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06-13-04: Second and Third Hour - Leaf Review, Chevron Flip

nj 130604 leaf cane  (46 photos)
green leaf cane and covering a tin
Created on 6/14/2004

Jan-June 2004 Demo Stuff

June 2004 Highlights


kitycat2222000: I'm watching
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude, just making leaf cane
mingapunga: the picture is not very clear
jude: Okie, sounds good. I can't stay a long time.
Fearless Leader: How's that?
pennyi: oh shut my favorite cane in the world and the one i cannot
make to save my soul
Katie: Hi Jude
pennyi: NJ I Need to purchase some LOL
Phyl: good
Fearless Leader: write to me and tell me what sort of leaf cane you
want, Penny. Oh did you get the beads?
mingapunga: rickie: i don't know, as i have my blades only 1 year
doglove22000: This is a long time!!
x4wheelinblonde: Ok im mom was on the phone and she talks
for awhile...but she is going to go see if there is a pasta machine
at her Michaels tomorrow...
beddie0510: yes, very long....i change mine more often
mingapunga: if you are claying all days, but i have only time for
claying once a week or less
beddie0510: i see
Fearless Leader: I'm going to blend this green first by twisting it
like a wet wash rag
jude: Clay abuse!
Phyl: wrung it's little neck
jude: You should see what she does with her "fist of doom"!
Phyl: lol
Fearless Leader: I want to lighten up the yellow end and darken the
blue green end a bit
Fearless Leader: so I'll add a slice of extra yellow on one end and
extra blue on the other end
beddie0510: we saw this fist
jude: NJ, is that yellow you mixed yourself, or ready bought?
mingapunga: ready bought
beddie0510 left the room
jude: Okie, thanks.
beddie0510 joined the room
jude: The same techniques can be used for a ton of things.
Fearless Leader: yellow is a primary color, as is red and blue, no
mix required
Fearless Leader: to get secondary colors of green, orange and purple
we use primary colors to mix them
jude: Oh, right. Duh!
mingapunga: i love the easy breezy cane
countrylady100ca joined the room
Katie: Hi Sonya
Katie: Have to go...bye everyone
countrylady100ca: Hi
crzy4dzny left the room
kitycat2222000: bue latoe
kitycat2222000: bye katie - LOL
Donna (dona5611) joined the room
vlady6us: hi dona
pennyi: woo pretty NJ
Fearless Leader: ok, how many times did I press that?
Donna: hi all what are we doing today?
Phyl: six
doglove22000: not very many times
mingapunga: 2 times?
Fearless Leader: and how many times do you have to press using the
Skinner Blend?
beddie0510: 3 or 4?
pennyi: too many
Phyl: a whole bunch
doglove22000: 20 or more
kitycat2222000: 20 something
Fearless Leader: so twisting the lay like a wet wash rag does what?
mingapunga: only god knows
Phyl: blends faster
kitycat2222000: blends faster
Fearless Leader: LOL
vlady6us: makes it easier to blend
beddie0510: save time
doglove22000: blends the colors
pennyi: it blends the colors quicker
lylaea joined the room
mingapunga: it is more fun
Phyl: lol
pennyi: it gets out your agressions
Fearless Leader: and my promise to you is to make your clay
experience quick, cheap and easy, right?
beddie0510: I'm back in
kitycat2222000: right!
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call before the next step in this leaf
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Phyl: let's you practice whenyou get ready for your husband
vlady6us: sandie florida
beddie0510: Bettina, Germany
mingapunga: ulrike, germany
vlady6us: LOL phyllis
Phyl: phyllis = Las Vegas, Nevada
Donna: Donna Sacramento
kitycat2222000: kitty (carole) in Wisconsin
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
doglove22000: Rickie Beth in Alamo, California
x4wheelinblonde: Shawn NM
lylaea: Loralynn, Lapeer, MI
pennyi: Penny Lansing Michigan
Fearless Leader: EB-Blend-Grp
Fearless Leader: here is the link to some tutorials on blending
vlady6us: ty
Fearless Leader: and doing the Easy Breezy Hand blend is there
Fearless Leader: now to make this a long ribbon with yellow green on
one end and blue green on the other end ....what do you do?
Fearless Leader: anyone?
Phyl: flip
beddie0510: fold
Fearless Leader: fold and...
kitycat2222000: fold it and rotate it 90 degrees?
beddie0510: press
Fearless Leader: yes
beddie0510: lol...that's fun
lylaea: Penny, where in Lansing? I used to live near Holt
Fearless Leader: Who does not know the Jelly Roll?
mingapunga: never tried this streching
beddie0510: what setting do you press this long sheet?
Fearless Leader: widest setting
beddie0510: ok, hx
beddie0510: t
Fearless Leader: Jelly roll, new folks?
Fearless Leader: Do you know this basic technique?
kitycat2222000: not sure
x4wheelinblonde: um no
lylaea: yep
Phyl: yes
Fearless Leader: I'll show you now, it's totally useful
countrylady100ca: Sorry Talked to my hubby about kids last day of
countrylady100ca: Sonya Alberta, Canada
beddie0510: hubby....sounds nice in german ears
mingapunga: they also call him dh (dear husband), nice
Phyl: i call mine ih
Phyl: idiot husband
mingapunga: lol
lylaea: lol
x4wheelinblonde: lol
countrylady100ca: lol
nancy: giggle
Fearless Leader: see how the yello wis in the middle?
Fearless Leader: yellow
Phyl: yes
x4wheelinblonde: yes
countrylady100ca: duh
Fearless Leader: this is our highlight on a segment of our leaf
kitycat2222000: yes
Fearless Leader: now for the FIST OF DOOM
Fearless Leader: ready?
jude: Hehehehe
Phyl: horray
beddie0510: lol
Phyl: i get so seeit
Phyl: oh oh
mingapunga: i cant stop laughing
Phyl: ouch
kitycat2222000: second job - milking a cow?
Phyl: i want to see her muscles
mingapunga: i cant't see anymore, so much tears in my eyes
jude: You do NOT want to meet that in a dark alley.
Fearless Leader: or making husbands happy
beddie0510: i just thought that the dh wouldn't like this fist....
Phyl: thanks for warning jude
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
Fearless Leader: Now we can pull this
Fearless Leader: from opposite ends
Fearless Leader: to make it long and narrow
vlady6us: LOL
countrylady100ca: Ouch
mingapunga: that is the difference
vlady6us: hmmmmmmmmmmm short and fat or long and narrow...
kitycat2222000: how much does that log weigh? estimate
countrylady100ca: yeah No Wondering I have problem with Cane
vlady6us: LOL sonya
Fearless Leader: ok, questions about reducing canes/
Fearless Leader: ?
Fearless Leader: it's better to pull a cane than roll it
beddie0510: ineer stretched , i always roll it - difference?
Phyl: when you pull that roll do you kind of work your hands down it?
beddie0510: never...
Fearless Leader: that way if we're doing a face cane it's not Winking
when both eyes should be open
countrylady100ca: Yes When I pull the cane. But cut it other story.
very smug
vlady6us left the room
lylaea: I made a leaf cane the other night and all the lines were
wavy, is that because I rolled it?
Phyl: mine squishes when I cut
Fearless Leader: yes, Phyllis, you work your hand down to make the
cane even
countrylady100ca: Should I wait until it stiff again or put it in
freezer (hurry up stiff)
vlady6us joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok, now to make this cane into a FAT RIBBON
Fearless Leader: Now I want a separation vein between segments of the
Fearless Leader: I add it now
Fearless Leader: I'll mix blue with green/blue so it's darker than
the surround sheet
icare4bunnies joined the room
Fearless Leader: Jeal, Long Time No See
icare4bunnies: howdy
x4wheelinblonde: when you use a pasta machine do you condition the
clay then roll or is it right out of the package?
doglove22000: hello
beddie0510: nj, how do you type when working with both hands....or is
that the delay o the cam?
Fearless Leader: straight out of the pack if it is new
Phyl: she uses her feet
beddie0510: lol
Fearless Leader: if it is old, abuse it with the food processor
Fearless Leader: hey I've conditioned clay with my feet
Fearless Leader: when I had surgery on my wrist
Phyl: i don't weigh enough for that
icare4bunnies: don't step
beddie0510: i knew shes crazy
jude: You have a web page somewhere, NJ, showing the feet
icare4bunnies: use those toes like fingers
icare4bunnies: lol
x4wheelinblonde: lol
lylaea: lol
x4wheelinblonde: ok cool
icare4bunnies: never tried it myself
mingapunga: not weigh enough? That is not a problem for me
icare4bunnies: hehee
Fearless Leader: see how this mixed sheet is more blue?
countrylady100ca: I would be glad it is just NJ's clean Feet but not
my hubby's smell eeewww Enough my kids and I run out of house
vlady6us: yep
Phyl: yes pretty blue
icare4bunnies: what is cooking today
jude: leaf cane.
icare4bunnies: pretty blue
icare4bunnies: thanks
vlady6us: then chevron flip
jude: Love that chevron flip.
x4wheelinblonde: ?
mingapunga: how came the name "chevron flip"?
beddie0510: does your hubby know mine? counntrylady?
Fearless Leader: ClayMates explain the chevron flip
jude: It looks like a chevron after it's done.
beddie0510: chevron = winkel
jude: <<<
jude: Like that.
Phyl: winkel?
beddie0510: yes in german
mingapunga: ok, that makes sence
Phyl: sounds like a body part
vlady6us: lol
beddie0510: lol
countrylady100ca: Smile.. Beddie He have flat feets easy sweating
mingapunga: winkel = angel
Phyl: hmmmmmmmm
beddie0510: angle
mingapunga: angle
Phyl: lol got it
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'll slice sections of this and stack it
vlady6us: ok
Fearless Leader: after I stack it I will cut that stack on the
sistersay2002 joined the room
vlady6us: hi faith
Fearless Leader: and after I cut on the diagonal I will FLIP one side
over to get the chevrons - winkel
countrylady100ca: Hi Sis
icare4bunnies: right now my poor left big toe is infected, no claying
for it
Phyl: How in the world am I supposed to get all this input into my
head to stay?
beddie0510: meint chevron=Winke, Zickzackleiste....
sistersay2002: Hi Y'all
icare4bunnies: you have to do it to make it stay phyllis
pennyi: flip the diagnal and flip one side walla cheron flip
vlady6us: copy it phyllis
Phyl: haven't learned that trick yet
jude: Practice, Phyl.
icare4bunnies: copy, yes, but it stays better if you right away do it
jude: It takes a while to remember it all, but if you do it often
enough, you remember.
vlady6us: phyllis...under file should be save
Phyl: easy for you to say my brainlost it's sponge ability
icare4bunnies: even if you do it wrong, it sometimes makes a new
wonderful design
jude: Mine, too. That's why I print out NJ's tutes.
vlady6us: or save as
countrylady100ca: Yeah I agree Bunnie
vlady6us: im saving to my computer
Fearless Leader: That's the diagonal cut line
Phyl: so it saves everything?
jude: Chevron flip coming up.
vlady6us: k
vlady6us: yeah it does phyllis
Fearless Leader: we cut on the diagonal across all the lines
Phyl: thanks neat
Fearless Leader: Now we flip one side over
vlady6us: ahhhhhhhhhhhh ok...
Fearless Leader: ready?
vlady6us: yep
icare4bunnies: I need to get claying more, I've been biting my nails
to the quick...
Fearless Leader: see?
vlady6us: yep
Phyl: neat
kitycat2222000: I see it
x4wheelinblonde: cool
vlady6us: can that be reduced???
countrylady100ca: Kewl
Fearless Leader: I'll put a separation vein in the cut
mingapunga: tannenbaum - fir
icare4bunnies: yes, it can be reduced
beddie0510: dachte ich auch grade
vlady6us: ty
icare4bunnies: the squeeze technique
vlady6us: ty
Fearless Leader: now I'll surround the whole thing with that dark
blue green
vlady6us: ok nj
icare4bunnies: gonna make a vein?
icare4bunnies: in the center?
beddie0510: just did
jude: It's there already.
icare4bunnies: nj?
icare4bunnies: ooooo
icare4bunnies: I wasn't watching
icare4bunnies: trying to look up stuff on the net
jude: When she did the chevron flip, that cut is the center vein.
icare4bunnies: about omega3
beddie0510: eat more fish
icare4bunnies: but not an sheet to mke the vein
Fearless Leader: Jael, you need to see the chevron flip again?
icare4bunnies: that's what I mean
icare4bunnies: nopt
jude: Yes, she put some of the darker blue/green in the center, too.
icare4bunnies: I was wondering if you put a sheet of clay for the
center. thanks
icare4bunnies: fish is good
beddie0510: beacause of omega3
Fearless Leader: ready for an instant replay?
icare4bunnies: s'okay
Phyl: ready
mingapunga: yes
vlady6us: yes
Fearless Leader: stack anything, fat ribbons or flat sheets
jude: Better'n TV.
Fearless Leader: cut on the diagonal
kitycat2222000: yes'm
icare4bunnies: omega 3 can apparently alleviate depression
Fearless Leader: then flip one side over
icare4bunnies: yup
countrylady100ca: Yeah KIDS NO INTRUDE Mom GO BUG your father I told
my kids.
Fearless Leader: to add the center vein just put one in the cut
icare4bunnies: and there's one way to make a leaf
Fearless Leader: then surround it
beddie0510: i'm not depressed but i like fish
icare4bunnies: that's why LOL
Fearless Leader: Now the FIST OF DOOM
countrylady100ca: I love lobster, mussels. yum
mingapunga: had salmon yesterday
jude: Cool, NJ!
beddie0510: probably it is
icare4bunnies: squish that thing
Phyl: i would be afraid i would distort it
jude: Shellfish, crustacians! Yummy.
icare4bunnies: better than an isometric thingamy you buy
beddie0510: wow, lobster - had my last in maine - the home of lobster
icare4bunnies: we like salmon
icare4bunnies: and swordfish
icare4bunnies: pricey
beddie0510: i like heilbutt
mingapunga: or steinbutt
icare4bunnies: halibut
Phyl: or any butt
beddie0510: hehe
Fearless Leader: That's called the "Dog Bone"
Fearless Leader: it's a common shape
Fearless Leader: I don't reduce canes all the way but leave the end
icare4bunnies: since my hysterectomy, been learning all sorts of
interesting stuff on the net
Fearless Leader: for leaves don't come in one size
kitycat2222000: for a variety in sizes
icare4bunnies: yep
countrylady100ca left the room
jude: Italians make cookies that look like that.
countrylady100ca joined the room
icare4bunnies: good idea nj
icare4bunnies: yesterday I took fish oil caps in the morning, tasted
fish all day long
countrylady100ca: It is right size for my kids to fishing trouts than
salmon that enough pull my young kids in the water
beddie0510: histerectomy is not funny - ouch
icare4bunnies: been 8 weeks, hard to believe
jude: She cut a slice and formed a leaf! Neato.
sistersay2002: very pretty
icare4bunnies: woohoo nj
kitycat2222000: excellent
Phyl: is that cute or what?
Fearless Leader: Now I'll get the link for flowers and leaves
pennyi: i love those canes
vlady6us: way cool
pennyi: but im cane challanged
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers
x4wheelinblonde: that is so neat NJ
mingapunga: wonderful
countrylady100ca: Thanks NJ
icare4bunnies: nope, you are cane unpracticed
Fearless Leader: Now let's take this and press it to a sheet
jude: I have got to go, but will be back later if you all are still
jude: Thanks NJ!
greatauntjudy left the room
icare4bunnies: I made some really funky canes when I started lol
countrylady100ca: Can we ask you few questions about Cane problem
beddie0510: was it painful...? i had a Ceasaren Section , wasn#t
funny either
icare4bunnies: yes. tough recovery
icare4bunnies: abdominal
pennyi: oh no i am cane practiced believe me just cane changled
icare4bunnies: but the body is resillient
icare4bunnies: lol
icare4bunnies: changled
pennyi: that too lOL
pennyi: =))
icare4bunnies: of course, it wasn't painful until I was taken off
morphine pump lol
icare4bunnies: that's good stuff
icare4bunnies: I could get addicted
beddie0510: thank god it is....we should change
icare4bunnies: naw
icare4bunnies: nj understands
icare4bunnies: it was hard to sit and use the computer for a long time
Phyl: what is on the ends of her clay blade?
Phyl: and why?
beddie0510: i see...i hope i have a little bit of tiome before that
happens to me....
x4wheelinblonde: I was just thinking that too
Phyl: gmta
icare4bunnies left the room
icare4bunnies joined the room
kitycat2222000: mine was no problem at all - entered the other way
mingapunga: phyl, i think it is baked clay to see better wich end is
lylaea: a bit of clay so she knows which end to push on
Phyl: oh god idea
kitycat2222000: pretty
x4wheelinblonde: cool
sistersay2002: What'cha gonna do with it?
kitycat2222000: fabric?
countrylady100ca: I think she is going to put on case
Phyl: oh to much
vlady6us: thats pretty
doglove22000: brb
icare4bunnies left the room
icare4bunnies joined the room
beddie0510: my dear hubby wants me to keep company
countrylady100ca: I will right be back. Can you get a hold of NJ that
we can question her about cane problem
mingapunga: bettina, did you agreee?
Donna: Are you leaving us Bettina?
kitycat2222000: she'll read the log........
Fearless Leader: Questions?
beddie0510: yes, i do, was claying all day long and he will leave
tomorrow for two days to spain...
Fearless Leader: before folks leave out?
countrylady100ca: Yeah Yeah Jumping Jumping
Fearless Leader: Questions Sonya?
sistersay2002: Someone was asking about canes?
icare4bunnies left the room
icare4bunnies joined the room
pennyi: ok i just stabbed myself with a bamboo thingy
countrylady100ca: when I cut the cane it is smug. should I leave it
to stiff or put in Freezer to hurry up stiff
pennyi: man that hurt
Fearless Leader: Penny, be careful with them skewers
Fearless Leader: now you know why I charge more for the beads OFF of
the skewer
Fearless Leader: LOL
beddie0510 left the room
countrylady100ca: Ouch..
Fearless Leader: shim poi poi, kisses to Penny's Owie
beddie0510 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Well as you see I don't put my clay in the freezer
before cutting
countrylady100ca: I use hard wire instead skewer. Thanks to my hubby
it won't bend much
Fearless Leader: I do flip the cane over if it is a leaf cane after a
few slices
icare4bunnies left the room
icare4bunnies joined the room
lylaea: I made one of Cheryl's leaf canes the other night and my
veins came out wavy. Is that because I rolled the cane instead of
streching it?
Fearless Leader: if I'm slicing a circle cane I roll the cane under
the blade
beddie0510: ok, have a good night or a fine day - depending on where
you schatzi is waiting.....bye all
Fearless Leader: Pulling the cane does reduce distortion
Fearless Leader: Bye Bye Bettina
vlady6us: bye betina
x4wheelinblonde: bye
mingapunga: bye
countrylady100ca: bye
Phyl: bye bet
kitycat2222000: betina, bye
beddie0510: nj, thx for ever beeing so tolerant with my chatting all
countrylady100ca: Thank for tip
Fearless Leader: Our Pleasure, Honey
Phyl: so why does my canes distort when I slice?
sistersay2002: NJ - what are you going to cover with your sheet?
Donna: Bye Bettina
Fearless Leader: Faith, maybe cover a tin, I'm not sure yet
pennyi: lol NJ
x4wheelinblonde: Well all I must go for a bit....have a 2 and 5 year
old at my leg( hubby can only last so
x4wheelinblonde: Thank you guys so much!
Phyl: byeeeeeeeeeeeeee
x4wheelinblonde: Thanks NJ
vlady6us: bye shawn
countrylady100ca: I still wondering why mostly people call me honey..
even some of them have not meet me in person. Ladies can you explain
x4wheelinblonde: BYE all
Phyl: lovable bunch of ladies
mingapunga: bye shawn
sistersay2002: I think it a southern or midwestern thing
Fearless Leader: Ciao Bella Shawn
kitycat2222000: for contrast?
x4wheelinblonde left the room
kitycat2222000: I think it's individual personality
Phyl: mostly habit with some people
vlady6us: or they cant remember your name
pennyi: cool
Phyl: there ya go
kitycat2222000: I thinks it's to make you feel welcome
pennyi: ok just a minute now i have a ferret biting my toes
vlady6us: lol'
Phyl: ouchie
vlady6us: i call a lot of ppl sweetie
vlady6us: and i know their names
kitycat2222000: same thing
pennyi: nah hes just a baby and playing
vlady6us: yeppers
pennyi: doest hurt just tickles on the feet
Phyl: buy him some toys penny
pennyi: lol he has toys believe me
countrylady100ca: One of my friend said to me My name should change
to honey because mostly older people talked to me when I helped out
or whatever I do.
vlady6us: older ppl do tend to call ppl honey or sweetie
sistersay2002: I had better go outside with hubby - will check back
later to see if you are still around. Thanks again for the invite.
vlady6us: sort of a term of endearment
vlady6us: see ya faith
Fearless Leader: I best save log, it's been over an hour

pennyi: we are under tornado warnings here now darn more storms just
wwhat we dont need
vlady6us: ok
vlady6us: where r u penny?? i forgot
Phyl: question for ya NJ
sistersay2002: I always learn a little something even if I just get
to spend a few minutes. You all are a great bunch!
Fearless Leader: Question?
sistersay2002: bye
doglove22000: I have to leave to go to my volunteer job - Thank you
all for the good company
Phyl: yes i have
sistersay2002 left the room
vlady6us: bye rickiebeth
Phyl: when you slice your cane do you go straight down or rock the
doglove22000 left the room
doglove22000: Bye Everyone!!!
Phyl: bye
kitycat2222000: bye
rblee1 left the room
Fearless Leader: depends on the shape of the cane
countrylady100ca: I don't mind they say sentence honey to me.
Fearless Leader: If the cane has Mica, gold, pearl, silver, copper
Fearless Leader: don't SAW back and forth on the cane for it'll leave
marks that you can't get rid of
mingapunga: ups rickie left two times
countrylady100ca: Make me feel like part of family I guess.
Fearless Leader: for Mica rich canes one slice, straight down, one
direction only
vlady6us: thats neat sonya
Phyl: that is why the leopard cane distorted
Fearless Leader: I have a leopard example of bad saw marks, I'll get
the link to show you what NOT to do
Phyl: thanks
kitycat2222000: NJ is it better (easier) to slice warm or cold?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/Leopard/LC-010
Phyl: well it is 103 here so I must have warm clay
Fearless Leader: Hmmm, depends again on the clay, the heat of the
room you're in.
Fearless Leader: YIKES
Fearless Leader: that's 40C
Fearless Leader: for our international friends
Fearless Leader: if you're working in a hot room, I'd chill the cane
kitycat2222000: what I mean would it improve the cut if it is
chilled, or warmed
Phyl: kewl thanks
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
Fearless Leader: I live in San Francisco and it's foggy a lot, I keep
the windows open, so I don't have to chill my canes
kitycat2222000: okay
Phyl: I am coming to live with you
Fearless Leader: when I was on Tour in Florida and Arkansas and
during a heat wave in Nova Scotia... I chilled my canes
vlady6us: me too
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Well Kathy in AZ and I are talking about organizing
a tour
vlady6us: even with the a/c on my clay gets to woarm
Fearless Leader: South West this time
kitycat2222000: I guess trying first cut will answer the question
Phyl: do it in winter guys
Fearless Leader: it's a Crash on the Couch and pass the hat sort of
Fearless Leader: Yes, winter for the South West for sure
Phyl: unless you want to end up my size
vlady6us: if and ever u get back to florida nj..i have room
Fearless Leader: Now some folks who live in hot climates use Fimo or
Kato Klay for it is firmer
Fearless Leader: Ya, I got a couple of claymates who were hostess for
me last time I Toured in Florida
vlady6us: yeah nancy was one
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for the old tours so you can see.
Yes, Nancy Welch
pennyi: i have an extra bed if you come ot michigan NJ
Fearless Leader: love her and Sonny to bits
vlady6us: nancy is so fun to be around
Phyl: i will buy a bed if you will show me everything you know
mingapunga: if you ever plan a trip to good old europe and germany? i
have a guestbed
Fearless Leader: So God Willing I'll be able to go on Tour one day
soon, I didn't get to tour for 2003 and it made me sad.
Fearless Leader: Oh I'm going to the EU, for sure.
Fearless Leader: Come and visit Esther too ... play with the baby
Fearless Leader: LOL
kitycat2222000: what were planning for this leaf sheet?
kitycat2222000: covering a tin?
esther_reeves: LOL.. he is nearly walking now !!
Fearless Leader: Probably cover a tin, Ms. Kitty. I love to call you
Ms. Kitty like in "Gun Smoke"
Phyl: lol
countrylady100ca: Lol
kitycat2222000: That's where it came from LOL
Fearless Leader: (GONE)
Fearless Leader: That's my tour page for 2001 and 2002
Fearless Leader: I get passed from ClayMate to ClayMate like a baton
in a relay race
Phyl: i have to run guys and replenish my clay supply. It's off to
Michaels I go hi ho hi ho.
kitycat2222000: couold I ask - when you cover a tin does the cured
clay ever separate?
countrylady100ca: I am struggle to make rainbow skinner blender
kitycat2222000: from the tin, I mean
kitycat2222000: lucky you Phyllis
Phyl: see you later thanks nj great demo again I love these
Phyl: 40% cupon burnin a hole in my pocket
Phyl: bye
Fearless Leader: See ya Phyllis
mingapunga: bye
phyllisinvegas left the room
Fearless Leader: The clay never separates off of a tin, Ms. Kitty
vlady6us left the room
Fearless Leader: not that I've seen
lylaea: I have to go too...thanks for the demo NJ
Fearless Leader: Let me see something here, I think I have a tin
that's over 5 years old
kitycat2222000: I'm glad to hear that
Fearless Leader: Ok, honey, thanks for coming
lylaea left the room
vlady6us joined the room
Fearless Leader: This is around 5 years old
kitycat2222000: soooooooo pretty
mingapunga: sooo beautyful
Fearless Leader: and this is three years old
kitycat2222000: thats the cut in half and join
vlady6us: ohhhhhhhhh thats pretty
kitycat2222000: Okay - I was wondering if you could have a relief
rdransom1 joined the room
mingapunga: i bought some mini tins at clayalley, but haven't yet
covered them
Fearless Leader: Now this is just lace cane, made from bullseye that
was reduced, sliced and stacked
Fearless Leader: when put down on this tin I pressed into the dark
kitycat2222000: neat testure - I know I saw them - I have quite a
long list already
Fearless Leader: to get the relief pattern
pennyi: i love that
mingapunga: good idea
Fearless Leader: the pattern came from the lace cane itself and not
from a texture sheet
Fearless Leader: press into the shadows
kitycat2222000: I don't follow that
pennyi: one cane i can make is a lace cane
rdransom1: hello all! what are we doing?
Fearless Leader: This is a lace cane
kitycat2222000: I think even I could do a lace cane
mingapunga: talking about covering tins
Fearless Leader: Ruth we're farting about
Fearless Leader: looking at OLD tins of mine
Fearless Leader: this tin was made of a chop of Sushi Cane
Fearless Leader: sushi and oranges and other food canes mixed up
pennyi: thats is awesome
kitycat2222000: pretty...........I can see a chain attatched for a
handle - making it a prom (dance) accessory what did they used to
call those?
rdransom1: I have a few altoid tins that need to be covered - I just
covered 3 with the malachite cane
kitycat2222000: really pretty
Fearless Leader: now this is from a blend of pearl, black and silver
done as a mirror image
kitycat2222000: oooooooooH
vlady6us: thats neat
pennyi: i love black and white
Fearless Leader: you can leave jagged edges when doing the sides
Fearless Leader: you can do anything your heart desires
mingapunga: is it even?
kitycat2222000: besides just being fun to do - how would you use them
Fearless Leader: and tins don't have to be flat
Fearless Leader: they can be three dimensional like this one
Fearless Leader: also hella old
kitycat2222000: gorgeous NJ
esther_reeves: very pretty
kitycat2222000: dod you do the bottom side too?
Fearless Leader: or like this
rdransom1: oooh I Like that one
kitycat2222000: oh that's sooooo pretty
mingapunga: pretty
kitycat2222000: okay - you do do the bottom
pennyi: ouch again
mingapunga: penny what are you doing?
kitycat2222000: are you working while we're oooohing and ahing?
Fearless Leader: Penny is removing my beads off of skewers and
getting injuries
pennyi: lol
Fearless Leader: Ok, those were my old tins and this is the most
pennyi: htem skewers are sharp LOL
rdransom1: kewl!
esther_reeves: I love the face ones
crysalis7 joined the room
kitycat2222000: Now that's neat
crysalis7: Hola amigas!
mingapunga: nj, what are you doing with all those tins?
Fearless Leader: selling them God Willing
countrylady100ca: I hope she will sell them in e bay OOAK that will
make her rich lady
kitycat2222000: I think God is in your corner
vlady6us: that ones way cool
DTInermart (dtintermart) joined the room
mingapunga: very rich lady, that is what we wish, no more work, a lot
of time for demos
rdransom1: I like that one, too!
kitycat2222000: When you write your ad, what will you call them?
pennyi: are you selling on ebay yet NJ??
pennyi: thats my favorite
kitycat2222000: gorgeous NJ
Fearless Leader: this is my favorite because I can't figure out how I
made it
pennyi: you know those would make fantastic cases for the smaller
crochet hooks
esther_reeves: I know that feeling
DTInermart: Hi all
kitycat2222000: you blended and pleated and pressed?
DTInermart: Wow nj that is Awsome!
kitycat2222000: who's face is that?
Fearless Leader: Yes, it's a blend and pleat and pleat again
Fearless Leader: Xev of Lexx, Xenia Seeberg, a German Actress
Fearless Leader: But I can't replicate the blend before the fold
Fearless Leader: it's making me crazy
Fearless Leader: I make things and if I don't keep track of how I
make it I find it hard to replicate
Fearless Leader: that's why I am not worried about people copying my
stuff, I can't copy my stuff
Fearless Leader: LOL
kitycat2222000: Somewhere someone mentioned keeping track on recipe
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
Fearless Leader: About eBay, Doug here is going to be setting up some
of my stuff for eBay
Fearless Leader: we've been in communication about that.
chani69m joined the room
kitycat2222000: Hi Doug - good for you - when you do, what will you
call these tins?
Fearless Leader: but if you see things here, grab it, dibs it
Fearless Leader: Lord Knows Tins
Fearless Leader: LOL
countrylady100ca: That s okay Suggust Doug to look into OOAK in E bay
to find out that will fits you in
Fearless Leader: Lord Knows How I Made it Tins
DTInermart: Darn! I misssed the tins
Fearless Leader: quick review
chani69m: howdy guys!
kitycat2222000: I guess you used ther easy breezy blend?
vlady6us: howdy
rdransom1: hey!
crysalis7 left the room
Fearless Leader: just reviewing some tins, if you see a technique you
want to know how to do hollar out, if I can remember how I did it
I'll share the technique
Fearless Leader: Yo Bobbie, hey honey
kitycat2222000: is that the fan texture sheet?
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
DTInermart: I wiI agree NJ Or tins of amazement!
chani69m: I really like the blend on the sheet
Fearless Leader: This one here is a Chevron Flip
DTInermart: that is great!
Fearless Leader: that's all, the segments that were cut on the
diagonal and flipped were blended
kitycat2222000: then cliced and applied?
kitycat2222000: I mean sliced
Fearless Leader: just like these
mingapunga: which colors did you use for it?
kitycat2222000: I get it.......
DTInermart: NJ are these baked or raw?
Fearless Leader: I forget, what were they?
kitycat2222000: I like today's sheet - for making a forest faeiry and
the top leaves really sticking up
Fearless Leader: a purple made from Premo Red-Pearl and Blue-Pearl,
then Premo Green-Pearl, then blended with MORE pearl, then layered
with black
rdransom1: NJ, I made your basket weave earlier today - it was so
easu following your pictures - thanks for putting that out on the list
Fearless Leader: all these are cured and the light green leaves are
Fearless Leader: Oh Cool, love that basket weave, it's so nice to use
up all the bits
Fearless Leader: this one needs sanding and a finish to make it shine
rdransom1: yeah it was fun, too to see how the cut parts lined up on
the other side!
kitycat2222000: could you use a flap wheel to polish?
Fearless Leader: I just use wet/dry sand paper and an inexpensive
floor polish
kitycat2222000: the eyes are so good
DTInermart: NJ I have a question when you appply sheets to tins or
boxes, last week you said to use tls as glue, how much do you use ? I
thied it and the tls ate through the clay...
Fearless Leader: If I'm working on paper mache
DTInermart: Awsom EYES!
Fearless Leader: I use TLS
Fearless Leader: on metal tins I use... Nothing at all
Fearless Leader: the clay sticks to it
Fearless Leader: this needs sanding and a finish too
kitycat2222000: what if the tins are painted like xmas tins?
DTInermart: what about wood?/
esther_reeves: blue one is great
Fearless Leader: I use Faux Wood made of clay so it's a moot point,
if I'm putting clay on a cigar box, I'll use TLS, but go easy, a
little goes a long way
esther_reeves: they all are
Fearless Leader: I'll put it in your box since you've been so patient
with me Esther
Fearless Leader: you can finish it up, ok?
kitycat2222000: and painted xmas tins?
Fearless Leader: sand and ut a finish on it...ok? Esther?
Fearless Leader: it is a Kai face after all
esther_reeves: OH that would be lovely, of course I can finish it
Fearless Leader: good, make up for my taking so long on the busts
esther_reeves: I think I'll keep it for me rather than JOn though
esther_reeves: I didn't mind waiting
Fearless Leader: in the box
kitycat2222000: NJ...............what if you are using painted xmas
beddie0510 left the room
kitycat2222000: same thing, nothing at all?
Fearless Leader: I don't know. I mean if the tins are painted with
the paint that's on Altoid tins
Fearless Leader: then just cover it with clay
Fearless Leader: call it a day
icare4bunnies left the room
kitycat2222000: Thanks NJ a great experience.......thanks
Fearless Leader: paint for tins are different than paint for wood I
rdransom1: I usually sand them a little to rough up the texture
before I put clay on it
Fearless Leader: Leaving out Ms. Kitty
Fearless Leader: but the best thing to do is experiment
countrylady100ca: Maybe you try in Self-Representing Artists, Polymer
Clay, in E bay
Fearless Leader: I found this plastic box, it held some eye glasses
screws or something
countrylady100ca: You can see there is 24 items found for polymer
clay in Self-Representing Artists Today
Fearless Leader: I covered it with clay and put it in the oven
DTInermart: the paint on my cigar boxes is like a varnish, keeps
bleeding through the clay
Fearless Leader: it melted and looked like the day after a fire
Fearless Leader: so I learned from that experiment
Fearless Leader: as you will learn from your experiments
Fearless Leader: if we use found objects, like cigar boxes and the
vlady6us: cool sonya
Fearless Leader: we have no idea how it will turn out
Fearless Leader: until we put some clay on it and cure it
kitycat2222000: Thanks NJ as ever good advice.......try it you might
like it
Fearless Leader: Ok, like the cigar box for the Golden MerMaid
kitycat2222000: bye everyone..........clay ya later
pennyi: by kity
vlady6us: byeeeeeeeee
rdransom1: bye
mingapunga: bye
vlady6us: time for our afternoon thunderstorm..see ya all later
countrylady100ca: bye
pennyi: i have a metal cigar box that my mom gave me
kitycat2222000 left the room
pennyi: its from my grandfather he used it to hold something.
Fearless Leader: Now this cigar box has clay on the walls for wall
Fearless Leader: and all I used was TLS to make it stick on there
Fearless Leader: the clay is presssed at the half way thickness, not
wide, not totally thinned out, the middle settins
Fearless Leader: the things on the wall were put on there with TLS or
a wad of clay
Fearless Leader: and it all stayed up
Fearless Leader: even these extruded bits
countrylady100ca: For your polymer Clay dolls If you want sell them
as OOAK is in Ebay Home > All Categories > Dolls & Bears > Dolls >
Artist Offerings > OOAK >
Fearless Leader: No glue
Fearless Leader: no prep
Fearless Leader: just Barbarian Slap and Dash
Fearless Leader: slap it on and dash it in the oven
DTInermart: How do you apply the tls?
Fearless Leader: with my finger tips
Fearless Leader: I'm a Barbarian of Clay
countrylady100ca: that link is my favorite ones.. I love sculpting
Fearless Leader: let me save log for all the eBay information, brb


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