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2004 Holiday Marathon

Christmas Day - Log 2 - Doing Feet on the Man, looking at Wonky Early Work and THE FEAR

Demo Stuff
Fearless Leader: Second Log and Top of the Hour Break
Fearless Leader: Roll call would be nice before break
meplus5kids joined the room
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville,WV
Fearless Leader: and I'll get James some food. brb
meplus5kids: Jean in New Orleans
meplus5kids: Yahoo's kicking me out again
dragonladyw2001: Beth, Tampa
Jackie: Jackie MD
pasadena_cal: Cal in CA
connie_flying: Connie - in Reno NV
Fearless Leader: back and James has grub
Fearless Leader: but my coffee cup is empty, brb
frogger70301: sorry... went play a little while!
frogger70301: Mitch, Thibodaux, LA
meplus5kids: NJ got some nice chicory coffee for ya
dragonladyw2001: oooo, that *is* good stuff. I have a
hard time finding chicory here.
meplus5kids: Like the stuff the spoon stands up in
dragonladyw2001: Yep. Too thick to drink, too thin to
meplus5kids: lol
Fearless Leader: back, chicory, I did get to taste
that when in New Orleands back in the 70's
dragonladyw2001: That's also the description for
perfect gravy, too.
meplus5kids: When you aren't use to it, it keeps you
going for HOURS
Fearless Leader: I thought... this is a historical
Fearless Leader: I love to taste things that folks
have been tasting for years in a certain region. I had
Catfish in Little Rock. KatherineF's son told me
"Watch out for them wiskers."
Fearless Leader: and KatherineF said, "Now stop
fooling with NoraJean."
dragonladyw2001: You should visit Tampa, home of the
world's best Cuban sandwiches.
Fearless Leader: I ate Italian Ice in New Jersey. Oven
Baked Bagles in Montreal. Didn't get to eat no
aligator, yet. But I will if I get a chance.
dragonladyw2001: Gator tail is good.
Fearless Leader: Ya when I go on Tour I graze from
place to place, I was born in the year of the Cow...
meplus5kids: Alligator is great. Especially blackened.
Unfortanately, I can't eat spicy foods due to an ulcer
meplus5kids: lol
dragonladyw2001: Me, too. I thought that was ox.
Fearless Leader: Japanes people eat the weirdest
things so I can eat anything. If you can eat raw fish
and go yum, nothing will make you go Ick.
meplus5kids: so true
dragonladyw2001: Some raw fish is yummy.
meplus5kids: Oysters are the best
dragonladyw2001: Especially like the smoked eel.
Fearless Leader: Oh I say Cow because I feel more akin
to a Cow, birthing babies and nursing for a long time
with each.
dragonladyw2001: Ah, I see.
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to wrap the body of the
man here for his body isn't going to get a lot of fine
detail. It will be covered. We will concentrate on his
Old face, his hands and feet mostly. The rest of his
body will be covered with long robes.
dragonladyw2001: I guess smoked eel isn't really raw
fish, technically speaking.
Fearless Leader: Unagi, yum... smoked eel is gooood
Fearless Leader: let me show you a trick for feet
while I'm thinking of it. Bend the area for the foot.
The foot should be as long as his forearm. Your foot
should be as long as your forearm too, if you can get
it up there to check. LOL I can't.
meplus5kids: I can do old face, it's young face I have
problems with
dragonladyw2001: Sorry NJ, I just checked. My foot is
2 inches shorter than my forearm. <g>
Fearless Leader: now pinch where the ankle will be.
Fearless Leader: Wow, well there goes that theory,
Beth. LOL
Fearless Leader: but pinch the ankle anyway. ;-)
dragonladyw2001: I'm made funny, though. So maybe it's
just me. :)
connie_flying: <--- measured foot to forearm and my
foot is about an inch and a half shorter.
dragonladyw2001: Oh, good! I feel much better now.
connie_flying: lol
Fearless Leader: now for the back of the foot, pinch
the ankle and PUSH the foot towards the ankle to get
that back part of the foot that most folks miss.
dragonladyw2001: The achilles tendon?
Fearless Leader: the back of the heel, in the old
Cinderella story her step sister cut this off to fit
in the glass slipper
dragonladyw2001: ow
meplus5kids: ouch
Fearless Leader: her other step sister cut off her
Fearless Leader: the old version is more bloody than
the Disney version
dragonladyw2001: Old versions of fairy tales are so
meplus5kids: I think I'll stick to the disney version
Rossija: The Grimm tales really are grim....
dragonladyw2001: Indeed.
Fearless Leader: now feet have a "C" shape to them,
two feet prints in the sand will look like parenthesis
( )
Fearless Leader: he has too much foil at his toe area,
I'll cut some off
pasadena_cal: Major surgery for an ingrown toenail!!!
meplus5kids: lol
connie_flying: lol
dragonladyw2001: No kidding!
dragonladyw2001: I like the shape of the foot though.
Fearless Leader: So next we make an indentation for
under the toes and build up the front part of the
bottom of the foot.
mommaclara2001: I am going to have to go, friends.
Maybe I will catch you later.
Fearless Leader: cam froze?
dragonladyw2001: Bye, happy holidays.
pasadena_cal: Bye Clara
meplus5kids: bye
Fearless Leader: See you Momma, Merry christmas
Rossija: Bye, Clara!
connie_flying: bye Clara
mommaclara2001: Merry Xmas to all of you.
mommaclara2001: Bye
mommaclara2001 left the room
meplus5kids: NJ, does Karen carry the tools you are
working with? I've been using pencil erasers.
Fearless Leader: yes I got most of my clayshapers from
Karen. The large black tip and the softer big blue tip
I got at the art supply store, they are called Color
Shapers and painters use them.
meplus5kids: Thanks.
esther_reeves joined the room
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas Esther
meplus5kids: Hi Esther
connie_flying: Hi Esther
esther_reeves: merry christmas
esther_reeves: hi there all
Rossija: Merry Christmas, Esther.
minimadness423 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas KathyL
meplus5kids: Hi KathyL
Fearless Leader: so now that he has rough draft feet
we should do his hands, there's too much foil on his
hands, I should have trimmed the foil before so I'll
peel back the clay, un fold the foil and trim a bit
before sculpting his hands.
Fearless Leader: but before I do, are there any
frogger70301: none heree
dragonladyw2001: No, I'm just amazed that it looks so
easy when you do it.
rjchase222 left the room
Fearless Leader: well my early sculptures didn't have
hands or feet because I didn't figure out how to do
them yet.
Fearless Leader: and the cam looks frozen, must be
that freak snow
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: The Centaur was made years ago and he
has no real hands or feet as such
Fearless Leader: but I figured I'd cure him anyway
Fearless Leader: knowing in time I'll figure it out
dragonladyw2001: Well, seeing your earlier stuff makes
me feel marginally better. LOL
Fearless Leader: oh then let me show you something
meplus5kids: NJ, guess I wasn't paying attention, but
for the hands and feet, when you put the "skin" on, do
you extend the clay past the foil to make the hands
and feet?
Fearless Leader: I cut off some foil from the tip of
the foot. I should have trimmed the foil first. So I
snipped the tips off and added clay beyond the foil
dragonladyw2001: How long ago was that one done?
meplus5kids: Okay, makes sense
Fearless Leader: This is my second Xev effort. The
first got chopped up
Fearless Leader: this Xev is a mess
Fearless Leader: color of the skin is off too yellow
Fearless Leader: I just love her dress though
meplus5kids: Like the outfit
Fearless Leader: funky feet
meplus5kids: What is that on her ankle?
Fearless Leader: I made effort to change her color
with clay over her skin and it didn't work. That's a
crack at her ankle
meplus5kids: Looks like an ankle bracelet
dragonladyw2001: As a sculture, she has character,
though. I'm still working up the courage to try my
first. Most of my pc experience is in doing other
Fearless Leader: now my first Kai effort is also wonky
dragonladyw2001: sculpture. Can't spell.
Fearless Leader: his face was worked on over and over,
his eyes were all googly
Fearless Leader: funky hands
Fearless Leader: but I love his outfit
Fearless Leader: LOL
dragonladyw2001: Like the hair, too. Looks like the
pix I've seen of him.
Fearless Leader: now dig
dragonladyw2001: Why is his neck cracked?
meplus5kids: From kissing
Fearless Leader: because I was wrestling with
resculpting his face so much
dragonladyw2001: LOL! That's why it's called
meplus5kids: I like how you get your figures to fit so
well together
Fearless Leader: now if we change their position the
meaning of the scene changes
Fearless Leader: face to face it's friendly
Fearless Leader: with him behind her it looks sinister
Fearless Leader: like he is stalking her and she don't
know it
meplus5kids: Wow
meplus5kids left the room
Fearless Leader: if she is to the side and he is
looking away it appears that she is entreating him and
he is not willing to comply
meplus5kids joined the room
Fearless Leader: if she is to the side and he is
looking away it appears that she is entreating him and
he is not willing to comply
dragonladyw2001: Is that a sculpting turntable you're
using? I like the size of it. Mine's a lot smaller
than that.
Fearless Leader: for you Jean
meplus5kids: Got kicked out again
Fearless Leader: she is saying... "It's only a
Thanksgiving dinner with my folks...we'll have fun. I
Fearless Leader: and he's saying... " I don't know
about that."
dragonladyw2001: LOL
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for their chronicle
of creation
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Now Xev one was chronicled from
creation to destruction
Fearless Leader: you can see all the difficulties I
had in working with her
Fearless Leader: and it's important for you to see
that it's a process, your development is an evolution.
Nothing is perfect the first time out and mine were no
Fearless Leader: The captions in this section are
funny too. Prince of Fire getting a hand has captions
that go with Kai1, Xev1 and it's like an on going
story. Keeps me amused that way.
dragonladyw2001: Thanks. On some level I know that,
but it's just a difficult birthing process.
Fearless Leader: Beth, I avoided doing figure
sculpting even though James wanted me to for years. I
had THE FEAR!!!
dragonladyw2001: Yeh, that's kinda where I am. I have
the Want and the Fear at the same time.
Fearless Leader: Since I shared my work with the list
I would have to share my miscalculations. I knew I
would fall down a hundred times before getting
something right.
frogger70301 left the room
dragonladyw2001: I do have my subject matter picked
out. When I get the gumption.
Fearless Leader: But then I thought. Well hey...
everyone struggles in the learning process. Why should
I only show my "perfect" work. Why shouldn't I show
the disasters too. Let my ClayMates know that I'm
human just like they are and we are all in a learning
Fearless Leader: Beth, just jump in honey. That's the
only thing that will help. If you struggle know that
we all struggle. If you make something that didn't
turn out as you wished, then start over and do it
again. I have 5 -6 Kai efforts. But pick a topic you
love so you don't mind the practice. That's why I
picked the LEXX characters. At least while I practice
I can see the LEXX videos and look at their faces and
be amused while I make effort.
Fearless Leader: Top of the Hour Save, time to do
biologicals. Brb

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