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Demo Stuff

Hurricane Frances and the Hurry Cane

09-04-04: Demo Log 002, 11:14am PST.

Fearless Leader: Chop/Half-Round
Fearless Leader: Check this page for a minute
Fearless Leader: I'll go to the bathroom while you do
Fearless Leader: brb
janniebrandt: ok
jude: Wow, sure got quiet.
Jackie: pretty colors
Jackie: just chilling here :-)
jude: I love those colors.
Jackie: I see a dancer
jude: It reminds me of a bedspread print.
litla62: brb
Phyl: if you coat the inside of these can you put water in them?
jude: Coat them with what?
Phyl: some kind of glaze i would think
Phyl: or crystal laquer
jude: Hmmm, dunno. Most folks I've heard say no, but it is plastic,
so why not?
Jackie: It would be better to form it over glass I think
Phyl: it would but i can't find little glass thingies that small
alice_minis_4all: the web is stoped
Phyl: got any ideas?
Phyl: you can't get NJ's web site alice?
Jackie: Medical supplies sometimes come in that size I think.
twigffa: what about thosse little glass containers that they put
fancy colored sugar in at restaurants, they look like mini vases
sort of
alice_minis_4all: the camera don't move
Phyl: ah will check on that thanks Jackie
Phyl: she isn't moving it right now alice
jude: I got some very small jam jars with breakfast at a restaurant
litla62: sometimes there are small jars with yoghurt or dessert
litla62: in shops I mean
jude: These held about an ounce or so.
Phyl: will have to keep my eye pealed
litla62: eat the yoghurt or dessert, use the jar
jude: Smuckers. :D
Phyl: eat dessert throw out yogurt
Phyl: lol
litla62: LOL
jude: Better idea, Phyl.
twigffa: feed yogurt to cats
Phyl: they wouldn't even eat that stuff
Fearless Leader: I got to get some order here, chat amongst
yourselves, did everyone get to see the Half Round Tute?
litla62: mine loves it
Phyl: eeeeew
Phyl: yes we did
jude: Yes, sat that.
litla62: yes
Fearless Leader: Phyllis is speaking for everyone I see. How
handy... LOLOL
Phyl: you sat on her half round Jude?
litla62: especailly vanilla or caramel
Phyl: lol Phyllis the big mouth
jude: Yup, I did! GASP!
Phyl: eeeeek
janniebrandt: me chamam quando comecar
Fearless Leader: oh lookie here
janniebrandt: sorry
x4wheelinblonde joined the room
Phyl: oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
x4wheelinblonde: Hi
litla62: hi
Phyl: Hi ya lady
janniebrandt: lol
Jackie: back in a few... off for food
Phyl: oh man that is to neat
litla62: so what exactly ist that?
Phyl: it is to kewl for words, that is what it is
Fearless Leader: taking scraps and doing repeating patterns
litla62: OK
Fearless Leader: sort of Scrapklieodoscopic tricks
x4wheelinblonde: what are we working on?
Fearless Leader: Lord Knows, Shawn
Phyl: can't pronounce that one let alone do it
x4wheelinblonde: lol
x4wheelinblonde: I still need to make my
Phyl: we are putzing shawn
x4wheelinblonde: cool, looks like fun
litla62: I'm sure you will make them peaches
x4wheelinblonde: Yes I I sit
Phyl: food is at the bottom of my important list
litla62: the same for me - coral is waiting and I am chatting and
looking webcam
jude: Food is always at the top of my list. Heheheh
x4wheelinblonde: lol
Phyl: clay is top dog at this moment with me
jude: Why did NJ start early today?
Phyl: I just read a thingie about using dental floss threaders for
stringing small beads
litla62: frances
Fearless Leader: Hurricane Party
Phyl: she is keeping the florida ladies busy
jude: Oh!
Fearless Leader: Old Tradition for crazy people
x4wheelinblonde: Well im test burning the Im waiting on
making the stuff to go on the new ones
Phyl: very crazy people
jude: NJ, your Friends name says Friday on it now. LOL
Fearless Leader: or a crazy tradition for old people
Phyl: NJ is easily confused
Phyl: lol sorry NJ
Fearless Leader: I changed two status lines to Hurricane Frances
Phyl: to much puter work will do that to the brain
JennyP (pcajenny) joined the room
jude: Remember the hurricane party that those people in that
apartment had during Camille? Wowser!
litla62: haha
Phyl: Hi Jenny
Phyl: idiots Jude
litla62: hi jenny
JennyP: Hi there
twigffa: hiya jenny
jude: You got that right, Phyl
litla62: what was it about this party? sorry I'm European
Phyl: Florida Hurricane Party so to speak
jude: Oh, well, the whole building had a big party and didn't
litla62: oh no
jude: The hurricane destroyed the entire building and all the people.
jill_z_q: brb
jill_z_q left the room
litla62: oh no -
jude: So, when they tell you to leave, it's a good idea.
litla62: I think so
Phyl: it is that old "not me" syndrome that gets them every time
jude: Long time ago that was.
shargoose joined the room
Phyl: Hi Sharon
litla62: hi sharon
shargoose: Hi
litla62: sure phyl - but "not me" doesn't work usually
shargoose: What's NJ up to today?
Phyl: nope they end up six feet under
litla62: pinchpots rainbow frogs
shargoose: Oh how cool
Phyl: just playing around Sharon
shargoose: I need playing around!!
Phyl: a little this , a little that
x4wheelinblonde: It says here that the hurricane has redevolped an
eye...about 80 miles across....when is it supposed to hit exactly?
litla62: alligators , hats
Phyl: I love playing around, er with clay that is
shargoose: Just got up not too long ago
shargoose: Was up most of night worrying about Mom
Phyl: they are predicting tonight sometime
litla62: oh sharon here it is nearly 8 PM
x4wheelinblonde: Sorry to bring it up but I have family traveling
litla62: whats up with mom?
Phyl: we are here for support
shargoose: It's 12:45PM here
alice_minis_4all: hi my daughter needs another invitation
shargoose: Don't want to discuss Mom right now, OK
litla62: ok
Phyl: wow it is 10"30 a.m. here
alice_minis_4all: the computer was off
Phyl: ok allice
shargoose: I came here to get away from it all for a few minutes!!
vlady6us joined the room
jude: Here is the track:
x4wheelinblonde: thank you
x4wheelinblonde: brb kids want lunch...go
jude: Looks like it's straight across Florida.
Phyl: that is the predicted path
snowcrow211 left the room
litla62: hi vlady sorry forgot your name
shargoose: Looks like we'll get dome rain from this one even in TN!!
shargoose: some rain, I ment!!
twigffa: dome rain might be kinda cool
shargoose: Brain and fingers are having a hard time communicating
vlady6us: hi im sandie
twigffa: hi sandie
vlady6us: hello everyone
litla62: ah yes of course sandie - hi
chrystalbear555 joined the room
Phyl: Hi Sandy
Phyl: Hi chrystal
shargoose: Who's on here from FL?
vlady6us: i see you are talking about our hurricane. theres another
one behind it
vlady6us: this one has stalled for the moment
Phyl: yup i saw that
vlady6us: i am shar
litla62: no not another one
chrystalbear555: Hi girls Surprize to see the invite
vlady6us: yeah..another one
jude: I heard it was going to be a bad year.
shargoose: Well, you FL guys can come to my place in TN before the
next one hits!!
vlady6us: it has been already
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'll save log and then I'm going to show how to
do a Half Round
jude: Any of you folks want to move to earthquake country? Hmmm??
vlady6us: wish i could shar..and ty
vlady6us: been in earthquake country...been there done that
Phyl: come to vegas all we have is extreme heat
Fearless Leader: Chop/Half-Round
alice_minis_4all: can some one help my daughter ?
litla62: you could come over to Europe - no hurricanes
vlady6us: lived in san diego county and the city near the beach
Phyl: i sent her an invite alice
shargoose: Well, hop on a buss, train or plane, get to Nashville and
we'll come get you!!
vlady6us: my passport has the wrong name on it litla
vlady6us: how sweet all of you are...thank you so much
Phyl: who's passport are you using?
litla62: sandie why?
shargoose: Well, It's a strong brick house and I've got room
vlady6us: i got remarried so passport has wrong last name on it
shargoose: Also, a barn and a huge garage for your critters, too!!
vlady6us: i have a little doggie
litla62: change it girl
Phyl: :-O
Fearless Leader: back
vlady6us: yeah...about 3 1/2 yrs ago
shargoose: So, can't you travel in the states to another state with
the passport?
vlady6us: i will change it if i ever want to leave the country
Fearless Leader: now I got this big tray of cane ends
vlady6us: oh yeah in the states i can go anywhere i want
Fearless Leader: who would like to see a quick half round so you can
make disks like these
Phyl: don't need a passport to travel withing the US
litla62: me
vlady6us: i know
vlady6us: or to canada and mexico either
Phyl: me me me
shargoose: So, come on up to TN!!
litla62: so no way to come to nice hurricane free switzerland
vlady6us: me
twigffa: i would nj
vlady6us: but but the airports are closed
jude: I don't need to, NJ, but others may.
JennyP: brb
vlady6us: no gas at gas stations
shargoose: Can you get a bus or something ?
Phyl: wow what is that?
vlady6us: and the main roads out of fl are wall to wall traffic
Fearless Leader: scraps
alice_minis_4all: hello she needs help to
get in the demo
Fearless Leader: Ok, tell Jannie to log off of Yahoo
vlady6us: im not sure if the busses are running or not. i know the
trains are not
Fearless Leader: she's still showing in the room
Fearless Leader: and can't accept invite until her name goes off the
chat room list
vlady6us: the most we should get is a lot of rain and some of the
litla62: I tried to invite her but it doenst work
Fearless Leader: tell her to log off
Fearless Leader: see if her name disappears off of this list in chat
Fearless Leader: then we can invite her
Fearless Leader: that seems to be a problem
Fearless Leader: lately
Fearless Leader: Ok, ClayMates shall we pick some colors
twigffa: i like blue and purple and red
vlady6us: red, purple, silver
Fearless Leader: Something for Hurricane Frances, so we need blue
for sky and sea
vlady6us: lol...good colors
Fearless Leader: some art deco colors
twigffa: or shades of... lol
Phyl: blue, gold
litla62: teal
vlady6us: the hurricane is not moving forward
alice_minis_4all: I did
Phyl: is it stalled?
vlady6us: sure is
vlady6us: but the coast is getting high winds and rain
Phyl: nasty
vlady6us: yeah..
Phyl: oooooooooooooooooo
vlady6us: wish it would just get here and leave. but when it hits
land its going to be real bad cause it moves so slowly
vlady6us: cool nj
Phyl: gonna cause more damage moving slow like that
chrystalbear555: your desk loks like a quilters bag of scrap fabric,
i'm wondering what had you made with all those interesting colours
vlady6us: yes phyllis
vlady6us: and more rain...
Phyl: hope she kicks up her heels and gets a move on
twigffa: chrys, i was thinking the same thing... what pretty quilts
those scraps would make
vlady6us: me too. charley was a fast mover 3 weeks ago...sure helped
Phyl: go outside and start blowing north east
Phyl: give her a push along
vlady6us: no..dont want it stay in the bahamas
vlady6us: 30 hours of wind and rain for them so far
vlady6us: they have had enough
Phyl: oh man
vlady6us: and its still there.....
litla62: jannie made it out now
chrystalbear555: bought myself one of those hand drills griders
sanders, I am so excited now am trying to put the crib together
alice_minis_4all: yes and she is geting in again
Phyl: what kind crystal?
vlady6us: oh neat crystal
chrystalbear555: a fimo crib decorated with flowers but I have made
the sides and base a little too thin used the no 2 setting on the
pasta machine should have used 1
alice_minis_4all: thanks
alice_minis_4all: she is in again
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
vlady6us: wb jude
chrystalbear555: the one drill bit was so small I dropped it never
to be seen agin there I was scrambling around on hands and knees
vlady6us: oh wow...that small...
jude: Couldn't get past the dang ads.
chrystalbear555: had family visiting so not much has been done now
the work starts
Fearless Leader: I'm helping Jannie
vlady6us: ok
Fearless Leader: If she can't get in because her name is still up
here on the chat roster
shargoose: Jannie are you here now?
Fearless Leader: can someone show her how to see the chat through
the webpage and get the cam through the Friend's list
Phyl: might have to come in under a different name
litla62: alice said she is
Fearless Leader: if I do that we'll never get going here
Fearless Leader: I just see her in private message
shargoose: I can see her on the list
Fearless Leader: but not here in chat
Phyl: let me see if I can contact her
shargoose: I just told her in private message to post here
Fearless Leader: yes that's an echo I believe, you know like when
there's two of me here
alice_minis_4all: I think she can not
Fearless Leader: if you all could reel her in I can go forward on
this demo
alice_minis_4all: let be
alice_minis_4all: her pc is not good
shargoose: We'll get her in one way or the other, NJ!!
Fearless Leader: no, she can go to chat through our website, see the
cam from the friend's list, someone can explain that to her I believe
twigffa: she might need to reboot, or shut down all her windows and
start again
vlady6us: hey whoever is talking to her..ask if she can see the
bottom of this
shargoose: K
Fearless Leader: Okie Dokie I'm going to chop and layer then, thanks
alice_minis_4all: ok
alice_minis_4all: she can see the demo
alice_minis_4all: but she can not get in the chat and she said thanks
Fearless Leader: someone hip her up to using the list's web based
chat, like the MAC users do, please
alice_minis_4all: the demo is enough
alice_minis_4all: for her
vlady6us: im gonna go watch tv with my hubby..who is home this week,
vlady6us: will check in here again later one
shargoose: Take care Sandie
Fearless Leader: yes please, check in later
janniebrandt left the room
Fearless Leader: ah her name went off the list, Jannie, let me try
to invite her now
alice_minis_4all: ok
chrystalbear555: how long have you been in chat
x4wheelinblonde left the room
janniebrandt joined the room
Fearless Leader: YEAY
Fearless Leader: baby girl is here
litla62: wow wow
janniebrandt: thanks now im finally in the room
alice_minis_4all: yes
Fearless Leader: see when your name is still on the chat list here
you can't get back in
Fearless Leader: it's a problem with Yahoo, not you
alice_minis_4all: thanks NJ
shargoose: Yes11
Fearless Leader: ok?
janniebrandt: thanks everybody for the big help
shargoose: I see you now Jannie
Phyl: you can go to the home page of the yahoo group Jannie and
click on chat
Fearless Leader: Now this rosy looking chop will be our center for
the half round
Fearless Leader: I'm moving into a blue/pearl chop that has a touch
of that rose
Phyl: going to be awesome NJ
Fearless Leader: then ontop of that I'll do more blue, somewhere
layer some gold and black
shargoose: Most welcome, Jannie
Fearless Leader: hope so, it's our Hurricane Cane
shargoose: LOL
Phyl: lol god name
Fearless Leader: and since it's so quick to do it is our Hurry Cane
Phyl: good too
shargoose: I think tha's very fitting!!
alice_minis_4all: yes LOL
litla62: LOL
janniebrandt: i did that and then was a message sing that was no
chat rooms
Phyl: oh i love play on words
shargoose: BRB nature calling
janniebrandt: im happy 2 be back
Phyl: we are happy you made it back
litla62: so are we jannie
janniebrandt: thanks
twigffa left the room
Fearless Leader: now for darker blue
Fearless Leader: this blue has green in it
jude: Pretty color.
Fearless Leader: I'll move to a green from there then to gold
twigffa joined the room
Phyl: wb Twig
twigffa: yahoo just keeps bumping me out at random...
litla62: oh yahoo
twigffa: but at least the web cam stays
twigffa: ty :)
shargoose: Going to have to go now
shargoose: Have fun with clay!!
litla62: bye sharon
shargoose left the room
Fearless Leader: see ya Sharon
Fearless Leader: so we went from a rose
Fearless Leader: to a blue with rose
Fearless Leader: to a blue with green
Fearless Leader: now to a green with pearl
chrystalbear555 left the room
Fearless Leader: the color of one layer is a preview of the main
color of the next layer
Fearless Leader: in this case
Fearless Leader: each half round you make will have different themes
Fearless Leader: if it were a jungle theme we'd be chopping leopard,
tiger, and zebra and mixing leaves in with it
Fearless Leader: if we were doing a under the water theme we can
have the color or sea, sand, coral and fish
Fearless Leader: it's a theory I have that colors remind us of things
litla62: coral HA HA
Fearless Leader: and when we layer chop with a sense of how color
effects folks your mirror images will speak to them. Oh my timer,
Got to get the stuff out of the oven
Fearless Leader: now now Gini Your Coral was Perfect, brb
litla62: I'll give it another try

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