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11-26-04-4: 10:10 pm: Four Leaf Pinch Pot, Double Face Mold Bead. Making a face molds and end of demo.

June to Dec 2004 Demos

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dragonladyw2001: Or make some new ones and take pix?
Fearless Leader: Fourth Log
Fearless Leader: I just caught the log as I was being
Fearless Leader: Roll Call?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
bernie: bernadette ann, pa
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa <fading fast>
donna_stamps: did I lose webcam or is it just black
for now - Donna - Silver Springs NV
Shannon: West Virginia
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
marlea_anderson: no webcam here either
Shannon: I did too Donna.... closed and reopened it
dragonladyw2001: It turned black for me. So I closed
out and logged back in.
Fearless Leader: close out old cam windows and open it
up again, please.
donna_stamps: thanx DL - that worked
babasbunja left the room
bernie (babasbunja) joined the room
donna_stamps: I love your tiger stripe canes
marlea_anderson: I see now
dragonladyw2001: So do I. I haven't worked up the
nerve to try one yet.
donna_stamps: something else I have to try
DTIntermart: No, I forgot to taake pics b4 I gsve them
away LOL
dragonladyw2001: Shame on you. Always take pix or
donna_stamps: So many things I want to try and so
little time and money for clay
donna_stamps: Do pix from picture phone come out ok or
can you even get close enough
Fearless Leader: you can make pinch pots with leaf
shapes like this.
dragonladyw2001: Prolly can't get close enough.
marlea_anderson: i bet that'll be very pretty
donna_stamps: Do you just squish the center hole
donna_stamps: OK
dragonladyw2001: That's pretty on it's own.
marlea_anderson: looks squished
DTIntermart: rickey beth can't get back in I tried to
invite her but it won't work can some one try please..
donna_stamps: Nice pin or pendant
donna_stamps: log still shows she's in
Fearless Leader: she might need to reboot can someone
tell her?
dragonladyw2001: I tried. It didn't seem to work.
DTIntermart: I just did..
dtintermart left the room
dragonladyw2001: I like the way the bottom of the pot
donna_stamps: I like the flatter closed shape from the
leaf shapes
donna_stamps: Almost looks like a tulip here
dragonladyw2001: There are striped tulips. With
different colors, this would look like one of them.
donna_stamps: That's what I was things - pink and
burgundy maybe
donna_stamps: thinking, not things
dragonladyw2001: Or white and magenta.
donna_stamps: Ooh, yeah - pretty
dragonladyw2001: With ruffly edges.
donna_stamps: leaf cane reduced really tiny to make
tiny tulips for little vase
Shannon: now it sounds like an Iris... :-)
chinook84 joined the room
Fearless Leader: There
Fearless Leader: four leaf shapes make a pot
Shannon: that is so great!
Fearless Leader: now, anyone have any specific
donna_stamps: Three down and three up would make an
iris, I think
maelindesigns joined the room
maelindesigns: Hi Everyone!! Glad I still made it
Fearless Leader: Donna let me show you two up and two
down on the Fiji Flowers
dragonladyw2001: Do you use an armature for your
hands, NJ?
donna_stamps: OK, please
dragonladyw2001: I know, that's another tute.
Fearless Leader:
maelindesigns: What is being created here tonight?
Fearless Leader: What do you want?
Fearless Leader: we're at a logical break
maelindesigns: well - how about a magic wand pen?
DTIntermart (dtintermart) joined the room
bernie: wb doug
maelindesigns: We're doing Harry Potter characters for
our Adopt-A-Family next month and thought the wand pen
would be fun for the kids
dragonladyw2001: Welcome back, Doug.
Fearless Leader: Those Wisteria beads are four petals.
All are put on the skewer going on the same direction
and then two petals are going up and two going down.
donna_stamps: WB Doug
rickiebeth1 left the room
Susan (minimoon47) joined the room
DTIntermart: ty
Fearless Leader: Ah, now Rickie Beth can probably get
back in because her name just left
Shannon: that sounds neat Maelin!
maelindesigns: Is Yahoo acting up again? <grin>
maelindesigns: It does, doesn't it? We love our adopt
a families
Shannon: brb
donna_stamps: Those wisteria beads are pretty NJ -
thanx for link
dragonladyw2001: You mean Yahell? (not original with
Rickie Beth ( joined the room
Fearless Leader: So Short Orders? East Coasters first
Fearless Leader: since they are so far away
maelindesigns: yahell - funny
donna_stamps: WB Rickie
maelindesigns: sounds fair to me :)
Fearless Leader: Welcome Back Rickie Beth, your name
was still in the chat room preventing you from coming
back in.
marlea_anderson: ohhh, I'm an easterner....i feel so
Fearless Leader: So East Coasters, what would you like
to see?
Rickie Beth: here I am back again!!! my second
personality was here
maelindesigns: WB Rickie Beth
DTIntermart: Nj, how about a Sculpted bead?
DTIntermart: that's a new one I tink..
Fearless Leader: hold up Doug I think got something
DTIntermart: think
DTIntermart: k
marlea_anderson: that sounds neat doug, I couldn't
decide on one thing to chose, lol
litla62 joined the room
DTIntermart: I am making some tonight, never saw NJ do
maelindesigns: NJ is so neat with these demos
litla62: hi ladies
Rickie Beth: what do they look like, Doug?
maelindesigns: hi Gini
Rossija: Hi Gini!
Rickie Beth: Hi Gini
donna_stamps: demos biggest reason for joining the
Susan: HI NJ and everyone - finally got to chat
marlea_anderson: i know, I was talking to a gal in
a.c.moore today and told her all about the grou[p
bernie: hi gini and susan
litla62: whats going on? I just thought I peep in for
a moment.
maelindesigns: Totally - and I always learn when I
Susan: whatcha got NJ, Dragon teeth??
maelindesigns: I just got here myself, Gini
marlea_anderson: she couldn't believe someone would do
it special order and for free
maelindesigns: Hey Gini - making more earrings for
your mini tree?
dragonladyw2001: They look kinda like calla lilies.
litla62: debbie I'm sooo nervous LOL
hlynn1975 joined the room
litla62: no no putting together last pens
maelindesigns: you'll be just fine, Gini :)
donna_stamps: it is amazing, isn't it - even stores
want to charge to watch
dragonladyw2001: Whoops. No, she's doing something
else with them.
marlea_anderson: sculpted bead
Susan: looks like a smucked smurf bead
maelindesigns: you might be able to put pens under the
tree, Gini
litla62: oh nice bead!
Susan: oooh now I see - a mold!!
maelindesigns: Smurf is somehting I hadn't heard of in
awhile - LOL
maelindesigns: that is so cool, NJ
Susan: way cool
litla62: yes debbie and maybe pendants too
DTIntermart: Kool NJ... Diffferent from what I had in
mindd but Way Cool....
donna_stamps: love the face - at one angle, thought
looked like turtle shell
maelindesigns: Gini - you really want to use pendants,
too! that's good thinkin
litla62: great idea sculpted beads, NJ!
marlea_anderson: yes, i wouldn't be able to see any
demos if it wasn't for this group
Fearless Leader: oops there I go maybe I should save
DTIntermart: I make mine using leaf & petal canes

litla62: NJ seems to be in trouble
Fearless Leader: Gosh was it difficul t to get back
donna_stamps: WB NJ
Fearless Leader: Fifth Log
Rossija: Is cam down?
DTIntermart: Lost the cam
Fearless Leader: close out old cam windows
litla62: me too
Fearless Leader: and open up again
Fearless Leader: it goes black when I get booted
Rossija: Thanks, back now.
marlea_anderson: got it back now
donna_stamps: it's baaack!!
Fearless Leader: I get a head's up when I get booted because the cam
stops broadcasting and then I know it's a matter of seconds to save
Fearless Leader: Roll Call Please
litla62: gini zürich switzerland
Shannon: West Virginia
donna_stamps: Donna - Silver Springs NV
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, brb
chinook84: Sandy Rolla, MO
dragonladyw2001: A friend in New Mexico told me about vinagaroons,
too. They sound really nasty looking.
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa
bernie: bernie, pa
Susan: Susan, Gananoque, Ontario
litla62: tell randy I'd like to see him wearing earrings off the
Rossija: Mary, WI
DTIntermart: oug Brooklyn NY
marlea_anderson: what the heck is a vinagaroon? all of these animals
are right here in the u.s.?
miss_meme_30 left the room
minimoon47 left the room
dragonladyw2001: A vinagaroon is kind of a large sting-less scorpion
donna_stamps: vinagaroon looks like scorpion only larger and sort of
litla62: clips??
Fearless Leader: Back, does anyone want to see how to make a face
dragonladyw2001: The smell like vinegar when they're smashed.
chinook84: ewwww
marlea_anderson: oh geez
donna_stamps: Yes please NJ
hlynn1975: that would be fun NJ
dragonladyw2001: Spray them with water and put them in a dark closet?
chinook84 left the room
marlea_anderson: lol dl
donna_stamps: then could use face mold to make suns
litla62: ladies I'm sorry I ahve to leave. have evening or whatever
time it is at your place!
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
hlynn1975: night Gini
dragonladyw2001: Night.
marlea_anderson: night
litla62: debbie it is TODAY, in 2.5 hours!!!
litla62: we have 7 AM here
litla62: I'll try, bye to all!
nancy: hi every one! better late than never
Rossija: Goodnight, Gini & good luck!
litla62: thanks
litla62 left the room
nancy: i found an old favorite book of mine and lost track of
time...Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper
dragonladyw2001: Looks like Jean-luc Picard.
dragonladyw2001: LOL
donna_stamps: they sure can - I'm reading Lucifer's Hammer just now
DTIntermart: It's lex right?
marlea_anderson: cool mold
nancy: oh yeah read that one too...
marlea_anderson: mine always pull off funny
Fearless Leader: It is Brian Downey, who played Stanley H. Tweedle
dragonladyw2001: I do like him. Although I like Jonathan Archer
DTIntermart: Ooh, IC
donna_stamps: who's S H Tweedle
dragonladyw2001: Yes! I can't wait until next Wednesday.
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/StanPage
Fearless Leader: He is a character in the old TV series LEXX
Shannon: give me the red headed dude from Braveheart and I'll be
happy! LOL
nancy: laugh...
dragonladyw2001: Or Gerard Butler from Attila.
marlea_anderson: which redhead... the burly one?
Shannon: oh yeah!!! big and burly!
nancy: i watched an episode of LEXX one night...
marlea_anderson: oh my....;)
donna_stamps: I had about 6 yrs with no TV except video
DTIntermart: I think Troy Rocked LOL
Shannon: hehehe what can I say? I like the mountain men types! ;-)
dragonladyw2001: Well, you're a guy! We'd expect that.
DTIntermart: I saw the lex pilot theother night it was KOOL
marlea_anderson: aha- there's the chin
marlea_anderson: can't blame ya shannon
DTIntermart: yea but riker aint bad either LOL
marlea_anderson: like mine big and burly too
Shannon: :-D
donna_stamps: Love Riker's beard
DTIntermart: WOW NJ that is good!
Fearless Leader: Ok, it's the end of demo and I'll take questions at
this point
hlynn1975: Riker is good but give me Data any day
DTIntermart: It was a glue on like his hair LOL
dragonladyw2001: He was on this season's Enterprise. A very good
trilogy, too.
donna_stamps: do you make and bake the face, make the mold and then
bake it
Fearless Leader: Donna, exactly
Fearless Leader: sculpt ONE face
Fearless Leader: make a mold
Fearless Leader: then make a bunch of faces and then give them
different expressions
DTIntermart: I'd like to hear that one some time madlinde....
DTIntermart: I met Marina at a sifi convention a few yrs a go she is
sooo nice....
donna_stamps: You made some beauties for us tonight, NJ - Thanks so
marlea_anderson: very nice demo Nj
donna_stamps: you are fantastic
DTIntermart: NJ, as always you ROCK!
Fearless Leader: You're welcome, so tomorrow, Noon San Francisco time
Fearless Leader: and then we'll do some things that take a little
more time to do
marlea_anderson: woot!
donna_stamps: OK, night for now
Fearless Leader: gather up your requests
dragonladyw2001: Thanks, NJ. And now, to bed, perchance to sleep.
I'll maybe see you at the demo tomorrow afternoon.
nancy: and i may even show up on time...giggle
Fearless Leader: LOL, ok Nancy
hlynn1975: I delivered room service to Marina at a ST convention
once. The boss didn't want to send any of the guys for fear they'd
act like idiots ;)
DTIntermart: TY NJ!
bernie: night all, thanks nj
donna_stamps left the room
Fearless Leader: You're all welcome
babasbunja left the room
dragonladyw2001 left the room
nancy: catch you all tomorrow..i am on my quest to kill the green
Fearless Leader: Kill a dragon?
Rossija: THanks, NJ!
Fearless Leader: yikes
Shannon: NJ, before you go, can you get your cam just a little
closer? so I can get a good close up of your things there? thanks!
DTIntermart: LOL he was probly right, Lynn
hlynn1975: he probably was DT :)
nancy: online game...text based...really fun...similar to a MUD
hlynn1975: She was very nice and her hubby VERY cute
marlea_anderson: ohhh, sounds like fun nancy
Rossija: Goodnight everyone!
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to go send this log through the list
and I'll be seeing you tomorrow
DTIntermart: N ANCY which game is that sounds cool
Fearless Leader: xoxo


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