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Jan-June 2004 Demo Stuff

06-12-04: First Hour - Making Flowers in French and German.

nj 120604 flowers  (11 photos)6/14/2004
05/14/08 on photo galley page

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phyllisinvegas joined the room
phyllisinvegas: Hi
Fearless Leader: Howdy Phyllis, you know how to open my cam?
Fearless Leader: I'm here early to help folks get in, hope they saw
the post to the list
phyllisinvegas: yes let me give it a quick try here
Fearless Leader: Great, you got it
phyllisinvegas: piece of cake
phyllisinvegas: thanks to your instructions on the site
Fearless Leader: I cured this family's new hair this morning at dawn,
I just woke up
Fearless Leader: let me get some coffee and I'll be right back, can
you be hostess to the folks as they come in until I get back?
phyllisinvegas: nice job on them
phyllisinvegas: shure
Fearless Leader: thanks, brb
Fearless Leader: back, now let me see if I can find Ms. Kitty, she
was about to pull her hair.
phyllisinvegas: ouch
Fearless Leader: found her, she's new to the process. I'm IMing with
her now.
phyllisinvegas: kewl
ammowife68 joined the room
phyllisinvegas: Hi de ho Deanna
Donna (dona5611) joined the room
ammowife68: hi phyllis
phyllisinvegas: Hi Donna
Donna: Hi!
vlady6us joined the room
Donna: Just got home from buying flowers to plant in my front garden
Fearless Leader: Howdy all, I'm helping Ms. Kitty. Donna you got your
phyllisinvegas: oh I love flowers
Donna: but it is toooooo hot already
vlady6us: hello everyone
phyllisinvegas: Hi Vlady
Donna: so they will wait till tomorrow am
phyllisinvegas: Where are you Donna?
Donna: Yes, got my beads NJ -- love them -- I sent you an email
Thanks so much
Donna: I'm in Sacramento
phyllisinvegas: oh ya going to be hot here too
Donna: One thing I love about the weather here is that it cools down
at night -- often 30 to 40 degrees
phyllisinvegas: wow that is cool
vlady6us: that would be so nice
Donna: I lived in the DC area 20+ years, and it never was cooler at
Donna: almost as hot as the daytime cause of the humidity
Fearless Leader: has everyone added this room to their Favorite Rooms
phyllisinvegas: how do we do that?
vlady6us: no
ammowife68: go to file
Fearless Leader: on the menu above... FILE/Favorite Room/Add
ammowife68: then scroll down to favorites list and click add
phyllisinvegas: kewl thanks
Donna: I have now
vlady6us: i get here from the group
Donna: I just come in thru messenger
Fearless Leader: Then when you can come to the room through the
Friend's list by going Tools/Chat/Favorite room
Fearless Leader: if you come from the group page you won't be able to
save log if you wanted to.
Fearless Leader: it's a java function and copying the demo log won't
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
phyllisinvegas: heeeey jude
jude: Howdy!
jude: Geez, NJ, what is that? GASP!
phyllisinvegas: cold people
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude, that's the MerBlue Family with
hair. I'm helping Ms. Kitty get here, brb
Donna: I was concerned at first -- till I saw the baby!
phyllisinvegas: lol
jude: Oh, okie. At first glance it looked like an orgy in progress!
Donna: yep
ammowife68: LOL
phyllisinvegas: aftemath of an orgy
jude: And, for the life of me, with NJ, I don't know why I am
surprised. Hehehehe
phyllisinvegas: oooo i saw a merbutt
ammowife68: nothing shocks me lol seen in one of the files the little
wankers in different colors now I have to say that one shocked me a
bit to see them in the files
jude: Okie, I see the baby now.
Donna: aftermath -- good one
jude: Oh, you saw the results of the swap, huh? Wasn't that sumptun?
ammowife68: I just had to share that with Phyllis
phyllisinvegas: that was sumpin alright i laughed so hard i cried
ammowife68: I was like Phyl you have got to check these out lol
ammowife68: brb
phyllisinvegas: just out of curosity what was the swap called?
jude: I can't remember the name. They called it chumbas or something
like that.
phyllisinvegas: lol good one
jude: Why did NJ do blue merpeople?
phyllisinvegas: ???????
Fearless Leader: I had a boat load of blue that I never use
jude: Oh! I thought you were doing a Picasso!
vlady6us: lol
phyllisinvegas: or merpeople from the arctic regions
sylviedecottignies joined the room
jude: Like, Blue Merpeople descending a staircase...
vlady6us: hmmmmmmmmmmmm. blue he all blue
phyllisinvegas: good question
sylviedecottignies: bonjour à toutes
vlady6us: sorry. im being bad, as usual
jude: That is an ice blue, too.
vlady6us: LOL
Fearless Leader: Bonjour Sylvie, comment sa va?
Fearless Leader: anyone speak French?
phyllisinvegas: no sorry
Fearless Leader: We need a translator
vlady6us: not i
Donna: lol you guys are too much
phyllisinvegas: but got the giest of that one
sylviedecottignies: bien merçi et vous?
jude: I can sorta make out what she is saying, but don't speak French
at all.
Fearless Leader: sa va bien, merci
phyllisinvegas: yup
phyllisinvegas: is that I am good thanks?
Fearless Leader: oui, mais Je ne parle pas bien... Yes, but I don't
speak French well.
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty is having a heck of a time, I'm still
helping her. I sent out invites to the room to everyone on my
Friend's list so people might be filtering in soon.
phyllisinvegas: a lot o fench and spanish words are alike
jude: Romance languages based on Latin.
jude: I took Spanish and Latin...groan.
phyllisinvegas: latin? ewwww
jude: You got that right.
rickiebeth1 joined the room
phyllisinvegas: Hi
vlady6us: hi rickiebeth
rickiebeth1: Hello to Everyone - I wish I could stay - but I am going
to look at apartments -
vlady6us: thats no fun
rickiebeth1: Lots of footwork
vlady6us: it sure is
Donna: It could be fun, but not as much fun as this!
vlady6us: lol
rickiebeth1: This is where I WANT to be - will there be any demos
vlady6us: dunno. have to ask nj
Fearless Leader: Tomorrow, ok. My father passed away, I need
something to do for Father's Day
vlady6us: when did he pass away nj????
kitycat2222000 joined the room
vlady6us: recently?
vlady6us: hi kitycat
Fearless Leader: in 2001, in the middle of my first Clay Tour
Fearless Leader: YEAH!!!
vlady6us: ahhhhhhhhhh ok
rickiebeth1: Oh No!!
phyllisinvegas: oh sorry to hear that
vlady6us: me too
Fearless Leader: Oh it wrecked the list, everyone was crying
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty
kitycat2222000: I made it this time NJ omygosh such a trial.
Fearless Leader: now do you see a TV Icon by my name?
Fearless Leader: Fearless Leader?
phyllisinvegas: congrats Kitty
Fearless Leader: can you right click on that to open the cam?
vlady6us: the leader of one of my msn craft groups passed away
Fearless Leader: we're not done yet, Ms. Kitty
kitycat2222000: with each dialog entry? No
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty, honey, can you click on my name here on
this list, there's a TV Icon next to Fearless Leader
Fearless Leader: highlight Fearless Leader and right click and
choose "view webcam"
kitycat2222000: Okay I see it on the right-hand list of antendees
Fearless Leader: yes, now choose Fearless Leader, right click,
choose "view webcam"
Fearless Leader: if that doesn't work I'll send you an invite to my
cam, but let's see if you can right click and choose "view webcam"
rickiebeth1: NJ -( Sorry to interupt )incase you missed my message -
I am going apartment looking and cannot stay - although I WANT to be
HERE with you all. I need to leave right now.....Tomorrow I will be
able to stay!!!
kitycat2222000: I right click on the TV screen icon and there
is"invite to view webcam" but it thinks I have the webcam
rickiebeth1: Bye everyone!!!
Fearless Leader: Ok, Tomorrow Rickie Beth
rickiebeth1 left the room
Fearless Leader: no not invite to see your webcam, there should
be "view webcam" when you right click on my name.
Fearless Leader: then that should open my cam.
Fearless Leader: zambeezi, who is that?
kitycat2222000: I'm sorry I taking precious time, Sorry there isn't.
There is a Foller user
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'll send you an invite to my cam, hold up
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to kitycat2222000 (6/12/04
12:17 PM)
Fearless Leader: sent
Fearless Leader: we are here to help, that's why I came on early,
honey, don't worry
Fearless Leader: YEAH
Fearless Leader: now for your mugging
kitycat2222000: There you are...........
jude: Oh, no! The infamous NJ mugging!
phyllisinvegas: lol she is a good mugger
kitycat2222000: too cute
phyllisinvegas: awwwwwwwwwww
jude: Much better picture today.
kmrhodes joined the room
vlady6us: hi karen
kmrhodes: Hey All
jude: Howdy Karen!
kmrhodes: Hows everyone doing
vlady6us: ok here and you??
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty one last thing
kmrhodes: fine as a fiddle
vlady6us: cool karen
Fearless Leader: on this window above on the menu is File, choose
File/Favorite Rooms/Add
Fearless Leader: add this room as one of your favorites so you can
get here from the Friend's list in the future
Fearless Leader: let me know when that's done and there's one really
last thing to do and that's to make the cam "always on top"
kmrhodes: Cant do either of those with a Mac
Fearless Leader: rats, you can't Karen?
kmrhodes: Nope
kmrhodes: those options don't come up for us
Fearless Leader: if you come in through the group chat you'd have to
minimize the window for that web page to see the cam?
phyllisinvegas: are you taking requests or do you have a master plan
today NJ?
kmrhodes: yep,
Fearless Leader: Requests today, Sylvie is in France so if she has a
request she should go first.
kmrhodes: gotta make the browser smaller to see the cam
phyllisinvegas: ok kewl
kmrhodes: and if you write, then the came gets behind the browser
Fearless Leader: Sylvie, donnez moi un request pour le clay, sil vous
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty did you make this room a Favorite room?
Fearless Leader: let me know we got one really last thing to do.
kitycat2222000: I can't - there is no "file" on this screen
phyllisinvegas: Ms Kitty is pulling her fur out
sylviedecottignies: je ne comprends pas le mot request
kmrhodes: You can make it a favorite room under Favorites on the
browser Explorer
Donna: try the chat screen, not the webcam
Fearless Leader: On this chat window, there is a menu above, it has
File, Edit, View, Friend, Format, and Help
phyllisinvegas: waaay up on top
Fearless Leader: click on File, choose Favorite room, then choose add
kitycat2222000: Okay it's added.
kitycat2222000: On this one it's Chat
kitycat2222000: Edit View ontacts and HELP
Fearless Leader: Sylvie: Avez-vous une demande d'une technique
d'argile ?
kitycat2222000: I've added it to my favorites not
phyllisinvegas: kewl Kitty
Fearless Leader: Ok, now last thing, Ms. Kitty, over on the webcam
window, there on the top is File, Webcam, and Help.
sylviedecottignies: non, nora tout m'interesse faites comme vous
Fearless Leader: click on Webcam and choose "always on top" that way
the cam doesn't get buried under other stuff.
kitycat2222000: Oh geez, I hate to tell you that screen got enlarged
and I can't rearch the sorry for all the trouble
kitycat2222000: Oh, that's okay - I can switch it back and forth in
the task bar
Fearless Leader: aimez-vous voir sculpting ? Fabrication Des Fleurs ?
Faire Des Mélanges ?
Fearless Leader: if the cam got large I think if you hit "escape"
it'll go back to the smaller version
sylviedecottignies: fabraication de fleurs je veux bien merçi
vlady6us: it does nj
Fearless Leader: Ok, we're going to do flowers, fabraication de Fleurs
kitycat2222000: Youo're right and it's "always on top now" thank you -
 thank you
Fearless Leader: Roses ? Lis de Stargazer ?
sylviedecottignies: lis je ne connais pas je veux bien
Fearless Leader: Ok, ClayMates Sylvie in France has picked making
flowers, now it's a matter of what flower she would like. It's night
time for her so I'm letting her go first.
beddie0510 joined the room
Fearless Leader:
beddie0510: i think i missed it....hi
phyllisinvegas: Hi beddie
Fearless Leader: Veuillez regarder cette page. Pétales Repèrés De
jude: Flowers? Oh, goodie.
sylviedecottignies: ok merçi
beddie0510: good french nora
Fearless Leader:
beddie0510: lol
phyllisinvegas: lol
Donna: I'm impressed
beddie0510: i live 25 km from the french border, and i can't speak
french well
Fearless Leader: Sylvie, alta vista pour le English
kitycat2222000: Alta Vist is a translation program?
beddie0510: what was the demo about tonight?
phyllisinvegas: yes
kitycat2222000: What a world we live in
Fearless Leader: yes, that's what I'm using to chat with Sylvie. My
French isn't that strong.
kitycat2222000: So far I can tell what she's saying
Fearless Leader: Ok, so colors, Aunt Jude, pick the color since
you're the ClayMate who's been with me since forever.
beddie0510: these translation machines are fun
Fearless Leader: and since you don't like certain colors...LOL
pdduke2003 joined the room
jude: RED!
vlady6us: hi pauline
jude: Ahem...forever?
Fearless Leader: Red and Pearl?
jude: Okie, pearl too.
vlady6us left the room
pdduke2003: Hi Everyone, MaMa Duke here
phyllisinvegas: Hi Ma
Fearless Leader: Ok, let's do Roll Call Please, First Name and
beddie0510: hi
vlady6us joined the room
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
beddie0510: oh ok, bettina, germany
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis - Vegas
pdduke2003: Pauline Marlow NH
vlady6us: sandie florida
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
kitycat2222000: Ms. Kitty (aka Carole) Eau Claire, Wisconsin
phyllisinvegas: orray kitty
sylviedecottignies: sylvie france
pdduke2003: Hi Sandie
vlady6us: hi pauline
Fearless Leader: Bettina, your request is next since you're in Germany
Donna: Donna - Sacramento CA
vlady6us: ive already been booted once
pdduke2003: here we go!
beddie0510: what do you mean, my request is next?
vlady6us: typical for my pauline
phyllisinvegas: ammowife is Deanna from N Y
Fearless Leader: After we do this flower for Sylvie in France, the
next thing we do is your choice.
pdduke2003: haha
Fearless Leader: I'm going by who is far away first.
beddie0510: oh, fine - remember me wanting some natashas?
phyllisinvegas: i have been far far away for years now does that
beddie0510: lol
pdduke2003: International again today huh NJ?
Fearless Leader: No problem, we can do that next. Yes we are
international again today.
beddie0510: fine, i hope i'm still awake
pdduke2003: Is it cold out there? NJ has long sleeves on?
kitycat2222000: Is this fun or what?
phyllisinvegas: is that a queisinart or however you spell that?
phyllisinvegas: she isg that in?
vlady6us: sure not cold
phyllisinvegas: eeeek fingers don't work
pdduke2003: HEY - show us your best side there claywoman!!
vlady6us: hey pauline. thank you for your message
pdduke2003: you are welcome
ammowife68: is she using a food processor?
vlady6us: yes she is
jude: It mixes the clay.
vlady6us: to condition her clay faster
pdduke2003: I know that we talk everyday, and I just had a day that I
spent alone with myself
jude: It also conditions it quicker.
vlady6us: i wasnt on much yesterday pauline
vlady6us: spent the day in the..oh no..the kitchen
pdduke2003: is Dean back on the road? KITCHEN...and you told me to
beddie0510: sylvie, ou est-ce que tu habite en france?
vlady6us: lol..had to cook for him..he left a bit ago. had to drive
him to tampa
vlady6us: now hes gone for 2 to 3 weeks or so
sylviedecottignies: dans le sud à la frontière espagnole
vlady6us: and i can clay all i want
pdduke2003: boo hoo for you and Dean -
vlady6us: and watch webcam with no interruptions too
sylviedecottignies: tu parles français?
vlady6us: lol pauline..its ok most of the time
pdduke2003: or maybe that is a yeah
beddie0510: oh, il fait chaud ici? - let's see how far i come with my
Fearless Leader: We need someone to help Sylvie in translation
pdduke2003 yells, "For crying out loud!"
vlady6us: lol pauline...why?
beddie0510: j'habite à la frontiere allemagne-lorraine
pdduke2003: oopppssss sorry wrong button - those darn hands again
vlady6us: LOL
pdduke2003 laughs out loud
beddie0510: hi ulrike
mingapunga joined the room
beddie0510: hi ulrike
mingapunga: hello all, what are we doing?
Fearless Leader: Ulrick do you speak French?
beddie0510: petals in red and pearl
Fearless Leader: We need translation help for Sylvie
mingapunga: only a little bit
ammowife68: making flowers
sylviedecottignies left the room
sylviedecottignies joined the room
mingapunga: hi silvie
beddie0510: nora, we do our best with sylvies french.
sylviedecottignies: désolé j'ai été déconnecter
jude: I think that means Yahoo dumped her.
kitycat2222000: I was thinking kicked off
phyllisinvegas: lol
ammowife68: lol
mingapunga: yes, that was what she ment
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'll get the link for blends
jude: The desole part maybe means she is sad about it?
beddie0510: sylvie, tu parles anglais?
mingapunga: nous fairsons de fleurs
Fearless Leader:
jude: NJ is going to blend the red and the pearl (I think it's pearl).
sylviedecottignies: non pas du tout sorry
kitycat2222000: will this demo appear somewhere later or should we
take notes?
mingapunga: jude: aou are right
jude: NJ usually saves them and puts them on her web site later.
beddie0510: comme tous les français...
vlady6us: kitycat..its at that link nora just put up
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty you can copy the chat log
Fearless Leader: but we've done this so many times there are notes on
the site, I'll send them to the list afterward.
Fearless Leader: now for the quick blend, partly by hand and partly
with pasta press.
kitycat2222000: Kewl
jude: This is NJ's version of the Skinner Blend. Her way is much
beddie0510: ulrike, ich denke wir müssen hier dann etwas mit dem
französisch aushelfen - herrjeh
mingapunga: red and white?
mingapunga: hallo bettina
jude: Red and pearl.
mingapunga: thanks
mingapunga: bettina: wo ist dein bestellter tumpler her?
beddie0510: nora fait une gradation de rouge à blanc
beddie0510: ich hab ihn gestern bekommen, hab ihn in frankreich
mingapunga: schick mir mal ein foto und den preis
sylviedecottignies: merçi beddie de bien vouloir me traduire
sylviedecottignies: beddie c'est ton prénom?
beddie0510: warte, ich schreib dir den link auf. dort kannst du auch
anrufen und bestellen, die sprechen deutsch und es war der günstigste
den ich gefunden hab
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
beddie0510: je m'appelle Bettina
vlady6us: hi crzy
sylviedecottignies: TR7S JOLI§
sylviedecottignies: très joli!
Katie: Hi
beddie0510: ulrike:

sylviedecottignies: tu habites où?
mingapunga: girls, what have you done yesterday?
beddie0510: j'habite à la frontiere allemagne-lorraine - à
vlady6us: covered 2 more pens and had in my oven
and not clay
sylviedecottignies: nous sommes voisins alors!
Katie: poor thing
mingapunga: la famiele de mon mere, habite a guedingen (pas loin de
vlady6us: oh i difficult to cook.
sylviedecottignies: c'est pour cela que tu parles si bien français
Katie: what is NJ making?
ammowife68: blending the red and white right?
vlady6us: right now a blend using red and pearl
Katie: OK, thanks
vlady6us: then i think shes gonna make a flower
beddie0510: je ne parle tres bien, tres dure pour moi..hihi
jude: Yes, a flower.
ammowife68: wish I could see this thing in a flow and not in bits
vlady6us: thank you jude
Katie: Hey are you doing?
esther_reeves joined the room
sylviedecottignies: c'est parfait!
vlady6us: hi esther
jude: Doing fine!
Katie: Hi esther
Katie: Great!!
esther_reeves: Hi
kitycat2222000: Was more pearl added to overcome the red intensity?
esther_reeves: THeres quite a crowd here
vlady6us: i think it was almost even kity
mingapunga: was anyone on demo yesterday, what have NJ done?
vlady6us: i missed yesterday
beddie0510: mon problème est le vocbulaire, je parle bien l'anglais,
et je les confond permantent
Katie: I missed it too
pdduke2003: sometimes she does add a bit of lighter color at the end
of the roll to make sure it shows up
vlady6us: ty pauline
pdduke2003: never made it in myself
kitycat2222000: thanks
pdduke2003: yw
beddie0510: ulrike, hast du den link?
phyllisinvegas: she showed how to make a face and a chop bead
pdduke2003: haha
jude: Okie, she's made a ribbon out of the blend.
Fearless Leader: That's the blend
mingapunga: ja danke, ist gesichert
sylviedecottignies: tu te débrouille très bien mieux que moi en
Fearless Leader: I'll save log here and be right back

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