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2004 Holiday Marathon

Sunday Demo - Log 4 - Bullseye to Fish Scale, To MerDemon

Demo Stuff
Fearless Leader: Fourth Log, Roll Call Please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
donna_stamps: Donna = chilly Silver Springs, NV
perceptionsnpc: Ginger in OK
Rossija: Mary, Frigid Ohio
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline (MaMaDuke) Marlow New
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
alix: Alic Hickory NC
pennyi: penny lansing michigan
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
alix: LMAO Alix
donna_stamps: Is NJ making an arm or a leg?
Shannon: an arm
mommaclara2001: A hand
Shannon: she had too much foil, and had to take some
off, and is repairing the clay and getting ready to
form fingers
donna_stamps: Thanx
Shannon: yw!
Fearless Leader: give this guy a hand already!
Fearless Leader: cue applause sign
Fearless Leader: LOL
Shannon: =D>
donna_stamps: applause, clap clap
mommaclara2001: =D>
MountainMaMaDuke: yeay yeay !
Shannon: *whistle*
Shannon: *wolf call*
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
Shannon: hehehe
perceptionsnpc: =D>
Shannon: LOL even the man is applauding!!
Fearless Leader: Oh my husband doesn't know where the
kitchen is. Brb
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: Hi Nj, Please say goodbye to
everybody, Jannie´s computer is not so good I can not
get in again. I will be back home in january 9. but I
will keep in toch in the list. Big kisses to you and
everybody with a lots of love. Alice
Shannon: NJ needs direction signs in her house....
*you are HERE* lol
Fearless Leader: now I'll get food for the hubs
donna_stamps: mine always makes the turkey for
holidays but daughter and I make the stuffing
Shannon: AWWWWW..... bye Alice!
Shannon: that's cool Donna!
Shannon: mine makes a killer spaghetti sauce!
donna_stamps: bye Alice - see you in Jan
MountainMaMaDuke: my DIL had Roast Beef - did not seem
the same !
Shannon: LOL
Shannon: no Roast BEAST??? ;-)
donna_stamps: he also makes super chili but often too
hot for me
Shannon: LOL I hear ya
mommaclara2001: Mine makes good pan cakes. Believe
that, Shan?
Kat Indpls IN (kgedrich) joined the room
Shannon: LOL Mom
donna_stamps: I want him to make me fried potatoes and
onions - sooo good
MountainMaMaDuke: I don't have a "mine" and I am not
much of a cook, but I sure do LOVE POLYMER CLAY !
Shannon: MMMMMMMM I love that Donna! but my hubby
hates onions in stuff like that... :-(
Shannon: here here!!! Pauline!!
donna_stamps: that's sad cause onions makes everything
so yummy
mommaclara2001: Yes they do.
Shannon: I know!!! I always loved them in green
beans.... but that's out too
MountainMaMaDuke: My son and I did share some shrimps
and cocktail sauce for BREAKFAST yesterday though!
donna_stamps: MountainMaMa, We all love poly clay or
donna_stamps: t be her
donna_stamps: e
MountainMaMaDuke: I hear you!
mommaclara2001: Wouldn't be chili, with out the
Shannon: t be her or not t be her.....LOL
alix: Got to go ... other obligations ... great to see
everyone ... NJ, thanks for the snake bead demo ...
BIG help xoxox
MountainMaMaDuke: bye bye
Shannon: no, he can take onions in stuff like that....
thank goodness
Shannon: ok... bye Alix!
mommaclara2001: Bye
alixnc left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: brb
donna_stamps: Wish I could have had green corn tamales
and fried eggs for Christmas breakfast but dont know
where to get the tamales anymore
Shannon: talking about onions got me thinking of those
Bloomin Onions..... =P~
donna_stamps: The ones at Chili's
Shannon: hmmmmm.... never heard of that Donna
Shannon: we don't have Chili's here, but we get them
at Outback
perceptionsnpc: Donna do you have taco buenos where
you are?
donna_stamps: No darn it - grew up in Tucson and had
them there but here in Nevada can't find them
perceptionsnpc: darn . they have tamales now
donna_stamps: yeah, but green corn tamales are
different kind of corn and hard to find -- so good
MountainMaMaDuke: are we back on the subject of FOOD
donna_stamps: Did we ever get off
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL
perceptionsnpc: LOL
Shannon: sorry Pauline!!! LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: HaHa!
kgedrich left the room
Shannon: anyone good with canes?
miss_meme_30 left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: that is my favorite activity!
mommaclara2001: doing canes?
Shannon: ok, got a question for ya.... I made a
bullseye... dark pink, light pink, and white on the
outside.... but when I've rolled out a little and cut
through it, my circles aren't circles anymore
MountainMaMaDuke: I love to make a detail design and
see how far down I can reduce it before I lose the
Shannon: I'm working on the one for Heaven's cake Mom
donna_stamps: I keep trying - got some from Cheryl and
they are really nice - mine are getting better but
still not great
perceptionsnpc: when did you make it shannon
mommaclara2001: OK
Shannon: a few days ago
bonsaikathy: Yes, Cheryl's canes are wonderful
perceptionsnpc: put in the the frig
perceptionsnpc: let it cool then slice
Shannon: ok.... I'll try that!
mommaclara2001: Nj, said to put them in the fridge for
a while before you try cutting.
Shannon: thanks!
donna_stamps: Someone said or I read somewhere if you
roll the cane after each slice it helps keep circles
bonsaikathy: and I reduced some of hers down the other
day and they reduced perfectly
bonsaikathy: some of her leaf canes and other designs
MountainMaMaDuke: I was just going to say, it sounds
like it was a bit soft and the blade carried down the
colors when cutting it
Shannon: ok... well this is only my 2nd or 3rd
MountainMaMaDuke: true, Donna
bonsaikathy: that's more than likely a plausible
MountainMaMaDuke: keep trying clayladyinred (what is
your name?)
Shannon: ok, maybe chilling it will work then...
although, if I'm going to sort of flatten it for
flower petals, will it matter that much if it goes
Shannon: I'm Shannon :-)
MountainMaMaDuke: OK thank you
bonsaikathy: probably not Shannon
Shannon: yw!
Shannon: ok! I'll try both ways! LOL
Shannon: thanks guys!
Shannon: gals!
alice_minis_4all left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: it seems that is the essence of
polymer clay - just keep trying different things til
you get what you are looking for! Some of my best and
favorites are mistakes along the way!
bonsaikathy: the best thing to do is to cut a couple
slices off and try different things
donna_stamps: have some stuff to do for daughter
before end of week but hope to get some claying done
too - youngest grandson when on truck with Mom and Dad
so only have 16 yr old to deal with so should be able
to try out pasta machine and dcf
bonsaikathy: I've read somewhere but don't know if
this is true that rolling distorts a cane
Shannon: ok!
bonsaikathy: better to warm and squeeze a little at a
Shannon: cool Donna! hope you get to!
donna_stamps: Not rolling like trying to make snake -
more like quarter turn after each slice
MountainMaMaDuke: I read a quote just recently; "
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art
is knowing which one to keep!"
Shannon: I don't know.... NJ rolls... and squishes
Rossija: That's good, Pauline.
Shannon: good one!
MountainMaMaDuke: I really liked that one!
bonsaikathy: ask NJ when she gets back if she can take
a piece of cane and show you how she reduces her canes
MountainMaMaDuke: good idea!
donna_stamps: I read that one too - have a word doc
where I put neat quotes like that - call it pearls of
Shannon: cool!
MountainMaMaDuke: is she still showing her hubbie
which part of the house the kitchen is at!
Shannon: must be....LOL
Rossija: apparently...
MountainMaMaDuke: I do the same thing too Donna
Shannon: maybe "showing him the kitchen" is a code
word.... ;-)
MountainMaMaDuke: ROFL !
perceptionsnpc: =))
Shannon: shame on me!!!! bad Shan!!!! LOL
bonsaikathy: my hubby Gary didn't used to know where
kitchen was either but now he's not so spoiled, :)
mommaclara2001: Yes, Shan!
Shannon: LOL
bonsaikathy: since we're on different shifts he has to
cook or starve
Shannon: sorry Mom!!!
MountainMaMaDuke: gotta break them in right!
mommaclara2001: Oh Shan, I didn't mean to make you go
Fearless Leader: ok back
bonsaikathy: yup you do
MountainMaMaDuke: wb NJ
Fearless Leader: and you had questions about reducing
canes and slicing them?
donna_stamps: I'm trying to break in 2 grandson's so
they can cook for themselves
clayladyinred left the room
mommaclara2001: Shan does.
Shannon (clayladyinred) joined the room
bonsaikathy: she'll be right back I think
Shannon: I got booted
bonsaikathy: think she got booted
Fearless Leader: welcome back Shannon
Shannon: thanks!
donna_stamps: at least more than just ramen noodles
out of pkg
mommaclara2001: That will teach you Shan!
bonsaikathy: NJ shall we do roll call
Shannon: hehehehehe I know Mom!!!
Fearless Leader: Sure Bonsai Kathy
MountainMaMaDuke: Shannon wanted to know how to reduce
a bulleye cane
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
meplus5kids: Jean in New Orleans
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
mommaclara2001: Clara, Wv
perceptionsnpc: Ginger in Owasso Oklahoma
Shannon: mine went all wonky
donna_stamps: Donna - Silver Springs, Icy Nevada
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
frogger70301: mitch, LA... still moving this desk
Fearless Leader: LOL Mitch
jude: <---Tehachapi, California
MountainMaMaDuke: MaMaDuke in NH
Fearless Leader: Mitch is drunk with new space
Fearless Leader: SPACE I got SPACE
bonsaikathy: Hi Mitch
Fearless Leader: Ok, reducing... hmmm, Shannon first
tell me how you went about it and then I'll add my two
frogger70301: yeah, but now I have less than I did
with the big one... moving all my storage to where
it's handy!
frogger70301: hey, hon!
Shannon: well I just rolled it....
Shannon: my inside middle color went kinda slantways
Fearless Leader: We always end up with 6 x 6 inches no
matter how much space we started with.
Fearless Leader: Rolled it?
Shannon: on a flat surface
Fearless Leader: well that's the boggle
Fearless Leader: grab the middle of the cane with the
Shannon: LOL ok!
Fearless Leader: then pull it with both hands going in
opposite directions
MountainMaMaDuke: YIKES ! the fist of doom strikes
Shannon: ok.... maybe I can salvage part of it!
Fearless Leader: Shall we do a quick bulls eye so I
can show you?
MountainMaMaDuke: sounds good to me!
donna_stamps: yes, please!!!!!!!
mommaclara2001: Yes please!
Shannon: if you like... :-) hate to interrupt your
Fearless Leader: then I can show a quick lace cane
with that
Fearless Leader: Man Interuptus
Shannon: LOL
bonsaikathy: haha
MountainMaMaDuke: gotta do what you gotta do!
MountainMaMaDuke: I want to try sometimes tomorrow
making a bullseye with transparent and black, then
make that into a lace cane. Has anyone tried that yet?
Shannon: that sounds neat!
MountainMaMaDuke: thought it might come out looking
like a spider web
bonsaikathy: I have one that I got from Cheryl and
it's really pretty
Shannon: yeah!
donna_stamps: that does sound interesting - might be
MountainMaMaDuke: hmmmmm, I have been around my
grandsons too long this weekend, everything was
Spiderman Spiderman!
Shannon: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: really Kathy? just thought of it on
the long ride home
meplus5kids: I can send you a couple of cans of
Spiderman Spray my wonderful SIL gave my son for
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: that and NINJA TURTLES
meplus5kids: The cans are in deep hiding right now
bonsaikathy: yes, it's really pretty
MountainMaMaDuke: great!
MountainMaMaDuke: Cheryl makes wonderful canes!
meplus5kids: My 3y/o got everything down to spiderman
mommaclara2001: Yes she does.
MountainMaMaDuke: I got a few in my Newbie Box
donna_stamps: She sure does - I got some of her ends
and really enjoying them
bonsaikathy: yes her canes are wonderful
mommaclara2001: I got some ends from her. I have had
so much fun with them.
MountainMaMaDuke: is she the woman who also adds
animal sketches to her beads?
Fearless Leader: now I can't find the handle to my
pasta machine
rjchase222 left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: HELP!
bonsaikathy: I've been using them this weekend to make
mini platters
Shannon: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: I am being so silly today. Blush!
Shannon: maybe I need to get Premo.... maybe my clay
is just too soft to start with... hmmmmmm
MountainMaMaDuke: :">
frogger70301: ahhh, Lene could have took it... she's
good at that!
mommaclara2001: I put them on hearts, for pins and
MountainMaMaDuke: Shannon, what kind of polymer clay
are you using right now?
bonsaikathy: I love premo, but shannon, you can over
come that in two ways, leach it by putting it between
2 pieces of paper and by putting it in the fridge for
Shannon: sculpeyIII
Shannon: ohhhhhh.... good idea
bonsaikathy: yeah, that's soft
bonsaikathy: premo is so much better
MountainMaMaDuke: I have used lots of Premo in the
past, but my new love is that KATO!
Shannon: I was thinking of ordering some....
bonsaikathy: yes Karen is our premo supplier and
Rickie Beth and CherylD are our kato suppliers
Shannon: I"ve heard good things about both kinds....
Shannon: thanks Kathy!
MountainMaMaDuke: Takes a while to warm up and
condition the KATO, but the results are so awesome, so
little finishing and sanding!
Shannon: that's cool... maybe my faces would turn out
better with one of them
bonsaikathy: I really don't like sanding so avoid it
if possible by smoothing pryor to baking
MountainMaMaDuke: I am sure!
Shannon: me too Kathy
MountainMaMaDuke: same here
Rossija: I've hear that Kato isn't so good if you're
caning & need to further reduce a cane that's been
sitting around a while. Anyone have any experience?
MountainMaMaDuke: don't like fingerprints either!
mommaclara2001: Is Cal still here? Was wondering how
he is doing with his clay?
Shannon: he appears to be
MountainMaMaDuke: I have made several cane
progressions with KATO, and with the more firmer
clays, I like to warm up the cane for a short period
of time in my hands without movement before working it
donna_stamps: I've only used Sculpey so far - my beads
come out kind of rough - OK for the purpose but
sometimes want really smooth and don't want to sand -
is roughness inherent in the clay
pasadena_cal: been busy eating and cooking.
mommaclara2001: Ok.
MountainMaMaDuke: SEE GIRLS....all that talk!
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
Shannon: I'm not sure Donna
perceptionsnpc: Donna I tumble my beads in a rock
Fearless Leader: Cal knows where the kitchen is
because he's BUFF
Shannon: LOL
donna_stamps: I'm going to try to get one later this
month - should be after holiday sales
MountainMaMaDuke: I started with Sculpey III, and soon
found out that I wanted to go to a much firmer clay
pasadena_cal: Oh Oh when did I become buff???
Fearless Leader: the ladies have to leave chat to cook
food for their husbands, you KNOW where the kitchen
is, that makes you BUFF
donna_stamps: me too, MaMaDuke - got some Premo but
haven't opened it yet
perceptionsnpc: you'll love it Donna. Got mine at
harbor frieght
MountainMaMaDuke: ooops! Sorry Cal - ladies and gents!
pasadena_cal: Well I - sometimes - cook for wife. as
today she volunteers at LA zoo and I made turkey and
barley soup.
MountainMaMaDuke: I have also tried the FIMO classic
and FIMO SOFT. The classic is fantastic for canes,
hardly any movement in the clay designs, but too hard
for my hands to work up
Shannon: I tried the fimo soft... it's too soft for
Fearless Leader: Cal since you were being so BUFF
cooking, what we're doing here is reviewing a bullseye
cane and reducing it by pulling rather than rolling
MountainMaMaDuke: I tried making canes out of the FIMO
SOFT - not bad (better than S3) but my fav right now
Shannon: cool!
MountainMaMaDuke: it has so much "body" to it. Some of
the well known clay artists in this area do not like
the new Kato (they are firm FIMO Classic only) they
feel it has a bit of plastic feel and look to it, (not
like the matte look to FC)
Shannon: hmmmmmmmm
Princess (chani69m) joined the room
MountainMaMaDuke: every person has their own technique
and preference
Shannon: hi Princess
Fearless Leader: Howdy Do Prince Chani
Princess: howdy everyone
Fearless Leader: Ok, see this line in the clay here
where the edge of the clay sheet touched itself?
donna_stamps: for sure - I like S3 for playing but got
the Premo so might have better results with canes
Fearless Leader: see the line?
MountainMaMaDuke: yes
Princess: I do
Shannon: yep
donna_stamps: yes
mommaclara2001: Yes
Fearless Leader: ok, to get a flush seam we cut
inside, but how far inside? Anyone know?
perceptionsnpc: yes
Shannon: thickness of the sheet
donna_stamps: the thickness of the sheet?
Fearless Leader: Give the girls a Star
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
Shannon: :-D
Fearless Leader: exactly, you cut inside that line the
same thickness as the sheet you're working with. Even
if the line is wobbly, cut it wobbly for a flush seam.

donna_stamps: :)
Princess: what are we making?
Shannon: a bullseye cane
Princess: oh ok
Shannon: I wasn't sure how to condense it
donna_stamps: that's a pretty green on the outside
donna_stamps: sets off the white nicely
pennyi: i have to go grandson challenged me to a game
of care bear checkers
pennyi: night all left the room
Shannon: nite Penny!
mommaclara2001: Nite
donna_stamps: bye Penny
donna_stamps: now covering with a layer of white?
donna_stamps: looks like outside white is thinner than
green was
Shannon: yes it does
donna_stamps: Now another layer of green - going to
make gorgeous lace cane
meplus5kids left the room
donna_stamps: How do you get seams smooth without
makeing too thick or thin in that one spot?
Fearless Leader: to cut I roll while I slice
donna_stamps: Oh, nice NJ
polymerparrot joined the room
Fearless Leader: the seams are flush because I cut
inside the impression made on the sheet, inside the
impression the thickness of the sheet
Fearless Leader: that gives you flush seams
Fearless Leader: I take a large clayshaper to roll the
two sides of the sheet towards the seam
Fearless Leader: ok, Shannon
MountainMaMaDuke: NICE NJ I like the double core
Fearless Leader: to reduce, all I do is take the ends
of the cane and pull in opposite directions
Shannon: yep!
Fearless Leader: pull and turn in you hand and pull
and turn in your hand
frogger70301: Well, I'm gonna head out and move
around... I'm getting stiff...
frogger70301: thanks for letting me hang out and
Shannon: k.... bye Mitch!
Fearless Leader: these two canes started out the same
Fearless Leader: See ya Mitch
frogger70301: :-*
mommaclara2001: Bye Mitch
frogger70301 left the room
donna_stamps: bye Mitch
Shannon: whoa!!!
Shannon: it's perfect!
donna_stamps: WOW
Fearless Leader: ok, here is a trick
donna_stamps: Cutting canes into quarters lenthwise
donna_stamps: Reassembling to make scallops?
Shannon: that's neat!
donna_stamps: Each quarter turned same way
Shannon: that would make a good fish tail or mermaid
donna_stamps: Looks like she's pressing them into a
new log
Fearless Leader: now we can reduce this by holding it
in a different way. Lay your fingers along the
Shannon: that could also make good roof material!
MountainMaMaDuke: isn't that COOL Shannon?
donna_stamps: Reduced it, cut into quarters and
stacked again to make 4 sets of 4 scallops
Shannon: yessss!!
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
donna_stamps: So pretty
Princess: that is really neat
Fearless Leader: I'll get you a link for this
Shannon: thanks NJ!
debsdv joined the room
Princess: I will have to try that when I get my clay
Shannon: hi Deb!
Fearless Leader:
debsdv: Wow I did it. Woo Hoo
Fearless Leader: Howdy Deb
donna_stamps: Great dragon scales in green/gold with
lots of translucent
Fearless Leader: Is this your First Time Deb?
Shannon: oooooh that would be Donna!
debsdv: Yes. I've never been able to get in .
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Shannon: Cool! First timer!!!
MountainMaMaDuke: welcome DEB
Fearless Leader: ok, do you know how to open cam?
Shannon: wb Missy
Rossija: wb missy
Fearless Leader: open my cam?
debsdv: I've been able to view the cam. I have it up
Fearless Leader: Oh you got it already
debsdv: The chat alluded me lol
Rossija: mugging!
donna_stamps: first times - NJ gets to mug her!!!
Princess: welcome Deb
jude: Yikes!
meplus5kids joined the room
MountainMaMaDuke: you need to get NJ's famous welcome!
Fearless Leader: I got zero embarrasment
Shannon: I stuck my cane in the freezer.... I now have
a VERY stiff cane! LOL
Fearless Leader: welcome back jean
debsdv: That was awesome. Needed a laugh.
MountainMaMaDuke: ROFL NJ
debsdv: What are you making?
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: let's press some of this on a sheet
and see what we get, ok?
Rossija: cool!
meplus5kids: I'm trying to stay in
Shannon: tip.... cold canes *snap* LOL but hey... it's
a circle inside!!! yay!!!
Rossija: Fabric for one of the people?
MountainMaMaDuke: keep the cane in the freezer for
about ten minutes?
donna_stamps: fish scale cover for tin?
Shannon: yep about that
miss_meme_30: man i missed the cane
donna_stamps: That's what I do with my attempts at
canes, Shannon
Shannon: it seemed to help!
MountainMaMaDuke: cane making is so much fun to me
donna_stamps: it does, esp with S3
Shannon: Missy I got shots of it
Shannon: LOL yeah, Donna!
miss_meme_30: ty!!!!
Shannon: there must be a big difference in clays
though, if NJ can go straight from making, to
reducing, to cutting... and it holds it's shape...
even under the hot lights
MountainMaMaDuke: you bet!
Shannon: I think I'm going to be contacting Karen!
donna_stamps: That's why I bought Premo = S3 so soft
have to pop in freezer before cut because I'm to
impatient to wait til next day
Shannon: LOL no doubt!
donna_stamps: covered sheet with fishscale slices then
thru pasta machine - so neat
Rossija: awesome!
Shannon: and no bubbles to be seen!
Shannon: thanks NJ!
donna_stamps: wonder if it matters which way thru
Rossija: It might... More distortion if "against the
grain" I would think
donna_stamps: be interesting to try both directions
with 2 sections of sheet to see which way you like
MountainMaMaDuke: I like to send mine through the
pasta machine all four directions to keep the pattern
completely still
Shannon: good idea
donna_stamps: great idea, MaMaDuke
MountainMaMaDuke: it works for me :">
donna_stamps: the distortions might be interesting tho
MountainMaMaDuke: sometimes it is!
MountainMaMaDuke: depends on what is your fancy at the
donna_stamps: so now the man is going to become a
MountainMaMaDuke: he was getting chilly waiting for us
to get back to him!
donna_stamps: don't blame him - I'm freezing
Rossija: I think this may be the gargoyle from
Halloween time....
Fearless Leader: MerDemon
Shannon: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: so am I, going to be leaving pretty
soon to start up my woodstove - get some REAL heat in
my little cabin
miss_meme_30: lol
donna_stamps: =))
Shannon: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: very COOL NJ!
Shannon: that was great!
donna_stamps: has he been cured yet
MountainMaMaDuke: my guess, probably not if she is
still working with him!
donna_stamps: sometimes she cures several times as
makes additions
Rossija: I think she JUSt now bent his legs to
MountainMaMaDuke: true!
donna_stamps: You're right - can't have been cured!!
donna_stamps: check out the shoulder pads
Fearless Leader: all dressed up and no where to go
donna_stamps: He's awesome - so fierce and wicked
MountainMaMaDuke: while I am watching NJ work up her
cane, I am putting together that idea of the black and
translucent Premo clay to make a lace cane out of it
Shannon: oh wow!
MountainMaMaDuke: I just got so inspired while
watching her!
donna_stamps: will you post pix when done? Sounds
totally cool!
rossija9 left the room
Rossija (rossija9) joined the room
jude: Shoulder pads or epaulets?
Shannon: wb Mary!
miss_meme_30: wb
donna_stamps: epaulets just across top of shoulder
Rossija: Drat! Apparently my dialup connection has a 4
hour time limit!
Fearless Leader: time for DSL
Shannon: LOL hate when that happens!
MountainMaMaDuke: sure look for MaMaDuke folder at the
MSATClayPictures yahoo group
jude: Ya, you're right, Donna.
MountainMaMaDuke: in a few days
Rossija: He's looking good, NJ!
Fearless Leader: Ok, from a bullseye, to fish scale,
to pressed sheets, to MerDemon Tail
donna_stamps: I will--can't wait to see if makes
spider web when you lace it
Shannon: thanks so much NJ!
MountainMaMaDuke: me too !
Fearless Leader: don't spend weeks pencil chewing,
just go for it
Fearless Leader: Let's do the lace cane
Shannon: I'm going to get some good clay.... or leach
Shannon: oh NJ.... top of the hour?
donna_stamps: do both!!!
MountainMaMaDuke: there you go Shannon
Fearless Leader: Oh Yikes, got to save log and go out
and come back, thanks Shannon
Fearless Leader: brb
Shannon: yw

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