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06-13-04: First Hour - Leaf Review, Hand Blend.

nj 130604 leaf cane  (46 photos)
green leaf cane and covering a tin
Created on 6/14/2004

Jan-June 2004 Demo Stuff

June 2004 Highlights


vlady6us: hi 4 wheelin'
doglove22000 joined the room
x4wheelinblonde: Hi vlady
mingapunga left the room
vlady6us: have u read the message boards 4 wheelin????
Fearless Leader: we're two folks short on Cam
mingapunga joined the room
katie42751: I have it
Fearless Leader: 9 folks here and 7 on cam
doglove22000: I need a web cam invite NJ
x4wheelinblonde: Me to I
mtnjhutch left the room
Fearless Leader: done and done
x4wheelinblonde: Im in
vlady6us: 4 wheelin??? have you read the message board???
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to post to the list that we're here.
While I do that let's do roll call. First name and location please.
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
vlady6us: sandie florida
mingapunga: ulrike, germany
katie42751: Katie Fort Wayne, IN
Phyl: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
doglove22000: Rickie Beth near San Francisco
x4wheelinblonde: Yes I did...just like a few minutes ago...I posted
to let everyone know
nancy: nancy NW oregon...
x4wheelinblonde: Shawn New Mexico
mingapunga: i'm just in work to put over 80 pictures from
yesterdsay's demo in my epson account
Fearless Leader: Ok, since it's Noon in San Francisco, it's the
evening in Germany, I ask for requests by time zones.
vlady6us: oh neat ulrike
Fearless Leader: Ulrike, that's too cool, just send the link to the
list when you have a minute
Fearless Leader: So Ulrike, what do you want to see, you have to go
to bed sooner than any of us here.
mingapunga: jes, i will. finish it tomorrow
tedi382001 left the room
tedi382001 joined the room
mingapunga: you are right, but i don't know, but i want to see. Wat
you do is what i will see
tedi382001: anyone else having a problem with the net today?
vlady6us: not yet
Phyl: no
vlady6us: lots of storms tho
mingapunga: bad fingers dont find the right keys
doglove22000: Not today
Fearless Leader: What do I want to do... hmmmm, have a hot week end
with a tall blond who is independantly wealthy
vlady6us: LM@O
Fearless Leader: do a dance on the stage of the Met
Phyl: lol
Fearless Leader: hmmmm
Phyl: love that one
Fearless Leader: be taller, thinner and white
vlady6us: we could have a chorus line
doglove22000: Great!!!
Fearless Leader: LOL
Phyl: no way fl
Phyl: stay as you are
Fearless Leader: Ok, who is on the East Coast?
vlady6us: me
Fearless Leader: they choose next
vlady6us: ok
x4wheelinblonde: lol
Fearless Leader: Short Orders for SO day
beddie0510 joined the room
vlady6us: u did a thing the other night with bullseye cane
beddie0510: hiho
Phyl: i have an i o
Phyl: insignificant other
mingapunga: hallo auch da? also here?
vlady6us: flattened it and sliced and stacked..didnt see what u did
beddie0510: ja, äh
vlady6us: hi betina
Fearless Leader: Bullseye, how about showing bullseye to lace cane?
Oh a blend jellyrolled and then flattened to do a chevron flip
vlady6us: ok..thanks nj
Phyl: yes that sounds good
Fearless Leader: Ok, Bettina, hey baby
x4wheelinblonde: sounds great!
Fearless Leader: Ok, shall we do this in green so we can practice
doglove22000: yes the lace cane
beddie0510: heya nora
Fearless Leader: Make like a tree and leaf?
vlady6us: ok nj
Phyl: lol
x4wheelinblonde: lol
vlady6us: lots of mileage out of
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me find Desk Top and well get started
vlady6us: lol..upside down
vlady6us: thats funny
Phyl: kewla view of the room
Phyl: guided tour anyone?
mingapunga: hope we will the the other side of the room once
vlady6us: that would be fun
Fearless Leader: I'll show you around, it's the Human Habitrail, like
with hamsters
Phyl: i want to be nj when i grow up
x4wheelinblonde: yeah me to
vlady6us: lol phyllis
doglove22000: it really is just wonderful NJ!!
Phyl: wow
beddie0510: sometoimes in the past i had a cam too, but it broke
years ago
vlady6us: i make as much mess as nj does
Phyl: i want that room
x4wheelinblonde: I want my own get messy
x4wheelinblonde: lol
vlady6us: i have one..
vlady6us: and use the living room too
x4wheelinblonde: not fair
x4wheelinblonde: lol
Janice (jlam0401) joined the room
vlady6us: and pile stuff on dining room table too
vlady6us: hi janice
x4wheelinblonde: I do that also
mingapunga: bettina, i have one since two years, but don't know where
Janice: Hi all.
vlady6us: lol ulrike
beddie0510: lol...
doglove22000: Hi Janice
x4wheelinblonde: hi
vlady6us: win..what did she win....
vlady6us: lol
vlady6us: i have a ? for the room...
beddie0510: i think mine is somewhere down in the cellar, and another
is hiding somewhere else - maybe one day i got time to plug it
vlady6us: do any of you sell things besides nj???
beddie0510: yes, me
x4wheelinblonde: not a newbie...
vlady6us: what do u sell betina???
x4wheelinblonde: hopefully one of these days
vlady6us: go for it shawn
beddie0510: - jewelry
Phyl: nj twitch your nose and transport your room to me please
Fearless Leader: That's my side of the room
Fearless Leader: I gave the other side of the room to my husband
Fearless Leader: keep his mess away from mine
x4wheelinblonde: lol
nancy: my cam is still in the other room from my adventures with
the "hummingbird cam"
vlady6us: thanks betina..i haave it saved to look at later
x4wheelinblonde: ok what is the food processor 4?
x4wheelinblonde: If that is what it is
beddie0510 left the room
beddie0510 joined the room
vlady6us: to condition clay
vlady6us: and yes thats what it is
x4wheelinblonde: really? Cool
vlady6us: wish i had one
beddie0510: is it green now?
vlady6us: but she conditions so much im sure its a blessing
Janice: to save our hands from h*ll conditioning the clay
beddie0510: no...
beddie0510: yes!
vlady6us: yes its green
beddie0510: bold?
doglove22000: Try the thrift shops - where I volunteer they get food
processors often
x4wheelinblonde: I still need a pasta machine...
Janice: no, make your type a little bigger and we can see it better.
beddie0510: bigger?
x4wheelinblonde: all Ihave is a roller
vlady6us: i cant live without my pasta machine shawn
x4wheelinblonde: I bet
doglove22000: Bed, Bath and Beyond was about 40 then less 20% coupon
beddie0510: this java chat module is a mess
vlady6us: do u have a michaels near u shawn???
vlady6us: get one there with a 40% coupon
x4wheelinblonde: the leopard cane took me forever to do the other I wish I did though
vlady6us: they sell for 25.00
Janice: yes, go to font size and make it a 14
x4wheelinblonde: I'll call my mom maybe she will go get me one
mingapunga: i use 12
vlady6us: oh cool shawn
doglove22000: make sure it is not made in China - this is what some
people say
beddie0510: no, i use 12 too...thats good
x4wheelinblonde: ok..I'll make sure
beddie0510: ...
mingapunga: use bold, it is not very dark your color
Phyl: was that you vlady that told me about the translucent clay?
x4wheelinblonde: phone....brb
beddie0510: bold geht net....
vlady6us: no problem phyllis
Phyl: if it was I love you
vlady6us: isnt that what friends for
vlady6us: it was me...
Phyl: i worked you have saved my sanity
mingapunga: phyl me too
x4wheelinblonde: please share
Phyl: ok love ya all
Phyl: lol
Phyl: i had crumbly clay frm Kato and they said to add soft
translucent to it to make it soft and it worked like a charm
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty is on her way.
vlady6us: cool
vlady6us: oh u tried it already phyllis?? good deal
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to make a basic green with zinc yello
wand cobalt blue
Phyl: didn't feel like throwing $8.50 down the drain
Fearless Leader: I suggest everyone mix their own secondary colors,
Phyl: yup works super
Fearless Leader: does everyone know the mixes?
doglove22000: NO
beddie0510 left the room
beddie0510 joined the room
mingapunga: most
Fearless Leader: kitycat2222000 Can someone help Ms. Kitty so I can
get started?
beddie0510: got kicked when trying to change color
beddie0510: now with internet explorer
kitycat2222000 joined the room
kitycat2222000: same as yesterday - now I'm in
Janice: betina bold = Mutig
Fearless Leader: Ok, coolness, Ms. Kitty I'll invite you to cam and
then get on to preparing the GREEN
beddie0510: i'm in and out - and in - and
Fearless Leader: sent
Fearless Leader: Bettina is like a bird in a bird bath, in and out
mingapunga: Mutig = brave bold = fett
beddie0510: as long as you prepare i'll get me a cup of cappuccino...
Janice: OK, I was using a translator, since I speak no german
beddie0510: bold in germany mens thick with computer fonts
mingapunga: janice, the best jokes can be made with a translator
Janice: I bet. I am sure that Silvie was really laughing at me
yesterday with my french translations
mingapunga: no i bet she wasn't. My frensh is much more horrible.
Janice: lol
Fearless Leader: Ok, want to see a quick way to mix clay colors?
mingapunga: yeeeeees
vlady6us: sure
Janice: yep
doglove22000: yes
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty, can you type in the chat room?
beddie0510: i'm back with a big mug of Latte Macchiato
beddie0510: janice - your french yesterday was verygood
katie42751: uh oh...storm coming.
beddie0510: again?
Janice: thank you, but it was the translator. I had 3 years of french
in high school and that was a looooonng time ago.
kitycat2222000: okay - now I have it.........thanks
mingapunga: my french isn't good, nor my english, but i can speak
much more less netherlands, hihi
Janice: phone, brb
Fearless Leader: kitycat2222000 Can someoe help Ms. Kitty, I can't
have IM windows open and do demo at the same time
Fearless Leader: Volunteers anyone
beddie0510: you speak holländisch - geil
Fearless Leader: Anyone?
Phyl: let me see what i can do
Phyl: will add her to my list
Fearless Leader: thank you Phyllis
beddie0510: ulrike, i thing your english is quite good, isn't it ?
doglove22000: I sent her a message
Fearless Leader: She says she can't see the dialogue screen
kitycat2222000: I'm okay now I have the dialog screen thanks
nancy: where are you katie
katie42751: indiana
Fearless Leader: Ok, whew
mingapunga: hope so, bettina. but my fingers don't often want to type
on the right keys
Fearless Leader: let's do Roll Call now, First name and Location
kitycat2222000: thanks all.........sorry
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
beddie0510: Bettina GErmany
doglove22000: No answer yet
x4wheelinblonde: Shawn NM
nancy: nancy NW Oregon
katie42751: Katie indiana
vlady6us: sandie florida
mingapunga: ulrike, germany
doglove22000: Rickie Beth In Alamo, Calif
kitycat2222000: Ms. Kitty (Carole) Wisconsin
Fearless Leader: 8 out of 11, that's a majority
Fearless Leader: Ok, now want to see a quick way to mix clay colors?
doglove22000: yes
x4wheelinblonde: sure
Fearless Leader: quickest mix in the west
Phyl: you ok kittycat?
kitycat2222000: I'm okay now can I add the members to my list a
little later - my screen has messages all over - sorry
Phyl: ok
mingapunga: i have to buy a food precessor, that is what i learned
doglove22000: They are wonderful to use
x4wheelinblonde: me to...
beddie0510: i saw one on a flea-market last week, and didn't buy -
dont know why....
Phyl: i need to hit those yard sales
Fearless Leader: first crumble up the primary colors, and then toss
them in the food processor and whirl until they clump together like a
kitycat2222000: they're all over Ebay
doglove22000: Some have only one speed and some have multi-speeds
Fearless Leader: when it balls up
Fearless Leader: you PULL IT like taffy
mingapunga: i'm also looking for a "schleifmaschine"
doglove22000: A what???
beddie0510: this one i bougt on the flea market
beddie0510: a buffing machine
mingapunga: thanks bettina
beddie0510: ich hab eine gekauft, aber noch nicht ausprobiert
Fearless Leader: ok, claymates
Fearless Leader: now when you use the food processor
Fearless Leader: the clay gets warm
Fearless Leader: this saves you time
beddie0510: thats good
Fearless Leader: if they clay is hard
Fearless Leader: you can add TLS, translucent liquid sculpey
doglove22000: I often come across food processors for under $10 at
the thrift store I volunteer at - does anyone want me to get one for
them when another one comes up? I can post to the list..
Fearless Leader: to the mix
mingapunga: very good for hard fimo
Fearless Leader: Now....
Fearless Leader: when the clay is warm
Fearless Leader: it's time to do the TAFFY PULL
Fearless Leader: anyone pull taffy at a party?
beddie0510: ?
Fearless Leader: Or am I old fashioned
Phyl: yup
beddie0510: never heard abozt that.....
doglove22000: old fashioned yes!!
vlady6us: youre old fashioned
Fearless Leader: Ok, Phyllis you can explain a Taffy Pull to everyone
kitycat2222000: in a book (England) the writer auggested adding a
little salaid oil to the hard stuff
Phyl: gee thanksa
Phyl: two people take an end each and stretch it out
beddie0510: tauziehen?
Phyl: then fold over and stretch again
Phyl: keep doing that until soft
vlady6us left the room
Fearless Leader: quickest mix in the west
Fearless Leader: you can't mix colors faster than that
Fearless Leader: believe me
beddie0510: what do they stretch at parties?
Fearless Leader: Candy
vlady6us joined the room
beddie0510: i believe in everything you're saying
doglove22000: like salt water taffy
Fearless Leader: Taffy is just sugar mostly and pulling taffy and
folding it makes air go into it
Fearless Leader: they do it by machine now, but in the old days, you
put butter on your hands and pulled taffy with a friend
Fearless Leader: young lovers would to this just to spend time
together before marriage
beddie0510: do do what - eat it?
vlady6us: nj
mingapunga: never heard of that
Fearless Leader: yes, it's a very chewy candy
vlady6us: on the messenger list u are not showing up as having the
web cam on
beddie0510: taffy=toffee
doglove22000: sweet and sticky
Phyl: and vewry bad for fillings
doglove22000: not toffee
Fearless Leader: Then it's a messenger glitch
Fearless Leader: how's that
beddie0510: in germany they say "plombenzieher" - because of the
kitycat2222000: I cneountered that also
vlady6us: cool
Fearless Leader: a button that was supposed to be clicked
automatically wasn't on
vlady6us: ok. thanks
Fearless Leader: Ok, now this basic green is going to have some
yellow added to some of it, some blue added to it so we have three
colors of green.
Phyl: what does that mean beddie? Trip to the dentist? LOL
beddie0510: my translator says taffy=toffee
beddie0510: means sth like
doglove22000: toffie is hard - taffy is soft, but the translator must
know the correct words
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
Phyl: lol
vlady6us: hi crzy
Katie: Hi there!!
doglove22000: Hello Katie
Phyl: hi
beddie0510: in germany toffee is lighgt brown, we also say caramel,
and its very soft and sticks on your teeth
Katie: <-----Katie
Katie: Hi everyone
beddie0510: hi katie
kitycat2222000: Sorry people, I forgot to say Hi everyone
doglove22000: yes, OK sort of like caramel
doglove22000: good for the trips to the dentist
beddie0510: yep
Phyl: has anyone tried putting the peal off foils on clay before
Phyl: oops baking
vlady6us: not me
Katie: not me
doglove22000: explain further..
Phyl: saw it in a book and cannot get it to work
x4wheelinblonde: did anyone know Michael has clay 20%?
x4wheelinblonde: off
Phyl: says to put the foil on the unbaked clay and burnish
Phyl: and then pela it off
vlady6us: havent looked at their ad yet today...thanks shawn
beddie0510: i wish we had a michaels too here in germany
Katie: How long is that sale suppose to last?
vlady6us: neat phyllis
doglove22000: it doesn't work very often for me
Phyl: ya would be if it worked
x4wheelinblonde: thru the 19th
vlady6us: cool
Katie: good...thanks for letting us know
x4wheelinblonde: no problem
Phyl: ooo that is a nice color nj
vlady6us: i need black and white..guess i have to go to michaels
Phyl: that is where i am going today
esther_reeves joined the room
vlady6us: hi esther
beddie0510: by the way, ulrike: the beads went out of the tumbler all
clean this morning
Katie: Hi Esther
esther_reeves: Hi all
x4wheelinblonde: anyone seen the ad yet?
Phyl: yes
mingapunga: bettina, hurra
doglove22000: tumblers are great!!
vlady6us: not yet shawn
x4wheelinblonde: was wondering if it had the 40% coupon?
beddie0510: which ad? the diet?
Phyl: yes they do Shawn
x4wheelinblonde: really? GREAT!
Fearless Leader: Ok, we have three different colors of green
Fearless Leader: you only have to buy yellow and blue
Phyl: love the color on the left
Fearless Leader: and them mix the different shades yourself
Fearless Leader: I'll press these
mingapunga: bettina, do you have the texture plate we use yesterday,
nature 1, the plants?
beddie0510: i have not one of these great plates, damn....where did
you get it?
tedi382001 left the room
Phyl: clay alley beddie
beddie0510: its expensive to order from germany - cant get these in
beddie0510: ulrike, you have one?
mingapunga: i cut them in halves and gives the other halves away as a
gift. But the plant-plate was missing in the set
esther_reeves: looking at the prices it's still cheaper to order from
clay alley including postage than get some stuff here in England
mingapunga: next set, i will share with someone
mingapunga: you are interessted? Bettina
kitycat2222000: LOL
beddie0510: mais oui
mingapunga: ok i will remember
beddie0510: thx
Fearless Leader: Ok, can you see the difference in the green sheets?
Phyl: are they easier to use cut in half?
doglove22000: yes
beddie0510: maybe we'll get an order together with aur german
kitycat2222000: I can
vlady6us: cool colors nj
Phyl: beautiful colors
Fearless Leader: now let's do a three color blend with these
beddie0510: nice greens
mingapunga: yes, i think so, they are fitting through my pm now
Fearless Leader: so we have highlights and shadow that is subtle
katie42751: Very nice
mingapunga: kerstin whanted to order something she wrote in our
german yahoo group last month
beddie0510: by the way ulrike. i found a online-store who sells
sandpaperon latex-sheets, good for tumbling in water...i ordered
some, we can share these too
mingapunga: green on green table, not very good to see
Phyl: so true
Phyl: is that one of those cutting mats?
Fearless Leader: Penny is on her way
Fearless Leader: she has the new Yahoo and is feeling sorely abused
Phyl: nj?
Fearless Leader: Yes?
beddie0510: no, i mean sandpaper-sheets not on paper, but on latex
Phyl: what do you have on your table
mingapunga: bettina, lets talk about that deal by mail
doglove22000: I have the new one too
Fearless Leader: Green on Green table problem?
kitycat2222000: everyone knows I have the new one too
katie42751: have to go - thunder and lightening. be back soon
Phyl: what is that made out of? is that a cutting mat?
katie42751 left the room
nancy: i have had to delay the visit from my son and his girl
friend....i have an unexpected guest under the house...a
beddie0510: ok ulrike
vlady6us: LOL nancy
Katie: poor thing
vlady6us: thats horrible
doglove22000: Still there?? Nancy
pennyi joined the room
mingapunga: arghhh, good that we don't have those animal here
pennyi: yehaaa it worked finally
Phyl: hi penny
nancy: yes... i am just so upset
vlady6us: hi penny
Katie: hi Penny
pennyi: hi everyone
pennyi: thanks nj your a sweetie
doglove22000: Hi Penny
kitycat2222000: hello penny
Fearless Leader: stop typing for a second people
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to
(6/13/04 1:02 PM)
Fearless Leader: ok, thanks
Phyl: lol
Fearless Leader: I was trying to send Penny an invite to the cam
Fearless Leader: ended up sending it to phyllis
beddie0510: lol
pennyi: got it NJ and I hate the new yahoo
Phyl: well thank you
Fearless Leader: and penny had not come up on the list of attendees
Fearless Leader: sorry
pennyi: i got it
Fearless Leader: ok, shall I change the color of my work table here?
Fearless Leader: so we can see?
Phyl: no i can see fine
kitycat2222000: that would be good
Phyl: i want to know what it is please
pennyi: i can see it too
esther_reeves: yes please
nancy: sounds good....
pennyi: nJ the beads and the fairy face mold arrived I love them all
thanks thanks thanks
mingapunga: i think she said that it is something like a cutting mate
doglove22000: Yes it is a green cutting mat
Phyl: look at the wood grain she did on her table in clay
Phyl: wow talented LOL
doglove22000: the kind that self-heals the cuts I believe
Fearless Leader: ya, the green mat is self healing
Phyl: ok thanks guys
pennyi: way cool as my grandson would say
beddie0510: mine is blue
Phyl: are you using the shiney side?
Fearless Leader: Ok, now I'll save log, saving each hour wasn't good
enough yesterday, I'll have to remind myself to save more often, brb

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