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2004 Holiday Marathon

12-24-04-3: Female Figure

Demo Stuff

Fearless Leader: Third Log, Roll Call Please
miss_meme_30: yep
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
miss_meme_30: wanna see?
mommaclara2001: Maybe three? Just kidding.
meplus5kids: Jean in New Orleans
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
Rossija: Of course!
alix: Alix, Hickory NC
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
analog_ed2001: Eddie in New jersey
pasadena_cal: Cal in California
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
miss_meme_30: sent ya the link mary
Fearless Leader: Jmouse, nothing came up for you. Are you typing and
we can't see? That happens sometimes.
chelyha55: looks like NJ's figure is in the lotus position
Jmouse: Jean
nancy: nancy and rhoda clatskanie oregon
Jmouse: NC
Fearless Leader: there ya go, now I can see ya Jean
Fearless Leader: Full lotus, it's meditating
Jmouse: not sure what happened
chelyha55: good thing to do
miss_meme_30: nj i made a cute bracelet last night
meplus5kids: Hi Jean
Fearless Leader: got a link Missy?
chelyha55: NJ did you see my note about updating my website?
Jmouse: Hi Jean back attcha >S<
Fearless Leader: Not yet Cheryl, I didn't get the note
chelyha55: I just redid it
chelyha55: new pics
Fearless Leader: can you email me to remind me Cheryl?
miss_meme_30: there ya go nj
chelyha55: the hummingbirds are up
Jmouse: where is the best place to show one's work?
chelyha55: sure
alix: I quit trying yoga long time ago ... broke a calcium deposit
on my spine with plow position
Jmouse: if I don't have a web site
chelyha55: the pics list is good
chelyha55: Jmouse
chelyha55: Jean?
chelyha55: or Epson seems to be popular
miss_meme_30: not good pics but everyone LOVED it today...LOL
Jmouse: which one though,,, isn't there a seperate one?
chelyha55: the pics list?
Jmouse: yes, , Jean >S<
chelyha55: is that right NJ?
Fearless Leader: Missy, it is not coming up right
miss_meme_30: dang
Fearless Leader: where did you put it?
chelyha55: oh no, you have to put the yahoogroups part in
Fearless Leader: on the clay pictures list?
miss_meme_30: wait i know what it is
Fearless Leader: Cheryl, send me the new picture you want with your
link in an email so I remember, ok?
chelyha55: NJ will give you the nice neat tiny url!
meplus5kids: BRB, my 3y/o is running a fever
Fearless Leader: Oh no, off to be Mommy
chelyha55: me?
Fearless Leader: Cheryl, you wanted me to update your link on my
Fearless Leader: without reading all the chat log I miss a lot
chelyha55: oh right, I'll email you later
miss_meme_30 left the room
chelyha55: it's the same url, I just put up pics of my new goodies
is all
Fearless Leader: Ok, shall we make this generic figure a male or a
miss_meme_30 joined the room
chelyha55: male who looks like Scott Bakula or Viggo Mortensen
Fearless Leader: send me a new picture for your link, you've
developed in the last few years
mommaclara2001: Female
chelyha55: oh ok.
chelyha55: you guys get to choose
rossija9 left the room
chelyha55: with the blue underwear
pasadena_cal: I always like females. LOL:">
Fearless Leader: Missy's bracelet link
chelyha55: heehee
miss_meme_30: that should work!
Fearless Leader: So what's the vote count?
miss_meme_30: i know its cutesy but i love it...LOL
Fearless Leader: we got one for male and two for female?
Fearless Leader: anyone else voting on this gender choice?
chelyha55: don't count my vote
chelyha55: I've seen both
alix: female
chelyha55: but I don't remember you doing a male lately
Fearless Leader: Ok, who does not know about Kemper Cutter tools?
Jmouse: a male
mommaclara2001: :->
miss_meme_30: male
mommaclara2001: I don't.
chelyha55: uh oh, male seems to be in the lead
alix: hermaphrodite
chelyha55: kemper cutters are great
Rossija (rossija9) joined the room
analog_ed2001: I don't eddie
miss_meme_30: wb mary...i got the boot
meplus5kids: I'm back, female
chelyha55: they have some great leaf cutters at Michaels too
Fearless Leader: I'll be cutting out muscle mass with these leaf
shapes, for muscles are often oval or leaf shaped
miss_meme_30: ahhhhhhhhh
Rossija: I seem to need velcor tonight!
chelyha55: break out the velcro!
Fearless Leader: Ok, let's do this, since I'm doing both tonight, we
can start with the female and then do another one as a male, how's
alix: are you falling off your chair?
chelyha55: I've been painting with clay
chelyha55: no she keeps getting booted
Jmouse: I have Yahoo , the picture site... but don't see where to
enter a picture
chelyha55: sounds good
chelyha55: did you join the list?
Fearless Leader: men and women have different distribution of mass.
Rossija: Third time tonight!
miss_meme_30: paintin with clay?
chelyha55: yeah, liquid clay tinted with pearl-ex
chelyha55: the hummingbirds
chelyha55: are done that way
chelyha55: on my site
meplus5kids: Cheryl, can you use the liquid clay with makeup instead
of pearl clay?
meplus5kids: sorry, pearl-ex
alix: What platform you painting on?
chelyha55: you can if it's the powder type, yes
miss_meme_30: cheryl can u post site again?
chelyha55: I'm painting on clay. work.html
miss_meme_30: ty
miss_meme_30: lol
miss_meme_30: its borke
miss_meme_30: broke
chelyha55: it's on the newest work page
miss_meme_30: pop it again?
chelyha55: if you go to
chelyha55: you can navigate from there
chelyha55: brb...
miss_meme_30: have to reboot puter...brb
meplus5kids: Thanks Cheryl, gotta go play mommy again, brb
rjchase222: Well my jester sort of looks like NJ's figure LOL
Rossija: Have yu taken pictures yet, Razma?
rjchase222: No goin to try & take some manana but having probs
gettin them onto my puter!!!!
rjchase222: If nothing else he has taught me that I have a long way
to go in making figures!!
Rossija: I'm uploading pictures of the making of a butterfly wing
cane right now....
Rossija: I'll post the link when I get them all there.
rjchase222: GREAT!!!!!!!
Shannon: I be back :-)
Jmouse: Sorry Chelyh, was chating on ICQ with my niece. Yes, I
joined the picture site
mommaclara2001: Is Samantha happyu?
rjchase222: Each time I watch NJ do a figure I get a bit more
knowledge into the long term memory!!
Shannon: oh yes! she opened her cd/karaoke player.... she's
singing... Heaven opened a new coat, and Celeena didn't want to open
till morning
mommaclara2001: Well great.
Shannon: :-D
Shannon: is NJ still working on the man?
rjchase222: But with my jester & building up his form its all in
weird colors from all the dcf's I tried to make!!
mommaclara2001: A woman
Shannon: ok... thanks Mom
rjchase222: Yes she is building him up Shannon
Shannon: can't wait to see that jester RJ!
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOO a she not a heeeee
mommaclara2001: YW
rjchase222: My dh just rolled his eyes & walked out of the shop
Shannon: LOL shame on him!
rjchase222: Not really as NJ said if it made him laugh then that is
what a jester is supposed to do!!!!!
rjchase222: But I am the first to admit that my work is
kindergartner level!!!!
Shannon: LOL that's true!
meplus5kids left the room
rjchase222: I do much better with flowers now if I can just figure
out how to do canes I shld b good to go Houston :)
meplus5kids joined the room
Shannon: I know what you mean! the pics I sent to the list a little
while ago show one of my first attempts at a flower cane :-)
rjchase222: I need to get my puter out to my shop so I can follow
the tutes!!!
Shannon: there ya go!
Shannon: get a big extension cord! LOL
rjchase222: but have to work on the dh on this one he already got me
a tv for out there!!
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOOOO thats an idea Shannon!!!
Shannon: LOL
Shannon: hehehehe yep! get one of those super duper kind the guys
use outside...
rjchase222: well since I've got cable out in the shop maybe I will
get me a laptop!!!
Shannon: hey!!! that would be cool@
mommaclara2001: My that looks good, NJ
rjchase222: I think I might just try & find me one doesn't have to b
fancy just so I can get the tutes for clay!!
Fearless Leader: ok, what sort of muscle mass do women have that men
alix: Got to go call again ... will check in after
Fearless Leader: anyone?
alixnc left the room
rjchase222: NJ why doesn't my jester look like that? :)
Shannon: I know what you mean!
Shannon: ummmmm.....
Shannon: tummy? LOL
analog_ed2001: shoulders and upper body mass
chelyha55 left the room
Fearless Leader: Men have larger shoulders and upper body mass
Fearless Leader: women have more hips
Shannon: I was close...LOL
Shannon: in my case, it's tummy :-P
Fearless Leader: men's upper torso is more like a V and then from
the waist to the hips there isn't a lot of difference
Fearless Leader: women, ideally, are hour glass
Fearless Leader: and the waist, if perfect is 1.6 smaller than the
breast and hips
Fearless Leader: we're just looking at ideal bodies, not the real
bodies that we have
Shannon: but who's perfect???
Fearless Leader: women don't have a lot of muscle mass on their backs
rjchase222: thats good Shannon cause if we follow nature nothing is
Shannon: or EVERYTHING is!!!
Fearless Leader: but when we're learning how to sculpt, it's a good
idea to start out with an ideal body and then move towards realism
rjchase222: gotcha NJ!!
miss_meme_30 left the room
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok, ready for the trick of the knees?
rjchase222: yes
Fearless Leader: pinch the sides of the knee with the leg bent and
then push in at the knee cap
miss_meme_30: raz did ya see my bracelet?
Fearless Leader: Now I built up the back of the leg to make a calf
rjchase222: miss meme I'm not sure where wld I have seen it?
Fearless Leader: and built up above the knee to make the thighs
miss_meme_30: when i do knees they look knobby
Fearless Leader: then bend the leg and pinch and press a knee cap
Shannon: I need to get me some of those kemper cutters... that would
make things easier!
miss_meme_30: its missy raz
rjchase222: Thanks missy!!!!
miss_meme_30: sry thought u were here when i posted the
Fearless Leader: now here's a trick for the elbow. Bend the arm and
unbend it, there will be a mashed up area. Smooth that mashed up
area, leaving it as an indent.
rjchase222: no was in the shower!
Fearless Leader: pinch the elbow when the arm is bent
rjchase222: kewl NJ
miss_meme_30: she makes it look soooo easy
Fearless Leader: centaur hair is mashed in the clay
Fearless Leader: spines are rarely straight, they have a curve to
Fearless Leader: see
Fearless Leader: she seems less uptight with a slight curve to the
Fearless Leader: now the next bit I do at this point is to smooth
out the seams where the leaf cut sections were attached
Fearless Leader: but are there any questions at this point?
miss_meme_30: not so far
Fearless Leader: nice thing about the aluminum foil armature is you
can pose it after putting the skin clay on.
Jmouse: well, I just posted the creature I did this week for my
grandson. it's in the picture site under Jean was at the
very bottom of the list when I was there.
Fearless Leader: when you sculpt a figure and start with it already
posed it's just more work, cover the skin and get the muscle mass
built up with arms and legs extended. Put on clay fabric for
clothing and THEN pose the figure. Then Cure. It's a lot easier that
Shannon: NJ, for the chest and tummy area, did you wrap the coils
with more foil? I missed that part...
Fearless Leader: just added more leaf shape cuts of skin clay
Jmouse: yeah...that's what I just did this week >S< ... will need to
try your way NJ
rjchase222: NJ I am going to make another jester using these
Shannon: you go girl! RJ!
Fearless Leader: her breasts are uneven and she needs more refining
for her arms, the seams need to be smoothed out. But she's female
and that's no doubt.
Jmouse: so it isn't hard to pose the figure when not using wire?
Shannon: I thought we were all uneven.... one side of the body is
bigger... ;-)
Shannon: the foil acts like wire... making it posable :-)
rjchase222: NJ just used foil right no wire inside?
Shannon: correct
Fearless Leader: no wire
Jmouse: will do my next one like that
rjchase222: well my first jester I did w/wire & foil! heehee
Fearless Leader: I end up hurting my fingers with wire poking out. I
can't change the pose as easily as with just foil.
Shannon: once you have the foil compressed, it bends and holds it's
shape like wire would
rjchase222: I found that out NJ about gettin poked with the wire!!!
Shannon: that's a cute pose NJ
Shannon: I can never even get the wire armature to come out right!
rjchase222: See now my 2nd jester will at least have one new lesson
in it! :)
Shannon: LOL
Shannon: I can see a whole room of jesters.... like Jesters
Anonymous or something....LOL
rjchase222: Actually it could be either really scary or neat I'm not
sure which! LOL
Shannon: Hi, my name is Ralph, and I'm a Jester.... (applause) ;-)
Fearless Leader: when we lie down on the floor, there's a gap at the
small of our back, if you remember this when you're posing your
figures they will look more relaxed, straight backs are uptight.
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to take a break, save log, refill my
coffee cup and get some food. 15 minutes, it'll be 10 past the hour
where ever you are, ok?
rjchase222: Shannon ROFLMAO
rjchase222: OK
Shannon: LOL
Shannon: ok NJ!
Fearless Leader: ok, saving log and off to do biologicals

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