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Demo Stuff

Hurricane Frances and the Hurry Cane

09-04-04: Demo Log 001, 10:22am PST.

crysalis7: we decided to stay.
hlynn1975: there is some warning and they are over quickly
x4wheelinblonde joined the room
bitybeings: did you board up and have plenty of supplies?
x4wheelinblonde: I
x4wheelinblonde: Hi
Fearless Leader: there's a lot of folks who couldn't evacuate, no
money, no good vehicle, no where to go
bitybeings: yeah I know
bitybeings: that's what worries me
wilddolls2000: Seeing all highways, many can't because of traffic
crysalis7: We have good shutters, and we have lots of everything. If
it looks like it's going to be bad, we have 2 families without
shutters coming here.
bitybeings: anyone hear how Luny is doing?
crysalis7: nope.
hlynn1975: that's good to hear crys
hlynn1975: gotta stick together with these sorts of things
x4wheelinblonde: so who is in florida on here?
crysalis7: Plus we have the opbligatory extra teenagers.
crysalis7: Bobbie, Miami.
bitybeings: if nothing else this sort of thing makes people band
x4wheelinblonde: Hi Bobbie...
crysalis7: yes, our neighborhood was so closeknit after Andrew.
hlynn1975: extra teens? I think I'd rather face a tornado without a
basement than have extra teens :)
litla62 joined the room
crysalis7: LOL, it seems to be our lot in life. We love it.
bitybeings: LOL@hlynn
wilddolls2000: When charles hit, the salvation was right there, but
now I suppose they will really be stretched thin
litla62: hi all - YUP - I made it on my own!!!
crysalis7: Hi back.
bitybeings: yeah I know Charles wasn't as bad as they say Frances
will be
litla62: whats going on there with that hurricane?
Fearless Leader: Just invited Alice minis for all
crysalis7: Wish I could set up my cam. With my son gone, I'm back to
being a techmoron. Maybe if Cliff gets up, or maybe Sara will help
bitybeings: so how bad is the weather right now?
alice_minis_4all joined the room
crysalis7: Hewre it's wet and super windy, the storms still outover
the water.
Fearless Leader: ALICE
jill_z_q: I thought Frances was slowing down?
litla62: so well hi alice
Fearless Leader: I promised to turn on Cam to Wave at Alice
bitybeings: Alice Hi
x4wheelinblonde: Hi Alice
crysalis7: She's moving a total of 6 miles and hour. Keeping us all
alice_minis_4all: hi
alice_minis_4all: thanks God I go¨
hlynn1975: must be a lady then, she's making quite the enterance
alice_minis_4all: Jesus
Fearless Leader: Ok, I opened my cam, anyone need help?
crysalis7: We said she must be Cuban, she's late.
wilddolls2000: I LA airport completely shut down due to explosion
crysalis7: Was it terror related?
x4wheelinblonde: wow I really need to find the news channel
Fearless Leader: Alice do you know how to open the cam, the TV Icon
by Fearless Leader?
jill_z_q: Yahoo is so slow..
wilddolls2000: I don't know yet, Security breach at screening
alice_minis_4all: no
bitybeings: yeah what is up with Yahoo it is awful now
crysalis7: brb
Fearless Leader: I will send you an invite to my cam, but usually
there's a TV icon by my name and one can right click on that to get
a menu, then they choose "view webcam"
wilddolls2000: I think yahoo is trying to force all groups to the
premium site
You have invited Alice to view your webcam.

bitybeings: Yeah I think that's what's the deal
jill_z_q: I was trying to read a bout Clinton yesterday and it felt
like I was on 2400 bps.
alice_minis_4all: Thanks
alice_minis_4all: Igot the camera
alice_minis_4all: hello
alice_minis_4all: you are beatifull
litla62 left the room
wilddolls2000: jacksonville pick on tv shows boats being destroyed
Fearless Leader: I'm feeling very "country" and got my bib overalls
hlynn1975: I love bibs
x4wheelinblonde: lol
x4wheelinblonde: me too
Fearless Leader: These are bib overall Cut Off Shorts
Fearless Leader: because it'll be in the 90s today
crysalis7: ok, back, daughter's decorating dilemma solved.
crysalis7: yee haaw nj!
jill_z_q: she disappeared lol
hlynn1975: hey ya'll, I'm thinking of going back to school. Again!
crysalis7: cool, I started back last Thursday.
bitybeings: Hlynn excellent idea I want to go back but never seems
the right time
wilddolls2000: winds gusts are hitting west palm beach at 90 mph
alice_minis_4all: cool the hat NJ
hlynn1975: I just got done with my BA in business, now I think I'm
going to go for my gemologist degree
crysalis7: Love the hat!
litla62 joined the room
hlynn1975: nifty duds
litla62: well hi all! WHY can't I make it on my own???
wilddolls2000: going back to school is a great decicion especially
if your young not at 45
crysalis7: sorry, now you look like a pimp from the 70's.
litla62: NJ what are you doing? fashion show??
Fearless Leader: sort of like a Hunter Tompson sort of deal here
hlynn1975: If I do it I'll have 3 degrees. One of these days I might
actually use one of them. :)
Fearless Leader: Hey we got to amuse ourselves
crysalis7: I'm 43, and still have lots of miles left on me.
bitybeings: NJ Looking all cool today well everyday
crysalis7: sort of Fear and Loathing in San Francisco?
hlynn1975: wild, when I got my business degree lots of my fellow
classmates were 40-50+
Fearless Leader: I don't think anyone is too old to go to school
crysalis7: me either.
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call
hlynn1975: and when I got my microbiology degree one of my lab
partners was 72! He retired and his wife told him to get a hobby
that took him out of the house or she'd kill him. So he decided to
get a college degree :)
alice_minis_4all: I am in The dutch school
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, sweating already at 9am
litla62: gini zürich switzerland
alice_minis_4all: I am 49 hahaha
wilddolls2000: When I first went back to school I was 35, two
toddlers 2 &3 and I had 1 sems. 13 years earlier and univ, accepted
the credits
crysalis7: Bobbie, M iami, 43, blond, grren eyes 0+
wilddolls2000: 62, gray and blue
hlynn1975: Heather, Wisconsin, 29, brown hair, brown eyes and
freckles. The rest changes without notice.
bitybeings: Iva Chicago
bitybeings: 37
nancy: nancy nw oregon..heading out to the garage sales!
bitybeings: brown and pink
wilddolls2000: forgot, Arizona
litla62: oh age too - 42
Fearless Leader: See ya Nancy, happy hunting
crysalis7: pink what?
x4wheelinblonde: Shawn, NM, 28 blonde hair, blue eyes...
Fearless Leader: ya, pink what?!?
litla62: dark blond short haired brown eys - any questions LOL?
bitybeings: hair
crysalis7: got a cam?
Jackie (ljcswartz) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Howdy Jackie
hlynn1975: pink hair? cool
crysalis7: pink elferly or pink punk?
alice_minis_4all: 49 gray hair
bitybeings: no I have but XP wont let me install it
Jackie: hi
alice_minis_4all: brown eyes
bitybeings: cotton candy pink
Fearless Leader: I was thinking of doing henna on my hair this week
crysalis7: you go girl!
Jackie: why not??
litla62: henna hair webcam demo!!!!
bitybeings: LOL
bitybeings: sounds like a plan
Jackie: I like the natural look myself
alice_minis_4all: I am taking out all the red color
crysalis7: my blond's bought.
alice_minis_4all: Beatyfull NJ
Jackie: looks good
alice_minis_4all: hair
wilddolls2000: Mine turned silver at the front when I was very sick
15 yrs ago and nothing since
hlynn1975: henna would be cool on you NJ.
Fearless Leader: I mix cinnimon and cloves in the henna
alice_minis_4all: I like natural
Fearless Leader: so my head smells good enough to bite
x4wheelinblonde: lol
Fearless Leader: in case I run into a vampire with a sweet tooth
hlynn1975: can anyone say Hairball! LOL
litla62: :D
crysalis7: my dogs are barking at the wind outside. They are such
litla62: garlic, not cinanmon and cloves
bitybeings: LOL
Fearless Leader: LOL, bark that hurricane elsewhere
Fearless Leader: must produce some high pitched sounds we can't hear
bitybeings: my dog does that too she's a nut and living in chicago
is always windy lol
alice_minis_4all: my old daugther went out to walk Pandora her dog
alice_minis_4all: i hope she came soon for the demo
crysalis7: The one dog is very sensitive to electromagnmetic fields.
She's probably the ring leader.
bitybeings: hey didn't I see Gini here?
bitybeings: LOL
Fearless Leader: Anyone else got cam so we can have a couple of
faces here?
hlynn1975: I have to go for a bit, gotta shower, my dog is wrinkling
her nose
Fearless Leader: litla62 is Gini
hlynn1975: no cam sorry
techi_mom56 left the room
litla62: yes Iva I'm supposed to be here I hope
x4wheelinblonde: Hey guys..brb (hopefully) somethings up with my
Fearless Leader: yes see, Gini's here
x4wheelinblonde left the room
litla62: sorry no cam
alice_minis_4all: she gini is with troubles with yahho
hlynn1975 left the room
Fearless Leader: Yahoo is free, so it can't be free of problems
bitybeings: no I was wondering where you were you added me this
morning and I didn't get a chance to say anything to you
litla62: I don't know why Yahoo is troubling me
Fearless Leader: it gives everyone the blues, but hey, the price is
alice_minis_4all: NJ has to send you an invitation I think
crysalis7: nj, I know when you're typing 'cause you pen's in your
litla62: sure. but a certain amount of independence would be cool
for me
Fearless Leader: how funny, you all can see how I use my cordless
pen, it's my mouse for a drawing tablet
Jackie: so should I finally upgrade or keep saying --no??
Fearless Leader: I always hold it in my mouth when typing
wilddolls2000: Everyone needs to go yahoo site and fill in survey
re: premium
crysalis7: that would make me gag.
crysalis7: the pen, not the survey.
litla62: LOL
Jackie: hehe
wilddolls2000: They want to change free sites photos and files space
wilddolls2000: less mgb's
bitybeings: NJ why does my internet explorer keep coming up error
saying it has to shut down and to send report
litla62: don't upgrade jackie the new yahoo just brings problems
jill_z_q: I heard the survey was like 2 years old?
Fearless Leader: let it send the report
bitybeings: so do I need to do something?
Fearless Leader: that way they can fix the problem with updates, but
I'm avoiding the XP update, too much complaint about it on the geek
litla62: IVA - worm maybe? I had it once it always shut down
Jackie: I will still wait then... thanks
countrylady100ca: Back to work to clean up the house and will be
back when I need a break
countrylady100ca left the room
Fearless Leader: nope, just let the report go through and then close
the window when it is finished
wilddolls2000: this is the first I have seen it. one of my other
groups sent the message out
jill_z_q: I did the Xp update no problems on my end
bitybeings: yeah but this is dang near every day grrr
Fearless Leader: Oh I found a free service, Spyblaster
litla62: XP wasn't a problem but new yahoo is
Fearless Leader: it PREVENTS installation of spyware, adware, I'll
get the link
litla62: NJ that's great
wilddolls2000: Since I have had yahoo, for months, I haen't had any
Fearless Leader:
litla62: I heard say the probs are only with the new Yahoo
wilddolls2000: I think I've been o;n grouops about a year
crysalis7: brb
Fearless Leader: instead of cleaning up the spyware/adware it stops
it from getting there
alice_minis_4all: I added the link in my favorites
alice_minis_4all: thanks NJ
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for the free software to clean
out the spyware/adware that's already installed, brb
litla62: thanks I'll try, but it still doesn't solve my yahoo
problem :(
wilddolls2000: have to go, pup needs walk.
litla62: bye then
wilddolls2000 left the room
bitybeings: ty
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: SpyBot Serch and Destroy
Fearless Leader: that will clean up your computer and then
SpyBlaster will prevent installation of future stuff
Phyl (phyllisinvegas) joined the room
jill_z_q: Hiya Phyl
Fearless Leader: get a google tool bar to block pop up ads if you
don't have that already
Fearless Leader: Howdy Phyllis
litla62: hi phyl
alice_minis_4all: those links are free?
Fearless Leader: yes
Phyl: well hello fearless
alice_minis_4all: great
jill_z_q: the new xp blocks pop up ads
Fearless Leader: you can donate if you can
jill_z_q: er the update
Fearless Leader: Hi Phyllis, I thought I'd open the chat room so we
can hold hands
Phyl: Hi Litla
Fearless Leader: when things like Hurricane Frances happens it's
good to keep the chat room open
Phyl: here is mine, little but mighty
Fearless Leader: holding your hand
Fearless Leader: it's a good thing
litla62: a hand is a hand, phyl
Phyl: ah my favorite accessory
Phyl: ture litla
Phyl: oops true
Fearless Leader: I was learning how to raise my hat with my eyebrows
Fearless Leader: but I don't have enough forehead muscle
Phyl: supposed to do it with your ears NJ
litla62: NJ I'm sure you din't check the box ""users can only join
the room if I invite them" at your room, did you? that would solve
my problem.
Fearless Leader: Gini I don't think that's the problem, for a bunch
of folks got in here without my bringing them in. I don't know.
Fearless Leader: Let me check to see if I can find that option
Phyl: I am here without an invite
litla62: no if the others can come I do not think this is it
litla62: phyl do you have the old yahoo?
Phyl: yes
Phyl: are you discussing the new?
Phyl: ah the 'devil' version
bitybeings: new yahoo sucks sorry but thats the only way to describe
litla62: I mean it can't be true to come to chat rooms only with
Phyl: with yahoo anything is possible
litla62: or maybe I am the greatest technical dummie that exists
Fearless Leader: did you save this room as a Favorite Room Gini?
alice_minis_4all: no more that me hahaha
Fearless Leader: now now there there, we all had problems with the
new Yahoo
alice_minis_4all: yes
Phyl: yup i had them so bad I dumped it and went back to old
Fearless Leader: and they programmed it so we can't get to our
Favorite Room link without going into a chat room first
litla62: yes NJ I did. and I createt gini's room, got in there and
trie do change. they said I'm in but you couldn't see me
Fearless Leader: Ok, so you went to your created room, then you went
to Favorite Room and Changed to get here?
litla62: yes
Phyl: Sandy had that problem she found out it was her java something
wrong with it
snowcrow211 joined the room
litla62: it said I'm in, I saw myself on the list but you all
Fearless Leader: well what I'd do is remove the saved favorite room,
and then save it as a favorite room again. Could have been some
glitch there.
litla62: I could read what you all wrote
Fearless Leader: Oh....
Fearless Leader: OOOOOH
litla62: ???
Fearless Leader: that's another bug, where you can see other people
type but they can't see you
Fearless Leader: and rebooting cleared that?
Fearless Leader: that happens to me, when my computer has been on a
long time
litla62: I do not now - you invited me and then I accepted - so the
problem is always solved
Fearless Leader: after a long demo, I'll be typing like crazy and no
one can see my typing. I have to write a note on a piece of paper
and hold it to the cam.
Fearless Leader: Oh, we don't know...
Fearless Leader: want to test it since we're thinking about it?
litla62: Oh no NJ!!
Phyl: you have aligator in the can?
Phyl: eeeeew hope he is dead
litla62: seems so
Phyl: ha ha ahahahahah
alice_minis_4all: NJ my daughter is back can you send an invitation
to her
Fearless Leader: it's a squeeky toy
litla62: OK I try and add that room again. then I go out and try by
my room to get acces again.
Fearless Leader: okie dokie Alice
Phyl: NJ is playing with squeekey toys?
Phyl: oh oh
snowcrow211: Hi Everyone! I'm Sandy from Alabama
Phyl: we is in trouble now
crysalis7 left the room
Fearless Leader: Howdy Sandy
Phyl: Hi Sandy
litla62 left the room
Fearless Leader: Oh there went Bobbie from Miami
Fearless Leader: let's hope it is just yahoo booting her
Phyl: shure hope so
Phyl: ouch
jill_z_q: Howdy Sandy
snowcrow211: How is everyone faring so far with the storm?
Phyl: lol lol lol
Phyl: gonna caller n nose now
snowcrow211: We live near Pensacola so we are packed and ready to
evacuate if need be.
Phyl: no no not the tounge you need that
Phyl: how is it so far snowcrow?
litla62 joined the room
Fearless Leader: don't let me go to the Zoo with a Five year old.
I'm just uncontrollable
Fearless Leader: Welcome Back Gini, it worked
bitybeings: lol@Nj
litla62: so do you see my now???
Phyl: yes litla
bitybeings: yes gini
Fearless Leader: yes we can gini
litla62: HA Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fearless Leader: let's do roll call so we know our names
alice_minis_4all: I love frogs
Phyl: NJ is hungry she is eating aligator in the can
snowcrow211: We have beautiful's just we are waiting to
see when it crosses over Florida and back into the Gulf.
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, White Aligator Wrestler
litla62: gini zürich switzerland
alice_minis_4all: I colect then
bitybeings: Iva Chicago
Phyl: best of luck snow
snowcrow211: Sandy from Alabama
Phyl: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
Fearless Leader: you collect Aligators?
litla62: you collect what alice - alligators LOL?
alice_minis_4all: NJ one day you can do a demo with frogs
Phyl: live or dead Alice?
alice_minis_4all: hahah
alice_minis_4all: frogs
Fearless Leader: Leopard Spot makes good frogs
Fearless Leader: shall we jump on a frog while we're thinking about
alice_minis_4all: I did not see yet
Phyl: better get a big one
alice_minis_4all: dead
Fearless Leader: frog sushi, soy sause, taste like chicken
litla62: poisoned green red rainforest frog
jill_z_q: ew
Fearless Leader: yum
alice_minis_4all: yes yes yes
jill_z_q: poor froggie
Fearless Leader: ok, let me dig out some leopard spot cane
alice_minis_4all: waw
Phyl: oh ick I don't eat nuttin raw except veggies
litla62: oh yeah - FROG DEMO time!
Fearless Leader: In case you wonder where I go off to when I look
for stuff
Fearless Leader: I have clay under my table
Phyl: clay tools in da mouth? or is that your puter pen?
Fearless Leader: in long wide mail boxes
Fearless Leader: computer tablet pen
litla62: puter pen, phyl
Phyl: night came real fast in San fran
Phyl: ooo look at all the goodies
Fearless Leader: that's where I stash clay stuff
Fearless Leader: half done
Fearless Leader: trays of raw beads
Fearless Leader: and canes with sheets and trims
snowcrow211: How abWOW! You have a lot of great stuff! :)
Phyl: ooooo kewl
litla62: oh a fortune lying there
Fearless Leader: so when I tuck out of sight
Fearless Leader: I'm digging through these boxes
Fearless Leader: for something I think is there
Fearless Leader: LOL
Phyl: NJ is a desk diver from way back
Fearless Leader: yes
litla62: what was that rainbow thing over there?
Phyl: it is a tea set she made last night
Fearless Leader: the rainbow thing was a mini tea set
litla62: oh no - and I missed it!!!
litla62: pix? tutorials?
litla62: it's beautiful!
Phyl: is that a pinch pot behind the malacite lady NJ?
Phyl: black/gold?
twigffa joined the room
Phyl: yes
Fearless Leader: take any natasha bead and make it into a vase
litla62: hi twigffa
alice_minis_4all: waw
snowcrow211: I'd love to stay but my clay is packed...won't leave
that behind. LOL! Just wanted to say Hi to all!
Fearless Leader: we can do that as well as the frog
twigffa: hi all!
alice_minis_4all: great colors
alice_minis_4all: gorgeous
litla62: lets do a rainbow frog!
Phyl: we are just watching snow
alice_minis_4all: Nj can you send an invitation to my daughter ?
Phyl: i will try alice
litla62: or a rainbow pinchpot
Fearless Leader: ok, hold on
alice_minis_4all: thank you
snowcrow211: Bye everyone! Will get back to you after the storm.
bitybeings left the room
litla62: bye sandy good luck
Fearless Leader: Alice I need her Yahoo ID
Phyl: is that her yahoo name alice?
Fearless Leader: not her email address
Phyl: ooo like that one
Phyl: beautiful
Fearless Leader: the half round, cut twice made a circle, the circle
made this pot
Phyl: kewl NJ
Fearless Leader: Alice what is your daughter's Yahoo ID, that's her
email address
Fearless Leader: I can't invite her with that
Fearless Leader: when you send her a private message, you use her
Yahoo ID
jill_z_q: is her yahoo id janniebrandt?
Fearless Leader: I feel like Cool Hand Luke, you ladies know that
quote..."What we have here is a failure to communicate." Alice is
her Yahoo ID Janniebrandt?
Phyl: lol we use that line all the time here
Fearless Leader: makes me crave hard boiled eggs
Phyl: lol
alice_minis_4all: yes
jill_z_q: Ooh food I can go shopping
Fearless Leader: or to kiss Paul Newman
Fearless Leader: either or
jill_z_q: Paul Newman is rather good looking
litla62: no, NOT paul newman!
Fearless Leader: I'd bite Paul Newman anywhere he pointed
jill_z_q: so what happens if someone offered in one hand a hard
boiled egg
Phyl: i hear that NJ
jill_z_q: and the other paul newman?
Phyl: no contest jill
Phyl: Paul wins hands down
Fearless Leader: I would say something but it just too naughty
Phyl: lol
jill_z_q: rofl
Fearless Leader: it IS protein after all
Phyl: that is what they say
Phyl: good thing I am a born skeptic
Fearless Leader: LOL
twigffa: lol, i got booted and this is what i come back to!!! i got
great timing!
janniebrandt joined the room
Fearless Leader: Twiggy no kidding
Phyl: lol excellent timing
Phyl: Hey hey jannie
Fearless Leader: JANNIE IS HERE
litla62: SUPER jannie is there!
Fearless Leader: boy O Boy now let's get her up with the cam
janniebrandt: hi there r u?
janniebrandt: thanks for the invitation
You have invited janniebrandt to view your webcam.

Phyl: Hi Jannie welcome
Fearless Leader: I just sent you an invite to open my cam
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
janniebrandt: hi everybody
Phyl: Hi ya Jude
litla62: hi jude
janniebrandt: hi
jude: My goodness!
jude: Howdy!
Phyl: here is a muging for you Janie
jill_z_q: Howdy Jude
Fearless Leader: Caught a mugging did ya Aunt Jude?
janniebrandt: thanks
Fearless Leader: Twiggy got booted again
jude: Shucks! I missed the mugging!
Phyl: poor Twiggy
Fearless Leader: ok, let's talk a minute about this pot here
janniebrandt: ok
Phyl: ready
jude: Pot? You're talking about pot? Well, that's San Francisco for
ya! :D
janniebrandt: uau
Phyl: lol Jude
jill_z_q: hehee
alice_minis_4all: :-SS
Fearless Leader: Hey don't bogart that bong
Fearless Leader: but anyway
Fearless Leader: taking chop
jude: LOL
alice_minis_4all: =;
Fearless Leader: and putting it into a pile that's a HALF ROUND
Fearless Leader: two cuts
twigffa: ok, sorry about that
Fearless Leader: gets you a full round, are you all with me here,
I'll get the link
Phyl: two cuts of a half round?
Phyl: oops full round sorry
Fearless Leader: Chop/Half-Round
Fearless Leader: Check this page for a minute
Fearless Leader: I'll go to the bathroom while you do
Fearless Leader: brb

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