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November 2004

11-20-04: Goblin Index  Demo Log 3, Cover Goblin with Leaves

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perceptionsnpc: brrrrr its cold.
Fearless Leader: Third Log Start
kmrhodes: I usually have to stand on one leg and hold my arm over my
kmrhodes: try that
kmrhodes: LOL
vlady6us: lol
Rossija: I might have to.
esther_reeves: Friend of mine has a condition which means she grows
lumps on her bones.. she is leaving her body to arcological science
when she dies for them to do research!!
Fearless Leader: Could we do roll call please? For the start of the
vlady6us: oh wow.
kmrhodes: I wanted to do that but no one wanted it
vlady6us: sandie florida
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
connie_flying: Connie - Reno NV
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
kmrhodes: Clay Alley Karen, Gettysburg, PA
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
perceptionsnpc: ginger ok
chmatt194: Cal in Pasadena CA
poonkie2: Poonkie, Quebec, Canada
Jackie: Jackie Bel Air, MD
esther_reeves: she is an achiologist - bone specilist.. they are
going to bury her then dig it up after a setnumber fo years or
something like that.. cos hse has this condition and it's rare
should give them more info on bone abnormalities.
nancy: Nancy ..Clatskanie, Oregon
Rossija: Why will they bury her?
Rossija: Rather than start the research immediately?
esther_reeves: don't know, that's what she told me.
Rossija: hmmmm.
vlady6us: bbl. food time
esther_reeves: maybe her brother has offered to? He also has the
condition :)
Fearless Leader: Ok, I ate food... had to before Karen got on my
case. Did my biologicals and I'm ready for the next step here and do
the Reverse Make Over on a smaller face.
Fearless Leader: drank my milk
Fearless Leader: we ready?
perceptionsnpc: yep
mommaclara2001: Ready
kmrhodes: oh yeah
Fearless Leader: or as my mother would say, "leady"
kmrhodes: I'm Leady NJ
connie_flying left the room
perceptionsnpc: ready
Fearless Leader: LOL, I'm taking a Farengi ear for the extra mass
we'll need on the face I'm going to Goblinize.....
kmrhodes: 3 ears? Hmmmmm..... interesting
Fearless Leader: reminds me of Twin Peaks
kmrhodes: theres an ear in that package
kmrhodes: now, this reminds me of CSI
Rossija: yes
kmrhodes: or Criminal Intent
kmrhodes: more CSI
chmatt194: Make Piccard over into a Farengi?
mommaclara2001: I tried making an armature, with the foil, and put
the clay on it, but I couldn't get the clay to look smooth, like
kmrhodes: she's goning to bite off his ear, I betcha
Rossija: Evil Picard from the Mirror Universe?
Fearless Leader: Alien Face Hugger
esther_reeves: I'm watching CSI at the moment!
Rossija: LOL
Fearless Leader: got to change my cam position
perceptionsnpc: pooor guy
chmatt194: Oh my
Fearless Leader: So now we'll start adding Goblin Mass to this guy
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: any questions before I begin? Tool questions, Clay
Shapers, sizes 6-2-zero, get them at ClayAlley, right Karen?
Fearless Leader: no questions?
tedi382001: hi everyone
mommaclara2001: Hi
nancy: she will be right back...grin
Fearless Leader: who will be right back?, did I go invisible?
nancy: karen
Fearless Leader: ah I thought I went invisible type mode again. So
if there's no questions we'll make over this guy.
chmatt194: Did not notice that aspect of you!!!:o)
Fearless Leader: it's a Yahoo bug, not my getting shy, LOL
perceptionsnpc: :x
kmrhodes: Hey
kmrhodes: I'm here
chmatt194: NJ asked Tool questions, Clay Shapers, sizes 6-2-zero,
get them at ClayAlley, right Karen?
mommaclara2001: Oh I like that.
kmrhodes: I got #0 and #2
perceptionsnpc: LOL
kmrhodes: and all kinds of neato tools
kmrhodes: I love toos
kmrhodes: tools
kmrhodes: LOL
chmatt194: OH horns and cheek pouches - a horny orangutan!!!
perceptionsnpc: The demon off of Legend
marlea_anderson joined the room
tedi382001: hi
marlea_anderson: hello everyone. traffic was too bad to get to the
craft store in time... glad you're all still in demo
Rossija: bummer
marlea_anderson: yes, but at least I don't miss all of demo
Rossija: True!
countrylady100ca left the room
marlea_anderson: working on a goblin still?
Rossija: Yes, but in smaller scale
marlea_anderson: I'm starting to see now, cool
perceptionsnpc: Hey,
perceptionsnpc: when do newbie boxes go out?
Rossija: Don't know, Ginger.
perceptionsnpc: ok ty
marlea_anderson: wow, that makes a big difference, the eyelid/brow
mommaclara2001: I like the grin.
mommaclara2001: Ohhh.
kmrhodes: he is leering NJ
kmrhodes left the room
Jackie: I will say bye now. I have been fighting a bracelet. trying
to get it strung. But I won!!
Jackie: Thanks for the company..
ljcswartz left the room
mommaclara2001: Bye Jackie
perceptionsnpc: bye Jackie
Fearless Leader: Ok, questions or observations?
perceptionsnpc: does he get under eyelids?
marlea_anderson: he looks great so far
Fearless Leader: yes he will, Ginger
perceptionsnpc: ok
Fearless Leader: So what I'm showing today is you go from the skull
to a regular face. Learn how to sculpt a regular face with no
expression, from there you can go anywhere in making a character.
Fearless Leader: This little man started out with an aluminum foil
Fearless Leader: got a regular face sculpted, then we made him into
a Demon, looks Japanese as usual
Fearless Leader: all my faces look Japanese
Fearless Leader: like a Noh mask
tedi382001: brb, gotta put the chicken on
marlea_anderson: what is a noh mask?
marlea_anderson: is he sitting on someone face?
Fearless Leader: Noh is a Japanese old theater form where the actors
wear wooden masks and yes, he is sitting on a face. What else would
a Demon sit on? LOL
marlea_anderson: sorry, I'm tired...just thinking he's a butthead, I
must really need sleep
vlady6us left the room
marlea_anderson: lol
Fearless Leader: All he needs is a pitch fork and a tail
marlea_anderson: that would look great
Fearless Leader: give him a turkey skewer for the Thanksgiving Hell
perceptionsnpc: LOL
marlea_anderson: lol
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: the Americans laugh their butts off
mingapunga joined the room
Fearless Leader: we're all in Thanksgiving Prep Hell
marlea_anderson: ugh, you know it
Fearless Leader: Ulrike?
mingapunga: Hi folks, a devil?
tedi382001 left the room
Fearless Leader: Ya, we're taking pretty faces and making them into
Devils and Goblins
mingapunga: took video shots since the beginning, will see the
beginning tomorrow
Fearless Leader: You're amazing, Ulrike
Fearless Leader: good day for avi
mingapunga: is there someone else? I thought there a tests
Fearless Leader: Not a test, but sort of a group exploration of avi
kmrhodes joined the room
esther_reeves: we have amuch shorter run of holidays :) No
Thanksgiving and Halowin is much less important that over ther e..
kmrhodes: Black Friday
Fearless Leader: When's Guy Fox Day?
kmrhodes: coming up
kmrhodes: Gay Fox Day?
kmrhodes: ANy day HOney
Fearless Leader: the guy who wanted to blow up the parliment, maybe
I got the name wrong.
kmrhodes: I'm yanking your chain NJ
Fearless Leader: there's a celebration of his hanging or something,
he's burnt in effigy? Maybe I got the name wrong.
chmatt194: I like boxing day.
esther_reeves: Guy Foukes
mingapunga: I remenber but I think there is another spelling
esther_reeves: not sure I got the surname spelt right
mingapunga: could be
Fearless Leader: Naw, I'm just picking stuff out of my swiss cheese
brain here. Ah that's the fellow. We don't have that celebration
esther_reeves: November the 5th
Fearless Leader: But we got May 5th for Cinco de Mayo, especially
here in California
Fearless Leader: Shall we work on the larger demon's face?
kmrhodes: sure
esther_reeves: remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpower,
treason and plot
perceptionsnpc: yes
mingapunga: he was such a good looking guy, the last time I took a
look on my monitor
kmrhodes: Thought it was a Gargoyle, NJ. For good luck
Fearless Leader: Ok, trick time
chmatt194: And boxing the day after Christmas!!!
Fearless Leader: When you're adding mass and you want to mush it
about, take the face off of the skull form and work BOTH SIDES
Fearless Leader: Like This
esther_reeves: we have boxing day
mingapunga: boxing day?
marlea_anderson: what is boxing day?
chmatt194: The day that the servants get their presents. One day
after Christmas!
esther_reeves: day after christmas day.. traditionaly had boxing
matches then
marlea_anderson: oh neat
mingapunga: tx
chmatt194: Still practiced in England, I think.
esther_reeves: what is still practiced? Boxing day or the present
poonkie2: Boxing Day in Canada is when you go shopping because
everything is 75% off!!!! :-P
marlea_anderson: lol, that's the ticket
mingapunga: lol, I know these sort of days
esther_reeves: never heard of the present tradition but never had
servants :)
poonkie2: And it's called Boxing day because you have have to fight
in the stores!
poonkie2: Just kidding...
esther_reeves: my Mum calls it day off !! we normally have the
family get together then as she is a vicar.
marlea_anderson: my sil always thought christmas was always on a
Sunday because her mother bought the gifts after christmas day when
they were on sale,,,we actually argued about it when we first met
esther_reeves: This year her congrigation have said they will have
had enough of services by the end of Christmas day which si nice of
them so she doesn't need to do any on Boxing day which is a Sunday
this year!
marlea_anderson: aw that sounds like it will be a nice day for your
family then
esther_reeves: got to go for a bit Dominic is awake
Rossija: brb gotta unload the dryer....
mingapunga: I never tried sculping, is a ugly face easier than a
nice one?
mingapunga: sculturing? sculp...?????
mommaclara2001 left the room
bonsaikathy left the room
poonkie2: sculpting?
mommaclara2001 joined the room
marlea_anderson: probably, I know I've had more than a few ugly
faces looking back at me when I've been trying to sculpt nice ones
so they must be easier ;)
esther_reeves: back, false alarm teething gumbles
marlea_anderson: how old is he esther?
esther_reeves: 15 months
marlea_anderson: wow, they're all over the place at that age.
esther_reeves: :)
Fearless Leader: Ok, questions, now that I'm turned to the monitor?
mingapunga: my daughter is 13 --- years - and will look a box-fight
on TV with my dh in a few minutes
marlea_anderson: lol, she likes boxing?
mingapunga: yes she does and socers and ski-jumping and and and
mommaclara2001: He is looking more like a goblin.
marlea_anderson: she sounds like a busy girl.
Fearless Leader: Now what if.... we applied cane slices over the
skin, like scales? Or put texture on the skin and dusted with pearl
kmrhodes: Gargoyle\
marlea_anderson: yes he is to me too Clara I think it's the nose
Fearless Leader: this Goblin face is a blank canvas
mommaclara2001: Yes, that is a good goblin nose.
mingapunga: he is a bit pale
marlea_anderson: ohh, the pearl ex would look very cool
Fearless Leader: we can apply scales, warts, hair, teeth, bushy
mommaclara2001: Yes, I think so too.
mingapunga: yes please
Fearless Leader: put texture on him, he's just the base form under
the armor
nancy: ohhh nice greenish creature from the black lagooon
perceptionsnpc: lol
kmrhodes: green pearl
kmrhodes: green pearl scales
perceptionsnpc: well ladies need to get put up the tree
kmrhodes: glow in the dark, dripping mucos
kmrhodes: mucus
nancy: laugh...
kmrhodes: gooey stuff
perceptionsnpc left the room
marlea_anderson: oh the mucus did it for me, lol
nancy: i love that movie...
kmrhodes: sure, you do Nancy. you probably hunt him every time you
go fishing
mingapunga: could we do a roll-call?
kmrhodes: WHOA - who is putting up a tree
nancy: nope just in the coumbia.big sturgeon
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
mingapunga: ulrike, germany
nancy: nancy clatskanie, oregon
kmrhodes: Clay Alley Karen, Gettysburg, PA
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
poonkie2: Poonkie, Quebec
kmrhodes: its the plant man
mingapunga: he will "plantastisch"
nancy: vines...
kmrhodes: algae
Rossija: Mary, Ohio -- back, finally!
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
mingapunga: ulrike, Düsseldorf, germany
nancy: Nancy Clatskanie, oregon
Fearless Leader: So, taking cane ends from leaf experiments we can
cover this Goblin's face and make him into some sort of Forest Spirit
mingapunga: how do you solve the problem with the skin looking
poonkie2: I have to go. Thanks NJ! That was fun! Bye everyone!
mingapunga: bye poonkie
marlea_anderson: see ya poonkie
Fearless Leader: Bye Poonkie
Rossija: bye poonkie & thanks for adding my link
kmrhodes: Bye Hon
poonkie2 left the room
julia_dodge joined the room
Fearless Leader: Ulrike, the skin showing through will be taken care
of after all the leaves are set in, no need to fiddle with it now,
for there might be 3D leaves sticking out that will hide them. This
is the first layer of leaves and they are flat. The second layer
will be 3D, and maybe a weird flower or two
Fearless Leader: did you see the black, silver and pearl mask?
julia_dodge: TEDDY
mingapunga: wow
marlea_anderson: oh that's lovely
Fearless Leader: this is a way to practice 3D flowers and not get
hung up about color, I'll get the link
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Time to save log, brb

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