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11-26-04-2: 9:00pm: Layered beads and Natasha Vase

June to Dec 2004 Demos

November 2004 Highlights 

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Fearless Leader: Second Log
Fearless Leader: and I'll add the link again
DTIntermart: Welcom Back NJ!
miss_meme_30: they didnt have too much in the papers that i wanted
either! hubby wanted the new puter so we can give old one to dd
marlea_anderson: this was the first time in my life I've gone out
shopping on black friday- people are nuts
Phyl: she just added another log to the fire
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Chop/Natasha/Index
Fearless Leader: Now I'll show you how to do layered beads, is that
Rossija: I did get a new rolling workcenter for transporting my
clay, though.
Fearless Leader: Since we're on this topic
Phyl: great NJ
marlea_anderson: yes please NJ
dragonladyw2001: I've made some faux ivory and cut it to a size to
fit. Then rubber stamped it, baked it and antiqued it with umber
paint. Glued it in with TLS and baked it again. Went over it with
more stamps and metallic embossing powder. Earrings to match.
miss_meme_30: where mary?
DTIntermart: Kool NJ!
dragonladyw2001: Lead on, FL.
dragonladyw2001: (Fearless Leader)
miss_meme_30: lol
marlea_anderson: sounds neat DL I saw a segment today on carol
duvall about faux ivory...makes me want to try it
Shannon: ok NJ! layered beads.... take one! annnnnd action! LOL
Rossija: Got an ArtBin from JoAnn's with my 50% off coupon. My
present from my folks.
dragonladyw2001: It's really easy to do and can turn out some pretty
spectacular thigns.
dragonladyw2001: thigns.
dragonladyw2001: things. LOL
donna_stamps: I missed Carol today - I'll have to look it up on HGTV
or DIY
marlea_anderson: the faux ivory was diy
DTIntermart: Sounds interesting Beth
donna_stamps: Thanx Marlea
marlea_anderson: clay on hgtv today too
dragonladyw2001: Must have been a clay day all around.
marlea_anderson: yes, my vcr was going overtime
DTIntermart: Clay Rules LOL
marlea_anderson: you know it :D
dragonladyw2001: It must have been prophetic that my son's name is
Clay. <g>
Rossija: :-)
marlea_anderson: lol, perfect
miss_meme_30: anyone do anything crafts besides clay?
dragonladyw2001: And we thought it was just a family name...
DTIntermart: LOL Beth, thatis too funny.... Is his middle name
marlea_anderson: of course missy, lol
dragonladyw2001: Bead weaving, watercolors.
DTIntermart: LOL
Rossija: I do some quilting, a little knitting...
marlea_anderson: just about anything once just to see if i can do it
dragonladyw2001: No, just plain old Stephen.
donna_stamps: Lots of stamping, crocheting, plastic canvas, beading,
watercolor, leather, etc etc
donna_stamps: still want to learn to tat
Rossija: Want to try making my own cards.
dragonladyw2001: I'd like to learn that, too.
dragonladyw2001: Tatting.
marlea_anderson: I can needle tat Donna
dragonladyw2001: I've tried and just can't do anything but get
miss_meme_30: i do beading, cross stitch, just about anything i like
i will try to make it myself
DTIntermart: I'm trying to learn wire wrap, I also make jewlery...
marlea_anderson: I have some books
marlea_anderson: can send instructions
dragonladyw2001: I've seen some really pretty pendants with wire
donna_stamps: On needle tatting, Marlea
miss_meme_30: i want to tat....
marlea_anderson: yes
miss_meme_30: never done it
DTIntermart: Wire wrap is Hard too.
donna_stamps: I"ve seen it at Annie's Attic but haven't gotten a
book yet
marlea_anderson: I've never tried wire wrapping, sounds neat
dragonladyw2001: I can imagine. Do you do any work harding with the
wire before using it?
dragonladyw2001: hardening.
marlea_anderson: I bought a tatting shuttle...shuttle tatting is
next. lol
dragonladyw2001: Can't type for anything tonight.
DTIntermart: it is fun but frustrating some times...
miss_meme_30: i got some of the pearl ex today at ACMoore with my
1/2 off coupon
DTIntermart: I'm trying to figure out how to do that BETH,
dragonladyw2001: Oooo, you're goign to have some fun with the Pearl
DTIntermart: Pearlex is great!
dragonladyw2001: To work harden the wire, just get a small chasing
hammer and a block anvil.
miss_meme_30: might go back and get the other colors tomorrow
donna_stamps: I've used pearlex with stamping but not with clay yet
Fearless Leader: What I'm going to do is make a tiger chop sandwich
with the malachite chop, then form the loaf that we will cut
rectangles out of for the layered beads. So the ends of the beads
will be malachite and the center tiger, ok?
Fearless Leader:Biz-Archive/Chop/Natasha/CloseUp- 3Layer.htm
dragonladyw2001: Probably some needle nose pliers to hold the wire
while you gently hammer it. It helps lock in the curves and make
them stronger.
Phyl: sounds neat NJ
marlea_anderson: wow- sounds cool
dragonladyw2001: I'm watchin'!
miss_meme_30: can u use the pearl-ex when doing the mg stuff?
marlea_anderson: the ones at the link are pretty
dragonladyw2001: mg?
DTIntermart: Doesn't hamering mar the wire?
marlea_anderson: mokune gami...I can't spell it
dragonladyw2001: Not if you use a chasing hammer. They usually have
a ball peen on the other end. And you don't really pound the wire.
Just kind of tap it carefull.
dragonladyw2001: Yes, you can use the Pearl ex with MG.
DTIntermart: Oh would a rawhide hammer work too?
miss_meme_30: i was tryin to find out how to spell it too
Rossija: mokume gane
bernie (babasbunja) joined the room
donna_stamps: rawhide hammer to soft for wirework
dragonladyw2001: Maybe. Might have to be a little heavier with it.
But there would be less risk of leaving dents.
Rossija: Hi Bernie!
marlea_anderson: i get the n and m mixed, etc. just figured heck
with it. they'll know what i mean
bernie: Hi sweetie
marlea_anderson: thank you
bernie: still busy Mary?
Rossija: THis week I'm In WI visiting my parents.
bernie: that's so wonderful
Rossija: I've brought my caly, so I'm hoping to break it out
DTIntermart: I bougt the rawhide hammer for wire work, after seeing
it used on DYI Jewlery makng,,,
Rossija: make that clay
bernie: clay is so transportable
Phyl: wow neat beat NJ
marlea_anderson: oh that looks neat
dragonladyw2001: It would probably work. You don't have to hammer so
hard that the wire is flattened.
bernie: very nice nj
dragonladyw2001: Nice beads.
DTIntermart: the hardest thing i find is making tigt wraps without
distorting the wire...
Rossija: Brought my 'puter to show dad some genealogical stuff I'd
been doing.
bernie: did i miss the across the miles online happy dance?
donna_stamps: Love the colors of the malachite and tigereye
together - beautiful
marlea_anderson: ohhhhh, ancestry.....
DTIntermart: I'll TRY IT...
Phyl: what gauge wire are you using doug?
dragonladyw2001: I don't think I can help you there. Mostly, I just
use wire to embellish whatever I'm doing with beads and/or clay.
DTIntermart: 18,20.22.24. 26 & 30 GAUGE...
Fearless Leader: There, layered beads
Phyl: lol all of the above
dragonladyw2001: It should work with any of the gauges.
dragonladyw2001: I like the layered effect.
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call please
DTIntermart: I tried 14 gauge but the carb brok when I tightened
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Shannon: beeeautiful NJ!
Phyl: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
donna_stamps: Donna - SilverSprings NV
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa
Rossija: MAry, WI (this week)
DTIntermart: Doug Brooklyn NY
bernie: bernie, pa
marlea_anderson: lol mary
Phyl: Donna, how far are you from Vegas?
Rossija: Have you made any more masks, Bernie?
bernie: no, too busy decorating home right now
donna_stamps: I'M 60 mi from Reno
Fearless Leader: Before we move to another technique, are there any
Phyl: ah quite a ways
dragonladyw2001: Nope.
sharonvintn: Sharon V in TN
marlea_anderson: i think I understand this now
sharonvintn: Sorry, just got back
Rossija: Ahh, I'll ve doing that when I get back home to OH.
Phyl: nope good instructions
donna_stamps: No but I sure wish I had your beads
sharonvintn: Running around like chicken with head cut off!!
donna_stamps: I really like layered look
Fearless Leader: Ok, now let me show you another thing to do with
one of these small Natasha beads. We can make it into a vase.
dragonladyw2001: Just FYI at the Big Lots near me, they had little
kid's painting kits that had two small porcelain masks for a dollar.
I haven't had a chance to experiment with them, but they look as if
they would take polymer clay pretty well.
DTIntermart: NJ can ypu make one moore, i think I missed a step...
bernie: trying to cut back on number of decorations, but it is hard,
love all the pretty stuff for x-mas
DTIntermart: You
Rossija: Me too. And so does my kitty
Phyl: lol that is why I don't have a tree in my house
bernie: i wire so many things, and my cat loves to play with the wire
donna_stamps: Why cut back on decorations? They're best part of
Rossija: I've got a 2 ft. tree that is on top of the entertainment
Phyl: I have to put mine outside on the patio
Phyl: I have seven furbabies
sharonvintn: We just put up a small table top tree
dragonladyw2001: I have a friend who has cats. Her solution to the
tree dilemma is to only put the front half of her tree together and
then anchor it flat against the wall.
Fearless Leader: a vase with four mirror images on it.
sharonvintn: Too many dogs, birds cats and other critters to put one
on the floor
Phyl: very neat vase wow
Rossija: Seven? Mine's an only-cat for the time being. I'm thinking
about adopting a second.
donna_stamps: love the vase NJ
dragonladyw2001: Nice vase.
Rossija: Way cool, NJ.
bernie: that's beautiful
sharonvintn: Oh cool, NJ
DTIntermart: That is nice NJ!
marlea_anderson: looking good
Phyl: speaking of cats, it is feeding time at the zoo
Phyl: so I have to run guys
dragonladyw2001: Meow.
Phyl: thanks NJ for the neat stuff
ma_shing168 joined the room
bernie: see ya phyl
Phyl: lots of meows around here
sharonvintn: Nite Phyl
DTIntermart: Night Phyl
donna_stamps: bye Phyl
marlea_anderson: see ya phyl
Phyl: night all
Rossija: G'night, Phyl.
dragonladyw2001: Night,
phyllisinvegas left the room
sharonvintn: I've got to go and get car packed for tomarrow
sharonvintn: Have a Happy Clay Night, all
DTIntermart: Night sharon, good luck!
dragonladyw2001: You'll do fine tomorrow at the show.
Rossija: Good luck Sharon!
sharonvintn: Thanks, Nitey nite
donna_stamps: night Sharon
marlea_anderson: good luck Sharon-
sharonvintn left the room
bernie: see ya Sharon, you'll do great
dragonladyw2001: Adding more shaping to the vase.
Fearless Leader: close up the rim of the vase to make a bottle shape
donna_stamps: do you make itty bitty flowers to go in the vase
Fearless Leader: we could, sure
Fearless Leader: if we make mini flowers we should put them in a
mini vase
dragonladyw2001: What size shaper are you using, NJ? Is it a #2 or
Fearless Leader: zero
Fearless Leader: ok, time to send the log through the list, brb

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