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2004 Holiday Marathon

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and The First Day of Kwanzaa (or Boxing Day for the UK)

December 2004

It took me a year to put these pages up.

12-24-04-1: Centaur Hair


12-24-04-3: Female Figure

12-24-04-4: Starting on the Male, Armature Made

12-24-04-5: First layer of skin on the Male and filing cured figures.

12-24-04-6: End.... Filing faces, TLS links, First cure doesn't have to be perfect

Christmas Day - Log 1- Greeting the ClayMates, Continuing The Man Handling

Christmas Day - Log 2 - Doing Feet on the Man, looking at Wonky Early Work and THE FEAR

Christmas Day - Log 3 - Sculpting and THE FEAR, Traveling Kai, Starting face sculpting

Christmas Day - Log 4 - Doing the face, doing the face again, doing the face a third time.

Christmas Evening - Log 1- Fourth and Fifth effort on the female face

Christmas Evening - Second Log - Sculpting a Man's Face and Color Cards Review

Christmas Evening - Log 3 and end of Open Cam - Old man's face, TLS eyeglasses

Sunday Demo - Log 1 - getting settled and rebooting

Sunday Demo - Log 2 - Sculpting Hands and Feet, Emotocon play

Sunday Demo - Log 3- Working on hands, Alice returned to us and her link

Sunday Demo - Log 4 - Bullseye to Fish Scale, To MerDemon

Sunday Demo - Log 5 - MerDemon, Lace Cane, Mini Food Review

12-26-04-6-Mini Food and Review of stuff I got booted a couple of times and this was saved by Shannon, so there may be some overlap from the last demo log.

Sunday Demo Marathon - 7th Log, Jean Stargazer demo'd

Sunday Demo Marathon - Log 8 - Mini Bread and Jean/Stargazer Demo info

Sunday Demo - 9th Log - End - Mini bread, CinniBuns, Eskimo Pie


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