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06-12-04: Fourth Hour - Wood Grain.

Wood Grain Review

Jan-June 2004 Demo Stuff

June 2004 Highlights

nj 120604 wood grain  (36 photos)

nj 060704 wood grain  (8 photos)

pdduke2003: forgot then too?
vlady6us: to remind me how many times i have been 27
kitycat2222000: did I see her tie a knot in the long strip"
pdduke2003: ha ha ha
vlady6us: hes a brat child
babasbunja: why is he a brat?
pdduke2003: well tell him that he is now Jack Benny's age
vlady6us: cause he had to remind me how many times ive been 27
rdransom1: aren't they all? mine are - they're teens - arrrrgh!
vlady6us: i might do that later on pauline..
babasbunja: ohhh
vlady6us: he is 39
pdduke2003: sounds good, that good for the goose thing!
vlady6us: no more teens here..yeaaaaaaaaaaa
Fearless Leader: trick about bullseyes
rdransom1: oh -
vlady6us: lol pauline..
Fearless Leader: see how I folded the surround sheet over the snake?
Fearless Leader: it leaves an indentation
vlady6us: yep
rdransom1: I see
vlady6us: i know what shes gonna do..neener neener neener
Fearless Leader: you cut on the INSIDE of that indentation, the same
distance as the sheet is WIDE
kitycat2222000: indentation? don't see it
elissaheart: after they bake can u still put a hole in it elissa?
Sorry Vlady, I missed yiour question the first time around. the
naswer is yes, but it's trickier that way. With my vision problems, I
haven't even tried it.
vlady6us: u will when u do it in person carole
Fearless Leader: where the clay folded over on to the sheet
vlady6us: ty elissa
Fearless Leader: it will leave an indentation
kitycat2222000: You mean you rolled it to a complete circle and then
rolled it back
Fearless Leader: Exactly Ms. Kitty
mingapunga: i am back, does ty means thank you?
vlady6us: yes it does
Janice: yes
Fearless Leader: when you roll it back, you'll see the indentation
kitycat2222000: gotcha
elissaheart: BTW, desiree drilles all of her beads after curing.
Fearless Leader: you cut INSIDE that indentation
Fearless Leader: the same distance as the clay is wide
Phyl: how much inside
pdduke2003: oops and I used tu - sorry
Fearless Leader: to get a good seam
vlady6us: is it easier elissa?
Fearless Leader: and not get over lap
kitycat2222000: I see what you're after - a bulls eye
elissaheart: well, with drilling after curing, there's no room for
mistakes! lol!
vlady6us: hmmmmmmmmmm. not sure if i could do that
mingapunga: never
vlady6us: i would drill my fingers.
vlady6us: not a pretty thought
elissaheart: but another method is to make a thin pilot hole with a
thin needle before curing, and then you can guide the drill through
that hole after curing.
babasbunja: that's a great tip
vlady6us: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. ok elissa..thanks. that makes sense
elissaheart: yw!
Phyl: does anyone know what colors she is using?
babasbunja: neato trippy colors
kitycat2222000: black, gold & copper
elissaheart: hmm... copper and black?
rdransom1: black, copper and gold
Phyl: ty
elissaheart: Premo, I presume?
vlady6us: i think so
kitycat2222000: is her pasta roller electric?
vlady6us: not sure
babasbunja: don't think so
rdransom1: I don't think so either
kitycat2222000: she whips those sheets out so fast
rdransom1: yeah, she does
vlady6us: yes she does
elissaheart: they mey be prepared ahead of time. Do you think?
vlady6us: no
vlady6us: she makes them just fly out of the pm
kitycat2222000: Not this time
Phyl: ok she lost me
vlady6us: wonders when michaels will have the glass christmas
ornaments out
elissaheart: prolly late august
vlady6us: darn...i need them now
vlady6us: like yesterday
rdransom1: what do you do with them?
Donna: she says the food processor really helps condition the clay
kitycat2222000: just looks like random bulls eyes and flat sheets
vlady6us: maybe for christmas in july?
vlady6us: cover them with clay for ornaments
vlady6us: need to get some done
elissaheart: how aobut using styrogoam balls, then?
rdransom1: what designs do you do? don't they break?
elissaheart: styrofoam, that is!
vlady6us: can u bake the stryofoam???
Fearless Leader: are we ready to slice the log length wise?
vlady6us: no they generally dont break...
kitycat2222000: I missed that - did she just roll it or squeeze and
mingapunga: it will shrink
elissaheart: it will melt inside the ball of clay, but so what?
vlady6us: i broke one cause i was pressing it to hard
Janice: rolled it
babasbunja: i'm ready nj
vlady6us: ohhhhhhhhhh good idea elissa..thanks
rdransom1: do you have any trouble with the clay sticking to it - do
you cover it in glue first or anything?
vlady6us: no i dont ruth
kitycat2222000: that is so neat!!!
vlady6us: u just have to rub carefully and make sure there are no air
vlady6us: and dont rub so hard u break them
elissaheart: actually, that may not be such a good idea. Clay reacts
with styrofoam.
rdransom1: do you cover it in canes or what?
merrie60us joined the room
vlady6us: yes i do ruth
Phyl: is there a pattern to staggering the sheets like she did?
Janice: hi merrie
Phyl: or just go with the flow?
vlady6us: hi merrie
merrie60us: Hi everybody
rdransom1: cool - I'll have to try that - when they come out
kitycat2222000: she rebversed the colors on the bulls eyes -
Fearless Leader: I'm just staggering them like that for show
elissaheart: hi merrie!
merrie60us: Hi
Phyl: so not necessary?
vlady6us: those are cool nj
merrie60us: Woodgrain??
beddie0510 left the room
kitycat2222000: is it possible to get a fairly large sheet of wood
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call since folks have come in and gone
out, First name and Location Please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
merrie60us: Merrie, Boston
vlady6us: sandie florida
rdransom1: Ruth <---Dallas
Janice: Janice, Monticello GA
Phyl: Phyllis - Nevada
mingapunga: ulrike, germany
kitycat2222000: Ms. Kitty (Carole) Wisconsin
babasbunja: Bernie, in PA
elissaheart: NJ, I wonder how many pounds of clay you go through per
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): kathy , mesa arizona
Phyl: I am sooooooooo confused here
Phyl: i need a new brain
vlady6us: wish i could afford a donation to nj's clay
Donna: Donna -- Sacramento CA
elissaheart: Elissa - Santa Clara, CA
Phyl: or more reading material
Janice: why are you confused
merrie60us: Is that wood grain
rdransom1: yes
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): phyl, brain burn out, too much info?
Phyl: it is all so new to me i have no idea what she is doing
merrie60us: looks just like it
vlady6us: yes its wood grain
Phyl: total melt down
Donna: I bought some beads from her -- just got them a few days ago --
 they are wonderful!
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): my notes will help you, and NJ notes on
web site will help also
vlady6us: lucky u dona
vlady6us: nj has great pics on her web site
Phyl: I checked notes on the leopard cane but they were inclusive as
to how to make the cane
Janice: Kathy can you send me the notes for this weekend and last
merrie60us: does anyone here clay with gloves on???
vlady6us: not me merrie
kitycat2222000: okay - I see - layer the WG on a backing sheet
Janice: not i said the fly
rdransom1: I did once - too sweaty
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): yes, e-mail me,
rdransom1: no finger prints, though
elissaheart: that would be like taking a shower in a raincoat!
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i'm be hind, on 2 and this one
Donna: I sometimes put some on to finish
rdransom1: cool, nj
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): been writing a book , so made me behind in
my notes of demo
Donna: in the summer I just use a few glove fingers
Fearless Leader: Now that I'm looking at the monitor could you repeat
any questions you had.
elissaheart: I smooth everything with a talced finger to get rid of
Phyl: i missed how you made that big sheet
Fearless Leader: which big sheet?
vlady6us: u need to get priorities straight there kathy
kitycat2222000: If I wanted a pale wood tone, what colors, beige,
white, yellow ???
Fearless Leader: the one for the face?
Janice: what colors would you use if you wre doing a true woodgrain.
Phyl: the one on the monitor behind the little squares
Fearless Leader: chevron flip
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): priorities?
Fearless Leader: then press
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): tell me about what you mean
Phyl: oh ty
Fearless Leader: About wood grain color
vlady6us: u said u r writing a book kathy...and behind in notes....
vlady6us: LOL
Fearless Leader: do a search for wood grain
rdransom1: write a book ....make demo notes for us
Fearless Leader: and get to a site that sells wood veneer or something
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): for my family, on exercise
Fearless Leader: check the colors there
kitycat2222000: What colors for a very pale (basswood) wood grain
Fearless Leader: and mix to match
vlady6us: oh way cool kathy
vlady6us: i was being a smart @ss by the way
Fearless Leader: you tell me Ms. Kitty,
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): just for my familly
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: that's why I want folks to experiment with mixing
colors, just pea sized mixes
Fearless Leader: and get the colors you want
vlady6us: thats so neat kathy...good luck with it
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): thanks
Phyl: like if I wanted my burnt sienna just try mixing up some colors?
babasbunja: Sweet Kathy from Arizona, what prompted you to write
exercise book for family?
merrie60us: have to know a little about color or you end up with
kitycat2222000: beige, white, yellow - also what does translucent do
to the mix?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): all my notes here are sent to NJ to say ok
Fearless Leader: you could use burnt umber, raw sienna and yellow,
for example
Fearless Leader: it depends on the wood grain you want
Fearless Leader: leave in bullseyes for knots or leave it out when
you do something like bamboo, I'll get the link for the wood review
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): because they were hurting them selfs at
the gym
kitycat2222000: basswood has a very fine almost no grain
pdduke2003 left the room
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): maybe to heavy of weights, not doing them
babasbunja: ty
Fearless Leader:

Fearless Leader: Like for redwood burls
Fearless Leader: it's more bullseyes than not
Fearless Leader: for bamboo it is mostly sheets and little evidence
of knots
Fearless Leader: are there any other questions at this time, not only
about wood grain but anything else I didn't see when I was turned
away from the monitor?
vlady6us: yes ma'am
kitycat2222000: If I wanted to do a figure - build it in layers and
finish with wood grain - like it was carved
vlady6us: that little tool u use for that a soft tip on
vlady6us: like rubber or something
elissaheart: Yeah. How many pounds of clay do you go through in a
mingapunga: good question
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i have some clay shapers and the white tip
one are very soft
kitycat2222000: to get a larter sheet, load the wood grain on a
backing sheet, can you roll it thin again and not distort the pattern?
Fearless Leader: not much really Elissa, since I use all my cane ends
and scraps with chop
elissaheart: thanks. I was just wondering!
Fearless Leader: when ever you press anything there will be
distortion, so turn your sheet one time each time you narrow the
Fearless Leader: here are some examples of different colors for wood
grain in these faces
kitycat2222000: oooh thise are neat
vlady6us: hey carole i roll mine out with hand roller first in all
directions and it helps if the slices are all the same width
vlady6us: or thickness
Fearless Leader: turning the sheet each time when you narrow the
rollers does evens out the design
kitycat2222000: thanks for that........
Fearless Leader: are there any other questions at this point?
Fearless Leader: Elissa ... about the amount of clay. I order 10 - 12
pounds at a time
vlady6us: what is the tool made of u use for smoothing..the tip of it
that is????
Fearless Leader: so I can go for months without ordering anything new
vlady6us: are they soft???
elissaheart: you are very good at recycling, then! lol!
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): press - there will be distortion, so turn
sheet one time each time you narrow the roller, (can you explain more
of what you mean?
Fearless Leader: These are called clay shapers and they have a soft
rubber tip
kitycat2222000: did you get my question about translucent?
vlady6us: ty nj
mingapunga: is that a set?
Fearless Leader: Ok, about turning the sheet, showing it is better
vlady6us left the room
Janice: brb
vlady6us joined the room
mingapunga left the room
mingapunga joined the room
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): ic, you mean run it through the press each
time turn it to run it through. right?
mingapunga: ups, yahoo did it again
Phyl: so i assume you could not do this with long sheets?
kitycat2222000: okay - I get that
Fearless Leader: each time I narrowed the rollers I turned the sheet,
so once from north, then south, then east, then west
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): ic, i understand NJ - thank you
Fearless Leader: there's a limit to how wide things get with the
pasta press, but remember clay is elastic and you can stretch it like
pizza dough
Phyl: ah good perfect thanks
Fearless Leader: like that, now Ms. Kitty had a question regarding
translucent clay?
kitycat2222000: I would be wanting to keep the grain fine (like hair)
kitycat2222000: what is the effect on adding a sheet of translucent
to the mix?
Fearless Leader: then take sheets of clay of different colors and
press them together as one sheet. Adding a layer of translucent
wouldn't show up with dark clay, light has to go in and bounce off of
Fearless Leader: let's fold this
Phyl: ooooo neat
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): that is so cool looking
Donna: very cool
babasbunja: Looks like bird feathers or butterfly wings
rdransom1: chop 'n' toss!
mingapunga: have to try that
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): baba- your right , does look like feathers
babasbunja: wow-wee nj
mingapunga: in which way does she send it trough the pm?
rdransom1: neato!
vlady6us: cool
merrie60us: what do you do about the bottom and top (where the hole
is) on the chop and toss beads
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): after folding she sends it through long
ways, folds towards your finger
merrie60us: I mean Natasha beads
mingapunga: thanks
Donna: how pretty
Fearless Leader: you can do a Natasha LOG
Fearless Leader: and cut off beads to what size you want
merrie60us: you squeezed the ends
Fearless Leader: especially if the design is busy
Fearless Leader: like this one is
Fearless Leader: I just squeeze the ends on these for the heck of it
Fearless Leader: we could leave the square
Fearless Leader: round them off for tube beads
Fearless Leader: are there any other questions I might have missed?
merrie60us: if you leave them square
vlady6us: r u going to be on tomorrow nj?
merrie60us: how do you get rid of the lines
merrie60us: to make it more finished looking>
merrie60us: ?
Fearless Leader: jiggle the seam with your finger tip
Fearless Leader: jiggle it up and down and left and right
Fearless Leader: pressing on the seam
Fearless Leader: jiggle jiggle
babasbunja: brb
vlady6us: gotta go...byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mingapunga: bye sandie
vlady6us left the room
vlady6us joined the room
babasbunja: take care sandie
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call, First name and Location Please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
mingapunga: ulrike, germany
merrie60us: Merrie, Boston
Phyl: Phyllis - Nevada
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): kathy, mesa arizona
babasbunja: bernie, PA
rdransom1: Ruth <--dallas
Donna: Donna Sacramento
Fearless Leader: 8 out of 13
Fearless Leader: Ulrike, since you're further away and it is late for
you, what do you want to see next?
Fearless Leader: we're going by time zones
mingapunga: I saw your link of three colors and texture plate
Fearless Leader: oh Shaved Wave, ok
Fearless Leader: colors?
mingapunga: what you like best
Fearless Leader: hmmm, now what if we mashed some of this wood grain?
Fearless Leader: did a texture sheet on that and then shaved, I've
never done that.
Phyl: sounds neat
mingapunga: ok try it
Fearless Leader: it's experimental to be sure.
rdransom1: go for it
Phyl: is that from clay alley? and if so which set?
Phyl: the texture sheet that is
mingapunga: that is the only plate which was missing in my set,
mingapunga: nature 1
Phyl: ty
Phyl: does she use a tissue blade?
rdransom1: looks like it
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): looks like she is cutting off top of sheet
Fearless Leader: well that didn't work but it does show what happens
when you shave gold and get the mica shift effect
Fearless Leader: let's get some colored layers and do this again
Phyl: what are you dusting the sheet with?
Fearless Leader: baby powder
Phyl: ty
Fearless Leader: hmmm
Fearless Leader: well maybe we should add more layers and press again
ammowife68 left the room
Janice: I'm back. Had pizza for supper.
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): yummy
rdransom1: yum - I need to start thinking about supper, too
Janice: I like to do quick and easy. That way I don't have to miss
mingapunga: my thoughs are how long i can stay awake, it is 0:38
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): nice
mingapunga: hey, there it is
rdransom1: it is 5:38pm here in Dalas
Janice: oooh ulrike. I took a nap yesterday so I could stay up. I was
in demo until 1:30 a.m.
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): 3:42 here in az
Janice: 6:39 here on the East Coast.
mingapunga: i took a nap too, but that was not enough
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): NJ, what could you do with that sheet?
cover a tin? and what else?
mingapunga: pens?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): oh! good idea
Janice: fabric to cover a doll
mingapunga: background for pendants
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): another good idea
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): does the powder every bake into clay?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): not every, i mean ever
babasbunja: OT, Kathy, did you like working with stained glass?
Janice: I have had to take a toothbrush and wash it off of baked
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): yes, the patina and the primer eats the
skin off your hands
kitycat2222000 left the room
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i maked different things, the best sold
was a fly night light
babasbunja: really? when does that happen?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): baba , asking me?
pmi1314 joined the room
babasbunja: yes
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): it's been years, just did
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): do you use horse shoes nails?
babasbunja: yes
pmi1314: whats up for today
merrie60us: what powder ar eyou talking about?
Fearless Leader: it's hard to see on cam, this shaved wave, but what
I realize is the layers have to be really thin
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): baba, do you have a glass sander, to sand
the edges?
Phyl: what setting did you roll it through the pm at?
mingapunga: Shaved Wave
babasbunja: yes, an Inland
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): same here
babasbunja: spoke to several artists today from across country. Doing
major show here.
babasbunja: No one was doing pc.
mingapunga: NJ, how can you send it several time through the pm? Fold
babasbunja: lots of wood
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i love going to the shows here, lots of
artist doing different things
rdransom1: ooo - that is pretty!
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): that is cool
Janice: I like that NJ
mingapunga: thats it
rdransom1: beautimus!
babasbunja: artists were saying poor economy really affecting sales
Fearless Leader: took a couple of efforts but that's it
Donna: That is nice!
Phyl: what setting did you roll it through the pm at?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i believe that
babasbunja: looks wondeful
Fearless Leader: always at the widest
Fearless Leader: but sometimes I'm putting in two, three, sheets at a
Fearless Leader: and then cutting and stacking that and pressing
again at the widest
mingapunga: to send it though the pm several time? fold it or use a
thinner setting?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): NJ, can you finger paint the gold powder
on top?
Phyl: ok ty
merrie60us: are you using pearlex
Fearless Leader: I rather cut and stack and press at the widest
setting than to press at thinner and thinner settings
merrie60us: I am getting confused
mingapunga: thanks
Fearless Leader: too much chance of getting air bubbles when you
press thin and THEN try to stack them
Fearless Leader: How so Merrie, honey?
merrie60us: did you use clay
merrie60us: or pearlex?
merrie60us: I thoght it was clay
merrie60us: thought
Fearless Leader: just clay for me
merrie60us: oh okay
merrie60us: thanks
babasbunja: looks like textured wallpaper
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): yes it does
merrie60us: I am going to have to do soon thanks for everything
merrie60us: not do go
merrie60us: can't type
mingapunga: took some picture, thanks for the great demo, have to go
to bed now, bye
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): night ming
merrie60us: goodnight ming
Janice: night ulrike, merrie
Donna: bye
rdransom1: good night! sweet dreams of claying
merrie60us left the room
mingapunga left the room
elissaheart: gotta head out now. Thanks for another great demo, NJ!
rdransom1: bye elissa
Janice: bye elissa
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): bye elissa
babasbunja: see ya elissa
elissaheart: bye all!
elissaheart left the room
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): thats different
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): wonder what it would look like if using
brick texture sheet?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): that is nice,
Donna: I will have to try that
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): me 2
Fearless Leader: this one has translucent layers
vlady6us left the room
Fearless Leader: so it's flat but looks like it has texture
rdransom1: pretty
Donna: very nice
Phyl: is translucent top or second layer?
Janice: I really like that one NJ. What colors did you use?
Fearless Leader: the translucent was many layers
Janice: yes, that one
Fearless Leader: black, gold, red, and a dark translucent mix
Fearless Leader: everyone touches it
Fearless Leader: thinking it has ridges
Fearless Leader: when it's an illusion
Janice: by dark translucent, do you mean translucent clay with a dark
color mixed in
Fearless Leader: yes
Phyl: wow bet that is neat in person
Janice: ok. thx
Fearless Leader: dark translucent tricks are something I want to
review soon
Phyl: so how many layers do you end up using?
Fearless Leader: mixing a dark translucent in a jelly roll blend will
get you this sort of effect,
Fearless Leader: seems like I end up using 6 layers, take two colors,
press together, cut and stack and press together again, that sort of
thing, for thin lines
Fearless Leader: the first effort today I didn't have layers thin
Phyl: ok ty
Fearless Leader: it's been a while since I did this and I experiment
with amnesia
pmi1314: gotta go bye all
Phyl: lol
Fearless Leader: Ciao
rdransom1: bye
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): bye bye
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): have to go, have to pick up son, his car
died, so guess who get picked? first 2 guess don't count
rdransom1: what are you going to do with all the shavings?
babasbunja: bye Kathy
rdransom1: bye Kathy
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): really good demo NJ , thank you so much
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): bye all
arizona_sweet2004 left the room
babasbunja: wonderful demo nj, take care all, gonna get busy
babasbunja left the room
Donna: time for me to head out also -- thanks NJ. see you all later
Janice: bye donna
dona5611 left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm going to be ending demo for today
Fearless Leader: since the sun is invading my work space
Fearless Leader: it gets too glary
rdransom1: gotta go, to - supper time! Thanks for the great demo -
I've got to try the shaved wave - very cool!
Fearless Leader: It's just so messy
Janice: every is bailing. Thanks for everything NJ. See you next
week, unless you are going to try again tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: that's the only thing that's a hassle with it
Fearless Leader: Tomorrow
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: around noon
Janice: Yeah!!!!! See you then.
Fearless Leader: so I'm off to get food. xoxxo

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