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06-11-04: Friday Night Natasha bead review.

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Three Layered Beads: 06-11-04

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Fearless Leader: And here you all are, let me set up cam
metalartiste2001: hey
Janice: Hi aLL. I was sitting here waiting for demo. I couldn't take
any more of the funeral. It was just too sad.
Fearless Leader: my work table is so crapped out I had to turn on the
cam to find where it is buired
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004) (arizona_sweet2004) joined the room
Fearless Leader: No sad stuff for us
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): hi everyone
phyllisinvegas: lol fl
phyllisinvegas: Hi Kathy
phyllisinvegas: Hi everyone
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Ok, who is new and needs help opening the cam?
Fearless Leader: hollar out while we set up
nancy: hi everyone!
Janice: Hi Nancy
Fearless Leader: hmmm, you mean on your Friend's List?
Fearless Leader: odd, how does it look to everyone else?
phyllisinvegas: I see everyone here on the list
Janice: I see Fearless Leader on my chat list
nancy: i see fearless leader
Fearless Leader: Dat'z Me Alright
rdransom1: Hey, NJ, I'm talking to a newbie, Shawn who is trying to
get on to chat and watch - her yahoo name is x4wheelinblonde what do
I do to help her?
Fearless Leader: ClayMates help here for me,
Fearless Leader: many hands make lighter work
Fearless Leader: anyone volunteer to help getting Shawn in while I
set up?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
rdransom1: please someone?
phyllisinvegas: I would but I had a devil of a time myself
phyllisinvegas: my first time here
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): I'll try
phyllisinvegas: can you direct her to the web cam url?
Fearless Leader: Kathy, thanks honey
Fearless Leader: I'm setting up
Fearless Leader: you're my peach
Donna (dona5611) joined the room
phyllisinvegas: Hi Deanna
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call, first name and location please,
if this is your first time add that too
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Janice: Janice, Monticello GA
rdransom1: Ruth <--Dallas
elissaheart joined the room
metalartiste2001: janice - boston, ma
Donna: Donna, Sacramento
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis Vegas
phyllisinvegas: lol
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
Fearless Leader: doing roll call Elissa, pipe up
elissaheart: Santa Clara, CA
Fearless Leader: LOL
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arizona_sweet2004: shawn? you here?
Fearless Leader: we got a couple of people without cam on, need help?
Fearless Leader: Shawn added me to her Friend's list. let me send her
an invite
arizona_sweet2004: ok
Fearless Leader: tell her to take off "invisible mode" I can't invite
her or tell her to right click on my name and "join user in chat"
rdransom1: she has cam, but no chat
Fearless Leader: is she on a MAC?
Fearless Leader: then she gets chat through the website, I'll get the
Fearless Leader: also if she has the new yahoo which is buggy
Fearless Leader: even with PCs
rdransom1: ok
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: make the webcam always on top
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Fearless Leader: wow, we're having yahoo problems? folks in and out
Fearless Leader: yes
Janice: Boy, we are getting a lot of people being booted tonight
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phyllisinvegas: wow i feel like I am in a ping pong tournament
Fearless Leader: we're having Yahoo problems early I see
rdransom1 joined the room
Fearless Leader: well the price is right
shargoose joined the room
rdransom1: shawn says she isn't invisible
arizona_sweet2004: some one will have to tell me how to find others
that need help
arizona_sweet2004: getting here
Fearless Leader: I'm IMing her now
rdransom1: she says she has a blank screen for the chat
Janice: I'm sorry I can't help, but I am a total computer idiot.
metalartiste2001: tell her to type hello and send it
vlady6us joined the room
Janice: Ruth, maybe she doesn't know she has to click on the enter
chat button. I didn't realize it to begin with.
x4wheelinblonde joined the room
Fearless Leader: WOWOWOOWW
Fearless Leader: ok, she's here
x4wheelinblonde: Hi
rdransom1: i'll ask
Fearless Leader: now we have TWO PEOPLE who are new to chat?
Fearless Leader: and have the cams open?
Janice: Yay. She made it.
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x4wheelinblonde: #
You have been logged Off chat. Please Join a room if you want to re-
logon. (6/11/04 8:22 PM)

nora_gatine: now can everyone see the two tins there in the cam?
metalartiste2001: ok - i'm on
vlady6us: i can
nora_gatine: shall we discuss?
phyllisinvegas: yes
rdransom1: yup!
Janice: mee too
elissaheart: yup
x4wheelinblonde: yeah
nancy: me new yahoo...
nora_gatine: The one on the left is a jelly roll blend, done with
white, yellow and red
nora_gatine: when the blend was done it was rolled into a jelly roll
nora_gatine: that jelly roll was flattened to be a long fat ribbon
nora_gatine: that ribbon was cut into sections and stacked
nora_gatine: that stack was cut diagonally and flipped for the
chevron flip which makes leaf shapes.
nora_gatine: The same chevron flip was done to the tin on the right
nora_gatine: but instead of fat ribbons of jelly roll blend
ammowife68: I don't see you online so I can see the video
nora_gatine: we just used stacked sheets
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to ammowife68 (6/11/04
8:30 PM)
ammowife68: thank you
nora_gatine: just sent you an invite
nora_gatine: shall we mug the new folks?
nora_gatine: LOL
Janice: yeah!
rdransom1: YES!!!!
ammowife68: hahahaha
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): lol
phyllisinvegas: lol cute
ammowife68: aaahahahaha
jude: There she is!
phyllisinvegas: ha ha ha ha ha
sharonvintn: Fearless Leader!!
phyllisinvegas: wow cleavage
rdransom1: you GO girl
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): NJ , you make me laugh so hard some times
jude: Was that a cleavage, boob shot?
phyllisinvegas: shore nug
jude: GASP!
rdransom1: that's what I saw!
nora_gatine: an Asian with Tits
phyllisinvegas: peek a boo
nora_gatine: It must be a Rice Cracker
nora_gatine: LOL
Janice: this has become rated R
nancy: laugh
phyllisinvegas: she is blushing
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): lmaf at NJ
vlady6us: darn and i missed it cause i was writing
vlady6us: LM@O
ammowife68: I feel like some one is looking me
nora_gatine: looks like the face has falled through the table top
vlady6us: lol
nora_gatine: I'm Mellllting
nora_gatine: what a world, what a world
nancy: does...
Janice: lol
x4wheelinblonde: lol
ammowife68: needs some eye brows lol
phyllisinvegas: thanks for the floor show
nora_gatine: Oh, hanging hankie with left over giraffe
sharonvintn: Laughter is good for creativity!!
rdransom1: cool!
ammowife68: oh that is beautiful
vlady6us: way cool
phyllisinvegas: ooooooooooooooooo
sharonvintn: Nice
ammowife68: ohhhh i like
x4wheelinblonde: awesome
sharonvintn: I musta missed that giraffe demo
nora_gatine: here's something I didn't show yet
nora_gatine: just some giraffe chop and stuff
ammowife68: oh now that is awesome
vlady6us: oh wow thats awesome
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): wow, that is nice
rdransom1: very pretty
phyllisinvegas: awesome is right
Janice: I love it. Wow!
x4wheelinblonde: wow
ammowife68: eeeeee ohhhhh
sharonvintn: I really like that, NJ
ammowife68: aaaahhh
sharonvintn: Very organic
phyllisinvegas: psycadilic mushroom time?
nora_gatine: anyone remember the feather cane?
sharonvintn: Ohhhh, paleolithic
vlady6us: i do
sharonvintn: Yes
nora_gatine: gold and copper and silver
vlady6us: sorta
nora_gatine: ok, dig
phyllisinvegas: love the rolled tops
vlady6us: thats cool
sharonvintn: Blurry, NJ
sharonvintn: Can you hold it still a moment?
sharonvintn: Neat
sharonvintn: Is it a pendant or a vessel?
nora_gatine: ok those two tins
nora_gatine: tongues of fire
ammowife68: ok I tried to cover a tin and it was sinful
ammowife68: I could not do it
phyllisinvegas: lol
suez1030 joined the room
x4wheelinblonde: I haven't tried yet
nora_gatine: when it is chopped up the two canes make very different
types of beads, mix the chop and you got something like this
vlady6us: hi sue
Janice: Hi susan
ammowife68: not as easy as it looks i can tell you that
suez1030: Hello everyone,
vlady6us: those are neat nj
x4wheelinblonde: those are great!
rdransom1: I did the malachite and covered some tins -
ammowife68: do you bake those right on the stick?
phyllisinvegas: very neat beads
nora_gatine: make, cure, wetsand, and finish all on the same stick
nora_gatine: bamboo skewer
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): is the web cam blared to any one else? my
side is very blared
phyllisinvegas: looks fine to me
nora_gatine: Now for variations on other animal cane, zebra
vlady6us: mines fine
Janice: I don't know what you mean by blared
ammowife68: omg I love those
nancy: bright..
rdransom1: mine is a little blurry
sharonvintn: It ia blurry
sharonvintn: is
Janice: mine is a little blurry too
ammowife68: It depends on your connection
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i spelled that wrong
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): sorry
sharonvintn: That's OK
Janice: no prob
phyllisinvegas: are these made out of chops?
sharonvintn: Wait til you see my spelling!!
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): lol
Janice: lol
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): sometimes i type faster than my brain can
x4wheelinblonde: ok so if your cane starts out flat do you jusy roll
it into the bead shape you want?
vlady6us: back in a little bit..
sharonvintn: Yes
nora_gatine: ok, the zebra started out like this and after the chop
to make beads it looks like what's on the skewers
sharonvintn: You can roll any shape you want, even if cane is square
x4wheelinblonde: chop?
x4wheelinblonde: ok thanks...
x4wheelinblonde: cool
sharonvintn: Chop is on NJ's site
Janice: chop is exactly what it sounds like You chop up the canes.
sharonvintn: It's where you use left over bits of canes, chop them up
sharonvintn: and blend together
sharonvintn: It's a neat way to use up stuff
suez1030: very nice NJ, ther close up came in clear, love the
teardrop shape.
x4wheelinblonde: ah ok, still reading all the info on the site...
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): has any one made a bead by sitting a piece
of glass on top of clay and rolling it around?
sharonvintn: Yes
metalartiste2001: yeah
sharonvintn: It's fun!!
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): is it easy?
nora_gatine: now that's tiger
nora_gatine: the next is leopard
phyllisinvegas: so do you put the chops on a base sheet?
sharonvintn: Yup, easy
rdransom1: swirly beads? they are fun
sharonvintn: Lentil beads I think they call them
rdransom1: those are cool beads, NJ
metalartiste2001: yeah - it's great to see what evolves when you do
Janice: love the leopard. I can hardly wait to start playing with
x4wheelinblonde: I heard us a plate...
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): nice
ammowife68: I haev a LOT to learn here
x4wheelinblonde: I was
nora_gatine: ready for the three layered beads? Just reviewing stuff
from last week
Janice: yes
x4wheelinblonde: Wowo I missed a lot
bonsaikathy joined the room
phyllisinvegas: i am soooooooo lost
Janice: hi kathy
bonsaikathy: wow, big crowd tonight
ammowife68: me to phyl
phyllisinvegas: lol Deanna
ammowife68: we have a lot of reading to do
x4wheelinblonde: your not the only one...
x4wheelinblonde: yes we do
bonsaikathy: oh boy, NJ's been doing chop and toss
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): NJ, can you hold them up close?
sharonvintn: Try that link for the chop
x4wheelinblonde: ok
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): thanks
phyllisinvegas: yes thanks
metalartiste2001: got to let the dog out - be back in a few
nora_gatine: and this is as easy as dirt to do
x4wheelinblonde: is this where I go to learn how to do them?
nora_gatine: honest
phyllisinvegas: ha ha ha
phyllisinvegas: easy for you to say
nora_gatine: Now we can do a quick chop and layer it
sharonvintn: I do a lot of chop as my canes are not so great so I
recyle them in chop!!
phyllisinvegas: i am still drolling here
nora_gatine: take just a couple of minutes
nora_gatine: let's see what we have on hand
x4wheelinblonde: am I the only one with no pasta machine?
phyllisinvegas: i have the tools but not the nohow
Donna: you'll get one
sharonvintn: I went three years without one
rdransom1: you HAVE to get one, Shawn!!
Donna: it is just a matter of time
sharonvintn: But can't live without one now!!
phyllisinvegas: wht is she cutting on?
x4wheelinblonde: I'll have to get one off the net...
sharonvintn: a tile
phyllisinvegas: thanks
x4wheelinblonde: not sure where to get one here
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i made notes of NJ's demos , if any one
would like them, just let me know
sharonvintn: Any hardware or Lowe's or Home depot
rdransom1: Kathy, me --- again
sharonvintn: just a plane ceramic tile
phyllisinvegas: glazed? or unglazed?
x4wheelinblonde: what do you guys use as a work surface?
sharonvintn: Either
Janice: any home improvement store has them that you can buy
individually. I just got one at Home Depot for $1.56 for 12x12 tile
phyllisinvegas: k
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): ok, i'm behind on 2 plus tonight
rdransom1: a tile from Home depot!
bonsaikathy: ebay is where I got mine
sharonvintn: Unglazed is what I bake on as the clay turn shiny on a
glazed one
elissaheart: I use a sheet of plexiglass.
phyllisinvegas: thanks for that tip
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): but i'll get them done and send it to you
rdransom1: Kathy - whenever you can is great THANKS
phyllisinvegas: so she is just chopping at random?
bonsaikathy left the room
Janice: yep
phyllisinvegas: kewl
x4wheelinblonde: a tile...I think I have some in my garage
countrylady100ca left the room
Donna: I use all kinds of things -- a sheet of rubber stamp padding,
a marble turntable, lots of tiles (for things I don't want to move --
so I can bake on them)
rdransom1: the 12X12 ones -that are smooth, like marble
ammowife68: well I guess I had better learn how to make canes first
sharonvintn: I use the 4 x4 inch tiles to bake on
rdransom1: me, too
x4wheelinblonde: yeah we just redid som bathrooms...
sharonvintn: I found about 30 at a garage sale
phyllisinvegas: is she mushing it together now?
sharonvintn: Paid a buck for them
Janice: yep
Donna: tossing
rdransom1: I have a bunch left over from bathroom re-do
sharonvintn: Perfect
nancy: i use a 12 inch tile to work on..have several other smaller
ones for various uses
Janice: me too
x4wheelinblonde: and you can bake on them?
rdransom1: yep -no problem
Janice: yep
nancy: yes...
x4wheelinblonde: cool
sharonvintn: If your tiles are glazed you can put a sheet of paper on
top so your clay doessn't get a shiney spot on it when it bakes
jude: I bake on a metal tray with a piece of paper in it.
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nora_gatine: Now who has not seen the Natasha Bead trick?
phyllisinvegas: neat cube
nora_gatine: we're ready to do it
phyllisinvegas: me
nora_gatine: we're going to cut this in half
ammowife68: ME !!
pmi1314: wow full house
rdransom1: I use a metal tray with polyfil on it sometimes
nora_gatine: and then cut those halves in half again
nora_gatine: making mirror images
nora_gatine: then
nora_gatine: we're going to put them back to back so we have a cube
with mirror images on all four sides
nora_gatine: ready?
phyllisinvegas: yup
ammowife68: y
rdransom1: yes - I love natasha beads
elissaheart: Ibake beads on a bed of cornstarch, a tip which I
learned from Margaret Maggio.
babasbunja left the room
babasbunja joined the room
Janice: hi bernie
sharonvintn: Neat Idea, the cornstartch
elissaheart: works like a charm!
nancy: yeah no kidding...
babasbunja: Hi Janice Sweetheart
sharonvintn: Ellissheart, you make the neatest beads11
suez1030: I love the way those turned out.
elissaheart: Gawrsh, thanks!
sharonvintn: Boy did I type that wrong!!
sharonvintn: Really, are you still selling them?
pmi1314: hi all
vlady6us left the room
vlady6us joined the room
elissaheart: Not right now, but I plan to start again soon on
Janice: hi penny
Susan (minimoon47) joined the room
sharonvintn: Hope so
Janice: hi sandie
elissaheart: thanks
x4wheelinblonde: ok what is wet sand?
sharonvintn: I really love your hearts
vlady6us: hi jan
elissaheart: thank you!
vlady6us: sand underwater with wet dry sandpaper
Donna: keeps down the dust
rdransom1: elissa - do you make those hearts that are like natasha
beads? Those are cool!
x4wheelinblonde: oh ok..and what does that do?
Susan: hi guys - boy a real crowd here to night, huh?
sharonvintn: Good to see you here with us Ellissa
jude: Right, keeps down the dust and keeps the sandpaper from getting
all clogged up.
vlady6us: put a drop of dishwashing liquid in the water
elissaheart: Yes, that be me! I wrote the tute for it in Polyzine.
elissaheart: thank you sharon!
x4wheelinblonde: ok.....neat
vlady6us: which hearts..did i miss something
x4wheelinblonde: wow my head hurts from all this info...
sharonvintn: I made three for my family, those are a lot of work!!
rdransom1: I've tried them - they didn't come out nearly as good as
yours , but they are fun to make!
nancy: chuckle..the greatest easiest way to make hearts...
sharonvintn: I'm a figure not a jewlery person!!
rdransom1:  shawn!
rdransom1: NJ usually saves the log from the chats so you can go back
an read them over to see what you missed
elissaheart: you have to remember that I have made a few thousand of
them, so mine are bound to be a little more polished.
rdransom1: they ARE beautiful!
x4wheelinblonde: do you drill hole in the beads before or after the
x4wheelinblonde: I know too many questions
sharonvintn: Still talent must be given credit and you have a talent
for them, Elissa
rdransom1: you can do either - I usually do before
nora_gatine: Ok, now I'll show you a couple of things to do with these
ammowife68: k
elissaheart: I do the holes both ways - some before and some after.
ammowife68: very kewl
phyllisinvegas: was the first thing she used a metal skewer?
rdransom1: looks like it
ammowife68: looked like those things you put in the turky to sew it
rdransom1: what's she doing with the pen?
elissaheart: I think so. it's easier to poke a narrow "pilot" hole
first, and then enlarge it with a bigger skewer.
jude: Not a pen, a clay shaper.
phyllisinvegas: thanks
Janice: it's not a pen, but a clay shaper and she is probably taking
off her fingerprints.
rdransom1: oh - that makes more sense
x4wheelinblonde: hey I need to mother in law is here and Im
in the room she's staying in
phyllisinvegas: bye
ammowife68: k night
sharonvintn: bye and come again
Janice: bye Shawn. Catch you next time.
rdransom1: Hey to the mom in law - bye shawn
metalartiste2001: clay shapers take finger prints off???
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): good night
Janice: yes
x4wheelinblonde: I really enjoyed it...and i'll be at as many demos
as I can in the future..thanks all!
x4wheelinblonde: nite nite
rdransom1: bye
x4wheelinblonde left the room
ammowife68: I am so tired my eyeballs just rolled to the back of my
elissaheart: Wish I had a webcam. I'd love to demo heartmaking.
ammowife68: but this is just to kewl to go to sleep
rdransom1: I'D love to WATCH that demo!!
elissaheart: someday...
nancy: oh that would be so lovely elissa
sharonvintn: Oh, Ellissa I would love that
rdransom1: well, my hubby just came home from a week in Mexico and he
wants me to spend time with him - go figure - so I'd better go, too -
rdransom1: I'll try to be here tomorrow
minimoon47 left the room
Janice: Deanna, I came home from work early to take a nap, so I could
stay up for demo tonight.
sharonvintn: Nite
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): good night
Janice: nite ruth
elissaheart: good night, ruth
nora_gatine: So the Natasha bead can be square, tapered or made into
a tube bead
nora_gatine: the tube bead will have four mirror images on it
suez1030: The beads are beautiful NJ.
phyllisinvegas: those are gorgeous
nora_gatine: and they are easy
ammowife68: nap darn should have done that lol
rdransom1: bye all - thanks for the bead demo - they are great!
phyllisinvegas: bye
elissaheart: luvvly!
ammowife68: but I went shopping for stamping stuff instead
rdransom1 left the room
elissaheart: ooh!!!
ammowife68: those are just beautiful
metalartiste2001: elissaheart link:
Janice: well, if you can't sleep, shopping is the next best thing.
nora_gatine: so these rectangular beads
elissaheart: thanks, artiste!
nora_gatine: are the same as the tube beads below
suez1030: I love the pattern in the beads.
nora_gatine: now I'll take short orders
metalartiste2001: love your beads!
nora_gatine: who needs to see a particular technique
metalartiste2001: i got a question
nora_gatine: East coasters are frist
nora_gatine: ok, questions
metalartiste2001: i'm experimenting with texture sheets
elissaheart: the pattern, the pearlescence, the translucence, are all
metalartiste2001: i want to fill in the dots with another color
nora_gatine: yes
ammowife68: ohhh those hearts are wonderful
ammowife68: awesome
nora_gatine: back fill
metalartiste2001: do i bake first sheet
nora_gatine: that's what I'd do, do the impression, cure
nora_gatine: then come after curing and fill in the indentations
nora_gatine: as you wish
ammowife68: look how glassy they look
metalartiste2001: how do you backfill?
nora_gatine: I have an example
metalartiste2001: i tried rolling the clay on but it always pulled off
metalartiste2001: love the logo!@!!
nora_gatine: see the stamp?
ammowife68: did you make that heart mold?
ammowife68: yup
nora_gatine: it's my NJ brand
metalartiste2001: yes
phyllisinvegas: nice stamp
nancy: super neat NJ...
nora_gatine: I pressed that into the chest of this figure here when
the clay was raw
lvmypolymerclay joined the room
metalartiste2001: ok
lvmypolymerclay: Howdy
nora_gatine: Howdy Lynn, discussing back fill
nora_gatine: after the figure was cured
nora_gatine: there was this indentation of my NJ brand on his chest
nora_gatine: I went and filled in the indentation with pearl
nora_gatine: mashing it into the grooves and then I cured again
nora_gatine: then sanded it flat
nora_gatine: that's back fill
nora_gatine: you go back
nora_gatine: and fill in the grooves
metalartiste2001: oh - the mash technique
ammowife68: when you say cure you mean bake it?
lvmypolymerclay: gotcha
nora_gatine: it's so easy it should be illegal
phyllisinvegas: i have a question on using stamps on clay as texture
nora_gatine: there's more ways to heat set polymer clay than baking
metalartiste2001: yes - bake it
nora_gatine: I don't use bake, for we can boil
nora_gatine: use hot coals on a camp fire
ammowife68: I have tried to bake it and heat it with my gun
ammowife68: most of the time I put it in my melting pot
nora_gatine: leave the clay in the trunk of our car on a hot Houston
afternoon at the mall
ammowife68: boil?
phyllisinvegas: ha ha ha that will work here
nora_gatine: some folks have heat set polymer clay with boiling, yes
nora_gatine: I want to experiment with the solar oven with one of our
desert ClayMates
ammowife68: no kidding
nora_gatine: I got fog here and it doesn't work
nora_gatine: so that's why I don't use the word bake
nora_gatine: for heat setting polymer clay, we cure it, it wasn't
feeling well being raw and we cured it
phyllisinvegas: lol
nora_gatine: any other questions?
nora_gatine: LOL
ammowife68: my husband will come home and think I made dinner and
scoop out a blob of clay I am working on
phyllisinvegas: yes i have one on stamps
nora_gatine: Phyllis shares my sense of humor
nora_gatine: yikes, in his STEW?
nora_gatine: yikes and yow
lvmypolymerclay: I'm just shaking my head lol
nora_gatine: any other questions or are we ready for short order?
phyllisinvegas: if you use an unmounted stamp as a texture sheet do
you have to put a release agent on it
phyllisinvegas: to run it through a pasta machine?
nora_gatine: it would have been very difficult to run this figure
through the press
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: sorry being silly here
suez1030: I wish I could stay up and see more...I'm in NY.....I can't
stay awake much longer.....Bye everyone.....thanks NJ.
nora_gatine: yes, if I use a texture sheet I dust the sheet and then
put it on a sheet of clay and press BOTH through the pasta press at
the widest setting
nora_gatine: See you tomorrow Susan?
phyllisinvegas: bye suez
nora_gatine: So Rome NY goes off the air
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): night suez
suez1030 left the room
nora_gatine: Short orders? East coasters come first
nora_gatine: who is on the Easst Coast?
ammowife68: any answer on the stamp and clay?
nora_gatine: Yo Lynn want to see the rainbow blend?
nora_gatine: which question? can you repeat?
ammowife68: I have lots of unmounted background stamps
phyllisinvegas: fearless leader take a break?
Janice: you should use a release
nora_gatine: Use a release agent, yes
nora_gatine: baby powder will do
sharonvintn: I use Armor All
nora_gatine: Phyllis you're my psychic twin I do need to take a break
Janice: me too, or baby powder
sharonvintn: Or you can use baby powder or cornstartch
nora_gatine: how about 5 minutes
phyllisinvegas: does that clean off the stamps?
nora_gatine: chat on if you like

sharonvintn: I clean my stamps with alcohol
phyllisinvegas: Armor all?
sharonvintn: Or baby wipes
Janice: unknown, I am not a stamper
ammowife68: versamark should work right?
sharonvintn: Armor all is a product in the automotive dept
ammowife68: yup i have that
sharonvintn: You spray it on the dash to shine and clean it
ammowife68: well ladies as much as I want to stay on here I have to
get to bed it is now 12:30
phyllisinvegas: night Deanna
Janice: good nite, Deanna
ammowife68: night phyl
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): night
ammowife68: thanks for a great frist time demom
sharonvintn: I clean my tools, pasta machine, work surface and lots
of stuff with rubbing alcohol
lvmypolymerclay: niters
ammowife68 left the room
sharonvintn: nite Kathy
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): I'm not going yet
nora_gatine: back
phyllisinvegas: so basicaly most of the things I have seen on the
site are made of chops?
nora_gatine: ok, Short Orders anyone?
nora_gatine: not necessarily, there's other techniques, that's just
what I do with left over cane
phyllisinvegas: ok i see
nora_gatine: there's sculpting, cane making for three dimensional
flowers, mini food
Janice: I don't know what you have seen on the site, but that is not
so. There are a lot of things on there.
nora_gatine: so what's your pleasure?
phyllisinvegas: all of it
phyllisinvegas: at one time
phyllisinvegas: lol
elissaheart: lol!
nora_gatine: there's old and new stuff on that page
phyllisinvegas: i am already on overload so can't hurt much
metalartiste2001: good night all - thanks for the demo
metalartiste2001 left the room
Janice: nite Janice
nora_gatine: all the old tutes, before August 2003
phyllisinvegas: thanks
phyllisinvegas: gonna crazy glue my butt to this chair
nora_gatine: so who needs to see what?
nora_gatine: Lynn you were wondering about the rainbow cane
nora_gatine: done as basket weave
Janice: NJ, I got my stuff from you yesterday and made a face from
the mold last night using the tiger cane. I change it to make the
nose narrower. Turned out cool.
nora_gatine: Oh COOLNESS
nora_gatine: change it all you want and make a new mold from your
modified impressioon
lvmypolymerclay: Yes I was but can we maybe do that tomorrow cause
I'm running out of steam fast
nora_gatine: impression even
nora_gatine: Ok, I'll hold it until you tell me
Janice: Will do.
nora_gatine: and then we'll do it
nora_gatine: ok, requests?
nora_gatine: Mid westerners?
lvmypolymerclay: cool....maybe we can do something with a CD too...I
have a ton now lol
nora_gatine: hmmm, do I have a CD thing in process....
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i'm getting sleepy, how many are here?
looks like me and NJ and Lvmypoly?
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
Janice: me
nora_gatine: let's see
phyllisinvegas: me
elissaheart: me
Janice: Janice, Monticello GA
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): Kathy mesa Arizona
sharonvintn: Sharon V in Tn
lvmypolymerclay: Lynn Northern VA
babasbunja: Bernie, PA
nora_gatine: we could sculpt a face right quick
nora_gatine: I'm really easy
Janice: I love watching you do faces.
lvmypolymerclay: lol
Donna: Donna, Sacramento
nora_gatine: another mugging? LOL, shall we do a face from scratch,
to review face sculpting?
Janice: yes, please
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): yes
phyllisinvegas: I'm game
lvmypolymerclay: I need to go sculpt my face into my pillow.....wore
myself out watching the Reagan funeral...I'm such and emotional thing
sharonvintn: I'm here but working on something so if I don't reply
right away that's why
nora_gatine: you rest up then Lynn
nora_gatine: rest them weepy eyes
lvmypolymerclay: LOL
lvmypolymerclay: I shall and I will be for rainbow can tomorrow
Janice: It got to me too Lynn
nora_gatine: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Index
nora_gatine: we start out with the grid to line up the features
lvmypolymerclay: nite all have a great demo
Janice: nite lynn
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): nite
lvmypolymerclay left the room
nora_gatine: the first upside down V
nora_gatine: from between the eyebrows to the sides of the nose
nora_gatine: down to the grid line below the center
nora_gatine: then I start mapping the area around the eyes
nora_gatine: the eyebrow ridge
nora_gatine: beside the nose
nora_gatine: we can now map under the eye and start shaping the cheek
phyllisinvegas: hmm that looks a lot like my husband
nora_gatine: we can start to see how the lips are beginning to get
mass, from beneath the nose, some from the cheek, and now let's get a
lower lip
Janice: lol
nora_gatine: it's looking sort of human, but very sad
nora_gatine: right?
phyllisinvegas: yup that's him
elissaheart: I love his expression already!!!
Janice: yep
nora_gatine: now I'll just roll the cone tipped clay shaper over
these mounds to move more clay to the eyes, nose, lips
nora_gatine: we go from the general to the specific
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): looks grumpy to me
elissaheart: looks like a snob to me.
Janice: lol
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): lol
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
sharonvintn: Hi ya Jude
jude: Howdy!
pmi1314 left the room
Donna: I need to go -- hope I can drop in for awhile tomorrow. Thanks
NJ. Nite all.
Janice: nite donna
elissaheart: nite donna
dona5611 left the room
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): nite donna
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): how do you put teeth in?
vlady6us left the room
Janice: NJ can't answer until she gets back to her computer. If she
doesn't see the question, be sure to ask again.
babasbunja: You can pre-make some teeth, cure, and insert, or you can
use raw clay too
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): ok
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): pre made teeth, false teeth?
Janice: lol
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): that is a good idea
babasbunja: some pc artists do make false teeth sets
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): just sounds funny
nora_gatine: I don't usually have teeth showing
phyllisinvegas: oh my gosh I have to go and feed the fur crew. Almost
forgot, thanks for a great demo NJ.
nora_gatine: My pleasure Phyllis
nora_gatine: see you tomorrow maybe?
Janice: nite phyllis
phyllisinvegas: yes will be here
phyllisinvegas: with bells on
phyllisinvegas left the room
greatauntjudy left the room
elissaheart: What time is demo tomorrow?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): noon
elissaheart: ty
nancy: whoa..i just found out my youngest sons girlfriend does
Janice: 3 pm PST
Janice: sorry, 3 pm EST
elissaheart: Janicou mean Eastern.
elissaheart: oops. sorry for typo!
nora_gatine: Wow Nancy
nora_gatine: did she just go by and see the cam?
nancy: i havent met her yet...she and jon live in seattle
Janice: The face is starting to remind me of Jean Luc
nancy: i will be meeting her on monday (i am nervous already)
nora_gatine: she may be nervous meeting you too, Nancy
nancy: yeah could be...giggle
sharonvintn: Just go and enjoy your meeting
nancy: i will..
sharonvintn: If she's artistic at least you have something in common
sharonvintn: You may just hit it off so good the guys will be amazed!!
nancy: yeah i knew she sings but not that she artistic till tonight...
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): will he get the rest of his body?
sharonvintn: Hey, think of all the artistic grandchildren you'll have
nancy: yeah there is musical talent in the family also (no
professionals however) so one of these generations someone amazing
will be born
nora_gatine: So there's a face, still rough draft, but what I wanted
to show was mapping out the features with the grid
nora_gatine: building up mass to then make the nose and lips
nora_gatine: instead of adding clay to make those features
babasbunja: Night everyone, enjoyed the company, it's 1 AM here.
Thanks NJ.
Janice: very kewl NJ
Janice: see ya bernie
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): nite
sharonvintn: nite Bernie
nora_gatine: Nighty Night Bernie
nora_gatine: see you tomorrow?
babasbunja left the room
nora_gatine: oops too late
elissaheart: Good night, NJ
nora_gatine: Good Night Elissa
nancy: okay huggs to everyone...always fun hanging a early
get up in the morning and a lot to get done tomorrow (i am attacking
the wild blackberries..i want my yard back)
nora_gatine: Wow blackberries, any worth picking?
Janice: night elissa, night nancy
techi_mom56 left the room
nora_gatine: I'm going to save log

elissaheart: see you tomorrow
elissaheart left the room
Janice: we've got bunches of blackberries almost ripened. I can hardly
wait to get some for blacvkberry cobbler.
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): I need to go also, have to get up in 6
hours, takes me forever to fall asleep
Janice: night kathy
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): night everyone, thank you NJ
nora_gatine: Well looks like folks are fading
arizona_sweet2004 left the room
nora_gatine: we should call it a night and get together again
sharonvintn: tommarrow?
sharonvintn: If I can I will join you, NJ
nora_gatine: Tomollow, Tomollow, I'll see you Tomollow
Janice: yes, It is late here. Tomorrow it is. What time?
nora_gatine: Noon Pacific
sharonvintn: LOL
sharonvintn: Tomallow then
nora_gatine: That's Annie in Tokyo
Janice: I'll be here. Thanks NJ.
nora_gatine: he he he
sharonvintn: Love it
nora_gatine: okie dokie, thanks for coming and I'll see you tomorrow
nora_gatine: xoxox
sharonvintn: Need th smiles tonight
jlam0401 left the room


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