mom"
Fearless Leader: "there's folks making mistakes every day."
Fearless Leader: "Mistakes that cost lives, gazillions of dollars"
Fearless Leader: "You miscalculated the political environment is all.
No lives lost."
Fearless Leader: "So get over it"
Fearless Leader: and I just stood there and wept
Katie: Poor sweety
poonkie2: Well, he's right. I totally agree.
Fearless Leader: it's true though, I got to move forward
tedi382001: he's right you know
Fearless Leader: can't help but feel would -a, could-a, should-a, but
that's past and can't be changed
Fearless Leader: I want to know what I learned from this
Fearless Leader: that's why I wrote the blog
Fearless Leader: my disappointment was directly related to my
Fearless Leader: that came from GOOD working environments
Fearless Leader: writing it out helped a lot
Fearless Leader: getting hugs all night helped to
Fearless Leader: too
Fearless Leader: so what shall we make since we're here to clay
Fearless Leader: by golly by gum
Fearless Leader: I love the fat leaves
Fearless Leader: I want their edges to have more ripples though
Katie: purdy
Fearless Leader: so any suggestions, shall we practice some cane
Fearless Leader: since Raising Cane seems to be our topic for the
Newbie Box Swap
poonkie2: Sure ! I'm a total beginner when it comes to canes
shargoose joined the room
Katie: yes NJ
Katie: Hi Sharon
shargoose: Hi there
tedi382001: sure
poonkie2: hello Sharon
Fearless Leader: Yo Sharon
tedi382001: hi
shargoose: NJ
Fearless Leader: we're Raising Cane
shargoose: Sorry, read your Blog
shargoose: Bummer
Fearless Leader: Ya but as Said reminds me no lives were lost
shargoose: I need canes
shargoose: LOL
Fearless Leader: he puts things into perspective for me. You all got
to meet him one day
shargoose: Love to
Fearless Leader: he wants to post to the list, "Tell the list ..."
Fearless Leader: I say, you write it and tell the list
Fearless Leader: ok, so canes
Fearless Leader: any particular design?
shargoose: He should
Fearless Leader: did you ever get that Signature Cane reduced?
shargoose: I am not a good caner
Fearless Leader: it was fat like a soup can
Fearless Leader: yes?
shargoose: I have been trying to make flower canes
Fearless Leader: You'll get better let's see what colors I have
mixed, what you in the mood for, we worked Purple to death
shargoose: Yes I did reduce part of it
shargoose: I can open my cam to show you my pathetic attempts
Fearless Leader: ok, do that
Fearless Leader: let me see your Valiant Efforts
Fearless Leader: not pathetic attempts, Valiant Efforts
tedi382001: please do
shargoose: Hold on
Fearless Leader: to WHAT
Fearless Leader: hellllp
Fearless Leader: I'm falling and I can't get up
tedi382001: c ute
Fearless Leader: Hey there's a cane there
Fearless Leader: with a blend no less
shargoose: I made a fee form bowl
Fearless Leader: very pretty
Fearless Leader: fee form
Fearless Leader: how much was the fee?
Fearless Leader: LOL
tedi382001: thats gorgeous
shargoose: Thanks
Fearless Leader: it's very pretty Sharon
shargoose: In the background is a disk I covered to make a clock
Fearless Leader: can we see it a little closer?
tedi382001: neat
Katie: that's pretty
Fearless Leader: Nice, peaceful and pretty
shargoose: Trying to use up some scrap clay and new techniques
Fearless Leader: makes looking at the time pleasurable
poonkie2: Sharon, I can't see anything. Still waiting for permission.
shargoose: Sorry
poonkie2: Thanks !!!
shargoose: Inside of bowl is TLS with glitter in it
poonkie2: Cool !
Fearless Leader: oh wow
Fearless Leader: how did the glitter stick?
Fearless Leader: with the TLS, sorry I didn't see that
shargoose: I mixed it into the TLS first
Fearless Leader: nifty
shargoose: I love that effect
shargoose: I will shut down camera so I can wath NJ, now
Fearless Leader: just warming up some clay
Fearless Leader: took some scrap yellow and added red pearl
Fearless Leader: to kick it to a nicer orange color
Fearless Leader: this other sheet is red pearl and God Knows kind of
Fearless Leader: I mixed similar color scraps together for this stuff
shargoose: Whoops, crisis
shargoose: gotta go
Fearless Leader: oki
shargoose: will come back soon, I hope
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
shargoose left the room
Fearless Leader: this yellow mix is old clay and sort of dry
Fearless Leader: see
tedi382001: yep
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to mix a little orange with translucent
to soften it up a bit before using it
Fearless Leader: see
Fearless Leader: no cracks
jlam0401 joined the room
jlam0401: Hi everyone.
poonkie2: Hi !
tedi382001: hi
Katie: Hi
Fearless Leader: Shall we do roll call ?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Katie: Katie...NY
poonkie2: Poonkie, Canada
jlam0401: Janice, Monticello GA
JennyP: Jenny P NW Minnesota
Fearless Leader: Poonkie I think you're the newest to making canes,
poonkie2: yes
tedi382001 left the room
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok, what I'm going to do first
Fearless Leader: is make a blend
tedi382001: Amy Canada
Fearless Leader: that's when we take two colors and blend a bit of
both so we have a sheet of clay with one color at one end and another
at the other
Fearless Leader: and the mixed hue in the middle, I'll get the link
for blends
Katie: re-hi Amy
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Blend-Grp
Fearless Leader: if we were in real estate we'd say Re Fi
tedi382001: hi katie
Fearless Leader: now how I do blends is a little different that most
Fearless Leader: for I roll up the sheets and wring them like wet
wash cloths
Fearless Leader: and then press
Fearless Leader: it makes quick work on blending colors
Fearless Leader: pop the air bubbles as you find them
Fearless Leader: that's a blend
Fearless Leader: three passes with the pasta machine
poonkie2: neat !
Fearless Leader: if you folded the colors in half
Fearless Leader: and pressed each time it would take a couple of
dozen passes to get this far
Fearless Leader: now let's fold that and run it as a long ribbon, ok?
Fearless Leader: but going from the solid color end
Fearless Leader: ok that's going to be our back ground
Fearless Leader: to put dots in a background that is a blend we got
to make snakes
Fearless Leader: and fold them in this ribbon
Fearless Leader: that's how we do stargazer lilies and the like
Fearless Leader: had to get the door I'm back now
poonkie2: should the snake be as long as the ribbon ?
Fearless Leader: nope it's going the width of the ribbon
tedi382001: darn, have to go help dh be back as soon as I can, sorry
tedi382001 left the room
shargoose joined the room
Fearless Leader: welcome back Sharon
Fearless Leader: Crisis over?
shargoose: Back
shargoose: Yup
shargoose: Just Hubby needed help as usual
shargoose: How come we women do so much work unassisted but a man
can't do that???
Fearless Leader: because we have uteruses
shargoose: LOL
Fearless Leader: that's what James says
poonkie2: LOL
Fearless Leader: he can't find things because Rosanna Barr said the
Uterus is a homing device
shargoose: And we don't have the "Y" chromosome
Fearless Leader: LOL
shargoose: Did you do a chevron flip with the mix you made?
JennyP: I need to switch computers, so will be back in a few minutes
shargoose: k
Fearless Leader: k
JennyP: brb
pcajenny left the room
shargoose: Look like bunches of small rolls
Fearless Leader: jelly roll blend
Fearless Leader: with dots
Fearless Leader: folded in
shargoose: Oh, OK
shargoose: Like you did for the stargazer Lily
shargoose: I'll have to try that
shargoose: Pretty
JennyP (pcajenny) joined the room
poonkie2: Yes, very pretty !
shargoose: Hi again Jenny
JennyP: HI
shargoose: I'm going to hunt up that tute again
JennyP: why is it my webcam icon doesn't show up in here?
Fearless Leader: let's see if we can hit it from the Friend's list
Fearless Leader: yup
JennyP: its weird!
Fearless Leader: when the Icon doesn't show up here I go to the
Friend's list, it's a Yahoo glitch
jlam0401: I just clicked on it and I got your webcam on even though
it is not showing
JennyP: brb, I am gonna check my settings
Fearless Leader: not as weird as being here and no one sees you type
Fearless Leader: it's not you honey, I'm sure of that
JennyP: ok then I won't look!
Fearless Leader: Poonkie, which part of Canada are you from?
Fearless Leader: there's a lot up there
Fearless Leader: LOL
poonkie2: Quebec
Fearless Leader: so are you part of Clay Amies?
poonkie2: not yet. My membership is still pending !
Fearless Leader: ah ok, I was just wondering
Fearless Leader: you're not pending here baby
Fearless Leader: LOL
poonkie2: LOL
JennyP: if anyone is interested, I DO have my webcam on too, I am
working on finishing up a quilt block cane
poonkie2: NJ, I took screenshots. What do i do with them now. I mean,
how do I send them to you ?
Fearless Leader: hmmm, Hold them for a bit and I'll send you an
account and password where you can upload them. We have volunteers
with free accounts
poonkie2: ok
Fearless Leader: my Epson is 348% over loaded and I have until the
end of the month to clear stuff out of loose it
Fearless Leader: and those are mostly webshots
Fearless Leader: and I don't have the original jpgs
Fearless Leader: yikes
Katie: Jenny, I don't see your webcam on.
Fearless Leader: Katie get her cam link from the Friend's list
Fearless Leader: it's not showing up here
Katie: ok
Fearless Leader: Poonkie I just had a thought, I'll give you the
Epson link and you can make a free account and load them up, send the
link to the list and I'll link that to my site
Katie: thank you
poonkie2: ok
JennyP: yw!
shargoose: I can't find your tute on the Stargazer cane, just two
pics show up??!!
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: that's because we don't have a decent Stargazer lily
Fearless Leader: maybe in screen shots, let me check
shargoose: Shucks
shargoose: I would miss that
shargoose: Nice Penny
Katie: very nice!!
shargoose: I ment Jenny
JennyP: lol
shargoose: Sorry
Fearless Leader: Very nice
JennyP: ty
Fearless Leader: Nope no good stargazer lily screen shots
shargoose: Very crisp and clean detail
Fearless Leader: yet
poonkie2: Nice !
JennyP: I still am going to put on a couple of borders
shargoose: That is nice Jenny
JennyP: yep I think those colors will look good
Katie: very pretty flowers NJ
Fearless Leader: all these flowers were done in the same way
Fearless Leader: a blend
Fearless Leader: pressed to a ribbon
Fearless Leader: snakes folded in
Fearless Leader: reduced
Fearless Leader: sliced
Fearless Leader: formed as petals
shargoose: NJ, if you want to make a stargazer cane I will do screen
shots and put them on my Epson site
Fearless Leader: and mashed together
Fearless Leader: let me see if I have the colors
poonkie2: Thanks for the demo NJ !
Fearless Leader: I got white and Pearl Red
Fearless Leader: we can give effort to it with those colors I'll
prepare the clay and Poonkie can see it done again
Fearless Leader: LOL
shargoose: Thanks, NJ
poonkie2: yes, yes
Fearless Leader: pourqui pas apres tout
Fearless Leader: n'est ce pas?
shargoose: Huh?
Fearless Leader: why not after all, right?
poonkie2: oui, oui !
shargoose: oui
Fearless Leader: I got to practice my French when I can
Fearless Leader: Je ne parle pas bien
shargoose: You multi linguist you!!
Fearless Leader: I need practice
poonkie2: Mais si !
Fearless Leader: LOL
poonkie2: LOL
shargoose: I speak some but don't ask me to spell it!!
Fearless Leader: d'accord, avec blance et rouge, correct my spelling
Poonkie when you can
shargoose: Whit and red?
poonkie2: blanc
poonkie2: yes
Fearless Leader: Oh I got to share a story
Fearless Leader: Poonkie I had surgery on my wrist and the medication
they gave me hit me hard
MK (celebrate_abundance2002) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I ended up in Emergency with Amnesia, couldn't
retain a thought for a few minutes
Fearless Leader: I had a male nurse from Quebeq
Fearless Leader: and I told him the same French Joke a hundred times
Fearless Leader: each time I told him, my husband said he laughed
Fearless Leader: because it was so rediculous
Fearless Leader: LOL
poonkie2: LOL
poonkie2: Do you remember the joke ?
poonkie2: What was it ?
Bonny (polymerfairy) joined the room
Bonny: Hi everyone
Fearless Leader: on it's more of a saying and I don't think I can
spell it right, it's when you say something is as difficult as
sticking your fingers in your eyes to your butt.
poonkie2: Hi Bonny
Katie: Hi Bonny
MK: Hi Bonny....
shargoose: Hi Bonny
shargoose: How'd it go?
MK: I just got here too...just in time to learn that NJ had a male
nurse from Quebec
Fearless Leader: Tout e fou, de swa ji lay, sisco cue... that's what
it sounds like
Bonny: don't ask LOL
shargoose: Sorry
Fearless Leader: Lord knows how it is spelled
Fearless Leader: no sorry needed Sharon
Bonny: np it's not just's all the dealers
poonkie2: hmmm...
shargoose: I ment Bonny
shargoose: I had hoped her show would do well
Fearless Leader: I learned it from a Rude Boy
Bonny: I made more selling 2 clocks on the net LOL
Fearless Leader: Oh Bonny I'm sorry it was just dealers there, which
show was this?
Bonny: Bucklers Craft show. Everyone is doing poorly this
one is selling
shargoose: Look at it this way, Bonny
shargoose: you have all your gifts for the family made for years to
Fearless Leader: eBay
Bonny: LOL problem is we dont do b'days or holidays
Bonny: yes NJ ebay is next
shargoose: NJ's fast skinner blend technique
Bonny: NJ I feel back for you for losing the job but very proud that
you did what was right!
Bonny: Now it decides to rain!! aaaaugh LOL
Fearless Leader: Thank you Bonny, I can't feel bad for speaking the
Fearless Leader: but there's a North African Saying
Fearless Leader: "If you tell the truth..."
Bonny: no you can''s the only way to fly
shargoose: I really worry for our country when bussinesses can't take
the truth
Fearless Leader: "Have your foot in the stirrup and a big stick in
your hand, for they will run you out of town."
Fearless Leader: me too....
Bonny: it makes you wonder if they have more to hide then just bad
supervisors etc
Fearless Leader: yes
shargoose: It seems that corporations are getting worse about it
Bonny: glad David works for a small company
shargoose: Yup!!
Bonny: LOL the only sale we made was today to his bosses wife
Fearless Leader: trick here
Fearless Leader: have you ever done a blend
shargoose: Yes
Fearless Leader: and one end has less of the solid color than the
other end
Fearless Leader: and you go ... oh heck
shargoose: Yup
Bonny: yep
Fearless Leader: well add more of the solid color at this part of the
Bonny: I add to it
Bonny: LOL
Fearless Leader: yes
shargoose: Neat
shargoose: Happened to me last night when I made your blend tecnique
for my flower cane
Bonny: ok NJ...I tried your way of blending again and this time it
worked! cuz I paid attention
Fearless Leader: lol
Bonny: it's pouring now...should have done it when the show was
going..they like to shop when it rains
JennyP: oh yay! the sun is out!
Katie: Cool, I hope ours comes out tomorrow, I want to go to a
Bonny: hope it pours tomorrow LOL
Katie: Oh now, that's just not nice.
JennyP: lol we had 4 1/2" day before yesterday, and more this morning!
shargoose: get the ark!!
Bonny: down here LOL so they come to the show to shop
Katie: Oh, ok. Ha.
JennyP: lol
Bonny: the show is 2 1/2 days
JennyP: been there!
Bonny: so we have from 10 to 4 tomorrow too
shargoose: I see now, NJ
Fearless Leader: cool
Bonny: I had a lot of compliments on my fish clocks and told some of
the ladies that at the show in August I'll have teapot clocks...2
took my business card to call in a few weeks to see if I have any
poonkie2: cool !
Bonny: think I better get busy lol
Katie: That's great Bonny.
Bonny: thanks
Katie: It's gotta be exciting to get orders. My girlfriend gets
orders and has me help fill them. Would like to get my own sometime.
Bonny: brb doing laundry
Katie: ok
Bonny: good idea Katie
Bonny: ok brb
poonkie2: brb. laundry too LOL
poonkie2: back
Katie: wb
shargoose: NJ, on the final outer layer what thickness did you use?
Fearless Leader: 4 settings from the widest
Fearless Leader: just wanted a solid color on the outside
shargoose: k same for the inner long ribbon of clay?
Fearless Leader: inner was widest thickness
shargoose: k
Bonny: back
Bonny: oooow pretty NJ
Bonny: the flower
Bonny: the flower's pretty too
shargoose: Thanks, NJ got shots of whole process
poonkie2: very nice !
Katie: LOL
Katie: purdy NJ
Fearless Leader: and it isn't that hard
Fearless Leader: use different colors for different lilies
shargoose: I have to get dinner for the fur and feathered babies
Fearless Leader: ok, I got to take a break here, how about 10 minutes
for me
shargoose: I will put the shots on my site and let you know when they
are up
Katie: ok
Fearless Leader: okie dokie Sharon, that'll be really cool
shargoose: Late tonight I figure!!
Fearless Leader: I'll save log first and then take a break
shargoose: Love you all,
shargoose: Bye
Bonny: ok...need to make some coffee
Fearless Leader: ciao bella
Bonny: bye Sharon tc


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