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2004 Holiday Marathon

12-24-04-4: Starting on the Male, Armature Made

Demo Stuff
Fearless Leader: Fourth Log, and dinner break
Fearless Leader: brb
Shannon: who wants a pina colada? <:-P
rjchase222: well I figure if NJ can eat so can I!
Having a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream w/hersheys
special dark chocolate sauce!! heehee
Shannon: sounds yummy RJ! my topping would be caramel
rjchase222: ooooooo Shannon now I will have to get
some caramel to add to the choc sauce!!
Shannon: LOL sorry!!!
Jackie (ljcswartz) joined the room
Jackie: hi -- I saw you were on and had to say hi and
Happy Holidays
jill_z_q joined the room
jill_z_q: Howdy folks
rjchase222: Howdy Jill & Jackie!
miss_meme_30: hiya jill
Jackie: or Jack and Jill..... old joke
jill_z_q: giggle
nancy: hi Jill;hi jackie
rjchase222: LMAO
Jackie: my best friend in school was Jill.
jill_z_q: I've actually was never called Jill but by
my nickname instead
miss_meme_30: thats suzy
miss_meme_30: hehehehe
jill_z_q: :P
miss_meme_30: hugsssssss
miss_meme_30: what have u been doin huh?
jill_z_q: dying
jill_z_q: lol
jill_z_q: I've had an earache for 2 weeks now
nancy: still there...thats awful
jill_z_q: and finally after no sleep last night. In
the morning my ear decided to finally get rid of the
jill_z_q: it was weird
nancy: oh good...
jill_z_q: it didn't look like wax but like wax/skin
(hope I don't gross anyone out) LOL
Fearless Leader: Back, shall we do roll call?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
jill_z_q: Suzy finally pain free as of 10am this
morning So. CA
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
Fearless Leader: LOL Suzy
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
pasadena_cal: Cal, Pasadena California
jill_z_q: I'm was so ready to go the emergency room
last night.. I guess its a doozy before you feel
better or something
Shannon: Glad it's feeling better Jill!
miss_meme_30: glad to hear (no pun intended) that u
feel better suzy
jill_z_q: me too
Fearless Leader: I'll check my email, make sure
there's no fires to put out, looks like some folks are
still AFK.
nancy: nancy clatskanie oregon...rhoda (mom) is
reading a book....she was watching process closely for
foil on...
jill_z_q: You guys wouldn't believe everything I tried
jill_z_q: I did some homopathetic ear candling?
Fearless Leader: so weird, the first and third log
showed up in my inbox, but not the second, go figure
jill_z_q: I use colace (which is a stool softner) LOL
jill_z_q: I think that actually worked
jill_z_q: but at this point I don't know
Shannon: I've heard that candling really works
nancy: your hearing okay>=?
jill_z_q: I think I got more in there
jill_z_q: cause it feels like it
jill_z_q: but not the pain as before
jill_z_q: I'm afraid to put more crap in my ear don't
want anymore pain lol
nancy: let it rest a may just be because it
was soo bad
mommaclara2001: Should go to a Dr, and get that taken
jill_z_q: I went to emergency last week Momma :)
mommaclara2001: And they didn't take it out?
jill_z_q: I t hink I'm an certified expert on earaches
jill_z_q: they tried
Shannon: LOL
mommaclara2001: Oh my. That is to bad.
nancy: if it had been me i would have made myself a
pain in the @@@ till the got it
nancy: they got it
jill_z_q: I don't know much about ear wax per say but
this look like skin/wax mix together it was fu nky lol
Shannon: if it was, that could explain the pain you're
still having
nancy: blister?
miss_meme_30: my DGD had such a bad earache that her
ear bled!
jill_z_q: did her eardrum burst?
mommaclara2001: I had to have wax taken out of my ear
one time. There was a bunch, and it did look ukcy.
jill_z_q: I'm pain free actually first time in 2 weeks
jill_z_q: just really exhausted I think
jill_z_q: lol
miss_meme_30: nope just soooo backed up with wax they
have to go in once a wk to get it out
Shannon: really!
nancy: i bet you sleep tonight honey
jill_z_q: I just happy I can watch demo pain free
jill_z_q: grin
mommaclara2001: An ear ache is terible.
jill_z_q: your telling me :)
Fearless Leader: Eddie is trying to get back in, have
to reboot since his name is still showing up in chat
jill_z_q: I get to enjoy xmas dinner tomorrow too
jill_z_q: having demo tomorrow NJ at 12?
mommaclara2001: That is the important thing, Jill.
Fearless Leader: ya, should, if I don't stay up too
late tonight
nancy: shucks i will be in portland all day...
mommaclara2001: Nj, sometimes when I can't sleep and
get up at three, or five, sometimes, you are still on.
Shannon: we have to go to the in-laws around noon my
time... so hopefully I won't miss it all!
rjchase222: I'm hoping to be here but going to the
Moose Lodge for dinner. I don't have to cook! heehee
Shannon: cool RJ!
Fearless Leader: Ya Momma, I've been working on my
jill_z_q: sounds nice
jill_z_q: I've been up at that time
Fearless Leader: I was behind like three months
miss_meme_30 left the room
jill_z_q: but not cause I wanted too!
jill_z_q: My mom is making prime rib yummy
miss_meme_30 joined the room
jill_z_q: wb hon
nancy: thats what we had tonight...
mommaclara2001: I was wondering how you can stand
that. Don't wear yourself out.
miss_meme_30: nj will demo be at 3 eastern time
nancy: what it was almost prime rib roast..
Fearless Leader: yes three Eastern
Fearless Leader: I've been careful to get my full 8
hours sleep, Momma
Fearless Leader: it's just not all at the same time
Fearless Leader: LOL
mommaclara2001: Good.
nancy: laugh...
Fearless Leader: James calls it my Thomas Edison
routine, catching naps when I can
jill_z_q: NJ is leo she needs her kitty sleep:P
nancy: been there done that
mommaclara2001: There are two more Leos here, too.
mommaclara2001: Do you cat nap, Shan?
Fearless Leader: reeling Eddie in, brb
Shannon: me? heck no...LOL
nancy: based on my cats naps...that could be 8
mommaclara2001: I do , once in a while.
mommaclara2001: Are you a Leo , Nancy?
nancy: nope a Cancer ...with back pain...
mommaclara2001: Oh My.
miss_meme_30: im a cancer too
miss_meme_30: july 11
jill_z_q: I'm a leo
jill_z_q: aug 21
nancy: june 25...giggle the six months till xmas date
mommaclara2001: Shan is the 12th of August, and I am
the 13th.
Fearless Leader: Suzy you and I are both late Leos
with a lot of Virgo in our chart.
marlea_anderson joined the room
nancy: my mom is a leo...august 3r
analog_ed2001 left the room
analog_ed2001 joined the room
marlea_anderson: Hello everyone!!!
Fearless Leader: August 17th, Mae West, Maureen Ohara
and Davy Crocket share my birthday
jill_z_q: that my dad's birthday Nancy
miss_meme_30: hiya mar!!!!
Shannon: hi Marlea!
Fearless Leader: Marlea and Eddie
miss_meme_30: hiya eddie
mommaclara2001: Hi Marlea
nancy: cool...i like that date..
miss_meme_30: thats my hubbys name
Fearless Leader: Eddie were you able to use the
miss_meme_30: lol
jill_z_q: I share my birthday with my step-dad it
nancy: and yes my mom does cat nap...
marlea_anderson: when did demo start folks?
Fearless Leader: Like 4pm or something
marlea_anderson: holy frijole
Fearless Leader: Christmas Eve Early
jill_z_q: wb
marlea_anderson: I see your lady- she looks very nice
nancy: is creative...i the first thing i remember her
doing was trying to paint my portrait...(other than
mommaclara2001: About seven here in WV.
marlea_anderson: yep- would have been that time here
too Clara
jill_z_q: that is the time now? Momma?
miss_meme_30: 10:30 here
mommaclara2001: No, when Nj started.
Fearless Leader: Just made an armature and made it
into a female, going to do the same thing again, but
make a male. Shall we do that now? Ya the lady came
out alright, thanks.
jill_z_q: sure NJ
mommaclara2001: It is 10:30 now.
jill_z_q: its 7:30 ish here
marlea_anderson: could you do me a big favor and point
out her collarbones? I have trouble with clavicles,
Fearless Leader: ok
marlea_anderson: ohhh, I've been coming from
underneath...maybe that's my problen
marlea_anderson: m
marlea_anderson: thank you
Fearless Leader: there's a trick of putting in the
indentation at the center of the collar bone and then
work the line to the shoulder
Fearless Leader: does that help?
marlea_anderson: I see, that looks great. do you use a
light touch while doing that?
marlea_anderson: yes, very much so
Fearless Leader: rolling the clayshaper over the clay
rjchase222: Gee I wonder if jesters have clavicles?
Fearless Leader: ya, sort of a light touch, I'm
nudging the clay where I need it
Shannon: the clay shapers help loads!!
Fearless Leader: totally, I'd be lost without the clay
marlea_anderson: great- thanks, that's really been a
troublesome spot for me
Shannon: I didn't realize how much of the hard way I'd
been doing things before getting the clay shaper...
and using the food processor and pasta machine
Jmouse: my clay shapers seem not firm enough
Fearless Leader: these black tips are firm
Fearless Leader: compared to the white tips
Shannon: yes, mine looks like NJ's.... I think it's
made by Amaco or something like that
miss_meme_30: which are the best nj?
Shannon: I also used the flexible clay, and it seems
to work pretty good
miss_meme_30: i have the black ones
marlea_anderson: I am still using eyeliner blenders
and pencil erasers, lol- guess I have to check into
the real deal
miss_meme_30: OMG mar u HAVE to get a shaper!
Shannon: someone said the eyeliner blenders work
pretty well
rjchase222: marlea if they work for ya then use them!
marlea_anderson: yes- so far so good
miss_meme_30: now i have another tool that i have to
miss_meme_30: lol
marlea_anderson: lol
rjchase222: I think I will get a cple of eyeliners &
try them
Fearless Leader: for males I make the spine longer,
might add some mass to the shoulders and chest before
adding skin
Shannon: oh you added the mass to the coils?
meplus5kids joined the room
miss_meme_30: i will never get this down...
rjchase222: Missy yes u can just start making
jesters!!!! LOL
meplus5kids: I keep getting booted
miss_meme_30: i have done somethings but i just dont
Shannon: sure you will!!! maybe just sit and make
armatures while watching tv or something... instead of
doing one at a time... just do them over and over?
miss_meme_30: thats an idea too
Shannon: welcome back Meplus5!
rjchase222: good idea Shannon!
Shannon: thanks! :-D
miss_meme_30: i want a claybuddy :(
mommaclara2001: My armatures never work for me.
meplus5kids: Quick question. How do you add the legs
to the pelvis with the foil? I missed some trying to
stay connected
rjchase222: ME TOO MISSY!!!
Shannon: you make two U shapes and connect them
marlea_anderson: me too-
Shannon: Mom, you'll get it!
meplus5kids: Gotcha
mommaclara2001: We will see. I will try again.
Shannon: thata girl! ;-) :-*
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: check that page
mommaclara2001: :x:D
rjchase222: I can see that a whole bunch of us will be
working on armatures!! LOL
Shannon: Mom, how many things did you paint before you
got good???
Shannon: that's for sure RJ!
mommaclara2001: A lot.
Fearless Leader: it shows the steps for this sort of
Shannon: Exactly!
jill_z_q: well since I had such a shitty 2 weeks I"m
going to go see the lighted house "candy cane lane"
for some holiday cheer
Fearless Leader: you have a good time Suzy, I'm glad
you're feeling better
jill_z_q: so see you when I get back if your still
meplus5kids: Thanks NJ. I looked at it before, just
Shannon: LOL Ok Jill! have fun!
jill_z_q: me too thanks NJ
jill_z_q: happy holidays all
mommaclara2001: Bye Jill. Get better.
meplus5kids: Bye Jill - SEE A DOCTOR
mommaclara2001: Merry Xmas
jill_z_q: :-*
jill_z_q left the room
minimadness423 joined the room
Fearless Leader: KathyL, hey honey
Fearless Leader:
Shannon: hi Minimadness!
Fearless Leader: This is what I'm doing right now
Fearless Leader: MiniMadness is KathyL, a MSAT list
Fearless Leader: and my pal
miss_meme_30: hiya kathyL
Fearless Leader: partners in the crime of fashion,
huh, KathyL?
minimadness423: mmmmm....what is it? a golden
discombobulated angel wanna be?
Shannon: ohhhh... coool!
Fearless Leader: it's aluminum foil and we're going to
make a MALE figure
minimadness423: hello all! NJ...I am in a bit better
place tonight
Fearless Leader: we just did a female figure
Fearless Leader: when using an aluminum foil armature
you can pose and repose the figure before it is all
said and done
minimadness423: that's cool. Yeah NJ and I have gotten
in our share of trouble...GRIN...well, keep
chatting...I just got my invite to go stir the boiled isn't thick enough yet...i'll
check in between cooking things
Fearless Leader: ok, KathyL, we're just hanging out
Jmouse: am popping in and out of here, between
messaging with my son in Japan and trying to put
ribbons on my wrapped gifts.... and seeing this demo
Fearless Leader: Ok, the male armature is made and
I'll save log and send it through, go out and come
back in, good time for a break for all y'all.

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