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Chop Index: 6-18-02: The Half Round Layered Pendent Trick. 

The Half Round Layered Pendent Done

These are some of the clay runs that produced this chop collection. 

New Abalone

African Themed Chop and Toss Extravaganza Safari

Ammonite Experiments:  Third Effort As A Sheet

Ammonite Experiments: Done in Blue

Bamboo Jelly Roll Blend made into Bamboo

On Black Citrus slices on black on a box

Tiger Cane 

Tiger's Eye sheets. 

This is what I call "half round". Form a pile of chop into a semi circle log, then cover with a layer of another chop. Leave the side of the cane touching the work table uncovered. That's the seam for the mirror image. Compress and don't pull or stretch the cane. Roll with a brayer to even out the outer curve and the straight edge. Slice two slices, open like a book and you have an instant pendant. Trick to this, don't slice all the way through, leave a little bit connected, cuts down the seam smoothing mess afterward.

After the chopping is done it's an Easy Breezy technique, a lot like Japanese cooking, a whole lot of chopping and two minutes cooking.