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Highlights Index

The Year of 2004

November 2004

Sandy's Kitty "Alaska" loves attending Demos too!

06-11-08: I have to find these screen shots. They might have been lost if no one saved them before Epson closed down.

179 Screen shots from the 11-26-04 Demo: Chop, Natasha layered beads, face mold, pinch pots and mini vases.

Thumbnail and starting shot number on each demo log.

11-26-04-1: 8:35pm: Natasha Logs

Start Screen Shot #1 up to #77

11-26-04-2: 9:00pm: Layered beads and Natasha Vase

Start at picture 78 to 119.

11-26-04-3: 9:30pm: Pinch Pots

Start at 120 and go to 143.

11-26-04-4: 10:10 pm: Four Leaf Pinch Pot, Double Face Mold Bead. Making a face molds and end of demo.

From 144 to 179


11-20-04: Goblin Index 

We discuss a lot how to sculpt beauty, well what if you want the beast instead?

Avi Files on Sculpting the Ugly

06-11-08: I have to find these screen shots.

11-19-04: Screen shots from the Demo on sculpting a hand. Thank you Shannon for shooting the shots.

For more on sculpting a hand you can check the "slice the fingers" tutorial for the Prince Of Fire Gets A Hand.

Check out the whole Prince of Fire Hand section for it discusses tools used with sculpting.

11-19-04: Shannon filmed the sculpting of a hand. The file was very big and she edited and sped it up to put it into one file. The one file is still 5mgs so be prepared for a bit of a download.

Dreidel Mini Tute

Holy Daze

JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.

Holiday Cooking: Demo: A whole day of making mini foods. Links to relevant tutes. This was done last year and holidays happen every year so we're reviewing this section.  

For more tutorials on making mini food visit THE DINER with Kaiko Fatima and her Mom, Dad and Godmother. To read more about these characters visit the Bonsai Trailer Court.

Desert: short fiction written in 1984.  It was shown online for the first time in 1998 on GeoCities.

I'll let the story speak for itself, but suffice it to say this is one of my personal favorites.


12-09-06: has been moved. The archived tutorials from August 2003 going back three years now have a new roomy home in the Biz-Archive. Older tutorials retired due to lack of space else where are scheduled to be rebuilt. I'll announce when they are done. I'm so excited I can just fall over. 
11-10-04: Goofing around with the look of the site. The side bar seemed to be a waste of page space so I removed it on the home page. For folks not coming in from the home page the links to other areas are getting moved to the bottom of the pages.

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