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06-13-04: Rainbow Blend End of Sunday Demo.



DTInermart: I put a thin layer on but it seemed to be too much..
countrylady100ca: Lol Glad to help you out NJ
Fearless Leader: back, yes Sonya, look.....
Fearless Leader: that's thank you in sign language isn't it?
countrylady100ca: I have my own home business but it is close down
for four months May to Aug. Too much demand. Need a break. Welcome NJ
Yes it is
esther_reeves: I'm teaching Dominic baby signs
esther_reeves: I speck a bit of Britsish sign language
Fearless Leader: I taught my children signing, because to tell them
to shut up in public makes them loose face
Fearless Leader: so to help them keep their dignity
Fearless Leader: I used our own private signs
Fearless Leader: no one knew them but us
Fearless Leader: Face saving is a big deal with the Japanese
countrylady100ca: Smile and wink
esther_reeves: I tand to find myself signing when I lose my voice..
pity jon doesn't understand them
Fearless Leader: ok shall we press this sheet and do a quick tin?
countrylady100ca: British Sign Language is big challenge for me to
make clay with two hands.
Fearless Leader: I have to wash my hands first though, brb
DTInermart: Yes, please
Fearless Leader: Oh I wanted to show you something that can be made
with folded sheets that are not pressed.
Fearless Leader: and
mingapunga: a vessel?
DTInermart: WOW! that is NICE NJ!
DTInermart: looks like a gourd, but nicer!
countrylady100ca: Hi Daisy
countrylady100ca: Oops
Fearless Leader: yes they are folded clay vessles
rdransom1: well, folks - I've got to go - thanks for showing us your
cool tins, NJ !
Fearless Leader: See you Ruth
rdransom1 left the room
DTInermart: Bye ruth!
Fearless Leader: ok, now to press that sheet with leaves
mingapunga: good bye
countrylady100ca: Good bye Ruth
countrylady100ca: I will type the ebay with suggust for who want
selling polymer clay or buy in ebay
bonsaikathy joined the room
countrylady100ca: in Email
Fearless Leader: now when the sheet is too long to turn because it's
wider than the rollers you can stretch the sheet side ways
Fearless Leader: Howdy Bonsai Kathy
mingapunga: it is midnight here, i just want to see this tin-covering
to its end and then go to bed
bonsaikathy: Hi Everyone
bonsaikathy: nite
Fearless Leader: That's how I measure to see if it is long enough
Fearless Leader: very scientific
mingapunga: lol
Fearless Leader: how I make the pattern of where to cut, I roll the
tin on the back side of the sheet and make marks on the clay
Fearless Leader: like this
vlady6us left the room
Fearless Leader: see the marks?
countrylady100ca: Brb typing e mail to Msatclay about ebay .
mingapunga left the room
mingapunga joined the room
dtintermart left the room
craftingclay joined the room
pennyi: time for dinner now. See ya all next week im sure.
pennyi left the room
mingapunga: NJ, have to go to sleep, thank a lot, good bye everyone
DTInermart (dtintermart) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Nighty Nighty Ulrike
craftingclay: bye have a good night
mingapunga left the room
Fearless Leader: Ok, so there's the tin
craftingclay: looks neat
Fearless Leader: Now there's some smoothing at the corners that I
need to do
Fearless Leader: but when you use the tin to mark out your cut lines
Fearless Leader: it goes real quick
Fearless Leader: and the pattern of the sheet matches at the hinges
Fearless Leader: it's a little rough at this point, but covering a
tin shouldn't take folks a long time to do
Fearless Leader: mark your cut lines with using the edges of the tin
on the back side of the clay sheet
Fearless Leader: it's Easy Breezy
Fearless Leader: Ok, so does anyone have any requests since we did
the jelly roll blend, chevron flip, leaf cane, pressed sheet and
covered tin?
chani69m left the room
techi_mom56 left the room
bonsaikathy: looks like everyone is dropping like flies
Fearless Leader: I best save log then
Fearless Leader: Let's do a roll call to see who's here
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
countrylady100ca: Sonya , Alberta, Canada
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
countrylady100ca: Now email to Msatclay about ebay with links and
short information.
craftingclay: ronda iowa
Fearless Leader: Ah, coolness Ronda, now I can see you
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
craftingclay: lol sorry to be such a pain
craftingclay: sooner or later I'll figure it out
countrylady100ca: Sorry say again about ebay I was booted out from
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Honey everyone has difficulties
craftingclay: it;s the blonde curse
countrylady100ca: Hi Judy
jude: Howdy!
Fearless Leader: Have you made this room your "favorite"? Go up to
the menu on the top of this chat window and go FILE/Favorite Room/Add
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude
Fearless Leader: then when you log on to Yahoo you should be able to
go TOOLS/Chat/favorite room and be here no problem.
Fearless Leader: just did a tin Aunt Jude
Fearless Leader: sort of subdued this tin, but that's ok.
Fearless Leader: So are there any other requests?
Fearless Leader: since we're pretty much done with this tin. I have a
half hour or so free and then I have to go help Hilda with Gerald
bonsaikathy: any luck finding a job yet Hon
jude: Neat tin.
bonsaikathy: very pretty colors
craftingclay: yes I like the colors
Fearless Leader: I'm going to sign up with another agency tomorrow at
10am, they contacted me. Then I have two agencies that want me to
test online. Was going to do that after working at Hildas.
Fearless Leader: That'll be 9 agencies
Fearless Leader: LOL
countrylady100ca: yellow red blue skinner blender.. Tiny one like I
am trying to make rainbow wave as sign language " Art"
bonsaikathy: you have my prayers and thoughts
bonsaikathy: and hugs
Fearless Leader: Oh... yes, the primary color blend. Let's do that
real quick.
Fearless Leader: Thanks Kathy, I appreciate it
countrylady100ca: Ready to watching it.. giggle
bonsaikathy: I love color mixing
countrylady100ca: praying to not get boot from yahoo
countrylady100ca: triangle ummm
craftingclay: I'm guessing #1 thickness
bonsaikathy: looks like it
countrylady100ca: flip over
bonsaikathy: red yellow and blue
craftingclay: tri flip roll ?
countrylady100ca: flip over again and rolling
countrylady100ca: I guess
craftingclay: the twist
bonsaikathy: scrunching the snake so it's not so long and will fit in
the pasta machine
esther_reeves: time for my bed, see you all again soon
bonsaikathy: nite Esther
craftingclay: bye ester
esther_reeves left the room
craftingclay: roll out and fold again with twist
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca: Excuse me Son of monkey yahoo
bonsaikathy: through the pasta machine, then roll back on it's own
colors and twist
countrylady100ca: I think I would like to Yellow Blue Red Yellow that
will look like rainbow Purple Orange and Green
countrylady100ca: Kewl thank NJ
Fearless Leader: the purple will be if you added red to the blue end
and blue to the red end
craftingclay: easy breesy
countrylady100ca: Do you use techique Breeze Skinner ?? somewhere I
saw in your tutorial web
countrylady100ca: that s right
kathig074 joined the room
Fearless Leader: This is the Easy Breezy Blend, it's a quicker than
the skinner blend. Now if we wanted purple we can cut this in half,
and flip half of it over
Fearless Leader: so the blue is with the red and the red on the blue
Fearless Leader: shall we do that?
craftingclay: ya
countrylady100ca: Yeahhhhh
Fearless Leader: or.... hmmm
Fearless Leader: let's think this out
Fearless Leader: then the green will go over the orange
Fearless Leader: and make brown
Fearless Leader: that's not happy
countrylady100ca: exciting no no brown
Fearless Leader: so what we need to is add red to the blue end and
blue to the red end and leave the middle alone
countrylady100ca: that s different
Fearless Leader: maybe like this
Fearless Leader: it's an experiment so we will see how it turns out
countrylady100ca: curious to find out how it turn out
countrylady100ca: crossing my finger "purple"
Fearless Leader: I'm adding yellow down the middle since it got
blended in
bonsaikathy: ok everyone, I've got to go eat dinner
bonsaikathy: that's really pretty NJ
bonsaikathy: bye everyone
craftingclay: bye kathy
jude: Bye Kathy.
countrylady100ca: bye Kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
craftingclay: that was neat adding the yellow in the middle, I never
thought about doing that to fix my problem
countrylady100ca: Pretty
countrylady100ca: I like it
countrylady100ca: Thank you NJ
Fearless Leader: Yes if you find that you are running out of a
particular color in a blend, slice it like I did for the yellow
countrylady100ca: Okay I have a lot of clay hehehe
Fearless Leader: so if we fold this and press it as a long ribbon we
can do a jelly roll or a fan fold
craftingclay left the room
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
kathig074 left the room
dtintermart left the room
craftingclay joined the room
countrylady100ca: welcome back Crafting clay..
craftingclay: thanks I got booted out
countrylady100ca: Me too many times
Fearless Leader: Ok, so that's the rainbow blend done with primary
jude: Pretty neat.
sharonvintn joined the room
craftingclay: neat thank you
countrylady100ca: Yeah.
Fearless Leader: I was just wondering if the fan fold rainbow can be
done as a basket cane
sharonvintn: Just sneaking in between storms
jude: That would be interesting. And, colorful!
sharonvintn: Love the rainbow!!
sharonvintn: Gotta go, see ya later I hope
jude: Bye, bye.
countrylady100ca: bye bye
sharonvintn left the room
vlady6us joined the room
jude: Remindes me of watermelon for some reason.
craftingclay smiles happily
craftingclay: that looks cool
jude: Almost a plaid.
vlady6us: oh thats pretty
countrylady100ca: remind me rainbow trout lol
countrylady100ca: Kewl NJ
craftingclay: I've learned a lot, thank you nj, best of luck in the
comming week, I have have to go bye..
Fearless Leader: I'm going to be ending Demo now
countrylady100ca: Me too sooner.. It is five PM so make supper sooner
countrylady100ca: THank you NJ very much for everthings
Fearless Leader: I have to work next door with my 95 year old neighbor
jude: Okie. Great lesson, NJ!
Fearless Leader: Ya, the rainbow was nifty, Thanks Jude
jude: I really like the way it turned out.
vlady6us: to bad we had to have our thunderstorm
jude: ave a good day and good luck next week!
Fearless Leader: I'm liking them, but if we did this with Pearl
colors, like the Blue Pearl with Premo they would be really far out
Fearless Leader: Thanks Jude
jude: Pearls, yes!
Fearless Leader: Wait I have a link....
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sheets/Rainbow/PRainbow-group
Fearless Leader: check these out
Fearless Leader: they were done with the Premo Pearl colors
jude: Okie, thanks!
jude: Bye, bye all!
vlady6us: thank you nora jean
countrylady100ca: Bye bye all
Fearless Leader: You're all welcome and thanks for showing up
countrylady100ca: Big Hug to NJ
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: xoxo

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