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Demo Stuff

Hurricane Frances and the Hurry Cane

09-04-04: Demo Log 003, 12 to 1pm PST.

litla62: coral HA HA
Fearless Leader: and when we layer chop with a sense of how color
effects folks your mirror images will speak to them. Oh my timer,
Got to get the stuff out of the oven
Fearless Leader: now now Gini Your Coral was Perfect, brb
litla62: I'll give it another try
Jackie: I had a coral that went nowhere..
litla62: I'm trying - and trying - and trying
Jackie: but there are so many that are pleasant surprises....
Jackie: I don't really love coral anyway..
Jackie: so I just moved on
litla62: I think it comes in many colors. I just wanted it to
combine with my faux turquoise
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: now I'll chop up the green layer
Jackie: you will get it if you keep trying
litla62: I hope so jackie
Jackie: each try gets you closer
litla62: ha ha I so not manage to come here on my own but I do
manage to haha - I do not manage to come here on my own but I do
manage to change color, font and style LOL
Phyl: you will get it
litla62: I hope so phyl - if yahoo let's me get it LOL
Jackie: once you get started -- all the changes are fun to try
litla62: oh yeah
litla62: as you might have seen LOL
litla62: is NJ still layering colored chop?
Phyl: she is playing with my gold and black leaves oooo i love those
vlady6us left the room
Phyl: wil you stop torturing me NJ
litla62: they really are beautiful
alice_minis_4all: I got too
alice_minis_4all: cool
rickiebeth1 joined the room
Phyl: hey rickie beth
rickiebeth1: Hello everyone!!!
alice_minis_4all: hello
Fearless Leader: hey Rickie Beth
litla62: bye alice
litla62: hi rickie beth
rickiebeth1: it is good to be here
Phyl: you can say that again
Phyl: amazing what she can create out of a mush pile
litla62: I can see the half round forming now
alice_minis_4all: bye gini
Fearless Leader: Now to reduce
Fearless Leader: Gini Leaving?
Fearless Leader: Or is Alice Leaving?
Fearless Leader: bye to whom?
litla62: o no I was mistaking
Fearless Leader: Ok
Phyl: lol unknown at this time
Fearless Leader: no worries
alice_minis_4all: no gini was
litla62: we were misunderstanding
alice_minis_4all: I am here
rickiebeth1: when did everyone get here this morning??
alice_minis_4all: strong
Fearless Leader: Rickie Beth I was chatting with Bobbie in Miami
around 9am
Fearless Leader: so I figured let's open the chat room
twigffa: rickiebeth!!! howdy!
rickiebeth1: Oh, I am very late today!!!
Fearless Leader: we're all on pins and needles about Hurricane
lagnew2003 joined the room
Fearless Leader: So this is the Hurry Cane of San Francisco
litla62: morning? we have 8.36 PM
Fearless Leader: Ya it's good for you when I come on earlier
alice_minis_4all: there is morning
Fearless Leader: it's 11:36 am in San Francisco
litla62: for us europeans yes. but nver mind 9 PM is also ok
Fearless Leader: I've been on for two and a half hours
litla62: ya I see they have morning now
rickiebeth1: the hurry cane of SF looks very interesting!!
lagnew2003 left the room
Fearless Leader: I had to get the door
Fearless Leader: a friend of Said is getting married
JennyP: Back
Fearless Leader: and he had to complain to me about the riot of
planning a big wedding
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ELOPE
Fearless Leader: take the money and put a down on a house
Fearless Leader: that's my advice
Fearless Leader: now I'll reduce this
litla62: fist of doom
Phyl: I hear clay screaming
litla62: me too
litla62: poor clay
rickiebeth1: this is a lot of clay she is working on
Phyl: oh, ouch, eeek, hey not so hard
rickiebeth1: yes, harder!!!!
Phyl: I am afraid to use that much clay
Phyl: that would be a lot of mud clay to get rid of
litla62: I do not even have that much scrap
JennyP: You know if you add Terra cotta to mud clay, you can get a
nice rich brown
rickiebeth1: you will one day be used to all the clay does
not turn into mud..only once in a while...Phyllis
litla62: I recently changed from fimo soft to premo and gave all
fimo incl. scraps away
Phyl: ha ha ha rickie beth you are so funny
rickiebeth1: I had lots of icky greenish at first, not mud brown
Phyl: i get over exuberant with my pasta machine
alice_minis_4all: i swill gtry also the Premo
alice_minis_4all: try
twigffa: that gold mix is beautiful!
litla62: yes do so alice. less mushy than fimo soft
rickiebeth1: what colors is NJ working with today?
jude: Looks like something you'd put on Louis XIV, NJ, the gold and
litla62: scraps
alice_minis_4all: i see the way NJ work with Premo and I want try
rickiebeth1: Premo and Kato are really good clays to work with
litla62: I changed in summer when it was hot here. so way to work
with fimo soft, all mushy
JennyP: I work in Fimo Classic, Premo is way to mushy for me
litla62: rickiebeth I do not like the smell of kato clay :D,
qualitiy is good
alice_minis_4all: yes
rickiebeth1: have you used Kato recently?
Phyl: the smell of kato dissapates after a while
litla62: jenny I think for cane work fimo classic is ok, but I am no
cane freak
JennyP: I haven't tried Kato yet
JennyP: I like classic for most things
litla62: yes some weeks ago, rickiebeth, did they change anything?
rickiebeth1: Not in the last few weeks..
Jackie: hey, Jenny! hi
Phyl: amazing NJ
litla62: fimo classic is just too hard for me
alice_minis_4all: waw
rickiebeth1: they changed the colors of magenta and beige flesh in
the last few months..
Phyl: so is the beige flesh more flesh now or more beige?
litla62: I only tried trsl and pearl
litla62: natasha slicing!
Phyl: those turned out really neat NJ
Phyl: a crown
Phyl: or butterfly
rickiebeth1: oh dear, itis less pinkish
rickiebeth1: the doll makers like it better now
Phyl: so more tanish ?
Fearless Leader: CherylH needs help in the room, brb
twigffa: awesome nj
janniebrandt left the room
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Take your cane ends and trim
JennyP: Hi Jackie!
Fearless Leader: do some layered half rounds
Fearless Leader: and see what sort of patterns you get
janniebrandt joined the room
Phyl: hey hey Jannie
janniebrandt: thanks again
Phyl: no prob
rickiebeth1: it just has less pink in it and more tan
chelyha55: thank you NJ
janniebrandt: let´s see for how long this time
Jackie: And Hi to Cheryl!
Fearless Leader: Chop/Half-Round
Phyl: she made those from layering chop
chelyha55: Hi!
Phyl: Hi Cheryl
Phyl: how ya doing today?
Fearless Leader: Shall we do roll call since some folks are new
chelyha55: I haven't figured out how to get into the room without an
Phyl: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, 80 degrees F
alice_minis_4all: I loved it NJ
litla62: gini zürich switzerland
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
Jackie: Jackie, Bel Air, MD
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, California
Phyl: Oh NJ you are warmer than we are today
alice_minis_4all: Alice -Amsterdam
JennyP: JennyPat, NW Minnesota
twigffa: twiggy - laramie wyoming.... chilly, but no wind for a
change, it all went to florida
janniebrandt: jannie Denmark
rickiebeth1: quite a world wide group today!!!
Phyl: very universal
janniebrandt: that´s great
litla62: thats what makes it interestinga nd connecting
alice_minis_4all: true
Phyl: amazing actually
rickiebeth1: The Internet is so wondeful - helping us all connect
Phyl: absolutely
litla62: oh I forgot - el tigre, zürich, switzerland is here too
Phyl: Hi ya tiger
janniebrandt: when it works is great
litla62: if yahoo works
alice_minis_4all: LOL
janniebrandt: lol
jude: jude, Tehachapi, California, a chilly 70 degrees with a brisk
rickiebeth1: when it works..yes...
alice_minis_4all: beatiful NJ
Phyl: pot time ladies
jude: Oh, dear...she's back to pot.
chelyha55: 70 degrees is not chilly, it is perfect
rickiebeth1: it is hot here....82 degrees F in my bedroom window..
jude: Brrrrr.....
litla62: waggling with its tail not satisfied that he is not the
main attraction
Phyl: lol
litla62: about 20 deg. celsius, not more
rickiebeth1: how much is 20 degrees C ?
twigffa left the room
Phyl: got me on that one
Fearless Leader: I know that 40c is over 100F
Fearless Leader: there's conversion charts
litla62: I don't know rickiebeth 100 f is about 40 celsius
Jackie: off for bit - to see a movie. Our son works in a movie
chelyha55: 20 c is 70 in farenheit
Jackie: thanks for the visit
Phyl: oh kewl Jackie
alice_minis_4all: rio de janeiro in the summer is 47 g celsius
Jackie: and I will check back later.
Fearless Leader:
Phyl: bye Jackie
rickiebeth1: ans 100 C is the boiling point..I think
Jackie: bye
ljcswartz left the room
chelyha55: my thermometer has both
rickiebeth1: 212 degress F
Fearless Leader: 68 degrees F
jude: 21.1 celcius is 70 degrees F.
Fearless Leader: is 20C
litla62: 68 F rickiebeth
Phyl: 212 degrees? eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
jude: er...celsius
chelyha55: ok well pretty close was I
Fearless Leader: I'm going to book mark that page
Fearless Leader:
rickiebeth1: thank you.....
litla62: yes you were cheryl
litla62: another one from yahoo
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca: Sonya from Alberta, Canada
Phyl: Hi Sonya
litla62: bonsoir sonya
alice_minis_4all: hi Sonya
countrylady100ca: bonsoir (learning another new language French now)
janniebrandt: hello sonya from Denmark
litla62: alberta is in the english speaking part of canada?
litla62: guten abend sonya in my own language
countrylady100ca: Yes I only speak English and American Sign Language
rickiebeth1: Hello to Sonya
countrylady100ca: willing to learn others
litla62: alice how do you say good evening in dutch?
Phyl: NJ is making pinch pots with chop and toss half rounds Sonya
litla62: jannie how do you say good evening in danish?
janniebrandt: go nat
countrylady100ca: Ladie can you tell me what NJ doing Oh Thanks
janniebrandt: god n
alice_minis_4all: goed navond
janniebrandt: god nat
litla62: ok thanks
janniebrandt: u r welcome
janniebrandt: or u can say god aften
alice_minis_4all: boa noite em portugues
Phyl: afternoon?
litla62: aftonbladet - isn't hta a newspaper?
janniebrandt: maybe in Sweeden
alice_minis_4all: Nj Is wonderful the pot
litla62: buenas tardes in spanish
janniebrandt: here we say aften
Phyl: gorgeous pot
janniebrandt: blad means magasin
Phyl: wow NJ tha tis a masterpiece
janniebrandt: god dag in danish
alice_minis_4all: my gosh
litla62: beautiful NJ
janniebrandt: fantastic
Phyl: i want to make one like that as tall as I am
Fearless Leader: now you ready for fish scale?
alice_minis_4all: Alice Marques gegers
Fearless Leader: it works with a round, cut into fourths
alice_minis_4all: (edit out address)
Fearless Leader: we have a half round we can cut in half
alice_minis_4all: (edit out address)
alice_minis_4all: the netherlands
alice_minis_4all: NJ this is my adress you can send the pot to me
litla62: alice are you born spanish or portugues?
Phyl: lol alice
alice_minis_4all: poortugues
Fearless Leader: let me save log then
alice_minis_4all: Brazil

Fearless Leader: let me save log then
alice_minis_4all: Brazil
alice_minis_4all: I speak portugues
Phyl: you were born in Brazil?
litla62: I don't LOL
alice_minis_4all: yes
rickiebeth1: I have been to Brazil..
Phyl: how wonderful
alice_minis_4all: in Sao Paulo
litla62: so what on earth are you doing in the netherlands?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/FishScale/Thumb-grp
Fearless Leader: this is the direction I'm going with this
Fearless Leader: fish scale with Hurry Cane
alice_minis_4all: I love cold , calm
litla62: OK I agree
litla62: my favorites are exploding with NJs links LOL
Phyl: lol
Phyl: exploring?
litla62: that too
Phyl: so you explode upon occasion?
Phyl: sound interesting
litla62: sometimes LOL
Phyl: lol wonder if I can do that one
Phyl: i would love to try it
Phyl: might be a new experience for me
litla62: no really I meant my internet favorites
Phyl: yes i have nj all over my favorites
alice_minis_4all: me too
countrylady100ca left the room
alice_minis_4all: she is my Goodness
litla62: sorry but english is not my mothertongue
Phyl: absolutely alice
Phyl: no problem at all
litla62: I just love NJs stuff and she is sooo giving!
Phyl: yes she shure is
rickiebeth1: yes, she is very thoughtful of everyone
alice_minis_4all: she is
Phyl: and i bet she is blushing like crazy over there
litla62: NJ
Fearless Leader: Yes?
litla62: are you blushing?
Phyl: we are talking about you
Fearless Leader: Were you, I was turned away from the monitor. I'll
have to scroll up
Fearless Leader: aw shucks you guys
Fearless Leader: ;-)
Phyl: lol
alice_minis_4all: =;
Phyl: :">
litla62: hehe no guys just gals
litla62: as far as I know
Phyl: but of course as it should be
Phyl: except for the devil he is a guy for shure
Phyl: >:)
Phyl: kewl fish scale
litla62: oh the yahoo devil? sure!!!
litla62: and el tigre.
alice_minis_4all: LoL
Phyl: lol
Phyl: maybe that was supposed to be la tigra?
jude: Oh, NJ, that's lovely!
Phyl: neat NJ
rickiebeth1: it really is pretty!!!
alice_minis_4all: just perfect
litla62: no no he is el tigre - I mean he was. now not fully anymore.
janniebrandt: amazing
litla62: looks like an exotic flower
Phyl: I did a post lives chart today
Phyl: and it said I used to be in Palistine
jude: Reminds me of a stone floor or something.
Phyl: interesting though huh?
litla62: sure
jude: Yes, very. I love things like that.
Phyl: yup me too
Phyl: looks like a turtle
jude: Oh, yeah, it does.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the room
Phyl: Hi LYnn
litla62: hi lynn
Fearless Leader: Howdy Lynn
Fearless Leader: We're doing fish scale with half rounds
rickiebeth1: Hi Lynn..
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hiya guys
janniebrandt: hi
alice_minis_4all: jannie my daughter want do some clay with gold and
silver leaves in between the clay is it possible?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: those are pretty
litla62: sure alice I do it often
alice_minis_4all: thanks
litla62: I put gold or silver leafing in between the layers
alice_minis_4all: I want try also
janniebrandt: thanks good 2 know
twigffa joined the room
janniebrandt: thanks
litla62: try mona lisa leafing
janniebrandt: ok i will
alice_minis_4all: what is this?
litla62: it is a brand of gold and silver and copper leafing
rickiebeth1: it is a good brand to use...
alice_minis_4all: waw
litla62: I think there are different brands. faber has too.
litla62: they also have variegated colors, very nice
rickiebeth1: I like the varigated colors, especially the blue
litla62: Mona Lisa, faber I don't know
Phyl: Amy's Magic also has leafing
litla62: I like them too for mokume gane
rickiebeth1: I think CLay Alley has this leafing..we will have it in
a few months...
litla62: blue is beautiful, red and dawn too
Phyl: how's the web site coming rickie beth?
litla62: PCE has them too
rickiebeth1: It is coming along very well,, is taking some time
to fine tune it..NJ is working very hard to get everything perfect
rickiebeth1: thank you for asking..
Phyl: looking forward to it
rickiebeth1: the newsletter will be out within a week
Phyl: kewl
twigffa: which mail service did you pick?
rickiebeth1: I am not sure which one..but I have your
information..we sort of have not got there yet
twigffa: lol, i understand! getting a little hectic, huh?
rickiebeth1: I blanked out on names right now...
twigffa: if you want some help, holler at me, you got my email
twigffa: i can call you and walk you through things if you need
rickiebeth1: HI!!! Twiggy..I still am thinking of a name for your
twigffa: me too! usually by now they name themselves
rickiebeth1: thank you for the are very thoughtful
twigffa: just cuz i like ya honey!
rickiebeth1: :">
Phyl: tiles?
twigffa: i am absolutely in love with pavelka's glue!!!
rickiebeth1: she makes beautiful tiles that can be used for
bracelets or earrings or necklaces..
twigffa: i also have a tip for brush on glue bottles
jude: What kind of glue is that?
twigffa: put a little, very little oil around the threads and your
bottle will never glue itself together
Phyl: this is Lisa's own line of glue?
litla62: NJ this looks like an ancient byzanthine vessel!
rickiebeth1: yes, we are now selling it..
litla62: yes you can even cure it
Phyl: oh neat
twigffa: i am getting the clay itch, my fingernails have no clay
under them, and they are unhappy
rickiebeth1: it is a high heat 'super glue' that works very well
with polymer
Phyl: ooooooooo that little bottle in my newbie box
twigffa: it is very very easy to use!!!
rickiebeth1: I have just cleaned the last of the clay out from my
fingernails...I. too, am needing to clay
twigffa: beats superglue, e6000, all those!
alice_minis_4all: wonderful
litla62: I like the brush and I like that I can out it into the oven
(hollow lentils)
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Love those colors
alice_minis_4all: NJ
twigffa: that is what i use it for litla
Phyl: nice nj just beautiful
chelyha55: we all got samples of Lisa's PolyBonder glue when we were
in Vegas
twigffa: i make lots and lots of lentil
jude: Very nice, NJ. Gorgeous color!
twigffa: i want that pot!!!
Phyl: and you can bake it in the oven?
Phyl: gotta try that
Fearless Leader: LOL
twigffa: i gotta make one today
Fearless Leader: I got another brain fart
litla62: yes you can
Phyl: oh oh
rickiebeth1: yes, it holds up to the heat..
twigffa: yes, bake lisa's glue, it doesn't hurt it at all
rickiebeth1: up to 300 degrees F
alice_minis_4all: gorgeous NJ
Phyl: good have some broken stuff
litla62: it doesn't produce fumes
Phyl: whatzat
Phyl: NJ?
litla62: what that NJ?
twigffa: and you can rebake it over and over, i put it through the
washing machine in dryer test after baking it three times, it held
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: a face with her addy on it?
Phyl: good to know
Fearless Leader: it's aluminum foil
twigffa: i am getting hailed on
Fearless Leader: covered with white sculpey
Fearless Leader: I'll get you a link
twigffa: wow, cool nj
twigffa: big hail!!! the size of a nickel!
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/Leopard/Leopard-005
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/Leopard/Leopard-006
twigffa: rickie beth.... how about versa-tiles ????
rickiebeth1: EXCELLENT!!
rickiebeth1: I wish I could have the credit for thinkin gof this
Phyl: twigatiles
twigffa: nora jean did it, i was sitting here thinking, omg, that nj
is so versatile...
litla62: I'm sorry girls - even if I miss the most thrilling part -
I habe to leave now. good night to you all!
Phyl: night
twigffa: nite lit, nice to meet you
Fearless Leader: nighty night
rickiebeth1: Sweet Dreams!!!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: niters
litla62: I really hope I can make it on my own next time, NJ!
rickiebeth1: brb..
litla62 left the room
rickiebeth1: back..
rickiebeth1: NJ, Master Lawrence says .."you just go girl.."
rickiebeth1: and my husband, Lawrence says hello to you all!!!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hiya Lawrence.....<<<<waving>>>>>
alice_minis_4all: h
rickiebeth1: he thinks you are all wonderful poly-gals..
alice_minis_4all: hello to him too
janniebrandt: thanks ,say hello to him 2
Fearless Leader: Jannie, this is good for Carnival?
chelyha55: those almost look like little abalone shells
janniebrandt: yes i can see
janniebrandt: that´s a good idea
Fearless Leader: it has abalone in it Cheryl
chelyha55: ah that must be why
merrie60us joined the room
janniebrandt: i never so nothing like that
merrie60us: HI
merrie60us: What is she doing?
janniebrandt: hello there
rickiebeth1: she is making a mask for Carnival...?
merrie60us: what type of cane?
rickiebeth1: it is the Hurry Cane of San Francisco..
Fearless Leader: Hurry Cane
merrie60us: hmm sounds/looks interesting
esther_reeves joined the room
esther_reeves: HI, what is hj dOING?
esther_reeves: Whst is NJ doing even
rickiebeth1: a mask for Carnival ....
Fearless Leader: I made a half round first
Fearless Leader: Chop/Half-Round
Fearless Leader: then I made it into pinch pots using the fish scale
esther_reeves: pretty
Fearless Leader: then I thought we could do fish scale on a mask
like for carnival
Fearless Leader: I put aluminium foil over a mold, covered with skin
Fearless Leader: and now I'm laying down slices of this Hurry Cane
Fearless Leader: made of chop that reminds me of Florida and Storms
Fearless Leader: the gold and black is for the storms
Fearless Leader: the blue is for water and ocean
Fearless Leader: and the pink rose sort of chop is for the life in
the sea
Fearless Leader: or something
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: chopped up cane ends and scrap
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: speaking of Florida I was just watching the
weather channel and Frances has started moving again. Eye is getting
closer to land
rickiebeth1: WHen do they think it will get to the land?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I think they said later this evening
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: but could take 36 hours to move thru Florida
merrie60us left the room
rickiebeth1: wow!! that is a long time to do damage....
chelyha55: my cousin says it should miss them unless it changes
esther_reeves: makes our strange weather seem very mild. Though we
have had one village half washed away a few weeks ago down in
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: yep....already showing boats that cut loose
and are are floating away
chelyha55: but by then it will be a tropical storm
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Thanks God the winds went down to 105 instead
rickiebeth1: There are prayers coming from our home for everyone
down there
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: bad thing is there is another storm starting
up out in the ocean
rickiebeth1: oh, dear..not good news..
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I think he is called Ivan
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: hubby and I are supposed to fly to Orlando in
2 weeks to possibly sign a contract on a house....Hmmmmm...might
rething this
Fearless Leader: the house might not even be there
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: actaully it needs to be built, but
Fearless Leader: it would be difficult to move to Orlando when it
will take months for Florida to get settled, years to rebuild
Fearless Leader: plywood, tools to build, cost of labor will all go
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: thats what I"m thinking
Fearless Leader: in price
Fearless Leader: because everyone will need them
Fearless Leader: and do you think the billionaires are going to do
without? Hardly, they will just pay more.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: maybe we will move to Cali instead ; )
rickiebeth1: to where??
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: where you live
chelyha55: here you get earthquakes
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: get them here too...not as bad though
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: just enought to put a ripple on my coffee one
rickiebeth1: we are jsut waiting for the big warning here
for earthquakes...
chelyha55: I think I'd rather have earthquakes than tornadoes or
rickiebeth1: we have our earthquake prepardness kit all
ready ..water, food, blankets, medicine, etc...
jude: It's fun! Rockin and a rollin!
twigffa left the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I just want to get away from the cold, dreary
winter gray days with snow
twigffa joined the room
janniebrandt: uau what a mask
Fearless Leader: when you make a mold a mask can be made quickly
janniebrandt: u r a genius
jude: NJ, it looks like it has gold chain on it. Neat.
Fearless Leader: especially when you use
twigffa: yowser... sea and land mask
Fearless Leader: Hurry Cane
Fearless Leader: LOL
alice_minis_4all: beautyfull
esther_reeves: lovely
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: ready for mardis gras
chelyha55: oh I've been making little mardi gras masks
chelyha55: pendant size
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm giong to save log and refill my iced coffee
Fearless Leader: brb'



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