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11-26-04-3: 9:30pm: Natasha Vase and Pinch Pots

June to Dec 2004 Demos

November 2004 Highlights 

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Fearless Leader: Third Log
dragonladyw2001: Pass them over here.
dragonladyw2001: Please.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to get some juice, brb
bernie: i buy the industrial size of cheese at Sam's Club
bernie: always a great snack
bernie: brb
marlea_anderson: mmm, sounds tasty
donna_stamps: That's why I don't make mice from clay - might have to
share my cheese!!! LOL
marlea_anderson: lol
bernie: oops, changed my snack menu, found some leftover waldorf
salard, it will do just fine
bernie: salad
marlea_anderson: mmm, ambrosia here-
donna_stamps: I'm going to have to actually try the faux malachite
once my pasta machine arrives
dragonladyw2001: Plain old sharp cheddar cheese and merlot here.
donna_stamps: I couldn't find one locally (Reno, Fallon, Carson
City) so ordered from FimoUSA
bernie: you know how to snack
donna_stamps: only $18.50
dragonladyw2001: Thank you.
donna_stamps: I'm having white zinfandel
marlea_anderson: you have to love a pasta machine, makes life so
much easier
bernie: wine would cause me to sleep at keyboard
rickiebeth1: I fall asleep with 1/2 glass of wine
bernie: me too rickie beth
donna_stamps: yes, but having wine now might actually get to sleep
before 2 AM
dragonladyw2001: Might be the reason why I can't type tonight.
<sheepish grin>
marlea_anderson: lol
rickiebeth1: LOl
dragonladyw2001: Going to sleep before 2 a.m. is highly over-rated.
Shannon: speaking of pasta machines.... do they come in different
sizes? I saw one in a store that the roller looked about 6 inches
long.... is that average? it looked small to me
rickiebeth1: there are basically 2 sizes
donna_stamps: Yes but having to get up at 5 to get boys off to
school, 2 AM is pretty late
rickiebeth1: 150 & 180
dragonladyw2001: It's a little small. I think both of mine are a
little longer than that.
Fearless Leader: Shall we do roll call?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Shannon: ok.... thanks!
rickiebeth1: that is for the Atlas machines..
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
donna_stamps: Donna - Silver Springs NV
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa.
bernie: bernie, pa
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
Rossija: Mary, WI (this week)
Shannon: you all sell them, don't you Rickie?
miss_meme_30: Missy, VA
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, California
rickiebeth1: not selling the pasta machines yet...
dragonladyw2001: My favorite of the two I have is a Pasta Queen.
Shannon: oh ok.... :-(
donna_stamps: I know, I looked at your site first
rickiebeth1: >:D<
dragonladyw2001: Found it at Salvation Army for $7.50 in mint
miss_meme_30 left the room
Shannon: I'll remember that DL!
Shannon: whoa! cool!
Rossija: Got mine on E-bay for ~20
donna_stamps: I don't know what mine will be - didn't have that info
on the Fimo site
miss_meme_30 joined the room
miss_meme_30: yahoo loves to boot me
dragonladyw2001: It even has the cutter attachments on it.
rickiebeth1: you come back quickly
bernie: just so you don't enjoy it
Fearless Leader: Since I made a vase I'll review a pinch pot if
that's ok with all y'all
bernie: the booting, that is
donna_stamps: OK, pinch pot must be diff from the little vase
dragonladyw2001: Nice cane slice, NJ.
marlea_anderson: I found my Altea pasta machine at a thrift shop too-
Shannon: that cane must have started out huge!!
dragonladyw2001: Indeed.
dragonladyw2001: I like the colors in it.
miss_meme_30: i'm tired
marlea_anderson: turkey hitting you again Missy?
dragonladyw2001: It's been a busy few days for all of us.
miss_meme_30: its 12:15 am
miss_meme_30: lol
dragonladyw2001: You need to get some rest?
donna_stamps: turkey has trytophan - natural sedative
miss_meme_30: havent had any turkey today
miss_meme_30: i'm not to good with holidays anymore
donna_stamps: can't blame the turkey then
Shannon: my hubby must be 75% turkey....LOL
rickiebeth1: lol
dragonladyw2001: My ex is all turkey. <snort>
marlea_anderson: lol
dragonladyw2001: I got a really interesting phone call a few nights
bernie: domestic or wild turkey
Shannon: my ex is another animal....but we won't go into that.... ;-)
dragonladyw2001: Definately wild.
donna_stamps: cane comes up nicely to make pattern in pinch pot
donna_stamps: so pretty
dragonladyw2001: It was from my ex's girl friend, slightly snockered.
marlea_anderson: it does look nice
Shannon: oh dear
marlea_anderson: uh oh. bet that was entertaining dl
dragonladyw2001: Basically calling to make sure that he really is a
jerk and that it has nothing to do with her.
dragonladyw2001: We compared notes. He hasn't learned a single new
trick in the last 4 years.
Shannon: wow.... that is an interesting call
Shannon: sorry to hear that
dragonladyw2001: I do feel sorry for her.
Shannon: they never do
donna_stamps: they don't usually learn new tricks, do they
dragonladyw2001: I thought it was amusing in a twisted sort of way.
It's the sort of thing that usually only happens in bad movies.
rickiebeth1: mine didn't
DTIntermart: Doug Brooklyn NY
marlea_anderson: lmao did you just see the call part doug?
miss_meme_30: lol
miss_meme_30: must be the turkey
miss_meme_30: lol
donna_stamps: quick question - know you can mix trans with color -
how about glow in the dark clay with color
marlea_anderson: I've been wonky all day, i know that much...has to
be the turkey ( I hope)
donna_stamps: would it still glow in the dark
dragonladyw2001: So it kind of tells me I made the right decision.
She was a paralegal in his office, but apparently lost her job over
the whole thing. And she's a single mom with two grade-schoolers.
miss_meme_30: good question donna
rickiebeth1: my experiences is that the glow looses it's
effectiveness wehn mixed
dragonladyw2001: I think the glow in the dark is overpowered.
donna_stamps: I was afraid of that RickieBeth and DL
dragonladyw2001: Might work with a touch of lighter colors, though.
DTIntermart: LOL yes i di Marla
Rossija: darn, wanted to try mixing glow w/ colors
donna_stamps: So did I for night lights
DTIntermart: Funny call...
marlea_anderson: don't worry about it, I do that a lot too
dragonladyw2001: Then she called the next day and left a message
thanking me for talking with her. <rolling eyes>
Fearless Leader: I have a rebuilt 1999 tute on pinch pots, I'll get
the link.
donna_stamps: Love the shape NJ - almost Navajo or Pueblo
Shannon: that poor girl
miss_meme_30: nite all...need sleep!
marlea_anderson: Night Missy
marlea_anderson: sleep tight
rickiebeth1: sweet dreams
miss_meme_30: hope to see you in demo tomorrow!
donna_stamps: Night, Miss Meme
Shannon: we should be allowed to put out warning posters on our
dragonladyw2001: Yes, I told her she should be glad that she found
out now instead of wasting 25 years of life on him.
Shannon: nite Missy
dragonladyw2001: Night Meme.
bernie: nite misy
Shannon: too true
dragonladyw2001: The pinch pot does look very southwestern. I like
Shannon: is there a story behind pinch pots??? I see them all over
the place....
donna_stamps: I think if I were going to do a scene, it would
probably be Navajo or Pueblo
Rossija: night, Missy.
DTIntermart: Gid works as a thin skin over the completed item, bytit
glows white...
donna_stamps: The country where I grew up
DTIntermart: Night missy
dragonladyw2001: Sounds like a good solution the GID problem,
though, Doug.
donna_stamps: So shows color in daytime but glows white at night?
Rossija: hmmm.... that might work.
DTIntermart: yup I use it all the time, after baking a thin GID
sheet is almost transparent..
Fearless Leader: I can't find it because I didn't link it on the
tute list when I rebuilt it LOL
Shannon: could you mix the GID with other colors? instead of a skin?
DTIntermart: Made hallloween stuff like that...
marlea_anderson: nice tip Doug, thanks for that
donna_stamps: Thanx Doug - maybe will try nightlights after all
marlea_anderson: I have some gid but didn't think I had enough to
make anything with
DTIntermart: and f you cut the GID skin with ablade over areas of
the piece such as eyes and moths you caan see the color faintly...
Fearless Leader: Ah well I'll send it through the list when I find
Fearless Leader: I'm getting booted, let me save log


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